Best Number Toys to Make Your Kids Enjoy Number Learning

Every human needs to learn numbers, and the best time to begin learning numbers is at a tender age. At this age, the motor skills and other skills of the child are being developed.

Number toys here prove to be a good way to help the child begin to develop numeracy skills. These are highly beneficial to little ones as they help them build cognitive and motor skills.

It also aids numeral literacy, shape recognition and gives them an understanding of sequences. These also help to develop a child’s problem-solving skills and improve hand-eye coordination.

The article below takes you to the top 8 number learning toys in India. If you are confused with your purchase decision, you can have a look at the buying guide and FAQs.

1. 36 Pieces Puzzle Foam Mat

An excellent numeral literacy toy, this foam mat contains 36 pieces with each piece being a perfect 4 x 4 inch. The set can be used to construct building blocks, puzzles as well as floor mats.

It contains both alphabets and numbers, and can be effectively used to teach your child all the alphabets as well as numbers from zero to nine. It is suitable for kids who are three years and above.

Made from non-toxic EVA material, the foam is able to provide you and your child with a comfortable and reusable floor area either at home or office. This makes play time even more comfortable and convenient.

Being waterproof, the mat is quite easy to clean and can be used outside for sports and games. It is lightweight and durable. It has low density. It is also very tough and would not tear or wear out easily.

2. Number Fun 123 Puzzle

Highly educative, this number puzzle helps to ignite your child’s power of observation. The child studies the puzzle to understand and fix it correctly.

It also aids the visual discrimination of the child allowing him to use the power of vision effectively in arranging the pieces.

The puzzle also helps improve hand-eye coordination of the child as he uses both the eyes and hands in solving the piece.

It also helps your little one to readily and easily recognize numbers while improving the problem-solving skills through critical thinking required to sort the puzzle.

Suitable for kids between 3 to 5 years, this puzzle is an easy and simple way to help your kids begin understanding and recognizing the numbers from 1 to 20.

3. Wooden Counting Number Tray For Kids

A colourful wooden number set that comes with mathematical signs to aid your child’s understanding of elementary mathematics. This gives the child an idea about simple mathematical concepts in preparation for school.

It is a classic yet new way of educating your child in the comfort of your home.

Being colourful, it also helps the child understand colours and identify them. It also gives them an understanding of the numbers 1 to 20, allowing them to identify and recognise the numbers readily.

It also helps to exercise baby’s motions sensitively as the child is required to move items to the right place. The puzzle piece also aids the child in critical learning as the piece is solved.

Using this puzzle piece regularly, the child will have an improved hand-eye coordination, better motor skills as well as great problem-solving skills.

It also aids visual senses and phonetic awareness allowing the child to be well developed in all areas.

The puzzle is suitable for kids who are 3 years and above and is made from pure wood. The non-toxic material ensures that it is completely safe for your child.

4. Numbers 1-100 Wall Chart

The wall chart is numbered vertically from 1 to 100 with the spelling for each number available on the chart. It is easy to use, and can be used to encourage even preschoolers and toddlers in learning not just numbers, but also spellings.

The numbers are also visible in different colours allowing the child to have some understanding of different colours available. It, therefore, greatly improves visual awareness of the child.

There are also other things around the chart that can be used to stimulate the child’s awareness of shapes, things, and people. All these combined together help the child to be developed progressively.

Being light in weight, the chart can easily be carried about wherever needed or hung in a place for use by the child.

5. Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Suitable for preschoolers, these letters and numbers pieces will aid your child in spelling and counting. It is an educational toy that has both letters of the alphabets and numbers in colourful pieces.

It also increases the child’s cognitive and motor skills. There is also improved hand-eye coordination of the child. The pieces are magnetic and can be used as a decorative learning piece on the door of your refrigerator.

Made from high quality plastic, it is quite safe for the child to hold and play with or arrange on the door of the refrigerator.

However, care must be taken to ensure that the child does not mistakenly ingest the pieces as that could be harmful to the child.

6. Wooden Learning Clock

An educative and entertaining piece, this clock, beyond helping children to know and recognize numbers, also helps them to develop fine motor skills, recognize colours, shapes and time concepts.

Coming with rotating hour and minute hands along with twelve shaped number pieces that easily fit into allocated slots on the board, it also aids in giving the child an understanding of time.

The clock also comes with extension activities that enforce early learning concepts for the child, helping to develop the interest in learning and understanding the working of things.

Lightweight and compact, this learning tool can be easily carried wherever it is needed. To attract your child, this clock comes in bright colours and patterns.

It also generates curiosity, while increasing the learning appetite of your child.

It is extremely safe for your child to use as it is free of chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and PVC. It is made from pure hardwood and non-toxic colour ensuring that your child is playing safe.

7. Learning Numbers and Shapes Puzzle Games

This wooden educational piece is carefully designed and crafted to increase your child’s quest for knowledge. Highly attractive, it comes with several coloured rings.

The piece can be used to help children easily identify the block letters of the alphabets with their corresponding objects. It also aids in developing the motor skills of the child at the same time.

The piece is suitable for kids three years and above. Problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, as well as motor skills of the child are readily developed using this puzzle game set.

It also helps the child better identify and recognize colours, improves visuals as well as phonetics awareness.

8. 30 Learning Flash Cards For Kids

A box of 30 flash cards, this is used to help preschoolers identify and understand numbers, shapes, and colours.

Each card contains vibrant images and world labels which the child can look at and easily identify. These images and labels are closely followed with questions and answers that task the child creatively.

It is a small box of cards that is lightweight and can be used on the go when schooling your kid through play is necessary.

Shapes such as flowers, animals, birds, etc can be seen on the cards with the number of each shape shown at a top along with the spelling. All these help to develop the child’s spelling abilities as well number recognition skills.

Like other numeral literacy toys and kits, this helps to improve visual awareness of the kid, promote problem-solving ability, and improve critical thinking of the child.

The only drawback is that the cards are made of paper which can easily get shredded by the child or the pieces could get lost if not properly looked after.

Buying Guide

When buying a number learning toy for your little one, here are few of the factors to consider:

Variety of Use

When buying a numeral literacy toy for your kid, ensure that the toy can be used for different things, and is not limited to just a single use.

You can go for a numeral literacy toy that includes shapes recognition, shape fitting, and other things that may involve the use of different skills. This will help the child learn not just numbers, but also to improve excellently on other skills.

Growth Driven 

Whatever numeral literacy toy you decide on should be something that your child can grow with. Children develop from stage to stage, and it is important that their toys should be able to grow along with them.

When deciding on a number learning tool or game for your little one, you need to ensure that as the child gets older, the toy can be used by the child.

Exploration and Problem-Solving

The numeral literacy kit you get for your child or ward should be the one that encourages the child to explore. Simultaneously, it should help the child to develop and improve problem-solving skills.

Many numeral literary devices or games come fully equipped with things that raise a child’s interest and curiosity. This is highly needed at this age as it helps improve their inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge.

Also, some numeral literacy kits come with mathematical symbols that aid a child’s understanding of elementary problem solving. This should be greatly encouraged and opted for when making a purchase.

Imagination Triggers 

Little ones are full of ideas and imaginations though they may not voice out these at a tender age. Numeral literacy kits that may help the child to think creatively and imagine wide and far should be sought.

These pieces can be used to express the child’s creativity to a very large extent. Some of the best numeral literacy toys to stimulate imaginations include number puzzles and number blocks.

Physical Activity

Beyond the mere recognition of numbers, the numeral literacy kit you provide your child with should encourage your child’s physical activity, including lifting of objects and moving them into a rightful position.

Numeral literacy kits like wall boards that require the child to pick up number blocks and place in the rightful position may prove beneficial.

You can also choose simple number boards that require the child to pick an object and place into a rightful position.


Numeral literacy kits could come in either paper, foam, or plastic design. Whatever option you go for, ensure that they are free of chemicals that might be injurious to your child.

We however encourage the foam or plastic option as the paper could easily be shredded by an active and highly energetic child.

Age and Size

Though it is advised that you buy a numeral literacy toy that grows along with the child, it is also important to know the age of the child and then buy an appropriate piece.

In addition, know the size of the piece you are buying and ensure the child is able to use it conveniently.


It is important that the safety of the material used for these number learning toys is not compromised. This is because toddlers are very sensitive to chemicals.

So, whatever option you go for, ensure that they have no dangerous chemicals present in them which may cause harm to the child.


Though most of the number toys are not expensive, it is still necessary to have a budget for it and know what it may cost you to buy one.

So, before deciding, check online to see the different costs for the ones that might interest you, and ensure you work within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do number learning toys actually work?

Yes, they actually work. If you are consistent in teaching your kids with these toys, over time, you will discover that they can begin to identify the numbers, shapes and items by themselves.

All you need to do is ensure you are available to teach them each number, shape, colour, and letter.

2. Can number toys make my child smarter? 

Number toys indeed do make your child smarter, though not by themselves. With your input and guide, the child definitely grows smarter being exposed to different number pieces.

Your child will not only learn numbers, but also intricately develop skills which may not be readily visible at his or her tender age.

As your child grows, you will realise that he or she has started thinking more critically, is more observant, and has good hand-eye coordination.

3. At what age do I start giving my child number learning toys?

There is no hard and fast rule when you can gift your child with number learning toys.

Some children grow faster than others, and their growth rate, especially their speaking ability could be used as a determinant to gift the child with a number learning toy.

However, it is necessary to buy a number learning toy that will not be too difficult for your child at the current age. Take baby steps when teaching the child about numbers.

4. How do I know my child is understanding the number pieces?

You can do so by closely observing the child. If you are close to the child as you teach the child, over time the child would begin to place the puzzle pieces in place.

To further be satisfied that the child is actually understanding, you can ask the child to identify the numbers by pointing at them. If the child responds appropriately, then the child is understanding the pieces.

5. Is it advisable to use different number toys for my child?

Yes. In order to ensure that your child is actually learning and not just cramming the positions of puzzle pieces, it is advised that you use different number learning toys for your kids.

This would help them better recognize numbers and shapes.


Teaching little ones to understand numbers could be a challenging task. However, when you are consistent, and you do not rush the child, but allow the child to learn at a comfortable pace, the child is bound to learn effectively and efficiently.

As the child learns through the number learning toys, the child’s motor skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are also improved. There is also improved hand-eye coordination and better visual development of the child.

The number toys mentioned above are the best products to make your child enjoy number learning. However, the most preferred choices are 36 Pieces Puzzle Foam Mat, Number Fun 123 Puzzle, and Wooden Counting Number Tray For Kids.