Best Play Kitchen Set For Kids in the Indian Market

A play kitchen set is a wonderful gift for kids as it helps them have a great fun time together. A kitchen playset for kids includes the basic kitchen items like a stove or cooking range, fridge, oven, utensils, and other basic accessories used in a kitchen.

The number of items and the variety of items included would depend on the brand and the product design of the product you select.

Here we have reviewed the 10 best play kitchen sets for your kids along with the buying guide to help you make a perfect purchase.

You can also learn the benefits of kitchen toy sets. However, still if you are stuck with your purchase decision, go through the FAQs and resolve your queries.

1. Truvendor Enterprises Kitchen Set for Kids

This kitchen set for kids from Truvendor Enterprises is a complete kitchen set up for kids’ play. It is a multicolour high-quality kitchen set recommended for kids of age 3 years and above.

This is a standing kitchen set that has 32 pieces in total. It is a high-quality kitchen set for kids that is made with high-quality, non-toxic plastic. This ensures that your child is not at the risk of dealing with any hazardous or harmful material that might be dangerous.

Very neatly made, this standing kitchen set includes a majority of the cooking utensils and accessories used in a common kitchen.

Best suited for kids of 3+ years to actively participate in role-plays and pretend plays imitating the real-life activities around the kitchen.

This set is recommended for kids from 2 to 12 years for an active fun-filled pretend kitchen play.

2. Arha International L Kitchen Playset for Kids

Arha International kids’ kitchen playset is a colourful kitchen playset for children of age groups between 2 to 6 years.

Though widely preferred by girls, this kitchen set can be played with by both girls and boys for active role-play activities.

These prove to be a great companion for pretend plays while children imitates their parents’ day-to-day activities at home or in the kitchen.

It is a high-quality and high-end kitchen playset with multiple attractive features that interest kids.

It comes with realistic sound and light effects that make it even more appealing to children. It also includes a running water play sink which is considered to be one of the highlights of this kids’ kitchen playset.

It has a dimension of 42 X 25 X 65.5 cm and weighs 390 grams. It can also be converted into a carry-along suitcase.

3. Amitasha Pretend Kitchen Play Set for Kids

Amitasha pretends the kitchen set for kids is an appealing way of engaging children. Activities like these are best suited for pretend kitchen plays. This is a complete kitchen set for kids that comes with 50 pieces.

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic material that makes it safe for your child.

This kitchen set includes an assorted collection of colourful kitchen accessories. The colours might vary from one kitchen set to the other.

The dimension of this kitchen set for kids is 7 X 7 X 7 cm and it weighs 170 grams. This kitchen set is recommended for kids of age 24 months and above. This could be an interesting indoor/ outdoor fun-time activity for kids.

This is a 50 piece kitchen set for kids that includes all the basic kitchen utensils, accessories, and also some food items. This gives a real-time effect to the whole play, making it even more interesting.

4. Cable World Tea Party Kitchen Set for Kids

Cable World tea party pretend kitchen set for kids is increasingly becoming popular among kids. This tea set for kids is made of plastic and is found to be very colourful.

This tea party kitchen set comes with a teapot, teacups and saucers, spoons, and cookies and doughnuts models. This gives the kids a realistic touch to their pretend tea party. This can be a fun learning activity for kids, both boys and girls, indoors or outdoors.

Parents can also actively participate in fun activities with the kids; there could be no other better way of inculcating the hospitality and hosting skills in your children.

It is made of plastic that is 100% ABS free, non-toxic, and child safe.

The toy colours may vary depending on the availability of the stock. This is a multi-colour tea set available in assorted colours. The weight of this kitchen set for a tea-party for kids is just 200 grams. It is recommended for kids above 24 months of age.

5. Buddha Crafts Wooden Kitchen Set for Kids

This wooden kitchen set from Buddha Crafts is an amazing, colourful, and safe kitchen set for kids. It is made of ivory wood, which is colloquially known as Aale Maria.

The recommended age group for this kitchen playset is girls of age 4 and above. However, this can be used by both boys and girls for active role-play and fun time.

This is a traditional toy that still holds a place in the toy list of the kids’ world. These toys are made of high-quality wood and painted with vegetable dye that is harmless and safe for kids.

This amazing wooden kitchen playset for kids has 13 pieces in total which mainly include a gas stove with a gas cylinder and other utensils used in a common Indian kitchen.

6. Viel Spiel Kitchen Set for Kids

Viel Spiel kitchen toy set for girls and boys is a colourful kitchen set that could set the mood for all for a pretend kitchen play. It is a beautiful vogue kitchen set for kids.

It consists of two openable areas, viz., the openable top unit consists of a cooking range with an openable oven door. It also has a top openable unit.

The third unit of this colourful kitchen set consists of a sink unit with a rotating tap. Apart from these units just discussed, this beautiful kitchen set includes different varieties of utensils, pans, pots, and other appliances like toaster, oven, etc.

Mock fruits and vegetables included in this kitchen set make it even more interesting and realistic to kids.

This set also includes glass and ice cubes, making the pretend play very appealing. It weighs 360 grams and is recommended for kids of age 3 to 12 years.

7. BVM Group Mini Utensils and Kitchen Set for Kids

Here is a mini kitchen set for kids from BVM Groups. This is an interesting mini kitchen set for kids that includes 28 pieces of utensils and other basic kitchen equipment, and gadgets.

It is a very popular and welcomed product among young children as this kitchen set includes many interesting utensil models that are normally used in a real-time kitchen. This can be a wonderful and cost-effective gift or return gift for celebrations.

This kitchen playset is used by kids for role-playing and fun activities imitating real-life at kitchen instances. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic that ensures 100 % safety of your child.

This kitchen set can be used by both boys and girls for indoor gameplay. It can be used as an outdoor game kit as well. It is recommended for boys and girls of age group 4 years and above.

8. Toyify Plastic Convertible Mini Kitchen Set for Kids

Toyify kitchen playset for kids is a fabulous 2-in-1 convertible kitchen playset. The very looks of this kitchen toy set with a variety of kitchen accessories and kitchen equipment make it highly appealing to kids.

The speciality of this pretend play kitchen set is that it can also be converted into a dollhouse set as well.

This makes it a versatile product for the child and also increases the value of the money spent on the purchase.

This kitchen playset also includes lights and sounds, while making it more realistic. This can be a wonderful gift for kids between 3 to 12 years.

It is a replica of a modern kitchen that has a fridge, oven, microwave oven, etc. It is possible to open and close the fridge and this aspect gives the players a real-life pretend experience.

It is made of high-quality durable plastic which is non-toxic and safe for kids.

9. Webby Wooden Kitchen Play Set for Kids

Webby wooden kitchen playset is a perfect partner for your child to have a pretend playtime imitating things happening around your kitchen. It is completely made of wood, can be used by kids for active role-play game time and fun activities.

This standing kitchen set includes all the utensils and kitchen accessories that are made with wood. It is available in a beautiful pink colour. Team playing with friends and family is easily possible with this kitchen set as it includes enough utensils for all.

Playing with your child using this kitchen playset could be the best way to communicate with them and have a pretend playtime. It helps in developing the kids’ fine motor skills as well.

10. MaMu Shop Kids’ Kitchen Play Set

Here is a collection of wooden kitchen accessories and utensils from MaMu Shop. This is an interesting kitchen playset for kids that is totally made of safe wood. This, in turn, makes it safe for your child.

It is a medium-size multi-colour kitchen set for girls that include the basic kitchen accessories and utensils that are commonly found in any kitchen.

Playing with such a kitchen playset increases the imagination and creative skills of the kids. It also develops the habit of playing together as a team when they are playing along. Sharing and caring also take place automatically.

This is a 100% safe and eco-friendly kitchen play set recommended for kids of age 3 to 5 years. It can be used by little older kids as well. Completely made of wood, the dimension of this kitchen set is 15 X 10 X 10 cm and it weighs 490 grams.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a quick buying guide to buying the best play kitchen set for your child.

Material Used

The materials used in building the play kitchen set are very important as you need to be sure about your child’s safety when he/ she is playing. It needs to be confirmed that it is made of non-toxic and safe materials.

Size and Dimension 

Play kitchen sets are available in many dimensions, like a standing kitchen set (replica of a real kitchen) or a package of all the basic utensils without a kitchen set up.

Depending on your requirement and budget, you can pick the right play kitchen set for your child.


The durability of the play kitchen set is very important. You need to verify that it is made of god durable material that is safe and long-lasting.

Recommended Age Group

Depending on the size of the utensils included in the package, the brand itself recommends the age group for using the product. Verifying this would help ensure that your child is using the right product recommended for his/ her age.

Playing with very small utensils might be dangerous for kids younger than 2 years.

Price Factor

Play kitchen sets are available in multiple ranges of price. Shortlisting a few good products and budget-friendly or fitting best within your budget will help you finalise the right product for your child.

You might also have wanted to check whether the quality of the play kitchen set you purchase is durable and worth the money you pay.

Importance of Play Kitchen Set for Kids

Play kitchen sets are a great way to mingle with kids. It can be used by parents to play along with their little ones, pretend and imitate a realistic day-to-day kitchen activity.

By playing together, parents might also teach them how the kitchen has to be maintained and teach them to grow up as responsible kids sharing work in the kitchen.

This also allows your kid to play with their friends and teach them many vital characteristics of life like sharing and playing as a team together.

With a play kitchen set, your child can stay engaged for a longer duration of time. It can be a good gift or a return gift for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fixed number of utensils that are included in the kitchen set?

No, the number of utensils included in any play kitchen set depends on the brand and the product design. It varies from one kitchen set to another. Check and read the product description carefully to understand what that specific brand offers.

2. Are the materials used safely for my child?

Yes, all the play kitchen sets listed above are made of safe plastic and wood. The painting material used on the wooden utensils is also safe, making it 100% safe for your child to play.

3. Can the child cook with these utensils?

No, this will be an imitation set that includes kitchen utensils, and cooking may not be possible with these play kitchen sets.

4. Can you buy this gift only for girls?

Not necessarily. Both girls and boys can play as a team using these play kitchen sets.


A play kitchen set is not just a toy, but it could be an effective tool to teach so many important things around the house. The kitchen playset you buy should bring in joy and inculcate the habit of sharing and playing together.

The above-listed play kitchen sets are all of good quality and will help you in achieving this goal. As children naturally like playing together, these kitchen playsets might help them in playing along. Pick the right play kitchen set for your child and enjoy watching her/her having fun every day.

When a play kitchen set can get your kid so much, it is worth spending on a gift that will help your kid have fun and teach him/ her so many other important things.

We recommend Truvendor Enterprises Kitchen Set for Kids, Arha International L Kitchen Playset for Kids, Amitasha Pretend Kitchen Play Set for Kids, and Cable World Tea Party Kitchen Set for Kids.