Best Potty Training Chairs for Toddlers

Potty training using a potty chair is an essential developmental event in the life of your baby.  The last few decades have seen quite a bit of development in potty chair development, so there is a wide variety to choose from. Selecting the correct potty training seat should be done considering the cost, the durability, and the features of the potty chair.

The potty chair should also fit your child’s personality.  For example, if your child gets distracted easily, then a potty chair that is too colorful and has too many frills will move the concentration of your little toddler away in the wrong direction!  We wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we?

1. WISHKEY Car Shaped Toilet Training Potty Seat

This high-end potty chair is the pinnacle of potty chair evolution.  It has mellow but attractive colors and a beautiful car design that is sure to keep even the most energetic baby engaged enough in the right position to get the job done.

It is a multi-purpose product and can be used as a toy car or even a regular seat for your toddler when not being used as a potty.  The product is lightweight and portable for use wherever you want to keep your toddler trained or engaged.

The car-shaped training potty has been designed to ensure that each of the parts can be adequately disassembled for cleaning.  Its contours have been rounded to ensure that your precious bundle of joy isn’t harmed in any way while he/she is learning to go potty.

The seat has also been designed to facilitate longer periods of use as a potty for a beginner.  There is also an easy-to-use lid to cover the potty to keep odors and messes contained until there is time to clean it.


2. GOCART with G Logo ABS Plastic Potty Training Seat

One of the most popular potty training aids is this toilet fit-on with a step ladder.  This product is the very last step before your toddler is ready to use an adult toilet by himself.  It has the unique ability to allow your toddler to helping himself up to the fit-on seat on the adult toilet all by himself.

You can also rest easy knowing that the seat has a cushion, ensuring that your toddler is comfortable while using it. The ladder has the ability to be folded easily for storage and padding at the bottom to ensure that it does not slip while being used by your child.

The whole unit has been designed for easy assembly, needing only an additional screwdriver to do so.  Just as with most high-end potty chairs, this one has been constructed for easy cleaning, needing only minimal amounts of water and disinfectant.


3. LuvLap Comfy Potty seat

This high-quality potty training chair has been manufactured to European Standards: EN 71.  The materials used have been tested to ensure non-toxicity and durability. The smooth edges of the potty have been specially designed to ensure that your baby is comfortable while being potty trained.

It also resembles a smaller version of a regular adult toilet, which would help your child get used to the idea of going potty in the adult toilet later on.

Like most high-quality potty chairs, this specimen is easy to disassemble and clean.  The potty bowl itself can be removed from the rear by sliding it out for easy cleaning.  The product has been designed with a backrest for the toddler to ensure proper posture as well as to prevent him/her from sliding down from the potty.  The potty chair is also compact, making it highly portable as well as easy to store.

4. R for Rabbit Convertible 4 In 1 Potty Training Seat

Another trendy potty chair is this mid-range work of art.  This product comes with a convenient cover that covers the whole apparatus, ensuring that, no matter how many mistakes your toddler makes, the smell and mess is safely contained until you have the time to clean the potty.

Though the product is compact, it’s a 4-in-1 design that allows the product to grow with your baby.  It has a seat that can be attached to the toilet seat of your bathroom toilet for the final stage of potty training.

A great feature of this potty is that it is compact, with a no-frills design, making it very portable for a family on the go.  The bright yet not-too-bright coloring of the potty is attractive enough for the toddler to feel good spending time on it, while not too interesting enough to distract him/her from the job at hand.

It also has one of the best designs to facilitate cleaning, as there are almost no unneeded and tricky-to-disassemble parts to tackle when doing so.


5. Arkmiido Potty Training Seat for Kids

This toilet training seat is quite adult-like in its appearance as it is white and grey, comfortably fitting into any adult bathroom’s color scheme.  Made from high quality durable material, the toilet seat will keep your toddler’s bottom warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also comes with a handy toilet-cleaning brush to help with the special mess that only toddlers know how to make.

The toilet seat is fully adjustable, allowing for it to be adjusted perfectly to suit your toddler’s body and to prevent any slips and falls.  The manufacturer of this interesting potty seat is so confident that they are willing to offer a lifetime money-back guarantee for the product.  This should speak volumes about the quality and durability of the product.

6. Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat

This solid mid-range product has been certified with European Standards: E71.  The design of the potty chair has been done in smooth contours to ensure that there are no snaggly outcrops that hurt your toddler.  It also comes with a backrest to ensure that your toddler doesn’t slide off the seat and create a mess on the floor. Additionally, it also comes with a handy cover to keep the smell and mess inside the potty chair until you are ready to clean it.

The parts of the potty chair can be detached for storing separately to save space.  It is also a very lightweight option for a potty chair, which would make it easily portable and handy to carry around.

The potty chair comes in an eye-catching yellow-orange combo that is sure to catch and retain the attention of your toddler.


7. Baybee Baby Potty Training Seat

This potty seat is very similar to the Luvlap potty chair in design though it is strictly a potty seat that is to be attached to an adult toilet.  It has the same smooth, rounded contours to protect your toddler’s skin. It also has a handy lid to keep the odor and fecal matter inside the bowl until you are ready to clean it.

There is also a backrest to ensure that your toddler doesn’t fall off the chair while he/she is trying to get potty trained. It is lightweight and compact, making it a good choice for parents that have busy lifestyles and need portability in their baby products.  An additional feature is that its bowl can be detached to facilitate cleaning.


8. Little Pumpkin Plastic Kingdom Potty Seat for Kids

The colorful and light-on-the-wallet potty chair is great for a budget-conscious buyer.  The manufacturers have ensured that this product will not skid across the floor by constructing four units in the four corners for greater traction. This compact unit comes ready with a splash-guard for active boys.  The back support that is provided makes it comfortable for your toddler to sit for longer periods.

The material used is assured to be eco-friendly as well as being non-toxic.  The product is easily disassembled, with only two parts to clean after doing so, making it a great choice for time-conscious mommies and daddies.  The product comes in bright orange and green coloring to hold your toddler’s attention while he/she is learning one of the most useful activities in his/her life.


9. SYGA Children Toilet Training Seat

This potty seat is very easy on the wallet and beautifully designed, coming in a soft blue color.  It has been manufactured to be fitted onto an adult toilet for the final stage of potty training. The design of the product is smooth and simple.  There are no jagged or pointed parts of the seat that might hurt your precious child during potty training.

Though it has a lower cost, it has been constructed using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.  The specifications for the product determine that it is best suited for children aged 3 to 6. The training seat’s simple design makes it easy to carry it around wherever you need to take your active toddler.


10. BabyGo Potty Trainer Seat For Kids

This BabyGo potty training seat is one of the most colorful in the group.  It has vivid designs on the cushion while having a bright red frame. The seat comes with a cushion to ensure that your toddler’s potty training experience is comfortable.  The design also has two handles on either side to help stabilize your toddler while he is in the potty training position.

The smooth design of the training seat allows for easy cleaning.  The manufacturer recommends using this potty training seat on any standard adult toilet.  It can even be used in public restrooms. The toilet seat is lightweight and compact, making it an excellent choice for parents on the go.

Baby Potty Chair Buying Guide


No matter what, your child’s safety is the number one priority, so please make sure that the materials used for manufacturing your potty chair are non-toxic and human-friendly.


Coming up at a close second, you have to make sure that your potty chair is going to be easily cleanable, because, if there is a nook or a cranny on the potty where the baby’s poo can get to, it’s going to get there!


We all have our budgets to keep to when we are purchasing products, even when it’s for something as precious as your toddler, and nobody wants to waste his/her hard-earned money.  A potty chair made from durable plastic and cushioning material without odds and ends that might likely break off would be a good bet for durability.


Another thing to keep in mind when you are potty chair shopping is whether it’s the right height for your toddler.  If it isn’t, get ready for some additional spills!


Make sure that your new potty chair fits in with your other baby products and that it will be something your child would like to play with.

Size Matters

It is always a good idea to try to get a potty chair that is easy to store.  Something too big might not fit in the closet; you might need to store it in.

Keeping it Simple

Try to avoid extra frills and gadgets on the product since your child might get distracted and not hold the proper position long enough for his/her potty training.


It’s also very important that the seat should be comfortable for the toddler to stay in for a prolonged period.  If it cuts into the toddler’s skin, then he/she wouldn’t want to use that product for too long, and it is a negative reinforcement for correctly going for potty.

Protect Your Flooring

While it might not seem too important, try to also get a product that matches your flooring.  No, we don’t mean the color! For example, make sure that you get one with rubber grips if you have a hardwood floor.  Some potties might skid across your polished floor, leaving skid-marks.

Splash Guard

Finally, if your toddler is especially active, then make sure that you get a potty chair with a splash guard.  Many baby potties have add-on splash guards just for this purpose.

Types of Potty Chairs

Standalone Potty Trainer

Potty trainers are portable stand-alone units.  These products generally have lids to cover the potty chairs.  This is so that the malodorous and cute messes your toddler makes are contained within the unit until there is time for them to be cleaned.

Most of these units are made simply so that they can be easily cleaned.  However, some higher-end fancier units are designed to keep the toddlers entertained while in the proper position for potty training.

Toilet Seat Add-On

Your toddler might not be able to use an add-on that fits onto an adult toilet in the beginning.  However, as your toddler grows better at the concept of using a potty, he/she will be able to graduate to using an adult toilet with an add-on.

These add-ons are designed to fit your toddler’s contours, and some come with additional cushioning for his/her comfort.  If your child is big enough for one of these units and is mature enough to be at that height, then one of these units might be the best choice for you.

 All-In-One Potty Trainer

These products are designed to ensure that you do not waste your hard-earned money on multiple units as you potty train your toddler.  They serve the dual functions of acting as a stand-alone potty trainer as well as having a detachable section that fits onto your toilet seat.

While one of these might seem like the better option, it’s better to see whether the detachable parts will be a good fit for your toilet.  Additionally, if your toddler is a lovely rambunctious child, he/she might need a potty chair that has a little more entertainment value.

Potty Chair Safety Tips

Selecting the right place

It is better to place the chair on hardwood flooring, linoleum, or tiles that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.  Placing the potty chair on a carpeted floor would mean you spend a lot of time trying to bring your carpeting up to par after an accident.

Proper cleaning

It is better to clean the potty chair as thoroughly as possible with a disinfectant after your child uses it.  There are microbial and other dangerous elements that fester if fecal-matter is not properly cleaned. Additionally, you want your child’s potty chair to be inviting and lacking in any negative attributes such as malodor that might make your toddler reject the procedure altogether.

Your child’s posture

When your child is potty trained, it is important that your child is sitting properly on the potty chair.  Observe your child and see whether there is any contact between the potty chair and your child’s skin that is uncomfortable for him/her.  Adjusting your child to a position that is comfortable for longer use will greatly enhance your child’s potty training experience.


It is recommended that you store your potty chair away after use so that it is not damaged.  This only goes for potty chairs that do not double as seats or toys. Improper storage might result in cracks or misalignment of edges that cause your potty chair to leak or not fit properly.  Additional leaks and spills mean additional time spent on cleaning up, so take an additional minute to store your child’s potty chair safely after cleaning it.


1. Can a potty chair be used for a child aged two years and six months?

Generally, if the product is sturdy enough, it can be used up to the age of 4 or even a little more.

2. Can the products be used for 15kg children?

Most of the products can withstand children of up to 20kg according to manufacturer specifications.

3. Do the potty training seats come with cushions?

Most of the products don’t come with cushions as they need to be easily washable, and the process involves lots of spills and mistakes!

4. Can the product be used for a rectangular commode?

Many products can be used for rectangular commodes.  However, some are contoured to fit only the regular oval-shaped ones.

5. Are there squat position potty chairs?

While the trend is for more westernized potty training chairs, there are a few that are for the squat position.  There might be small differences in the squat position compared to a regular Indian adult squat position toilet.


It can be a little overwhelming choosing your child’s potty chair due to the number of options available.  We hope that our detailed product reviews and guidelines on how you should approach the subject made it a little bit easier for you.

There are a few types of products that are generally more positively reviewed and are a bit more popular with Indian buyers.  These are the toilet seat add-on with a step ladder, the multi-purpose potty chairs, the higher-end vehicle-shaped potty chairs, and the more practical budget potty chairs.

Additionally, one of the faster-moving potty chairs is the squat potty chair.  These allow the parents to keep in touch with their roots and to teach the same values in their precious children.  Some parents might choose to train their children on both traditional and western bathroom etiquette by going for both forms of potty training.

In any case, each of the potty training units has both advantages as well as disadvantages.  Choose the one that appeals to you the most and gets ready to start your child’s potty training journey!