Best School Supplies

Shopping for the best school supplies can be tough. From the very first pencil to notebooks, pencil cases, geometry kits, and school bags, the list can be long. Depending on the type of courses and the school’s profiling, you might also add additional drawing kits, sports gear, drawing boards, and so on.

Some schools might publish a list of school supplies every year. If your school doesn’t, it won’t hurt to ask for one or at least some suggestions. Apart from the necessities, it is also important that your kid likes the design of all the school supplies.

With today’s superheroes and movies, there are a lot of school supplies with famous movie characters, or gaming characters, scenes, quotes. He might want one of those to be cool in school. There are also two other important factors to consider: ergonomics and comfort. Let’s see how you can take all of these into account when shopping for the best school supply!


Best School Supplies


1. TARGET PUBLICATIONS Long Notebooks Single Line | 164 Ruled Pages

These are standard 20 cm x 28 cm notebooks with 164 ruled pages each. They come in packs of 6 and are on a good budget. One important pro to these notebooks is that the pages have numbers, so it will be easy for the student to find certain things at a certain page.

The paper is a high-quality white paper of 58 GSM, and it offers an overall smooth surface for writing. The front cover looks really good. Since these notebooks already come with ruled pages, it is easier to write on them. The product is good value for money.

Pencil Cases

2. Large Capacity Pencil Case, Pen & Pencil Pouch Bag Case for School Supplies for Kids

The main pro of this pencil case is its large capacity. It comes at 22 cm x 14 cm x 5cm, with wide-open mesh pockets where your child can store everything he’ll need for school and even much more than that.

This pencil case has got five pencil slots in the middle flap, and it is made of soft material that feels good to the touch. It is adorned with racing little badges that the little one will adore if he’s a fan of cars and pilots, and it is made of durable material. One important pro is that it doesn’t get dirty easily and can still look as new for a long period.

Overall, it’s got a nice matte finish, good space, a comfortable and easy to use zip and nice materials. It’s value for money.

3. Shinewings Pencil Box, Big Capacity Canvas Pencil Pouch Multifunction Organizer

This is a pencil case that comes with multiple compartments for pencils, pens, or markers. It might appeal more to girls, rather than boys, thanks to its girlish artwork. One important pro is that it’s got all kinds of interior zipped pockets where you can store a lot of things, from sharpeners to small notepads or erasers.

It comes equipped with solid elastic straps that hold pencils and pens securely into place. Despite being spacious, it is also lightweight and compact and quite versatile. High school girls might also choose to use it as a makeup pouch or coin purse.

One important design pro is its elegant build and good quality material. It is good for kids who like to keep it simple, but also have a lot of space when it comes to their pencil cases.

Although it is white and might get dirty, it is very easy to wash, dry, and maintain in the long run.


4. Vezela 4Pc Combo of Laptop Bag with USB Charging Feature with Lunch Bag, Pencil Case & Pouch

This is a good pack of laptop bag, lunch bag, pencil case, and pouch, which can tick all these off the school supplies list. The laptop bag is equipped with a USB charging port and an earphones port. They are available in a wide variety of colors, both for boys or girls. They’re made from durable Oxford fabric and Polyester lining, and the backpack is water-resistant.

These bags feature multiple compartments and dedicated pockets. The laptop bag can fit a 14th laptop, but can also be used for carrying notepads, books, tablets, kindles, iPads, glasses, cell phone.

One important pro of the backpack is it’s built so it will fit all the school supplies without making it bulky in aspect. The straps are very comfortable, they have cushion padding, and the overall quality of the built is great. It features multiple zipper compartments and luggage straps. Another major pro is the anti-theft concealed zip on the bag.

All of these are made of good fabric that is also good-looking and looks cool.

Pen& Pencils

5. Uni-ball Air Micro Pen Blue Ink

These blue ink pens come with a stainless steel tip and a 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball. One major pro is the smooth writing experience they offer, and they also dry very quickly. Moreover, they come in attractive colors that will make any pen lover fall in love with them.

They come in packs of 5, which offers good value for money and also an overall delightful experience of writing, good design, coolness, and color.


6. Pilot V7 Liquid Ink Roller Ball Pen (2 Blue + 1 Black)

Pilot is a Japanese company best known for producing writing instruments. It is the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, its headquarters are based in Tokyo, and they have a history of making pens since 1915.

This Liquid ink Roller Ball Pen delivers an incredibly smooth writing performance, living up to the company’s reputation. Its secret lies in its ATT system, which ensures instant ink flow every time you write. No need to struggle too much. No aching fingers or hands from writing too much. It comes with jumbo ink tanks that contain water-soluble ink. The cap is completely airtight.

Overall, it offers superb quality and comes in packs of three: 2 blue and one black. This is a nice touch since children will usually use blue more than black. It feels soft when writing and can be refilled with ink.       The weight of the barrel and the smoothness of nib are just perfect for a child’s writing experience.


7. KABEER ART 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil With Leads

This is a mechanical pencil with a solid steel grip that comes equipped with 2mm 12 black leads. The 13-centimeter leads come in a casing so that the kid will not break them by mistake.

One major pro of this mechanical pencil over other pencils is its firm and amazing grip, which can prove useful to a child trying to draw or write a mathematical problem. It is also a good pencil for office work.

The good build quality promises durability, and your children can use it in the following school years as well. It also comes with a sharpener and a click motion that does not let lead come out in one go. Another major pro is that it comes with 12 leads, which means your child will have it for the whole year and maybe the next with no problem. It is real value for money.


8. Apsara Platinum Pencils Value Pack – Pack of 20

In terms of classic black pencils, this is one of the best choices. It comes in a pack of 20, well-enough for one school year. It is no. 1 recommended stationary by teachers for children. It is designed to aid legibility and make writing as nice and smooth as possible.

One major pro is that it also comes with a bonus scale, one sharpener, and one eraser. It is a really useful tool for kids and students and an overall cost-effective solution for your school supply shopping bag. The color of the pencil is really dark and legible, and the style of the whole packaging is not bad at all.


9. Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box (Multicolor)

One major pro of this geometry box is that it comes with a full-size compass pencil for free. The compass is self-centering and offers a good grip and overall steady presence on the paper. We all know how hard it can be to draw a circle with a wobbling compass.

The pen pencil comes with 0.7mm lead, and it offers precision in drawing arcs and writing. All in all, the box contains a compass, a divider, ruler, protractor, and set square, sharpener, eraser, and mechanical pencil, the full set of mathematical tools for children.

The overall design is also good. One major pro is that it offers the best combination of sturdy solid compass and a pen pencil, which can be used with that compass and deliver precise drawings. The fact that the pen pencil comes free in the box is also an advantage. You can already tick that off the list after buying this geometry box.


10. Apsara Writing kit

Apsara is a brand under the Indian pencil manufacturer, Hindustan Pencils, one of the largest pencil producers in India. The mother company was founded in 1958, and they have a whole history and tradition they live up to. So, what about the product at hand?

This is a combo writing kit with all the writing essentials your kid might need. It’s got three sets of 5 premium pencils, one scale, a big sharpener that also comes equipped with an eraser, other four pocket sharpeners, three medium-sized erasers, and one large-size eraser and a couple of colored sticky notes.

The black pencils are designed to aid legibility, and the colored pencils offer a nice, smooth coloring experience. This set is perfect for any junior school-going student. All the pencils in the three pencil boxes are dark in writing and long-lasting. Each pencil cartridge also has a sharpener and an eraser.

The overall quality of each item is super good. All in all, this writing kit is a huge deal for students of any age.


11. Faber-Castell Triangular Colour Pencils – Pack of 24 (Assorted)

Faber-Castell was founded in 1761. That its 259 years ago. Currently, it is the largest manufacturer of pens, pencils, and other office supplies in the whole world. They also provide high-end art supplies and luxury leather goods. So, you’d expect great quality from a company that managed to resist this much on the market, right? Let’s see1

One major pro of these color pencils is their high break resistance. Moreover, they’ve got good quality rich leads and quite a good resistance to breakage due to a special bonding process.

The surface is covered in the lacquer that is Phthalate-Free, which makes it safer for children who might feel the need to chew on these pencils as they’re thinking of what color to choose next. The color does not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Another pro of these color pencils is that they’re very comfortable in hand and their soft leads require little to no pressure for coloring. This means more comfort for your child and more fun as well. They have lovely, smooth colors which provide for good color blending and your child can really start being an artist with these color pencils.

School Backpacks and lunch boxes

12. Auxter Eye Black 33 L School Bag I – 2 Compartments

This is both a fun and practical school bag. The outer and inner material is polyester. Its size is: 45 cm (L) X 32 cm (W) X 22 cm (H). One important feature of this bag is that it’s got two main compartments, a front pocket for small things, an interior mesh pocket and one bottle pocket so you can make sure your child’s water bottle has is safely-placed so that it won’t spill on its books and notebooks.

The school bag is very spacious, durable, and feels sturdy. The overall build is almost flawless; its stitching is on point. One important pro is that it is a very lightweight school bag in itself, so it won’t add much weight to your children’s already heavy books and notebooks. It’s got comfortable shoulder straps and a padded back for added comfort. Moreover, the straps are long and adjustable.

The outer styling is quite attractive and fun, and it’s got that coolness factor that your child might be after. Another major feature is that this school bag is really comfortable on the shoulders and ergonomic as well. Although it’s got plenty of space for storing school items, it won’t feel bulky.


13. Cello Tiffy Gift Set Insulated Lunch Box + Water Bottle

This set of an insulated lunch box and water bottle is made of 100% food-grade materials; both the lunch box and water bottle are BPA free, leak-proof and break-resistant. The build quality is very good, and it offers an odor-free interior perfect for keeping your kid’s lunch. The water bottle is 500 ml.

One important feature is that the lunch box’s lid opens very easily so your child will have no problem with that. The bottle cap is quite tough and will not break easily. The print and color could also prove to be a children’s favorite. Both the lunch box and water bottle have overall good quality and sturdy build, while also looking cute for children. It’s value for money.


14. Polyester 15 L Blue School Bag with Laptop Compartment

This is a more serious type of school bag. Its main feature is its laptop compartment. It can be used by both primary school students and high school students. It also features a bottle holder on the side, and it is waterproof. It’s got a compact build and can carry any normal-size laptop. One major pro is its versatility. It can be used both as a school bag and a laptop bag for various situations.

The school bag is light on itself. It has a 3-year warranty which says a lot about the build quality. It’s got two main compartments and good-quality zippers. The back of it is padded for extra comfort. Also, it is very ergonomic due to its adjustable straps.


A step-by-step guide to buying the best school supplies

There are a few factors to follow carefully when shopping for the best school supplies. You want to make sure you don’t forget anything and that your child is happy in the end. So, it’s a matter of combining necessity and making your child delighted.

  • First, you need to make a list of the school supplies your child still has from the previous year and see what he/she can still use and is happy to do so. He might have a favorite pencil or pencil case, he might even love his school bag, and if it is so, there’s no need to buy another one.
  • Make sure you make this list together with your kid. After the assessment of the already-existing school supply is done, make a list of the things you both think he’ll need in the next year. Write down everything from a new water bottle or lunch box to every little pencil and eraser.
  • After the list is done, it would be good to check it with the teacher or simply ask the school for a list of necessary supplies. Some schools have these kinds of lists; others don’t. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to ask for the specifics, like drawing boards or sportswear for the sport classes and other supplies that are not basic and might not apply to every school and every student.

Main characteristics to consider in school supplies

Once the list is made and all things in order, you have to navigate through the multitude of school supplies out there and make sure you choose the best ones. The “best ones” is a very general term, though. So, what should you look for?

The quality of the materials

First and foremost, you should look for the quality of the build. You want to make sure you purchase a school bag that won’t break in the middle of the school year and which hopefully might be reusable the next year as well.

The ergonomics and comfort of use

Another aspect to consider is comfort and ergonomics. Choosing the right writing tools and bags that would offer your child comfort is also important. You want him to feel good and comfortable and safe throughout the school year and only focus on his homework and study.

Design and ‘coolness”

The other characteristic to take into account is the overall design and the “cool factor” of the school supplies. There are many heroes and superheroes these days, many video games and characters that children love and look up to. Most of them can teach your child about honor and what it means to be a hero, so it won’t hurt to buy your kid a Spider-Man school bag if he wants one and if the product follows the characteristics listed above.

Useful/not useful

There is also a useful/not useful factor. There are some school supplies that your child might not need, but still, he would ask you to buy because he likes the design, because other kids have that or because it features a video game character that he loves. These decisions are up to you as a parent.

It won’t hurt to make one or two compromises and buy one or two school supplies that your child doesn’t need, but wants to have. Nevertheless, maybe try not to make a habit out of that, and you know very well why.

Frequently Asked Questions about school supplies.

1. What are the best school supplies for high school?

There is a type of common knowledge going around about high school supplies: that you don’t really need too much of them anymore. It’s true, the movies usually show rebel high school students walking around with one or two notebooks and maybe a little bag, and that’s all.

Still, high school is much more than that, and it is also about studying; there is actually more studying in high school than in primary school, and for that high school students will need a serious backpack and maybe a separate lunch bag, some good pencils even colored pencils. Other needed school supplies are pencil sharpeners, highlighters, markers, and a lot of notebooks. Yes, high school is hard work.

2. How many pencils do you need for school?

Studies show that, worldwide, people are buying more pencils than they need, the school included. So, two lead pencils, two pens, and a sharpener are enough for school.

3. What are the most needed school supplies?

The most needed school supplies are pencils, pens, notebooks, erasers, folders, backpack.

4. When should I start shopping for school supplies?

Usually, people start shopping for school supplies in the last week before school starts. Maybe you should start a little earlier than that. It won’t hurt to start shopping one month before school starts and take it easy, step-by-step, by making lists and taking your time to look for the best school supplies possible.


As you can see, there are a variety of school supplies out there, but before starting shopping for school supplies, it is better to make a list of all the necessary and unnecessary school supplies for the following years. Take into account everything that can be reused from last year and also what the school teacher also suggested for buying.

It’s important to make this list together with your children so that they can have a saying in the whole process. They also want school supplies that are cool and good-looking, but you should also teach them about comfort, durability, and the ergonomics of them all. A nice-looking schoolbag might not be too comfortable on the shoulders, and there are various other cases.

Choose wisely and choose the best for your child, and may he love school as much he loved his school supplies!