Best Smartwatches for Kids Review

Are you worried that your child can’t make a phone call or send a message to you because he/she doesn’t have a smartphone?  The solution might be as simple as a smartwatch that can use a SIM card. There are a whole host of reasons why you might want your child to have a smartwatch, including counting his/her steps if your child’s a little overweight, or to track his/her whereabouts using a GPS tracker.

You might just want your child to give a smartwatch as a gift so that he/she can connect to his/her smartphone for easier access. We have gone through the most popular, technologically advanced and practical smartwatches and reviewed them so that your decision-making process on selecting the perfect smartwatch for your child is just a little bit easier.

We hope that you can select a smartwatch that will delight your child and give him/her a constant supply of excitement.

1. SeTracker Smart Watch for Kids

This gorgeous smartwatch by SeTracker has all the frills and features you’d expect from a high-end device with a hefty price tag.  You are able to insert a micro SIM card directly into this smartwatch, enabling it to operate independently of any smartphone.

The operating system used by this smartwatch is Android, allowing you to use all the applications available on this platform suitable for its technical specifications.  It has a GPS tracker that allows your child’s position to be tracked at all times.

Dual-mode positioning with LBS provides an additional safety net for your child. Its SOS function allows for three pre-recorded numbers to be called as soon as the SOS button is pressed by your child.

It also has a touch screen and a front camera for video recording.  You can also make two-way voice calls from anywhere there’s a signal using this amazing device.  This smartwatch is perfect for kids going out on adventures, as it also has a torch.

Several math games have been preinstalled to help your child develop his/her calculating skills.  This smartwatch is also able to pair with both Android and iOS devices, making it truly versatile. There is also an alarm clock function with multiple alarm settings to help keep your child to his/her schedule.

This product can be recommended for any parent that is looking to keep his/her child safe and connected even as he/she goes exploring adventures.




2. HNESS Unisex Bluetooth 4g Smart Watch

This classily designed product by HNESS has incredibly fast connection speeds and superior processing speeds.  You can insert a micro SIM card directly into the smartwatch to get blistering fast connection speeds of up to 4G.

The high-quality display has been produced to enable quick touch and clear image representation. It also has a lot of features available in a sports watch, such as a pedometer that tracks your movement and a sedentary reminder.

It also monitors your sleep and records the quality of your sleep so that you have proper data to improve your health and circadian rhythm. The Android 5.1 operating system runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, which gives you enough juice even for the heaviest applications.

The device has been manufactured to be compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and all Android tablets.  It connects to other smart devices using Bluetooth 3.0L though it can access the internet using its SIM card if necessary.  It also has a calculator function to help with quick calculations.

A TF/microSD card of up to 32GB can be used for further storage needs.  The smartwatch fully supports Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter to keep up with your social media needs. It has a screen that is 1.54” diagonally-wide and a battery of capacity 280 mAh.

It also has a calendar, alarm, and tape recorder functions to keep your child better organized throughout the day. This is the perfect smartwatch for a parent that is looking to provide the best technology available to his/her child to keep him/her educated, motivated, and connected.




3. KEMIPRO DZ09 Black Bluetooth Smart Watch

This fully functional smartwatch that comes with a traditional digital watch design by KEMIPRO is competitively priced.  It supports the very best in independent connectivity through the use of a 4G enabled micro SIM card. This means that this device does not have to rely on smartphones or other smart devices for internet connectivity or for making phone calls/sending SMSs.

It supports many social media platforms such as Facebook, QQ, WeChat, Whatsapp, and Twitter. It has a quick access page for accessing news and keeping up to date on other information. It also serves as a fitness band by keeping track of your travel distance through a pedometer and using a sedentary reminder.  It is able to monitor your sleep schedule and keep track of your sleep quality.

This versatile smartwatch is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones and Android tablets.  It has a long-lasting battery of 230 mAh that is enough to keep this device juiced throughout the day. There is also an option of using a microSD card for further storage.

There is a voice record function for recording voice messages or sending voice-to-text text messages to your friends. Its multi-language functionality allows for the display to be in several languages.  It comes with a superior MTK 6261 chipset and a 1.56” diagonally-wide touchscreen display with 240 x 240-pixel resolution.

The smartwatch has an in-built speaker system of 8 amps and 0.7 watts. It also has a G-sensor that will monitor acceleration.  This smartwatch is a fantastically priced product with almost every single function imaginable and can be recommended for purchase without any reservation.




4. 10WeRun M9 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This beautifully modeled smartwatch by 10WeRun combines both a modern-looking interface screen and a traditional watch design.  The smartwatch is able to connect to the internet and make/receive phone calls and SMS messages independently of any other smart device.  It does this by using a micro SIM card with 4G connectivity inserted directly into the device.

It has a speech-to-text function that allows you to dictate messages directly onto the device that can then be sent to friends and family.  It has been built to connect to smart devices using Bluetooth and will function without the use of a SIM card when it is paired. It will also notify the user of messages received and calls received by the smart device when paired.

This fantastic device is also able to play MP3 music using its in-built speakers directly from the device or through a paired device.  The front-end camera is able to capture images that can then be stored directly onto a TP/microSD card. It has a 2.5D Radian Capacitive LCD touchscreen that is 1.54” wide diagonally.

The 380 mAh battery is substantially bigger than the sub-300 mAh batteries available in its competitors. This smartwatch is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones and with Android tablets.

It also has the timer and alarm clock functions of any other watch. The smartwatch is also programmed to function as a health aid with its sleep monitor functionality. This is a very well-rounded product that can be recommended to any parent that is looking to provide their child with an affordable smartwatch.




5. ZXEGA DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This budget smartwatch by Brightway Tech has almost all the frills you would expect from in an expensive smartwatch.  It has a classy analog time display as a starting screen, which adds to the look of the watch. You are also able to insert a micro SIM directly onto the device to receive high bandwidth 2G internet connectivity.

You are also able to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages directly onto the watch when using a micro SIM card. When not using a SIM card, it can pair with any Android (over Android 4.3) and iOS (over iPhone 5) smartphones or Android (over Android 4.3) tablets to get internet connectivity.  It will also show and notify you of any calls and messages received by the paired smart device.

The high-resolution 2-megapixel camera is sharp enough to take great selfies and amazing snapshots of your surroundings.  These images can be seamlessly uploaded to social media using a Bluetooth paired device or directly from the smartwatch itself.  These images can then be stored in a TP/microSD card on the device.

This smartwatch also has a G-sensor that allows the acceleration you are experiencing to be monitored.  A calculator app with large buttons is available for any quick calculations. The in-built speakers allow you to listen to music directly from the device or from any device it is paired with.

The smartwatch relies on a heavy-duty MTK6261D processor chip, which enables it to run any application you may desire. This smartwatch is probably one of the best value-for-money devices you can buy in this category and can be recommended for budget-conscious parents looking for a lot of bang for the buck.




Smartwatches for Kids – Buying Guide

Time Display

Most smartwatch manufacturers go for the digital time display that we have all gotten accustomed to while others go for a more futuristic look with an analog system using simulated arms or dials.  Make sure you select a time display model that fits with your child’s style so that he/she gains as much enjoyment as possible when using your gift to him/her.


The most popular interface styles used by smartwatches are ones that have icons that radiate outwards from a central focal point and ones that have a couple of large icons for just the main functions on the screen.  Other interfaces focus on steps taken, calories used, and other health-related displays. Some of the higher-end models are more minimalist and has a central button to go into the apps page of the interface while only displaying the battery usage and time as default.


Just like on a smartphone, the central input method for a smartwatch is its touchscreen.  The durability of the watch will depend mostly on the durability of the touchscreen and its ability to remain a valid input system for the watch.  Scratches and cracks might result in faulty data input, which reduces the functionality of your smartwatch. Try to go for a smartwatch that focuses explicitly on high-quality touchscreens to ensure that your child can enjoy the use of his/her smartwatch for a prolonged period.


There are two levels of resistance for a smartwatch, quite like other electronic devices, waterproof smartwatches, and water-resistant smartwatches.  Water-resistant smartwatches can withstand moisture at very low-pressure levels for specific periods. Waterproof smartwatches can be submerged in water and kept there for as long as recommended as the limit by the manufacturer.  Water-resistance is a must for any smartwatch you are considering buying as children get sweaty, and this moisture has to be withstood by the smartwatch.


The wristband that goes around your child’s wrist holds the smartwatch in its place as your child continues his/her daily activities.  Almost all manufacturers have gone for a plastic/rubber mixture for its wristbands as children sweat a lot. Wristbands have to be able to be appropriately cleaned for them to be viable for use with children.  The wristband must have enough range in its settings to grow with the child. Try to go for a smartwatch with a wristband that will securely fit the smartwatch onto your child as he/she engages in strenuous physical activity.

Smartphone Connectivity

Smartwatches serve as an accessible connector-piece to the bulkier but more functional smartphones.  They usually pair with smartphones using Bluetooth. Although WiFi is also an option, it is much more draining on the smartphone’s battery (due to the use of a hotspot).  Generally, smartwatches allow you to pick up and make calls that use your smartphone’s SIM card. Make sure that the smartwatch you are getting can be paired with the type of OS your smartphone uses.  Generally, watches that pair with Android will have certain restrictions when pairing with Apple and vice versa.

Voice Commands

Some of the more advance smartwatches allow you to use voice commands to activate specific features of the watch.  This feature is important as interfacing using the screen might be a little harder as the screen of a smartwatch is relatively small.

It’s especially important if you are driving and you want to make a phone call or even to send a message to a specific person. Your child might not be at the age to drive yet, but he/she can benefit from this while riding a bike or even while going on a hike with friends.


Smartwatches can have functional usage hours that are comparable to smartphones though they have much less actually battery power storage.  While smartphones have batteries that go up to about 3000 mAh, the batteries of smartwatches max out at about 500 mAh. Try to get a smartwatch with a battery that allows for full functionality throughout the day, including several hours of voice communication.


Some of the multi-function smartwatches actually have cameras embedded in them for quick picture-taking and even has limited video capability.  Generally, the cameras employed by smartwatches go up to about 2 MP (megapixel), while smartphones have cameras that go above 10 MP. Two megapixel cameras are still nothing to be scoffed at and can result in high-quality pictures that can capture selfies between friends that can then be easily uploaded to social media.

GSM Micro SIM Support

Many smartwatches now can have a micro SIM with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) inserted directly into the device.  This means that your smartwatch will be able to make and receive phone calls directly from your watch without needing any other device for this functionality.  This would be a great life-saving feature for your child and can be a safety net for emergencies.


Most smartwatches don’t have the screen output capacity to use more data than is transferrable using 2G.  However, some of the higher quality models have connectivity up to 4G, which allows for gigabits of data to be transferred within seconds.  This is mostly important only if your phone has a high-quality camera to capture such large amounts of data. Try to get a model that at least has 3G connectivity so that internet usage and video playback are seamless for your child.

Memory and Storage

Some smartwatches can use microSD cards (aka TF cards) to store gigabytes of data for future retrieval.  This is mostly used for picture and video capture from cameras. It is good if the smartwatch can interface with microSD cards with up to 32GB, as that is a mid-range amount for videos and other bulky media.  However, even an 8GB microSD card is sufficient for most needs.


The variety of applications that you can install on a smartwatch is dependent on the operating system that it uses.  If it is Android-based, then it can install all the apps that are suitable for its technical specifications available on the Android platform.  If the device you buy for your child is an Apple smartwatch, then its compatibility will be with the Apple applications developed for electronic devices.  Most simple applications like organizers and video recorders will be installed onto your smartwatch. Applications like games that require higher hardware specifications will not be functional.

Fitness Tracker

A popular function of smartwatches is to provide the wearer with a fitness band in addition to its other functions.  These watches have a display that shows you the main metrics of your child’s health as it’s worn. All of them generally have a heart-rate monitor and a step counter, while there can be additional features like a calorie counter, an activity tracker, a blood pressure monitor, and a sleep tracker.  This functionality is great if you have a child that is health-conscious or if you want a high tech method of motivating your child to do more activities that are beneficial health-wise.

Types of Smartwatches for Kids

Sports Smartwatches

These are fantastic for athletes and people that are trying to get fitter.  This type of smartwatch generally monitors important aspects of the body, such as blood pressure and heartbeat.  It can also provide tracking for important daily activities such as steps walked, calories burnt, sleep time, etc.

All of this data can generally be transferred onto a program on your smartphone through Bluetooth, which then proceeds to analyze the data and give you valuable insight.  Of course, these smartwatches have the regular functionality of a watch as well.

Classic Smartwatches

These generally function as extensions of your smartphone and have a whole host of additional features.  They will show you the notifications that you get on your smartphone and even allow you to make and receive calls from the smartwatch while connected to a smartphone.

They can also have the functionality of a sports smartwatch where your body’s functions are tracked and monitored. The advantage is that there are a whole host of fitness applications to choose from on these smartwatches.  You also get to choose from the almost limitless pool of Android and iOS applications available for smartwatches depending on what the operating system of your smartwatch is.

However, since the screens are generally larger in these watches and due to the extended functionality, the battery life generally suffers, and they need to be plugged in almost every night.

Smartwatches with GSM SIM

These smartwatches are almost able to replace the use of a smartphone for a duration of time during the day.  The reason for that is that these smartwatches allow you to insert SIM cards directly into the smartwatches. This allows you to have the ability to make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch.

It also allows for you to be able to get the internet directly onto the smartwatch, which means that you are able to use all of your applications available in the smartwatch independently of a smartphone. These smartwatches can also have fitness aid functionality, just like sports or classic smartwatches.

The only disadvantage of this type of smartwatch is that the battery life is going to be limited due to the large screen and voice communication functionality.

However, this type of smartwatch has the ultimate functionality of any smartwatch and functions almost as a smartphone does, though with limitations due to reduced specifications and smaller screens.

Smartwatches for Kids – Safety Tips

Blood Flow

Make sure that your child wears the smartwatch on his/her wrist in a manner that allows unrestricted blood flow through his/her veins.  When physical exertion is made, muscle fibers and blood vessels expand. If your child’s wristband is on too tight, the flow of blood in veins that are near the skin will be restricted, resulting in restricted oxygen-supply to the hand.

Scheduled Use

There is a tendency for the skin that has been covered up by a watch to be slightly altered due to the restricted air-supply to the surface as well as the constant moisture on it.  Make sure that your child does not wear the smartwatch during the night and that the wrist is free for periods of time during the day so that the skin can repair itself.


To ensure that your child’s smartwatch has enough juice to last the day, make sure that it is put to charge when your child is at home.  You don’t want to be in a position where your child needs to make a phone call but is unable to do so due to the smartwatch’s battery running out.


As smartwatches are expensive pieces of equipment, it’s important that your child knows how to take care of the product.  Take the time to teach your child that the touchscreen is scratch and crack sensitive and that he/she should not be engaged in activities that could damage the phone while wearing it, including submersing it in water unless it is waterproof.

MicroSD Card

Generally, the microSD card can pop out of pressure is applied to the microSD card slot from the side.  Make sure your child understands that the watch isn’t to be touched around the screen unless he/she is using a specific function on the sides of the watch.  This will prevent the card from popping out and getting lost unintentionally.


As the smartwatch is worn on the wrist, it can accumulate a shocking amount of dirt and organisms after just a few days of wear.  It is important to make sure that the smartwatch is cleaned often to ensure that your child’s health is not affected. Make sure only limited amounts of liquid touch the smartwatch while it is being cleaned and that the smartwatch is water-resistant.


1. Will a smartwatch with SIM functionality work without a SIM card?

Yes, generally, the smartwatch will be able to be used without restriction.  The only restrictions will be that you will not be able to make and receive calls/text messages or use the internet independently of a smartphone.  You will have to pair your smartwatch with a smartphone using Bluetooth or WiFi to be able to use any application in it that needs the internet to function.

Functionality such as fitness tracking, watch functions, and notes that don’t need the internet to function will not be affected in any way.

2. How do you charge a smartwatch battery?

Generally, smartwatches come with their own chargers.  However, in general, smartwatches are charged using the same technology used to charge your smartphones.  In the event of an emergency, you may use a standard smartphone charger to charge your smartwatch, but differences in voltages might reduce the life of your smartwatch’s battery and/or cause damage to the electronics of the phone.

It is recommended that you only use the charger that has been designed to charge your smartwatch.

3. What is the quality of connectivity in a smartwatch with 4G?

While some smartwatches come with 4G functionality, the equipment used in these smartwatches generally cannot deliver the full potential of 4G connectivity.  However, this is not generally an issue for smartwatches as they will rarely even use the bandwidth used by 3G, which is actually enough even for HD streaming.

This quality of streaming is not necessary for a smartwatch as its screen size is very small. Anything above 2.5G is more than sufficient for a smartwatch.

4. Do smartwatches have a calculator option?

Generally, all smartwatches except for basic smartwatches and sports smartwatches have this functionality.  Even some sports smartwatches have a calculator app for quick basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

It’s important to understand that the space given for numbers and functions on a calculator is very limited and that the user should not depend on a smartwatch for his/her regular calculating needs.

5. Do any smartwatches come with flashlights?

While most smartwatches don’t have the flashlight capability, there are a few that do.  The ones that have flashlights generally also have cameras in them. However, as smartwatches generally have small batteries downwards of 500 mAh, it is recommended that you only use the flashlight function as an emergency.

The application for flashlight functionality can be downloaded on Android operating systems while it is already embedded into the iOS operating system.


The world of smartwatches is one where more and more functions are added daily to the already extensive arsenal of applications, sensors, and monitors available in today’s smartwatch.  It’s important to sit down and try to figure out what functionality is essential for your smartwatch as, while it may have most of the functions you use on a daily basis, its battery life will not accommodate its incessant use.

You might also want to restrict some features like extensive internet browsing on a smartwatch so that your child isn’t compelled to cheat in school or go to websites that he/she isn’t supposed to.

We hope that you go through our extensive buying guide to ensure that you are aware of the main points to evaluate before you make a smartwatch purchase for your child.  Our safety tips and FAQ section will help you get an overview of how best to take care of your new electronic purchase. We wish you luck and hope that your child benefits immensely from the wide array of helpful applications and monitors a smartwatch affords its user.