Top Stacking Toys for Your Kids to Learn Balancing Skill

A kid making a massive structure of blocks; imagine that. Such a beautiful scene to behold. A Stacking toy set is one of the favorite play-time toys for many kids. Stacking toys allow your kids to learn many skills like balancing, strategizing, and much more right from the early stage.

Stacking toys are making young civil engineers and allow the kid to be creative in their way. Do you want your train child for the same? We have made it easy for you, as this article lists some of the top stacking toys available in the market online. Choose one for your child and see their imagination grow.

1. FunSkool Giggles Stacking Cubes

FunSkool Giggles Stacking Cubes is a colorful nesting stacking toy. It comprises eight colorful cubes with varying sizes. Kids playing with this are expected to arrange the cubes in a hierarchy while they sort the sizes. The number and size of cubes given to kids depend on kids’ age and prior usage. It is recommended for kids that are 12 months and above. Starters can handle the big cubes, which promise a firm grip.

These toy bags, more than just that, alphabets are inscribed on the base of each cube. This add-on helps parents and teachers introduce alphabets to kids while they play with them. The colorful cubes help kids recognize and identify colors. The colorful cubes are useful objects in teaching shapes relative to other available objects.

The cubes are made of plastic materials that offer long-lasting usage. The use of this toy aids kids’ observation, logical reasoning, and handling.

2. Little’s Junior Ring

Little’s Junior Ring is a Ring Stacking Toy. The rings are of different colors and diameters. At the upper end of its pole is a smiling face, kids would love to mimic. Sizes and colors can be taught in schools and at home with this amazing toy. Kids can have endless fun with this toy outside of stacking it up; the rings can be thrown or rolled around. It is suitable for use at school; two or more children can play it.

The heterogeneous sizes of rings make handling easy for all ages. No fear of kids choking, the rings’ design ensures that. This stacking toy comes in a portable pack, which saves space and also builds kids’ strength while they carry it. Contained in the pack are six rings and a pole, all made of non-toxic plastic materials to ensure kids’ safety. Toddlers aged six months can use it.

3. Fisher-Price Original Baby’s First Blocks

This stacking toy is built for early learning. Fisher-Price understands that every second contributes to a child’s development; this toy makes it count more. Its contents are piloted towards educating kids during playtime. This pack contains blocks of varying shapes and colors. The shapes included are circle, triangle, and square. The blocks are 12 in number, offering multilevel difficulties, which are functions of kids’ age.

One of its prominent content is a yellow canister, designed for sorting shapes. Besides this, the canister can be used to store other toys and keep kids’ playroom tidy. The blocks’ size allows kids to have a good grip while playing with it.

With Baby’s First Blocks, kids can learn colors, numbering, shapes, and sorting during their leisure time with or without adults’ supervision. Fine motor skills, logical evaluation, and problem-solving skills are a few of the many benefits of exploration.

4. Grizzly Wooden Geometry Matching Blocks

Is your kid having difficulty understanding basic mathematics? This toy will help. This geometry stacking Toy is an early educational tool. As the name implies, the toy pieces are made of wood that screams durability and poses no harm. Contained in this toy pack are 3-set geometry shape-sorter. The blocks are designed for good grip, to build handling in children.

The blocks come in different colors and shapes. Playing this game revolves around identification and calculation. The multi-colored blocks are designed to teach shapes, colors, fractions, and basic arithmetic. Therefore, it is a toy with varying levels of challenges. Depending majorly on kids’ education, difficulties can be administered to kids.

This is one of the best gifts to get your kids or a friend’s kid. Its active usage promises to develop useful core skills like observation, hand-eye coordination, and logical evaluation in kids.

5. Multicolor Stack Cups for Baby

This Stacking and nesting toy contains multi-colored cups that come in different sizes. Cups offer good handling for kids, which will help kids in handling other objects. The multi-color cups help kids recognize color. The cup contained can be used to teach colors to kids relative to other available objects.

In ensuring kids are kept healthy, the cups are made of non-toxic plastic materials and designed to avoid choking hazards.

It is recommended for kids above six months of age. The difficulty level a kid is exposed to will depend on his/her handling and experience outside the age restriction. Nesting is easier than stacking, so kids can start with that while they learn sorting. This toy set contains an instruction guide to educate potential buyers about using and maintaining the toy.

Playing with this toy enhances kids’ problem-solving skills, sense of touch, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills.

6. Anindita Toys Wooden Stacking Towers

This Ring Stacking Toy is made up of 10 brightly colored rings. The rings are stacked around the pole, with the largest circle at the base and the smallest at the top. The colorful rings are made of wood. Its wooden material is aimed at a long and lasting usage.

The woods’ colorful coating is non-toxic, and the rings are big (can’t be choked on), safe for kids. With that number of rings, difficulty levels can be increased to complete a challenge, thereby offering endless fun.

Regardless of age or educational achievements, it can be played. Kids above six months of age can develop grappling skills and a sense of touch by playing with the smaller rings they can wrap their palms around. Older kids can improve their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and color concept with this educational toy.

7. FunBlast Rainbow Stacking Animals Cups

FunBlast Rainbow Stacking Animals Cups is an all-inclusive toy, comprising colors, alphabets, and numbers. It is a stacking and nesting Toy. Contained in the toy pack are 11 brightly colored cups that will attract toddlers. The most attractive part is the cute rabbit topper, one that would keep kids busy.

Printed on the cups are letters and numbers; learning alphabets and letters don’t get simpler. The cups can be piled up or nested according to numbers or letters, which will help kids do better at school. The colorful cups with different sizes are useful in learning about colors, sizes, and probably adjectives (big, bigger, biggest).

Its stackable cups make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Get this for your kids and watch their cognitive reasoning, problem-solving skills, and confidence increase. Are you considering your kids’ health? The cups are made of non-toxic plastic materials.

8. Meraki Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower

After rainfall, kids look out for rainbow(s) in the sky. With Meraki Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower, you can bring the rainbow closer to your kids. There are ten pieces of colorful square rings in this toy pack. With this, kids can unconsciously learn colors during their playtime.

This toy is similar to a sorting puzzle, helping kids observe differences and sort colors and sizes. This increases kids’ observation and attention to detail. Younger kids can develop a sense of touch while playing with this top-notch toy.

Concerning children’s health, the colored wooden squares are furnished with non-toxic water-based paint. Also, the rings are big enough to avoid choking. So, kids are safe with this toy.

Younger kids that can’t solve this puzzle can develop handling skills; the smaller rings offer a good grip for little palms. Meraki Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower should be your next gift to your kid.

9. Fair Build Up Beakers

Are your kids above three years old? They will enjoy playing with this beautiful toy set. It contains 12 pieces of small plastic cups. The bowls come in different colors and sizes. Fair Build Up Beakers is a stacking and nesting Toy. Cups can be placed on each other or in themselves.

The colorful cups help kids learn color concepts, making it a suitable toy for both school and home. With its varying sizes, sorting and adjectives can be taught to toddlers. This educational toy is child-safe; the cups have no sharp edges, and the plastic materials are non-toxic. Besides, to avoid choking hazards, the cups’ design meets such needs.

With supervision, family time can be embraced. This educational toy helps toddlers develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity, and space maximization.

10. DAFAL Stacking Multi-Color Cups

Bright colors have proven to be attractive to kids. This toy contains 13 multi-colored stacking cups of varying sizes. This toy is designed to educate toddlers and maximize kids’ playtime. Aside from its colorful cups, there is a smiling rabbit topper, which will keep kids engaged and enhance their communication as they discuss with their new rabbit toy.

Color concepts can be taught to kids with brightly colored cups. At every successful stacking or nesting, the kids experience a feeling of accomplishment, which boosts their self-confidence and prepares them for more difficult situations or games. With its non-toxic plastic and round-edged cups, your kids’ safety is guaranteed. Also, some family time can be spent on this toy.

Buyers Guide

There are a variety of toys we played with while growing up. Toys are either used to keep us busy or teach us something. Coordination is one of the many core skills that need to be developed in a child. Stacking Toys does that job easily.

You are either here to learn about stacking toys or digging to know the best stacking toys. Regardless of your intention, you are in the right place.

Are stacking toys of the same form? No, stacking toys comes in different forms. Below are the major forms.


Like in building or construction, the blocks are shaped so that an accurately fitted mass of blocks gives a relatable structure. Structures like a tower, castle, and train can be formed. In some Block Stacking Toys, the blocks may have pictures, numbers, letters inscribed or printed on its sides.

Good Block Stacking Toys help kids develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Besides these, it can teach kids letters, numbers, and objects to children based on what is represented on the blocks.

The sizes and numbers of blocks vary with the age or experience of kid(s) meant to be administered.

Ring Stacking Toys

This type of stacking toy includes one or more poles and rings of either the same size or different sizes. For rings toys that contain similar-sized rings, its arrangements are less difficult. Those with different sizes of rings are usually arranged in either an ascending or descending order (it’s all about choice). This helps kids to differentiate sizes, learn shapes, and build hand-eye coordination.

This type of stocking toy is common in schools. It will make a good toy for beginners in the world of stacking toys. Its difficulty can be altered by making changes to the number and sizes of rings used during play.

Geometric Stackers

These are otherwise known as Stacking Shapes. These spice up the classic stacking rings. The objects to be stacked are either of different sizes or shapes, but regardless of their differences, they are “stackable.” Its varied shapes and sizes are a useful tool in teaching shapes, sizes, and sometimes sorting. Besides these, Geometric Stackers are colorful; it comes in handy when teaching colors.

Kids with some experiences with Ring Stacking should have a go at Geometric Stackers. It proves more difficulty and endless fun.

Do you want to enhance your kid’s sporting prowess? Geometric Stackers offers hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, excellent skills required in sports. There are other benefits, which are improved logical reasoning, problem-solving skill, and space maximization.

Nesting Toys

Nesting Toys requires stacking objects into other objects; it might be similar objects or different objects; they entail the same method. The objects are shaped to conform to themselves if rightly placed. It entails puzzle though, sorting puzzle; helps kids learn sorting sizes – big, small, smaller, etc.

This aids development of hand-eye coordination, cognitive reasoning, and logical evaluation in children. Most Nesting Toys come in variants of colors; teaching colors to children is easier with such. More objects and longer poles can be added for endless fun on the successful completion of a particular stacking. Nesting Toys are suitable for indoor use, as its arrangement helps save space.

The above are the major types of Stacking Toys, all with benefits attached to their usage. Recently, there are modifications and advancements in the Stacking Toys’ industry. Toy manufacturers have learned to merge features of disparate types of Stacking Toys into one Stacking Toy.

This helps buyers get more value for every penny spent. More elaborately, a Stacking Toy can have both Nesting and Block Stacking Toys or Ring and Nesting Stacking features and functionality.

Below are the options of gifts you can get a little cousin or friend. Get any of these for your little loved ones and watch the broad smile you put on their face.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should a child start stacking blocks?

Stacking blocks have no age limit, 1,2,3 years; anyone can do it. They really can’t fix things (blocks inclusive) for toddlers, so they start with knocking down blocks, which they enjoy so much more. The wrecking of the stacked blocks doesn’t mean you should stop teaching them how to build. After a kid might have outgrown the joy of knocking down blocks, he/she is ready.

Ready to be exposed to doing it right. Starting from 6-month old, kids can hold a few things; blocks that fit their tiny hands are a nice choice. A one-year-old kid can handle two pieces of blocks. No disappointment if he/she doesn’t fit it into each other. Learning is a process; watch them hold, flicker, drop, pick, and sometimes throw the blocks. This improves their finger strength and handling skills.

2. Are wood stacking toys better than plastic stacking toys?

For this question, the factors worthy of consideration are:

3. How old is the prospective user?

For kids below two years of age, plastic stacking toys are recommended. Why? Plastic stacking toys are light-weight colorful toys. Its color is a great invitation to the world of mini engineering. The plastic stacking rings offer a nifty grip for fragile fingers and cause less harm in case it finds itself in toddlers’ mouths. Wooden stacking blocks will offer a more realistic plot for older kids.

4. How durable is it?

We both know wooden stacking toys are more durable relative to plastic stacking toys without much deliberation.

5.What do toddlers learn from stacking blocks?

Toddlers start to learn a lot from stacking blocks if it is played right, which is the parent’s or teacher’s responsibility. Holding blocks develops finger and hand skills in toddlers, which helps strengthen their limbs and eye-hand coordination. Motor neurons and problem-solving skills are enhanced when kids actively play stacking games.

Besides these, kids creativity and thought process is unconsciously improved; fitting blocks takes a lot of mental undo and redo.

6.Is stacking blocks a fine motor skill?

Picking, holding, turning, fitting, and dropping blocks is a fine motor skill. A skill indispensable in our daily activities. We dispose of trash, pick, throw, and catch objects. Stacking blocks help kids in their sport of choice.

7.How many blocks can a 3-year-old child stack?

At 3, children are supposed to have gotten hold of the blocks (placements, dismantling, and building). At such an age, kids should handle eight blocks well, having more fun building bridges and castles. If at this age, the kids’ understanding is increased, of course, you don’t want the building to be boring; you can increase the size and numbers of blocks. More difficulty, more fun.


Motor skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and improved thought process are a few benefits to enjoy when playing stacking games. It enhances these skills in adults and makes it easier to develop in kids. In truth, stacking games will make a good addition to kids’ toy sets.

Stacking toys has experienced usage in preschools and homes. With stacking toys, you can start easily and help your kid make the best use of his/her playtime while you also have some family time at home. We didn’t build this world, but with stacking toys, kids can create theirs.