Best Toy Guns For Kids

Every child grows up with toys. There are so many different types and designs of toys that flood the market every time. It all depends on what kids fancy. Toy guns are a favorite amongst kids, especially if you have boys. You will see them in different roles like the popular cowboys, or star wars character, or even Indiana Jones.

Some parents feel reluctant about buying toy guns, but they don’t know what they are missing out on. It is fun when you watch your kids running around with their water guns and then playing hide and seek. You can even join them to have a family bonding time with your kids.

There are so many designs that it is almost impossible to decide which one to buy eventually. That is the reason why you will find this guide most helpful.

Top 10 Baby Toy Guns

1. NERF 31-Piece Alpha Strike Mission

Nerf is an amazing brand when it comes to toy guns for kids, and it is number one on our top list. The Nerf Alpha Strike blaster brings a lot of action for your kids. Most importantly, it is effortless to use even for first-timers.

The Nerf toy comes with a 31 piece mission pack that includes four blasters, 25 darts, and two half-targets that your kids can practice with. They can even compete in the Nerf games.

The toy gun can be loaded easily in three steps, and the darts which have proven to be quality is made from a constructed foam material that is very flexible. The tips of the darts have very hollow tips, which makes it very safe for your kids.

You don’t need any batteries to operate it and would be great for kids that are eight years old and older.

2. Plutofit Captain America Civil War Like Blaster Reveal Shield

Every kid knows who Captain America is, and they love his strength. What makes him unique though, is his indestructible shield. When your kid sees the Plutofit Captain America blaster, they imagine what it’s like to be a real-life Captain America. This unique blaster has a reveal shield that comes with two launching projectiles that shoot out the six darts.

With this plutofit toy gun, your kid can act out their role as a superhero while playing indoors. The toy gun is very safe and unique, unlike other types of toy guns. Its unique design is what fascinates kids.

The Captain America shield design blaster can easily be operated. It has a push start button that reveals the shield. The toy gun comes with six darts and is very safe for your kid.

3. Shanbuyers Play Gun

The Shanbuyers toy guns are very affordable, and your kid will get so much from this product that you can hardly find in other toy guns. The gun can be operated by simply loading the soft bullets, then pressing down the lever, and then fire.

The Shanbuyers toy gun comes with other fun accessories that your kid will enjoy playing with. It comes with binoculars and even handcuffs, which they can use for a cop play role.

The toy gun has a long shooting range of up to 45ft and is completely safe for kids. The plastic material is eco-friendly, and the smooth suction darts are safe even if they accidentally hit a wrong target.

The toy gun comes with up to 6 soft foam bullets and does not require any battery. It is durable, and your kids will be able to play with their toy for a long time.

4. Toiing Blastoi Super Fun Exciting Air Popper Toy Gun

The Toiing Blastoi is a fun toy gun that is completely air powered. If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for your kid, the Blastoi toy gun is one of the best you can get for your kid. The Toiing Blastoi toy gun is an original Indian product. It is fun and allows your kid to tap into their imagination.

The toy gun comes with 12 soft foam bullets that are entirely safe to use both indoors and outside. You can load the soft bullets through the mouth of the gun. The gun uses air power when you pull the handle of the gun forward and backward; it would create enough pressure to shoot the softball. When you pull the handle further, it will extend the shooting range of the ball.

5. Zest 4 Toyz Premium Blaze Storm Soft Bullet Toy Gun

Zest 4 Toyz is a toy gun that comes with foam bullets and suction darts. It is very safe, and your kids will have fun with it during their playtime. The  Zest 4 Toyz gun is very easy to use, and you can load its five soft bullets in the front muzzle of the toy gun. It takes just three easy steps to shoot at a target. This toy gun is excellent for kids that are up to 4 years old.

When you buy this toy gun set, you will find 20 soft bullets in it, which comprises ten soft bullets and ten suction darts.

Its simple process involves pressing the lever back, pulling the trigger and firing. The toy gun fires one soft bullet at a time. It also has a long shooting range, which is up to 60ft and does not require any batteries.

6. Nerf Accustrike Mega Bulldog Blaster

The Nerf AccuStrike Mega Bulldog blaster is among the AccuStrike series from this brand. This toy gun allows you to load three darts in its front blaster, and when you pull back the handle, it shoots one dart. The Nerf AccuStrike is one toy gun that you should definitely buy for your kids, especially for boys.

It has features that allow your kids to easily aim at their targets and is extremely fun watching them play with it. This gun is also compatible with nerf mega darts

The toy gun comes with 6 Nerf Mega Darts, and you can easily change modes in one fast step. The toy gun has a storage unit that holds up to three darts for quick action.

7. FunBlast Blaze Rotating Point Storm Gun Toys

FunBlast is a popular toy gun brand that is known for making toys that help to develop the imagination of kids and allows them to think. It is fun and, at the same time, engaging. The FunBlast Blaze Rotating toy gun is designed with soft bullets.

The soft bullets, which are 20 in number, are very safe for kids. The toy gun has a long shooting range, and the gun is very easy to operate. All you need to do is simply press the down the lever and aim at your target.

The toy gun is designed with a 3 mode rotating point storm, and the pack comes with ten pieces of soft data. It also has ten pieces of suction cup darts. The gun has exciting sounds and flashy lights that kids love.

The FunBlast toy gun is made of a foldable foam material that is quality and durable.

8. Sunshine Elegant Strike Gun Toy

Sunshine Elegant Strike toy gun comes with an interesting design. It has music and lights that add more to the fun for kids. The toy gun is made from a very good quality ABS plastic. When your kid presses the trigger, it will spin around the 3D lights that look like snowflakes and play music to fascinate kids.

The Sunshine toy gun uses 3 AA size batteries, which you will need to purchase to operate it. The gun will engage your kids for long hours and is completely safe.

There is no way any kid will not be attracted to its light and music. The toy gun itself even comes in very bright colors that will interest your kids. The Sunshine toy gun is a great idea for a birthday gift for kids.

9. Buzz Bee Air Warrior Phoenix

One of the easy to load toy guns you can find today in the toy market is the Buzz Bee Air Warriors your gun. This gun has a very bright and attractive colour that kids would easily fall in love with. The toy gun not only allows your kids to have fun but also improves their motor skills. It works on their hand-eye coordination and, in turn, helps them concentrate easily.

The Buzz Bee toy gun is up to 26inches long and is packed with four darts. It even has a detachable scope that helps your child focus on a target. The gun has a shoulder stock where you can keep two additional darts for fast reloading.


The Buzz Bee toy gun does not use any batteries, and it can shoot as far as 72ft. When you buy the pack, you will find a detachable scope, a blaster, and the four darts. The flexible darts are made out of foam have hollow tips, which makes it safe. It is ideal for kids that are up to 6 years old and older.

10. Toyshine Foam Blaster Gun Toy

The Toyshine foam blaster is a toy that your kids will love. It comes with soft foam bullets and suction darts that will be able to meet its target. Your kids will be able to operate this toy gun easily without any hassles. The toy gun is able to load up to 4 foam bullets at the same time.

It can be used indoors and is very safe for kids. You can sit back and watch your kids have fun without worrying about them getting hurt.

The Toyshine gun comes with up to 10 soft bullets. It is ideal for kids up to 6 years old and even much older. The toy gun can be used by simply pulling down the lever, pressing the trigger, and firing.

Guide To Buying Toy Guns For Kids

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when buying toy guns for your children.


Another thing you should consider is the safety of your kids. It is important that you protect your kids and not expose them to any harm when they play. You should make sure that the toy guns come with soft bullets that would not cause any injury when they even play with other kids. You should also get toy guns with very flashy and bright colors, so they don’t confuse it with a real gun.


You should pick toy guns that are comfortable on their hands. There are so many designs when it comes to toy guns, but when a child holds a comfortable one, they will enjoy playing with it. It would also make it more interesting as they can easily operate it when playing with other kids.


It would be a waste of money to buy a toy gun that your kid can’t use because it is heavy. You should buy a toy gun that doesn’t feel too bulky so your kid can be able to lift it easily. They will need to run around with it while carrying about their role play, and it is only with a light toy gun that they can comfortably run around.


Holding a toy gun that doesn’t give a sharp target can be frustrating even for kids. They won’t want to play with a toy gun that won’t accurately shoot at a target. You need to test for accuracy before buying any toy gun.

Bulk Purchase

Instead of getting one gun, why not buy in bulk. If they have other friends coming to join them, it will make it more fun. Also, if one toy gun breaks, you can easily get out another from the pack of toy guns.

Shooting Range

The dart range is also a feature you should look out for before buying toy guns for your kids. If their play area is small, you should get a toy gun with a short-range like one that can only shoot up to 40ft and not more than that.

Loading Difficulty

Younger kids would always want to join their older siblings when playing with toy guns. You should consider that they won’t be able to handle the same type of toy guns with ease. You will need to buy them a toy gun that has he for a dart or softball.


You must consider your kid’s age before buying any type of toy gun. There are different types of guns, and they fall into different age categories. Some are for three years olds while you will find some that are meant for those up to 12 years.

We will recommend that you get toy guns that fall within the age bracket of your child. Most toy guns that are for older kids are a lot more complicated to operate for younger kids and can be a bit dangerous.


Toy guns should not be worth a fortune. You can find a quality toy gun to buy at a very budget-friendly price. Before you go ahead to buy toy guns, you should consider how much you can afford to spend and then buy the ones around that range without stretching your budget. You should know that sometimes more expensive guns are usually more fragile than the low priced toy guns and will last longer.


Toy guns are fun to use when they are paired with other accessories. You can get helmets for safety, or even a bulletproof vest to make your kid feel like a cop. You can even get handcuffs to keep their playtime even more enjoyable. If you want your kids to have a fantastic fun time, you should also include some game accessories for their toy guns.

Safety Precautions When Buying Toy Guns

  • Before you go ahead to buy your kids their favorite toy guns. You need to keep in mind the following safety guidelines.
  • Ensure your kids are supervised while they engage in their gun battles. You must study the guns properly to know the safety risks attached to it before handing them over to your kids. Not all toy guns are safe, so you have to be careful before buying any type of fake gun.
  • You need to caution your kids not to shoot their guns on people’s faces and eyes. The same goes for animals or pets.
  • You need to set out safety rules for your kids when they play with their toy guns so that they don’t have any accidents.
  • It is also vital that you let your kids know how to identify real guns and fake toy guns. They should also know the dangers that come with handling real guns to avoid any accidents.
  • You should be observant when your kids are playing with their toy guns. If they accidentally hit a pet and then they are not remorseful, you should not condone that attitude.

Types of Toy Guns

There are different types of toy guns for kids. You will find toy guns that work with water, softballs, and those that use darts. Toy guns are fun, and no matter what type you get, it would always lighten the mood in the house. When you watch your kids running around, it is difficult to describe the excitement you see on their faces.

If you are not familiar with toy guns, you can learn from this guide about the different types available online. Here are the different kinds of toy guns.

Airsoft Guns

This type of toy guns is usually a bit more dangerous than the common toy guns. They are usually recommended for kids older than 16 years. Airsoft guns usually come with non-lethal plastic pellets.

The 6mm to 8mm plastic pellets can travel as far as 600ft per second. You can’t use them indoors, and you will need to take some safety measures to ensure that your kids are safe when playing. When you buy Airsoft guns, you will need additional accessories like gloves, long sleeve shirts, full pants, and goggles for their safety.

Cap Gun

The cap guns make a lot of noise, and this is what excites most kids. The sound makes it sound very real, and this has caused some concern, especially from authorities, and some countries even make a strict law concerning its production. They usually insist that the cap guns must be made with bright colors so kids can know they are different from real guns.

Cap guns come in different types of caps, and most of the time, the caps look like a plastic round disc. It is completely safe and does not harm kids.

Cowboy Guns

The cowboy guns come in a classic role-play between cowboys and Indians. Now, the cowboys use the toy pistol to aim at the Indians who use bow and arrows to defend themselves. While one uses wood to fire, the other gun makes use of steel and metal.

You can decide to buy any of them for your kids and it is especially fun for boys. The cowboy guns using need an additional accessory like a holster to pull off the cowboy look while he chases his Indian in their toy gun battle.

Water Gun

There are many types of water guns, and a lot of them have a far-shooting range. The water guns are very affordable, and you can use it to keep your kids busy while you focus on other things. The water guns are completely safe and usually a favorite amongst kids.

Toy Dart Guns

You will find most toy guns today using darts. Some can even fire bullets that get far. A lot of kids enjoy this type of toy gun because they can just watch the darts quickly dash out of the gun at a fast speed.

M4 Toy Gun

These toy guns give your kids a military touch. They make a great practice gun for kids with parents in the military who want their kids to be like them. Toy guns can only be used for kids who are up to 12 years old. The gun can be a bit dangerous and would need to be used under supervision.

WW2 Guns

Now, this toy gun is quite educational and lets your kids know what happened during World war 2. The design usually comes with a brown plastic handle that has a striking resemblance to real wood.

Swat Guns

This type of toy guns is another role-playing toy for kids who like to play around like cops running after robbers. They are  a favorite for young boys.

Uzi Toy Gun

The Uzi toy gun is associated with the Rambo movie, where it was used. The gun sprays or blasts anything that is around its range.

Laser Gun Toy

The laser toy guns have a great visual effect, especially when used at night. It is recommended for kids that are 13 years and older because it can be a bit dangerous. Kids are warned not to aim the laser toy guns directly on eyes because of the strength of the light that can inflict injury.


1. Do toy guns make your kids violent?

Playing with toy guns has a lot of benefits for kids. One of which is that it develops them physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you allow your kids to use toy guns, you teach them how to control their impulses, and one can say it is very educational. With the right guidance, they will be able to learn what is good and to avoid the bad things.

2. What benefits can kids get from using toy guns?

A lot of parents find it difficult to accept the idea of toy guns because they are unaware of the benefits. If you are contemplating whether to buy one, you should know that toy guns help to develop your kids. It improves their creativity and imagination. It also helps them concentrate better. Toy guns are known to aid motor skills and also work to keep your kids fit.

3. Why do toy guns have orange tips?

You will find that most toy guns come with orange tips. The reason for this is to help kids identify toy guns from real guns. The toy guns are usually brightly colored.


If we were to recommend a toy gun for your kid, we would pick our top choice, the Nerf 31 Piece toy gun. However, all the guns mentioned in this buying guide are great and very safe for kids. When you buy them, you will be giving your kids the best fun time ever.

You must follow the age guide when buying toy guns so you don’t end up with a toy gun that your kid can’t use. Now that you know the impact and benefits a toy gun can have on your kid, you should not have any fears getting one for them.

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