Best Toy Train Set for Kids in the Market

Toy train sets have been a fascination of kids for multiple generations now. This trend will continue in the coming years as toy train sets are simply superb and attractive to kids to watch, play and learn.

Toy train sets usually include an engine, a goods carrier, passenger compartments, and the track set.

Depending on the individual brands, this combination might vary and the number of pieces that are contained in the package might also vary.

These are available in metal, fibreglass, plastic, wood, etc. Depending on your interest, you can make your purchase accordingly. As usually, these toy train sets are available in smaller to-be-assembled pieces, it could be a great engaging activity for your child.

Here you will find the best toy train set for kids along with the buying guide and benefits of toy train sets. You can choose the best option for your kid. Should you have any doubt regarding the same, you can go through the FAQ section.

1. Kiditos Electronic Train Track Set

Kiditos electronic train track set is a 162 pieces train set that comes with sound and light. It is a multicolour train set that has multi-level tracks.

It can be considered an educational building block and it has numerous track pieces to be assembled in multi-levels that keep the child occupied and interested. This train track set comes with a complete layout making it easy to assemble.

Made of plastic, this toy train runs on 2 – 1.5 AA batteries. The track assembly size is 90 X 55 X 30 and weighs 1 kg and 20 grams. It is recommended for children of age 3 years and above.

The assembling of these train sets is very simple yet interesting that keeps the child engaged. It also develops the thinking ability of the child. The multi-levels in the train track take little room, making it space-efficient.

2. Centy Toys Toy Train Set

This toy train set from Centy Toys is an attractive train set carriages and a railway track. It comes in a pack of 19 pieces that include the engine, coaches, and railway track that can be assembled easily.

This toy train is a replica of an Indian passenger train that looks very realistic and appealing. This multicolour train is made of plastic and weighs 275 grams in total. The dimensions are 14.8 X 4 X 5 cm.

It comes in two-track length and is battery-operated. The package includes 1 train engine, 4 coaches, and 14 pieces of the track. It also has a front glow headlight.

This is a battery-operated train toy that is recommended for kids of age 3 years and above. It requires a 2 AA battery and helps the child in developing eye-hand coordination.

3. Aastha Battery Operated Toy Train Set

This battery-operated toy train set for kids is from Aastha Enterprise. This train set is a complete package that comes with the track set up along with an engine and compartments.

The train set is found to be even more interesting to kids as it produces sounds, flashing lights and train chugs on the track. The realistic train sound generated when the train moves forward makes it highly appealing.

This train set uses 2 AA batteries and keeps the user away from the trouble of charging things for running this train set. Hence no waiting time.

The train set can easily be assembled and the train track can be assembled in any shape depending on the creativity of the user. The track pieces can be dismantled with ease for convenient storage.

The product dimension is 22 X 6 X 12 cm and weighs just 380 grams. The material used in the building of this product is plastic and is meant for kids of 3 years and above. The attractive colours and design make this product attractive to kids.

4. Kiditos DIY Self-Assemble Toy Train Set

This toy train set from Kiditos is a unique toy train set as it allows the user to assemble the track on his/her own. This DIY feature of assembling the track by the user is found to be interesting and appealing to the kids and their parents as well.

It is a multicolour toy train set is battery-operated and would need 2 AA batteries which are not a part of this package. The package includes 105 pieces.

This train set comes along with the motorized engine for the bullet train and 1 set of track layout that includes bridges and the multi-levels layout that makes it interesting.

This toy train set is recommended for kids of age 6 years and above. The kids truly enjoy assembling the layout. The dimension of this toy train set is 39 X 31 X 50 cm and it weighs 600 grams.

5. Happie Shopping Wooden Train Set

Happie Shopping children’s wooden train set is an interesting and colourful train that is meant for kids. It can be used to engage kids from 3 months to 3 years. This is an educational toy that not only entertains kids but also teaches numbers to your kids, which makes it even more interesting.

This train includes numbers from 0 to 9 and is made of wood which makes it safer for kids. This train set can be used by both boys and girls as it is a common educational toy.

It is a classic product made colourful and attractive with non-toxic paint. Best suited for pre-school children as it makes teaching numbers easier. So, the child learns as he/she plays.

This could be an active fun activity toy to keep your toddler busy and engaged. The dimension of this play train set is 12 X 11 X 19 cm and it weighs 500 grams. Easy to clean and maintain with a clean dry cloth.

6. VAGHASIYA SALES Kids Toy Train Set with Real Smoke Emission

Vaghasiya Sales® presents the kids toy train set for children of age 24 months and above. This multicolour train is made of plastic and is battery-operated.

The train is found to be highly attractive to kids as it produces real train sound. Other attractions of the train include the lights and the smoke that are emitted by the train. These features are sure to impress the kids a lot.

This toy train set is made using plastic and weighs 480 grams. The dimension of this toy train is 12 X 7 X 13 cm.

The train cars and the train tracks are all easily attachable and when linked together form a track of length 244 cm. This battery-operated toy train needs 4 ‘AA’ size batteries which are not a part of this package. This easy-to-assemble train toy truly impresses everyone.

7. Vaghasiya Sales Smoke Emitting Kids’ Toy Train

Vaghasiya Sales® Smoke Emitting Kids’ Toy Train is a battery-operated toy train with a self-assembled track set. This is a vintage model express toy train for children that comes with realistic sound, flashlight and real smoke as the train chugs the tracks.

The train rain when assembled makes a track of 244 cm. It is a battery-operated toy train that runs with 4 AA size batteries which are not included in the set. This set includes four train cars that can carry coal and other goods and can be assembled and linked together into a train.

The black cord from the engine unit needs to be connected to the coal car – the second unit, to generate the power required. The train set has 13 units made of plastic. The dimension of this set is 12 X 7 X 13 cm and weighs 480 grams.

8. Toyshine Wooden Toy Train Set With Blocks

Toyshine toy train set is made with wooden blocks in geometric shapes suitable and recommended for children of age 18 months and above. This train toy set is made of high-quality pine wood, meeting all the current EU toys safety standards.

The paint material used is water-based and is also non-toxic. Safe for the child as it has a smooth surface with glitches or splinters.

There are six basic shapes provided as blocks in different basic colours. This helps the child develop his/her skills in recognizing shapes and colours with ease.

Not limiting, the child also develops hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and dexterity. This toy train set consists of 1 car head, 2 carriages, and 16 blocks of wooden in different colours.

The dimension of this toy train set is 7 X 6 X 5 cm and weighs 790 grams.

9. TurboS Plastic Military Train Toy Set

TurboS Plastic Military Train Toy Set could be a great companion for your child for safe indoor play. This toy train set has been designed with inspiration from military trains.

It is a 22 pieces toy train set that has 1 engine, 1 carriage, 4 straight tracks, 8 arc tracks. 6 indicative road signs, and 2 trees. With simple assembling activity, this train set forms an oval track for navigation.

Apart from having good playtime, the child will also be able to develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination along with learning more about the road signs. It is recommended for kids of age 4 and above.

It is a battery-operated train set that works with 3 batteries. The multicolour appearance makes it more appealing. The dimension of this train is 32 X 24 X 6.8 cm and it weighs 400 grams.

Buying Guide

Having a quick look at the buying guide is definitely going to help you a long way as it saves a lot of time in you thinking and inquiring a lot of points. Have a quick glance at the points listed below before you buy a toy train set.

Material Used

The materials that are used in the build of the toy train set needs to be checked. The commonly used materials are plastic, wood, metal, fibreglass, etc. Depending on your need, preference, and also the age group of your child, pick the most suitable one.

Safety Factors

Along with the materials used, it is also important to check whether the materials used are of good quality and safe for kids. If required, check whether the production is at par with the EU toys safety standards.

Number of Pieces

Checking the number of pieces that are included in the package is important as this would help in claiming for a replacement if anything should be missing.

Also, pay attention to the sizes of these pieces as opposed to the age of your child. This is because younger children are very likely to put smaller pieces from the kit into their mouth which might be dangerous.

Recommended Age of the Child

Check for the manufacturer’s recommended age of the child. It is advisable to always pick a toy train set that matches your child’s age group.

Manual / Battery Operated

Make a note of whether the toy train set that you shortlist is manually operated or whether it needs external energy like a power connection or batteries. This will give a better understanding of what to expect.

Moreover, the batteries needed will have to be bought separately in most of the cases.

Contents of the Kit

Check if the contents of the package of the toy train set include any other additional accessories like models of trees, characters, and other additional items.

Paying attention to this is important as one may not pay attention to smaller things like these that do not affect the structure of the main track.

Durability and Value for Money

One important point that cannot be missed is to check the durability of the product. This can be assessed based on the materials used and customer reviews.

Also, check the return on investment that you get on the product. The package that you buy should be worth the money that you spend in terms of quality, durability, and the additional perks that you avail.

Importance of Toy Train Set

A toy train set is merely not a toy but also acts as an educational tool. This makes this toy a very versatile tool with multipurpose benefits.

There are multiple ways that the kids benefit from a toy train set. They develop their fine motor skills, learn about movement and motion, improve eye-hand coordination, and learn to assemble things in a logical sequence.

Younger children even learn basic colours and shapes. All these additional benefits that they get out of it, make it a multi-beneficial tool for both playing and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the toy train set safe for my child?

Yes, a toy train set is safe for your child. Please check the recommended age before your purchase.

2. Are there any hazardous parts that might be harmful to my child?

Toy train sets are usually made of metals, non-toxic plastic, or wood coloured with water colours. These materials are all safe for your child to play with. However, checking the details about the materials used in building the product is advisable.

3. Are the batteries a part of the toy train set package?

No, batteries are not usually a part of the package or the toy train set. Depending on the requirement details listed by the vendor, users are required to make the purchase.

4. How can I clean the toy train set?

Maintenance of a toy train set is very simple; mere dusting should be sufficient. Battery-operated toy train sets should be dusted with care to avoid any sort of damage to the product.

5. What is the material used in making the toy train?

There are many varieties of toy train sets available in the market. Some are made with plastic, some with wood, and others are metallic toy train sets.


Toy trains have always been a classic toy for kids of all ages from 2 to 10 years. Toy train sets are not only fun in watching the train chug on the tracks but it is also entertaining and engaging for the kids in many other ways.

These train carriages and tracks can easily be assembled and this keeps the child engaged for a longer amount of time.

However, picking the best toy train set for your kid is very important. The above-listed toy train sets are all of great quality and worth giving a try with added value-for-money.

However, we do recommend Kiditos Electronic Train Track Set, Centy Toys Toy Train Set, Aastha Battery Operated Toy Train Set, and Kiditos DIY Self-Assemble Toy Train Set.