Best Toys and Gifts for 11-Years Old Girls

Most 11 years old girls have begun to say goodbye to toys. This doesn’t mean some toys aren’t ideal for them, but the toys are limited. Many 11 years old girls will love a gift like a new school bag of nice pencils and an adorable pencil case.

They will also prefer to be gifted with jewellery, board games, books, make-up, or electronics like tablets or MP3 players.

These gifts help to build up their creative mind and improve their relationship with people. They keep them engaged and make them knowledgeable about certain things.

The article below will take you to the 10 best toys and gifts for 11-year old girls.

1. Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This device gets things going with its extra bass and long-life battery of up to 16 hours for long hours listening.

It comes with a frequency range of 2.4 GHz and a passive radiator that works with the mono speaker to enhance low-end tones.

The bass of this speaker produces quality sound despite the compact size. Falling into water or accidental spillage won’t pose any problems. It comes with a dustproof quality IP67 rating that allows you to take this speaker wherever you like.

This speaker will produce quality sound no matter how dusty the surface is. It comes with a built free mic for hands-free calling. This sound device has a detachable strap for easy usage.

2. Decals Design ‘Dreamy Girl

This gift is easy to install and ideal for a family bedroom, lounge, café and restaurant, nursery room, and kid’s room. It is made from non-toxic and waterproof material.

The piece is suitable for surfaces that are free from dust, grease, or any other contamination. The gift piece can also be placed on surfaces that are smooth and easy to clean.

3. Personalized Wooden Birthday Gift

This product is an incredible gift for your loved ones.

It comes in sizes that you will love and can be presented as a gift for any occasion like birthday gifts, valentine’s gift, and anniversary. This gift is made from wood material and can be personalized.

4. Brain Games for Clever Kids

This book is a convenient companion for night reading and travelling. It comes with word and number workouts, battleships and mind-bending spot the difference, and codes.

The book is brimming with memory and contains Japanese puzzles such as kakuro, hanjie, Sudoku, Futoshiki, and lots more. This book is great for young enthusiasts and is sure to keep them engaged and entertained.

5. DesiDiya 3D 7 Color Moon Night Lamp

This moonlight lamp is made of 3D technology with eco-friendly PLA materials. It operates solely on a USB cable power plug.

The device is easy to operate. It is activated when the surface is tapped, and it changes colours as soon as the light is on.

You can change the colour to seven different colours by tapping the surface. It comes with a gentle LED light, an energy-saving feature, and a turning off feature when it is tapped the fourth time.

This moon night lamp produces a warm atmosphere and doesn’t hurt your eyes. It produces a soft light and helps your kid sleep comfortably.

6. iBall Kids Diva Wired Headphone

This wired headphone is finely balanced providing excellent sound when it is put to use. It comes with spongy faux leather ear cups making it comfortable to put on. It sits in your kid’s ear perfectly and delivers the best comfort you can find.

This wired headphone produces a decibel output below 85dB which is great for the aural sensitivity of children. It comes with an over-ear band that is flexible and light, and it has controls that are convenient to use.

The wired headset comes in a variety of colours, and it is an ideal gift for a birthday and get-together.

7. Koochi Koo Multicolour Base Metal Earring

This earring set is cute and simple with a variety of the latest multi-colour designs. They come in bright colours that easily fit with any style and colour of your girl’s outfit.

The earrings are light-weighted and allow you to wear them for a long time without feeling any weight or pressure. The earring is made from quality plastic material and has a rubber push-back screw for convenient use.

These earrings are suitable for sensitive ears and free from allergies. Great for your girls, valentine’s date, female friends, and family members.

8. Impression Stylish Rhodium Plated Pendant

This pendant is made from brass alloy and rhodium-plated, and it is nickel-free and lead-free. It showcases a combo of bottle heart pendant with link chain and crystals with the colour blue or pink.

The pendant necklace is lightweight and doesn’t rub against the skin. It adds a touch of dashing colour and glamour to your outfit. The shine of the crystal is sure to captivate the eyes of your guest or people around.

It gives your girl’s outfit a precious look and elevates her mood whenever she puts it on. This pendant necklace is non-allergic and environmentally safe to use.

Crafted with quality rose gold and silver plating, this pendant necklace does not lose its shine after prolonged use.

It is a perfect gift for occasions like anniversary, wedding, birthday, valentine’s day, Diwali, and more.

9. Silver Bear Luxury Satin Scrunchies

These hair ties are made of pure satin fabric with comfortable elastic. It comes in ten different colours to compliment your girl’s outfit.

They come with a smooth and easy-to-slide-out feature that prevents hair breakage and protects your hair.

These hair ties can be comfortably worn on the wrist to add more style to your girl’s outfit. They take your elegance to a new level, and they’re ideal for office wear, Indian wear, casual wear, and party wear.

The hair tie can also be used for jogging, running, and riding. They look more stylish than a simple rubber band, and they’re the perfect gift for birthdays, BFF, valentine, and more.

10. Fantastic Adventures in Science

This book showcases stories of thirty-one women in science who have done extravagant things in the field of science.

These women have performed experiments in laboratories, peer through a powerful telescope, and camp out in harsh and extreme conditions.

This book displays how these women were outstanding in a diverse array of fields. Starting from environmental biotechnology, astrophysics, and palaeobiology.

Through their research, these women have discovered sustainable ways of living and help to cure life-threatening diseases. The studies of plants and animals that are long gone were also done extensively by these women.

This book lets your kid know the motive that drew these women to the field of science and how they dealt with difficulties and pressures.


Acquiring a gift for 11-years-old girls can be a difficult task. They have one foot in childhood and one foot in the teenage realm.

Many girls in this category still love toys like dolls, while others have moved on to make-up and handle cell phones.

The products featured here are great for 11 years old girls and provide a variety of options for them to choose from. However, we recommend Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Decals Design ‘Dreamy Girl, Personalized Wooden Birthday Gift, and Brain Games for Clever Kids.