Best Toys and Gifts for 3 Year Old Kid

Toys offer fun and excitement as well as promote important skills, particularly critical thinking, problem-solving, logic, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Playing with toys provides a natural way of fun and learning.

Toys are the tools that can absorb the extra energy of kids by engaging them in different activities. These activities help emerge creativity, curiosity, sensory skills and fine motor skills.

When kids play with these toys by involving their fellows, they interact with each other and learn how to take turns, share things, care for the feelings, and organise events. This sharing and caring develop their social and emotional skills.

Gift-giving and receiving is a simple act but effective to increase social relations. These attractive toys can be the best gift to enhance positive relations with your loved ones.

This article tells you about the top 10 best kid’s toys for 3 years old.

1. Einstein Box Educational Toys

The Einstein box is a pleasant gift for 3 years old children. According to the educationist, early years have great importance to learn. Children learn quickly in these years with the best brain working ability.

It comes with 5 incredible learning toys: A puzzle has 19 pieces that clarify eating habits, an art and craft set helps paint, and a plant growing set explains plants’ growing.

The wipe-clean book emphasises DIY (doing it yourself), and a sticker book has great fun about nature.

This product enhances the ability of logic, creativity, and communication. The box is perfect for your child safety with rounded edges of toys. The material of the product is non-toxic according to the required quality standard.

2. Tickles Mathematical Intelligence Stick Toy

Tickles Mathematical toy set is a countless product to develop mathematical creativity skills. It is helpful for both parents and teachers to explain the basic operators/operations of math and numbers recognition with fun and pleasure.

They can use this toy kit for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and homeschools’ children. It includes the five math signs, nineteen numbers and fifty-two counting rods.

The counting sticks create thinking ability, imagination, colour recognition and hand-eye coordination.

The children can use this easily with the help of their parents. The toys are suitable for the age of 3-6 years old kids.

The product is made with high-quality wood. There is no danger to kids due to environment-friendly material.

3. Shumee Wooden Butterfly Balance Board

Physical activities are helpful to strengthen different body parts. The children love those activities which provide them with the opportunities of wobbling, jiggling and balancing.

Shumee Wooden Balance Board is a perfect selection to encourage physical activities. This balance board helps the kids to make the legs stronger with entertainment. It works just like an athlete’s tool.

Attractive colours and butterfly shape make it more interesting for boys and girls. The children of 3 years and above can use this. This proves to be a perfect product for indoor and outdoor activities.

This balance board is durable and secure for kids. All material is eco-friendly and tested with certification.

4. Royals Hub Little Chef Kitchen Set

Kitchen sets are a great source of role plays for children. They love to play different roles in pretend plays with their friends. They can play the role of waiter, kitchen porter, chef head, hotel manager, and much more what they can think.

It also develops creativity, teamwork, social skills, planning, organisation, self-confidence and problem-solving.

This Royal Hub tea set is an ideal toy game tea set for 3 and up. It includes one sturdy case, a dish rack, a mini pane, a radish, a faucet, a battery stove and much more.

It comes with a portable carrying case. You can take it any time anywhere. This beautiful set is safe and durable, made with eco-friendly ABS plastic material. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

5. TEC TAVAKKAL Funny Cottage

The best way of learning is stress-free learning with fun toys. There are a lot of choices for parents to provide their kids with the best learning toys.

TEC TAVAKKAL makes a splendid funny cottage house to entertain your kids with purposeful education.

Kids can unlock the door of the house to explore and discover much more with fun. It is packed with colourful beads for counting, math toys, shape blocks, animal shapes and much more.

Children can create fun with interesting activities like opening game, rotation game, shape guessing, and musical organ.

The product is designed to improve a variety of skills. It stimulates and engages kids with smart and funny functions.

This cottage house and its items are prepared with non-toxic materials that are safe and strong.

6. Shumee Wooden Sorting Clock

Shumee offers another fantastic learning toy. It is a multiple activity clock. Kids can learn number sorting, shapes, time concepts through this colourful 3D wooden clock.

The clock activities support developing problem-solving, sensory, fine motor, tactile and sight learning skills.

The product is perfect for the age of 3 years and above. The clock is manufactured with the use of high-quality wood and paint in water-based colours.

Material is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Kids can carry this wooden toy for their indoor and outdoor activities easily.

7. OBLETTER 3 in 1 Doctor Kit Toy

Usually, your kids perform medical practices with dolls, toys and maybe some objects. But now, OBLETTER offers a real doctor toy kit to pretend to play with medical items. The kit can help to grow the concerns about health care.

They learn about medical items, procedures, patients’ feelings and much more related to medical issues through pretend play.

The toy kit has three styles. You can pick it as a handbag and backpack or use it as a medical tool table.

The kids can change the style easily within seconds. This beautiful kit includes stethoscopes, medicine bottles, shelves, thermometers, scissors, etc.

All materials are harmless, made with ABS environment-friendly plastic. It is free from any bisphenol A and has no danger to your kids’ skin and health.

8. Sage Square Butterfly Wings Fairy Costume

Little girls love to wear fairy dresses, and they want to become just like a fairy. Sage Square Butterfly wings take the kids into the fairy world.

This fulfills their dreams about an imaginary world by wearing fairy costumes. It includes a red glitter fairy, butterfly wings, hairband and a wand.

This product is an amazing gift for kids’ parties. It makes an attractive look for girls at princess parties, costume parties and Halloween parties. All items of the product are lightweight and flexible.

The children feel comfortable after wearing them. It is very soft and made with breathable polyester. All accessories are safe and sound for children.

9. Genius Kit

Genius kit originates from early-child education, which is essential to develop the critical period of growth.

The kit is designed to boost the IQ and EQ level with a love of knowledge. It makes the teaching process easy for parents and teachers.

It is a 6-in-1 activity kit packed with eighty pieces including the alphabet and noun flip cards. The children can learn shapes and colour recognition through flashcards.

A teaching guide will help the kids step by step to organise the activities with fruitful learning. All items of kit are safe for children’s health.

10. AVANI METROBUZZ Study Printed Table & Chair

Children always have a desire for a comfortable chair and table to study. AVANI METROBUZZ makes it more fruitful for kids with its printed table.

It is a multi-task table; kids can use it for studying, eating food, and making fun with playing. Amazing printed material makes the table more attractive.

This set includes a table and four beautiful chairs. Children can adjust these chairs and tables according to their sitting position through its folding feature.

The set is prepared with a strong metallic body frame and plywood.

It is lightweight and completely non-toxic. It has soft, rounded corners, hence keeping the kids safe.


Parents should not underestimate the importance of education when they are choosing toys for kids. The children acquire more through toys with fun play because these toys engage their senses.

These toys provide them with the opportunities to enhance their cognitive skills with exciting thrill.

They explore and discover more. Those children are healthier and happier who spend enough time playing with toys.

Parents should remember, quality is better than quantity. Above mentioned toys have the best quality standard according to the required recommendations. We recommend Einstein Box Educational Toys, Tickles Mathematical Intelligence Stick Toy, Shumee Wooden Butterfly Balance Board, and Royals Hub Little Chef Kitchen Set.