Latest Trends in Toys and Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

Toys are always fun for kids. The joy is doubled for both kids and parents when the best toys and gifts you buy for 5-year-old girls or boys or children around that age when the toys you buy are safe, colourful, interesting, and educational.

Here is a list of 10 best toys and gifts for 5 year old girls that bring happiness to them and their parents.

1. 3D Birds Puzzle for Kids Made of Eva Foam

This is an interesting and valuable-added birthday gift for 5 year old girls and boys as it is an amazing collection of birds from all over the world.

It is a 3d puzzle kit that includes multiple varieties of birds as a puzzle.

It is a very colourful kit that makes this toy a very interesting one to the kids. Using this puzzle kit, your child will be able to make 13 different 3D models of birds. This completely productively engages the child.

The kit includes 13 models of birds making sets for the child to assemble, 13 pairs of googly eyes for the birds, 1 glue, and 1 pre-made model of the bird that can be used as a sample for guidance.

2. Imagimake’s Worldwide Houses

This is an interesting educational toy for boys and girls who are 5 years and above. Using this 3D puzzle, children will be able to build and assemble 13 different models of houses from all over the world.

It is an amazing, engaging, and colourful building block kind of toy made of soft EVA foam, safe for children.

The kit includes the foam pieces required to build these architectural marvels and a clear pictorial instructional manual.

Using this toy set, your child will be able to build houses in just 4 to 5 simple steps of 3 to 5 inches in size. This could be an excellent family activity as well.

By playing with this toy, your kid will be able to improve his/her eye-hand coordination, learn colours, and learn about the different kinds of buildings built in different countries.

3. CocoMoco Kids Trump Cards on Geography and Countries

CocoMoco Kids Country Trump Cards game is an interesting travel game in a reusable, safe, and durable tin box.

This is a class trump card game that teaches the kids about 50 different countries through this interesting game.

This can be the best travel-mate as this game in the casing is easy to carry, and it also just weighs 227 grams. It can be a good time pass to have some quality fun time with family and friends.

Each card in this package includes details about the flag, population, monuments, other fun facts, and respective countries’ rankings.

This game is sure to improve geographical skills, memory, interpersonal skills, general knowledge, and other related social skills in a fun way.

4. Butterfly EduFields STEM Based Vacuum Cleaner

Butterfly Edufields presents this fun learning toy, a battery-operated vacuum cleaner with an electric motor and a fan. It is a very innovative educational toy that is based on STEM.

By kindling the child’s curiosity, this toy helps the child in learning and understanding the mechanism behind the working of a vacuum cleaner.

It is a perfect gift for 5 years old girls and boys, as a birthday gift or a surprise gift. It is a DIY kit with an instruction manual based on which the child can build his/her vacuum cleaner.

All the materials required for this project and the step-by-step manual are all included.

When your child is exposed to such scientific toys, he/she will have the scientific and problem-solving skills improved.

5. Arkmiido’s Double-Sided Easel Board

This is a double-sided easel board for kids, which they will be able to use from both sides and also be able to rotate it 360 degrees.

This could be used both as an interesting educational tool, big sized scribble pad, and a great space for writing down your kid’s thoughts.

Additionally, this easel board with a set of free magnetic letters of the alphabet and numbers makes learning fun and simple with this easel board. It is available in pink colour.

This could be an excellent gift for your girl between 3 to 8 years for both fun and learning. The height is adjustable and can be changed according to the height required.

6. Barbie Paint Your T-Shirt

Barbie Paint Your T-shirt is an excellent gift for girls as it is not only about playing, but they also get to wear their work and boast about the same.

The kit includes a free-size t-shirt that is 100% cotton, 3 designer stamps for creating interesting designs, colours (6 fabric colours), and a paintbrush for painting.

This kit is sure to impress your child as she doesn’t only get to enjoy painting her art creatively on a piece of a nice t-shirt but also gets to use or gift it.

This would improve your kid’s cognitive skills, creative skills, dexterity, and self-confidence. Apt for 4 to 10 years old girls.

7. Imagimake 5-in-1 Crafts Kit

Here is a wonderful crafts kit from Imagimake specially designed for kids of age 5 years and more. This is a colourful DIY craft gift set, using which the kid will comfortably be able to work on 15+ projects.

This crafts kit includes multiple tools and accessories ranging from stamps to stickers to 3d model making material which would completely engage the child in the productive and fun-filled activity.

The kit also includes an easy-to-understand pictorial guide with clear instructions that your child would easily be able to understand and interpret without your guidance.

Includes 100+ craft tools and supplies that would make each project interesting and engaging for your child.

8. VRJTEC Q7 Wireless Handheld Bluetooth Mic

It is a great, easy-to-use working wireless handheld mic, best suitable for girls and boys for karaoke practice, mock-plays, etc.

This multifunctional Bluetooth karaoke singing mic could become your child’s favourite tool or gadget as it is not a toy but a real working mic.

It is available in rose gold colour and can be connected with any smartphone using the USB cable included. It works with 1 lithium-ion battery, which is also included in the package.

This microphone’s size and shape make it easy to use and most suitable for music instrument recording, podcasting, interview, and more fun than your child can think of.

It could be a great party gadget suitable for outdoor use too, with a small crowd. Fun with the family is made easy with this beautiful handheld wireless Bluetooth mic.

9. Chocozone Magic Block Puff Balls for Building Models

Chocozone magic puffballs are interesting and colourful.

This building block kit includes interesting and colourful puff balls that can cling together to make interesting models. They are best suitable for a child of years 5+ and recommended to be used under adult supervision.

The beauty and uniqueness of these puffs are that they can stick together without any glue or water, allowing the child to create any number of models as he/she can imagine. Moreover, they can be dismantled and reused any number of times.

This kindles your girls’ imaginary skills and allows them to come up with their creative shapes and models.

It improves their imagination, creativity, and agility. It can also be a great kit that you can use to build models together during your family time. It weighs 300 grams.

10. Chocozone’s Mini Table Games

Chocozone’s Mini Table Game is a fantastic, cool, and interesting game for girls and boys aged 5 years and above. This interesting game involves balancing the penguin over the table that is mounted over four small pillars.

The kit also includes 38 pieces of small white and blue blocks and two hammers for the players to enjoy.

This iceberg beating game is found to be highly fun-filled. It is a simple game that could be fun for small and older kids too. The whole family could actually enjoy this game.

The kit also includes a spinner for the commencement of the game.

This could be a great learning toy for your kid as it develops eye-hand coordination and helps the child think before he/she acts. Made of high-quality, sturdy plastic, it is safe for your child to play with.


Picking the best toys and gifts for your 5 year old girls will not be a problem when you make the right choice from the ones listed above.

We recommend 3D Birds Puzzle for Kids Made of Eva FoamImagimake’s Worldwide Houses , CocoMoco Kids Trump Cards on Geography and Countries , and Butterfly EduFields STEM Based Vacuum Cleaner.