Keep Your 6 Year Old Girl Active with These Toys and Gifts

Children start play from their birth after coming into this world. They learn much more about themselves and their surroundings informally through fun playing.

It is the way; they enhance the different thinking and social skills and force you to choose toys and fun games for them. These fun playing activities provide a base to develop the basic concept for coming life.

This article will tell you about the top 10 toys and gifts for 6 years old girls.

1. Skillmatics Educational Brain Game

Thinking about math takes children’s brains into a magical world. It gives a lot of activities to boost education and engage the children through numbers puzzles, solving equations, trial & error, decoding patterns, and mental math.

These activities improve logic and problem-solving skills. The product is an innovative gift to learn the math concepts with fun and play.

The box is packed with six double-sided mats, one duster cloth, one pen, an achievement certificate and an instruction guide for all activities.

Repeatable activities and games are helpful for children to grip the key concepts of math by doing it yourself. They can wipe and write many activities on the mat as they want.

All activities are easily understandable for the age of 6 and above. The Brain Game box toy is safe and sound for kids’ health.

2. Webby Beauty Set

As a parent you have observed your little girls mimic everything, you do. Usually, they want to play with your real makeup kit. By doing this they can harm themselves.

If you want to eradicate such kinds of risks then you have an option to provide a funny Webby Beauty Set for your little girls. Girls love to pretend play at fashion parties with their fellows.

They act different role-play to engage themselves with fun and excitement.

This beauty set is a complete combo along with many accessories. It includes a mirror, one hairdryer, lipstick, shadow colours, one comb, earrings and other decorations.

All items of the beauty box are durable and made with ABS plastic which is not harmful to children. They can use this indoor and outdoor to play with fun.

3. Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit

The Einstein Experiment Kit is an amazing science kit for little science lovers. Now they can make chemistry live and interactive with forty experiments. This kit offers soap science, colour & crystal science, polymer science and explosive science.

The kit provides a base to encourage experiential learning. It empowers the kids to experience first and then they learn. This science box is a perfect dream gift for growing children and a favourite choice of parents.

Colour and crystal science allow the children to organise six experiments. They can change the different colours and create crystals through experiments. Through Explosive science, kids can activate an underwater volcano and magic fizz.

Under soap science, they make colourful soaps. Polymer science facilitates the children to create funny unchewable noodles.

It includes chemicals, equipment, directions and all things you require for experimentations. All the items of product are harmless and safe for the age of 6 to 12 years kids.

4. FunBlast Click and Catch Twin Ball Game

Here is another interesting physical activity toy that keeps the children busy playing with funny exercises. FunBlast twin ball boosts the kids’ imagination and makes them clever, arty and experiential.

A perfect click and catch game for indoor and outdoor activities. The whole family with their young ones can play the game on the beach, in the backyard, park or pool. Children are excited after receiving this amazing game as a gift.

The game set comes with two lightweight handheld, two launcher baskets or catch holder, and two plastic balls. The set is prepared with non-toxic plastic and recommended for the age of 3 years plus.

5. Storio Sit and Bounce Hop Ball

Parents always have a desire that their children grow with a strong body. For this purpose, they provide them with different toys for physical exercise. Here is an amazing Storio bounce ball for jumping with fun.

This is a lovely gift for children. They can learn a sense of balance through riding on the bouncy hopper. It is available in deflate form but you can inflate it to a height of 65 cm.

Its inflation is very easy, just take out the injected white plug or air stopper from the hopper belly then insert the point and inflate the ball to the proper size. Then put the air stopper again into the hole.

The ball is safe to use for the age of 3 years and above. You can use this hopper for a 2 years child under the observation of parents.

The ball is made with non-toxic material and harmless for your children.

6. Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher

Smartivity Hydraulic Plan Launcher is a STEM learning toy. STEM learning enhances science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills at an early stage that builds the base for future learning.

The hydraulic plan launcher is a wonderful toy to promote the skills of problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. It makes kids innovators; creators and they get more confidence by doing it themselves.

Children can build their own hydraulic plan launcher by assembling the different parts step by step according to the instruction booklet. They can learn the scissor mechanism, hydraulic system and aerodynamics.

It’s packed with high quality engineered wood, a detailed instruction booklet and 153 elements including syringes, pipes, rubber bands and plane sheets.

The product is easy to understand for the age of 6 years and above. The toy is globally tested for safety standards and is non-toxic.

7. Chocozone Table Tennis Trainer

Physical activities make your growing children stronger. Chocozone Table Tennis Trainer is an elastic soft shaft mini table tennis that provides the activities to keep your children healthy. It keeps the body fit as well as the brain.

Children can enhance their eye-hand coordination and reaction ability with fun and excitement.

It is a perfect trainer for learners without a table. You can play with it alone, with teams, family and friends.

This product consists of three table tennis balls, a carbon rod made with fibre, two rackets, one metal base and a flexible shaft. Both paddles are prepared from soft rubber with solid wooden.

The metal base is hard and durable as compared to the plastic. You can install it easily with an instructions guide.

The product is suitable as a charming gift for the age of 6 years and above. They can use it for indoor and outdoor activities.

8. SillyMe Castle Building Blocks Toy

Now girls can fulfil their dreams free with the help of SillyMe Fairy Dreams Toy. They can build many models as they wish, with the 178 pieces. Parents use this as a gift for birthday parties.

Kids can make different models by following the given photos on the box. They have to face a challenge to complete the model for hours.

After completing the model, they also can engage themselves throughout the day to turn the blocks into military vehicles.

The product helps to promote logical thoughts and imaginative skills. Perfect for the age of 6 years and up.

9. BeebeeRun Kids Cooking Set

Gifts nurture the relationship and communication. BeebeeRun Cooking Set is a remarkable gift for children to make them happy with fun and play. Parents can give this cooking set to their beloved toddlers, girls, and boys.

It encourages the energetic contribution to birthday and Halloween parties. The set is helpful to promote hand-eye coordination, role-play experience, imagination and creativities. It is also perfect to pretend play.

The set consists of a chef costume and cooking utensils. Chef costumes include chef hat, chef clothes and oven mitt.

Cooking utensils contain a cutting board, wooden scoop, wooden spoon, plastic knife and wooden colander.

All items of the set ensure durability. The chef clothes prepare with soft skin velvet which is machine washable.

Plastic accessories and wooden material are non-toxic that guarantee children health.

The unique feature is a storage bag which will be given at each purchase. You can store all items in this bag after playing and take them anywhere.

10. Aastha Enterprise Bowling Game

Aastha Enterprise bowling set introduces your children one to one favourite entertaining indoor game. It will never bore your little ones with endless fun. A parent can create a thrill and fun to provide their children with this new educational game.

It helps to enhance the children’s attention, counting ability and colour recognitions. The bowling set includes six pins and one bowling ball. This light-weighted game can easily be taken for outdoor and indoor activities.

It stands able on the floor but not on the carpet. All items of the product are manufactured with high-grade ABS plastic which is non-toxic and safer for children.

Parents and family members can enhance collaboration and social skills by playing it with their children. A perfect gift for a birthday or other ceremonies.


Children are the future of their parents. Parents should invest in learning through play. Educational toys are the best way to indulge your child into learning with fun.

These purposeful educational toys have more benefits including cognitive, physical, creative, social and emotional.

So, the parent should allow the children to explore creative opportunities through fun learning toys. Each step on the way to develop kid’s skills is helpful in their growth and pleasure.

Amongst the list of best toys provided above, we recommend Skillmatics Educational Brain Game, Webby Beauty Set, Einstein Box Science Experiment Kitand FunBlast Click and Catch Twin Ball Game.