Best Toys & Gifts for Your Growing Girls

Playing with toys is a natural form of acquiring knowledge. Children are growing in that age group in which they are wishing to play with toys. It is important to give them such kinds of toys that develop the learning along with fun play.

Educational toys and games contribute a key role in developing intellectual, fine motor and social skills. After reading this article you will come to know the importance of toys through an amazing list of top 10 toys and gifts for 7 years old girls.

1. Skillmatic Guess In 10 World of Sport

Now the kids get to prepare themselves to play the most thrilling card game with smart questions. Skillmatic guess game is an interesting game for the age of 6 years to 99 years.

It is a supper pleasurable family game to enhance communication skills and increase general knowledge. The game includes fifty-two game cards and six clue cards.

Children can play easily; the game cards have fifty-two sports games that are played in the world. The player can ask the ten questions to guess the game on the card.

If the player thinks intelligently, ask the question wisely and use the clue card properly then he can win the game.

2. Grandma’s Bag of Stories

In this technology era usually, parents use the screen to fall asleep their kids. It is formal for them to get sleep after watching an interesting video or much-loved cartoon.

It delivers excitement for children but nothing compares to telling a story to your children.

They love stories and through these stories, they can learn about wisdom, compassion, honesty, kindness and much more.

So, provide them stories with valuable characters and with meaningful messages. This makes your children more intelligent and delightful.

This storybook is more likely for the age of 5 years and above young children. Stories come with morals and colourful illustrations.

The story starts after the children at Ajji’s house. She has prepared tasty snacks for children.

When children gather around Ajji, she opens the bag and tells them stories of princesses and onions, kings and cheats, hidden treasures, and mice and scorpions.

The language of the book is simple and clear, children can read these stories with pleasure.

3. Jackinthebox Art and Craft Science kit for kids

Here is another art and craft science kit that allows the children to show themselves artistically. The best gift for those children who can’t express themselves in words.

But now, the Jackinthebox craft science kit allows them to express their thoughts, emotions through creative work.

It is an ideal toy to develop imagination, self-confidence, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

This is a 6-in-1 space explorer toy that includes six activities, rocket science experiments, solar system, space explorer board, constellation streamer, starry kaleidoscope and moon recipe.

The box facilitates the children to discover the wonders, endless adventure, and tactile learning with fun. The children can use it easily under the instruction material.

The products are made with non-toxic material and ensure the quality and safety standards for kids of 7-10 years old.

4. Parteet 3D Password Protected Jewellery Box

Naturally, girls love jewellery and as they grow their love for jewellery also grow. A lot of jewellery boxes are available in the market. But Parteet offers a unique jewellery box that has a password to protect the jewellery.

It is an attractive box for girls to keep valuable jewellery and makeup tools. An amazing gift for parents as well as children.

Its numeric code password makes it unique to access with enough space for accessories.

The box is stylish and made with the best quality material which is safe and secure for children.

The girls can use it easily, they can set the password simply and open it to keep the things with protection.

5. Crispy Analogue Girl’s Watch

The beautiful multicolour crispy Analogue girl’s watch attracts the young girls. They have to wish to wear their own watch and tell the time to their friends and fellows.

Parents’ also like this as a gift to make the children happy. So, don’t waste your time and pack this for your young children to take them in a funny and happy world.

This wristwatch is perfect for 3-10 years old children to understand and learn the time.

The box comes with eleven different colour straps, eleven different colour covers and eleven types of dials.

These stylish and multicoloured watches allow the children to change the colour according to their choice.

Its longer strap helps easy wearing and colour combination make this eye-catcher. It looks like a unique watch due to its appearance with clear numbers. All items are prepared with non-toxic material that is safe and sound for kids.

6. Imagimake 3-in-1 Craft Kit

Imagimake craft kit provides the opportunity to parents, they can introduce different craft forms to their children at an early age. It is an attractive art set that allows the children to discover the creative world with the best craft ideas.

The imagimake is a stem activity kit that develops the basic skills of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The kit is helpful to promote creativity, fine motor and problem-solving skills. A variety of activities engage the children for hours.

The kit is packed with four creative projects, sixty sticky strips, three window stickers, elastic thread, six dotz clay pouches, six clasps, three dual stamp pens and a bead maker.

The kit is 3-in-1 that contains the stamp art, friendship bands and clay window stickers.

It is suitable for the age of 5 years and up. All the items included in the boxes are harmless and safe for children.

7. Leader Buddy 20T Kids Cycle

Cycling can help the kids to improve physical fitness by enjoying free travelling. It keeps the children active and stress-free. So, give them an opportunity to bike riding by providing them with a Leader Buddy Cycle.

Leader cycle is the name of the brand that has been offering its service for two decades.

Leader Buddy bicycle is the no.1 choice of parents due to its quality and reliability. A fantastic gift for the age group of 5-9 years children

The bicycle comes with a beautiful solid steel frame, a strong grip handlebar, an attractive front basket, a comfortable backrest, a super braking system, long-lasting tyres and a protective chain guard.

It provides a comfortable ride with fun and adventure. Keep the children happy by giving them a fantastic gift of a Leader Buddy bicycle.

8. Party Propz 55’’ X 53’’ Princess Tent

Party Propz Tent is a fantastic gift for little girls filled with a bundle of pleasure. Parents’ selection can deliver a private relaxing space to amuse their children. The girls love this beautiful fairy house tent just like their camp or cabin.

It comes with one princess tent, one large and small starlight, forty-eight poles, thirty-seven connectors, and an instruction booklet.

Perfect selection for indoor and outdoor activities. You can take it for a picnic, food parties and hiking.

It is a magical world for little girls, they can play all day. Girls can use it for barbie dolls, small sliders, ping pong, books, unicorn plush toys and camping toys etc.

The star lights with pink colour make it attractive at night. The playhouse is designed with a screen around it that keeps mosquitoes away from children.

It is enough in size; three kids can play at a time. The playhouse is made with the best quality polyester which is comfortable and durable. You can clean it easily because it is waterproof.

9. CocoMoco Block Printing Kit

The children who love art and animals also will like the CocoMoco Block Printing Kit. CocoMoco kit is an incredible gift for young artists to organize an art theme party.

It offers a great idea to enhance visual perception, creativity and gross-motor skills.

The kit includes three wooden animals, four greeting cards, flower stamps, six-pot of paint, a sponge and a block.

Children can complete a lot of fun activities like colouring, painting and stamping etc.

It is an educational kit to acquire the art of prehistoric block printing technique. You can use it to create patterns on fabrics and paper. All items of the product are safe and sound for the age of 3 years and above.

10. Golden Girl Swimming Kit

Swimming is the best activity to build your body strength. It improves heart fitness and keeps you refreshed in summer. Swimming is an exciting way to get exercise and keep healthy yourself.

But you have to keep in mind wearing a swimming kit or a costume.

Golden Girl manufactures a variety of swimming accessories for kids and adults. Here it offers an excellent girl swimming kit for young girls.

This beautiful kit comes with one swimming suit, one swimming goggles, one pair of earplugs, one swimming cap and one nose clip.

The swimming cap is designed to improve comfort and for ultimate stretch. Anti-fog goggles have actual clarity of sight with an adjusting strap system.


As we know, the toys create thrill and excitement for children. But toys must be more than just excitement.

These are educational toys to create different problem-solving skills, creativity, reasoning, logical thinking, and communication skills while having fun.

Above mentioned products can be the best and perfect choice for parents to entertain their children with purposeful learning. We recommend Skillmatic Guess In 10 World of Sport, Grandma’s Bag of Stories, Jackinthebox Art and Craft Science kit for kids, and Parteet 3D Password Protected Jewellery Box.