Best Trolley Suitcases For Your Children

Children’s trolley suitcase has several advantages. This suitcase is easy and convenient to handle and at the same time doesn’t strain the child’s body part.

It is easy for kids to drag the suitcase from one location to another. It comes in a variety of colours, styles, sizes along with different price ranges.

The trolley suitcase is valuable and also made of durable materials. The wheels of the children’s trolley suitcase are quite strong, having the capacity to accommodate lots of weight.

It is spacious and comfortable to use. Some even come with extra pockets that can be used for storing other essential accessories. Here, we come with a list of top 8 children’s trolley suitcase.

We also have come up with a children’s trolley suitcase buying guide and a few FAQs to help you in your purchase decision.

1. Bags Bazar Luggage Trolley Bag

The trolley luggage comes with a weight of 2kg and an 18 inches size. It comes with 5 compartments and plenty of space to pack.

This trolley luggage comes with a compartment that is great for keeping a water bottle or other beverage. The luggage is easy for a parent to manage and great to travel with.

It has a padded shoulder and an adjustable shoulder backpack. The trolley luggage comes with an awesome feature that makes the luggage smart and stylish.

It has an extendable handle with a good grip and it is easy to roll. The trolley luggage has colourful, stylish, and trendy cartoon characters that your child will love.

It has a spacious interior, and is made of highly durable polyester fabric. This luggage has a sturdy wheel and exterior that is perfect for daily outdoor use.

It comes with features that can last through wear and tear.

2. Humty Dumty Children’s Trolley Suitcase

The trolley bag comes with a size of 18 inches, and its outer material is made from polycarbonate. The inner material of this trolley bag is made from fabric.

It comes with an attractive print front and back that your kid can carry. This trolley bag has a hard casing and a rotatable wheel. Its rotatable wheel comes with 8 wheels that can turn 360 degrees.

It also comes with an adjustable steel trolley and ABS grip for easy handling. It allows your kid to pull or push the bag easily when your child is traveling.

It comes with one compartment with an extra zip pocket inside the bag. It has a zip closure that keeps the content intact. The trolley bag is water-resistant and durable.

3. QT Sizzling Luggage Bag

This children’s luggage comes with a zip closure and is made of polyester material. It comes with an attractive cartoon design.

The luggage can be used as a backpack and it is durable, lightweight, and easy to use. It comes with a two-wheel system that is easy to roll.

4. Marvel Kids Trolley Bag

This trolley bag comes with a TSA lock that offers maximum security which complies with worldwide standards. The trolley bag is made of polycarbonate material.

It has an interesting Marvel-theme case that is nice. The trolley bag is equipped with a four-wheel system that spins 360 degrees. It allows unhindered and easy mobility.

It is a travel-friendly suitcase that allows your child to manoeuver the way they want. This trolley bag has an adjustable telescopic handle and it can be slid down when not in use.

It has a zipper expansion system that allows for easy sorting and packing. The trolley bag also has multiple spacious zipper-divided organizers.

5. Gocart Hard Trolley Bag

This trolley bag comes with a durable and unique design. The bag is lightweight, stylish, and unique. This bag doesn’t put an extra burden on your children when they travel with it.

It offers convenient space for your kid, and it is suitable for your kid’s holiday or long journey. The trolley bag has an economically designed telescoping handle and a zipper closure.

It has a hard shell type, two wheels, and one compartment. A cartoon is printed on the trolley bag and it is easy to carry around. This trolley bag is a perfect gift for your kids.

6. Paradise Trolley Bag for Girls

This trolley bag comes with a zipper-lock and three compartments. It has a capacity of 18kg and an extendable handle type. The print is displayed on both sides of the bag and it is light in weight.

This trolley bag has a 4 wheel system that rotates 360 degrees, and it also has a unique water-resistant system. Its outer material is made of polycarbonate and the inner is made of fabric.

7. Priority Trolley Suitcase

The trolley bag comes with polycarbonate outer material and fabric inner material. It has a yellow colour design and it is water-resistant. This trolley bag has two sizes such as 18 and 22 inches.

It comes with a capacity of 35 liters. This trolley bag also comes with a number lock type for optimal security. It has one compartment and eight wheels.

This trolley is durable and its wheel works smoothly which is nice for traveling. It comes with awesome looking minions and the colour is very nice.

8. Luvlap Trolley Luggage Suitcase

This trolley bag is a multi-functional suitcase that lets your kid ride-on, sit-on, and carry-on funnily. The bag is durable, lightweight, and has a zipper closure.

The trolley box is suitable for travel, and it can be easily fit in a cabin without taking much space. It comes with sturdy and strong wheels that deliver optimal safety and comfort to your kid.

When your child is tired, he can sit on it as you roll the bag to your destination. It comes with a hard shell-type top and it is convenient to carry over your shoulder.

The trolley bag comes with enough space that lets your child keep all necessary belongings. It provides optimal balance, handles, and ensures safety whenever it is used.

This trolley bag is suitable for kids above 18 months.

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the right trolley suitcase for your child can be difficult with so many features and specifications. So, let us consider the factors that are important in choosing the best children’s trolley suitcase.


The material used is an important factor to consider when choosing the best trolley suitcase. The major material used is fabric and polycarbonate. These materials are durable and sturdy to use.

The polycarbonate material is used for hard shell style luggage and provides the best protection, while still affordable and lightweight. The fabric suitcase may be crafted from polyester, nylon, and more.

So, make sure you know the material that is convenient before you purchase.


Kids love to play a lot and sometimes they can be rough on their things. So, make sure when you are selecting a trolley suitcase it is durable.

Also, ensure it is crafted from durable materials such as a heavy-duty fabric material, which is durable in keeping your kid’s items.


Most trolley suitcases come with water-resistant design, but not all suitcases are water-resistant. So, choosing a water-resistant suitcase is great.

The luggage can be stuck in snow or rain, and keeping the content dry is more important. This is why a water-resistant suitcase is helpful.


Most manufacturers will want to reduce the capacity by streamlining the wheels. Trolley suitcases come with wheels like 2, 3, 4, 6, and more. The wheels are durable and strong.

Some trolley suitcases come with wheels that can be easily replaced when they’re damaged. So, ensure you know the number of wheels that come with the suitcase, and how durable the wheel is for long-lasting use.


The handle of the trolley suitcase is also a factor that should be considered. The design of the handle will determine how convenient the luggage will be when it is carried.

A well-designed handle will be very comfortable to move and to carry around. Therefore, make sure you check the handle structure before you purchase it.


1. Are all trolley suitcases waterproof?

Trolley suitcases are made with unique materials such as polycarbonate, fabric, and more. Depending on the type of material used on the bag, not all trolley bags are waterproof.

Some bags are designed for the summer season, while some are great to use during the rainy season.

2. Do all trolley suitcases come in the same size?

Trolley suitcases come with great design and space. Their space is designed to accommodate all necessary items. But not all trolley suitcases are of the same size.

Some children’s trolley suitcases come with a size of 18 inches, some with 21 inches, and more.

3. I bought a trolley suitcase for my child, but it only had one compartment. Do all trolley suitcases come with one compartment?

The trolley suitcase is designed with your children’s necessities in mind. Some trolley suitcases come with one compartment while some come with more than one compartment.

This is based on the design and style of the trolley suitcase. So, not all suitcases come with one compartment.

4. How many wheels can a trolley suitcase have?

The trolley suitcase can have as many wheels as possible. Some suitcases come with 2, 3, or 4 wheels, while some have up to 8 wheels.

The aim is to produce adequate balance and comfort when rolling.

5. My child has a trolley suitcase that has a code lock. Do all trolley suitcases have a code lock?

Code lock is great for securing the item in the suitcase. But not all trolley suitcases come with a code lock. Some trolleys come with a zip lock while some have a code lock.


The children’s trolley suitcase is a great suitcase for travelling. It is convenient and comfortable to use. This suitcase comes with a beautiful and attractive design that your child will love.

Some trolley suitcases also come with unique cartoon character designs. These also come with a convenient wheel system and a secure lock system.

It also has compartments that let your child keep other necessary items when travelling. The children’s trolley suitcase is lightweight and it comes in a size that is comfortable to use.

After a thorough review of the best kids trolley suitcase, we recommend Bags Bazar Luggage Trolley Bag, Humty Dumty Trolley Suitcase, and QT Sizzling Luggage Bag.