Kids Sleeping Bags

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Out camping with the kids? Surely you want it to be a comfortable and adventurous venture for all. And least of all you definitely do not want to be cramped up in a single sleeping bag. Well then, much to your camping delight you have the kids sleeping bags – providing them with their own camping adventure.

The kids sleeping bags are available in more or less standard sizes, though there are certain companies that take custom made orders – in terms of size and design.

In fact a major part of a child’s growth and development should be the outdoors, which includes not only the games played outside, but also activities such as natural trails, trekking, hiking and camping.

Apart from bringing out the adventurous streak in them, it helps them overcome their numerous fears, especially pertaining to life in the midst of nature. It helps them befriend their natural surrounding, understanding how to respect nature, as much as they need to respect fellow human beings.

Most parents feel that by molly-coddling their children, they are protecting them from their fears. But the fact is that when children are over protected, they end up nursing fears and phobia. This is why when on a camping trip it is important for the kids to have their own sleeping bags, and with each trip the distance between the tents should be increased.

Apart from an essential requirement for camping, most kindergarten schools have kids sleeping bags. This is because, as part of the daily routine children are made to get at least half-an-hour sleep. Well, yes the pre-schools could afford to dedicate a couple of rooms as sleep-rooms, but instead chose sleeping bags, because they felt it was a means of teaching children independence and responsibility.

One would surely ask, how could kids sleeping bags teach these vital life concepts? Well, according to educationists, the important thing is to provide kids with situations where they need to take care of their own things. Laying it out, using it and then packing it up and placing it in the right place. So while getting some rest in the day is important for their health and well being, it also becomes an important activity.