Kids Crafts

Learn to make Bean Bag friends , Bookmarks , invisible ink, pencil tops, paper roll flower

Easy Kids crafts for small children

learn to make BEAN BAG Friends


•Scrap Material

•Needle and Thread

•Rice (birdseed or small beans can also be used)

•Color marker

•Joggle eyes



1.Decide on the shape and size of your bean bag creature.

2.Cut out two pieces of material in the desired shape.(cut the two pieces a little bigger than required to allow for space taken up when they are sewn together.)

3.Place the two pieces of material wrong sides out.    Mark a line around the edges of the material as a guide for sewing. Remember to leave a gap so you can fill with rice.

4.Sew along the marked edge. Make sure each stitch is close together, gaps will allow rice to leak out.

5.Once you have sewn the two sides together, turn inside out, and fill with rice. Carefully sew up the remaining section.

6.Stick on the Joggle eyes with glue, and you now have a Bean Bag Friend of your own ready to play!

NOTE: Add personal touches by  adding  feathers, pipe cleaners, felt, ribbons or whatever else you have handy.



•textured or colored cardboard or heavy construction paper

•sequins, markers, feathers, etc.


•contact (laminated plastic)


•hole punch



1.Cut out cardboard to the size and shape you wish the bookmark to be.

2.Decorate it with sequins, marker pens, feathers, or just about anything you have around.

3.Contact (plastic laminate) the cardboard.

4.Punch a hole with the hole punch at the top and in the middle of the cardboard.

5.Tie yarn through the hole to form a tassel.



Baking Soda,
Cotton swabs
Small cups
White paper
Blow dryer
Purple grape juice


1.  Combine 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water in a cup.

2.  Dip Cotton swabs into the mixture and make designs on sheets of white paper.

3.  When papers are completely dry, paint over the papers with purple grape juice.   The designs will change from being invisible to visible.

Note:  Using a blow dryer will speed the drying time


Pencil tops are a personalised decorative addition to your pencil’s and pens. Pencil tops are easy to make, and will keep you amused for hours. Your imagination is the only limit as to what pencil tops you can create.


•Polystyrene ball (approx 1.5 inch in diameter)

•chenille stems or pipe cleaners


•joggle eyes


•marker pens

•scrap material, felt etc.

•and anything else applicable to the type of pencil top you wish to make!


To make a pencil top, you simply push a pencil into the polystyrene ball and then decorate it. The decoration of the polystyrene ball is up to you. I have listed a few ideas.

Cat !

1.Cut two pieces of chenille stem or pipe cleaner approximately 1inch long.

2.Bend into a ‘V’ shape.

3.Push ends into the pencil top to form the cat’s ears.

4.Stick on joggle eyes.

5.Use small pipe cleaner’s or chenille stem’s for the whiskers. To attach bend one end at a right angle (a ‘L’ shape), and push into the polystyrene ball. Try to push them all in around the same area as the felt nose will cover the ends of them.

6.Draw a mouth with the marker pen.

7.Cut a heart shape out of felt for the nose, and glue it on.

Bear !

1.Obtain two small pom-poms from your local craft store.

2.Pin the pom-pom’s to the the top of the polystyrene ball for ears.

3.Glue or stick on joggle eyes, depending on which type you have.

4.Draw a mouth with the marker pen.

5.Cut a heart shape out of felt for the nose, and glue it on.

Paper-Roll Flower

One toilet paper or paper towel roll
Acrylic paint: color of choice
Buttons or pom-poms
Cardboard scrap
Thick craft glue
Scissors, paintbrush

Make the petals. See Figure 1. Cut roll lengthwise as shown. See Figure 2. Turn roll and cut several strips the desired width of petals. Paint both sides of petal strips. Let dry.
Make the flower. Cut a 1-1/2” cardboard circle. See photos. Cut strips into desired petal shapes. For flower, overlap and glue centers of petal strips onto cardboard circle. For flower center, glue on buttons or pom-poms.

Make one into a barrette, magnet, plant poke — or arrange several into a wreath!

By Monica K ( Mumbai )