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India was ruled by the British and Indians were the subjects of a British Empire ruled by King of England. In 15th August 1947, India attained Independence and power passed into the hands of Indian people from the British rulers. Patriotic Indians waged a powerful struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi & other Indian leaders to make India country a free nation
After India became a free country it made remarkable progress in all fields of human activity. In politics,India has become a vibrant democracy, known world wide as the Worlds largest democracy.

India remains a democratic country since its inception electing representatives by holding countrywide election at regular intervals. India has become a prosperous country where industry and agriculture have registered impressive signs of growth.

Removal of untouchablity and illiteracy are among the aims of Free India. Indians can rightly feel proud of its past achievements, as its celebrates the 53rd Independence Day on August 15th, 2000 and it is hoped will continue its onward journey spreading the message of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP & PEACE.

Namaste or Pranam –How we greet each other in India.

To greet a friend or another Indian, We join our hands (palms together), bows down in front of the other person, and say Namaste, Namaskar, or Pranam.

The Lord dwells in the heart of every human being. This joining of hands symbolizes the meeting of two souls, our real self actually meets Itself. This signifies reverent Salutations and Unity of Souls.

Bowing down & joining hands symbolizes humility and also makes us humble. Thus when we joins our hands and say Namaskar, we actually see the Lord in the other persons and believe, “I bow with deep respects to the all-loving, all-powerful and omnipresent (present everywhere) Lord in you.”

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