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Rabbit from silks – easy magic
Here’s a good trick if you want to do that rabbit stuff. You can replace the rabbit for something else if you want.
Effect : A live rabbit appears inside a bundle of large silks.
Magic Secret : Take one silk, and lay it down flat. Then take a rabbit and put it in the center of the silk. Then tie two corners of it together, and hang the knot on a nail that is nailed on the back of your magic table, or put the bundle in a servante. Then, to present the trick, show about 5 silks empty, and count them onto the table. Then, when you pick them up, hook your thumb under the knot of the silk hanging behind the table, and carry it up behind the silks. Then walk to the front of the table, closer to the audience, and produce the rabbit. You will find that the rabbit will easily come out the side of the handkerchief it was tied in.
Card Magic Tricks
Card On The Ceiling magic trick

Effect: A spectator from the audience selects, signs & returns a card to the deck. The deck is then shuffled and the card that they signed, sticks to the ceiling while the others fall.

Preparation: You will need a pen, cards and a piece of magicians wax or sticky tape that has been rolled in a loop with the sticky side facing out. – This should be looped around your finger or underr the table

Method: Have the spectator choose a card which is then, using your own favorite method, returned to the deck & shuffled to the top. With the spectators card face down on top of the pack, you can either slip the double sided sticky tape off your finger and on to the back of their card or stick a small piece of magicians wax to it.

Then toss the pack hard at the ceiling, keeping it paralel. The spectators card should stick and the rest of the pack will fall. ! Amazing card trick !

More card magic Tricks coming soon !

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