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Letter writing is an art. A well-written letter is a always a pleasure to read. Writing a letter is about conveying a message. Letter writing is much different from other kind of writing. The context can be casual or formal. There are other essentials to be noted as to whom the letter is addressed and if there is any tone required in the language. The flow of thoughts has to be continual.

Receiving a letter from a loved one or a surprise connection is a pleasant feeling. Some letters also happen in a very easy language. Though formatting or indexing has to be followed, hand written letters are also well appreciated. Most letters today are in the electronic medium and hence a hand written letter has a personal touch.

Letters going to long distances need to be have the complete address and codes. One can receive the news of the birth of a new born, death of someone loved or also about a promotion. There are so many events in life that has to conveyed. A letter of condolence is a straight-from-heart emotion penned with lot of feelings. The best way to say someone sorry is through a note. Keep the details brief. ‘ Am sorry to have hurt you.’ This conveys the respect and love you have for the person. ‘Thank you’ letters can be expressed as, ‘ Thank you for attending my wedding.’ ‘ Many thanks for your blessings.’ There is not much formality required when writing to your sibling or parents.

Always make it a point to write the date in an indexed form. Formal letters require a subject line that has to be brief for e.g. Sub : EMI of my loan account or Sub: Disconnection of my internet. Keep the salutation very formal like Dear Sir, or Dear Ms. Sequeira. First names generally do not feature here. Sincerely is more preferred to ‘yours faithfully’ in formal letters.
Letters also serve as memories. Envelopes are important. A love note is cherished by the receiver and you could also use some fragrant paper or include some dried flowers in a string letter. Papers come in ecological and recycled quality. Printed or plain colored ones is again a variety.

Make The Letter Clear and simple – Use short words, clear words as much as possible.  Avoid jargon or vague words which may confuse the letter reader. Use only one side of the paper.
Make your letter Short – Keep it short. Be as brief as possible. Do not waste the reader precious time. Long letters are a turn off.

Make your letter come Alive – Try to address the letter directly to the reader. Visualize the reader ahead of you & and imagine yourself talking with him through your letter . Anyone would like to read a pleasant letter when it appears specially written for him.

Make it CORRECT – Avoid spelling, poor grammar, and mistakes in your letter . If you can prepare your letter on a computer, it will be neater.

A well-structured and informative letter forms the most excellent medium to express your outlook to the recipient. A person with basic knowledge and a flair for writing can easily perform the art of letter writing. However, you need to ensure that your letter hold the capacity to bring focus and clarity to its reader. A letter helps us to intermingle in every important phase of our life irrespective of the type and medium used. Your medium can vary from old fashioned pen and paper work to the most advanced electronic mail system.
Here are some more letter writing tips which will help you in writing a good letter in general.

Be clear about what you want to write in your letter and the reason why you want to write it to this particular recipient. This may avoid confusion and provide clarity to the reader.

Ensure that you write the letter clearly and choose words which are up to the point. Make it a point that the reader can comprehend the subject matter and try to use simple words as much as possible. Use technical and complicated words only if the situation demands it.

The letter needs to be written in a readable style. Emphasize your points and present the matter as directly as possible so that the letter commands attention from the reader. Avoid using monotonous sentences, as it will lead to the reader losing interest in your letter. One of the most important letter writing strategy is the focus you have to put on to the structure of the letter. All types of letters have a basic structure of opening statement, the body of the letter and the closing.

A good letter will have a salutation which is customary as well as polite wherein you can greet the recipient in some way or the other. Next is the body of the letter which can begin, first with a general outline before you delve into the heart of the matter. This can be broken down into different paragraphs, where each paragraph has a new idea or concept. There may be some conclusion irrespective of the subject, as abrupt endings will annoy the reader. Be careful about the spelling, grammar and punctuation in your letter.

You need to clearly indicate your objectives in the writing. It could either be a reply to your letter or some sort of action you expect to happen. Make sure to use words in the letter in accordance to the tone you wish to convey. The tone in a formal letter will definitely be different from a love letter or an informal one. Therefore, learn and follow the basic letter writing format and convey your message with an excellent piece of writing.

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