Personality Development

When Charles Darwin had first thought of ‘Survival of the fittest’, even in his wildest imagination he wouldn’t have thought of the statement standing true after one and a half century. More so, going by the way things are taking place, this statement will hold truer even after few centuries. All the spheres of life have increasingly become challenging and only the fittest and updated humans can excel in this race. Competition has intensified and more and more number of people are scrambling for fewer numbers of slots. Only the right blends of personalities are able to make it through the rat race and stand tall amidst the huge competition. Take for instance any field, whether its education, career, sports or even politics, the success has been registered by people who have managed to understand the complexities involved and have molded themselves according to the need of the work.

To succeed in life, an individual must have good personality and should be able to contribute equally well in all the walks of life. Talking about personality, the word has acquired huge significance in modern world. A good personality indicates having an all-round persona, ability to deal with demanding, unpredictable and ever changing social and business environment and finally, effective presentation skills. In fact, these aspects don’t really sum up the complete definition of term ‘personality’. There are many more facets to this crucial word.

If we go by the dictionary definition of personality, it infers “somebody’s set of characteristics: the totality of somebody’s attitudes, interests, behavioral patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and other individual traits that endure over long periods of time.” Actually, this again is one-off definition and different dictionaries and thesaurus will interpret this magical term in different ways.

For many, personality is all about the physical appearance and combination of various external characteristics of an individual like height, weight, stature and complexion. But then, personality is far bigger than mere physical appearance.

Now that we have got an idea of ‘personality’, we also need to pay attention to personality development. One will come across many corporate trainers, intensive programs, motivational speeches and inspirational books with the primary aim of personality development of an individual. Personality development covers a wide range of mental, physical and behavioral aspects like Body language, anger management, public speaking, communication skills, fitness quotient, relationship building ability, self-drive and attitudinal traits.

In short, personality development focuses on three major components of character, behavior and attitude. To succeed in any sphere of life, one must explore the immense possibilities existing within to develop his personality. There are plenty of personality development courses and programs where one can equip himself with all the necessary tools required to make a success of himself..