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The Ethiopian Movies have been an offshoot and a result of many tensions and contradictions. In contrast to the abundance of untold stories in Ethiopia, the number of Ethiopian Movies being made on the subjects is very sparse.

The Ethiopian Movies have been around for more than a century now, but fewer then 10 Ethiopian Movies have been produced in this duration. Fortunately though, all these 10 films have been supported by good circumstances. Of course it cannot be denied that the willpower of the producers and other people involved with these movies played a huge role in these movies seeing the light of the day.

What is interesting in this whole set of facts is that none of these few Ethiopian filmmakers has ever made the second Ethiopian movie. And there seems to be no other valid justification for this non-existence of filmmaking in Ethiopia.

It is the theatre art form in Ethiopia that has enjoyed massive support for more than forty years. This support has been the major factor that has helped develop the Ethiopian Theatre into a mature art form. The Ethiopian Movie Industry on the other hand has not enjoyed a similar privilege or support.

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