Ball in the Air

To play you must have at least 2 players, one Referee with a stopwatch, and a tennis ball. To play throw the ball in the air and have the Referee see how many seconds it stays in the air and then record how many seconds it stays in the air. Then let the other player have his/her turn, and do the same do this for however long you want to then add up the seconds. The player with the most points wins

Head or Catch

Many people line up against a wall. A chosen player goes to the front of the line with a ball. Then he or she either shouts “Head” or “Catch!” while throwing the ball. Whatever the person calls, the first has to do just the opposite; if the thrower calls “Head!”, the first person has to catch the ball, and if the thrower calls “Catch!” the first person has to head the ball. If the first person either misses the ball or does the wrong thing, he/she is out and the game continues. But if the person does the right thing, he/she is still in, and the play still continues.

Whoever is in last wins the game.

Baby if you love me smile.

Players form a circle with one player in the middle (it). The middle person must approach players in the circle and ask, “Baby, do you love me?” The person being questioned must answer, “Baby, I love you but I just can’t smile.” If she/he does smile or laugh, s/he becomes “it” and the previous middle person joins the circle. The person who is “it” is not allowed to touch other players but may make as many funny faces as she/he wishes.

Quaker Meeting 

One person is “It”. The others all must all sit down and be the audience. “It” says
“The Quaker Meeting has begun, no more laughing, no more fun. If you dare to crack a
smile, you may have to walk a mile.”.

Then “It” makes funny faces, or noises, or tells
jokes or does anything except touch a member of the audience, to get someone to
laugh. The first person to laugh is at the mercy of “It”. It can decide some horrible or
embarrassing punishment (like walking a mile) for the laugher.

After the laugher has
completed the punishment, she/he is the next “It”. One variation – all players can decide if they want to set a time limit for It to make them laugh. If It does not get someone to
laugh within the allotted time frame, then the audience can decide on a punishment for

Queen Bee

You pick a person for the Queen Bee, the Queen bee would pick an object in the car, up ahead close to the road, or on a sign or if we were at home in the room. and they would only tell the color of the object. such as a red cup in the floor. the king bee would say.

“Bumble Bee Bumble Bee

I see something you don’t see

and the color of it is red”

The other players would start guessing objects that are red until someone figures out what it is.  When the object was guessed correctly the bee with the right answer would

become Queen Bee for the next round. Then he would pick an object and tell the color by saying repeating the rhyme and so forth.

To make it easier when we were in the car you can give hints such as it is up ahead on the side of the road.

Kids at the age of 3 can also play if they know their colors .

Roaring Lion  

4 or more players.

1.Select a person to be the Lion.

2.Have the lion sit with their back to the other players at least ten feet away.

3.Put a stuffed animal (toy) behind the lion and have the lion pretend it is his cub.

4.Have the other players take turns sneaking up behind the Lion and trying to steal the cub.

5.If the lion hears the person sneaking up it can roar and then turn around. If the lion has caught a player the player takes the lions place and the lion goes back to the other players. If there is no player when the lion roars the player lion remains the lion and the game starts again.