As kids, we were taught about hygiene, and one of the main topics revolved around tooth safety. It is now time to reciprocate whatever you learned for the wellbeing of your kid. You can clean every bit of your child’s body but as long as the teeth and tongue are not being cleaned, they are at risk of being sick. That’s the reason why we recommend that you buy them a toothbrush as early as possible.

The market boasts of hundreds of brands that are either genuine or fake. You might be wondering why it is important to check a toothbrush’s brand when they are all plastics. Well, that’s understandable but the fact that these products are made from certain plastic materials is something worth focusing on.

Some manufacturers are only concerned about money and as such, they do not put much attention to the type of chemicals in these products. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best brands of toothbrushes and their advantages. We will also give you a list of some factors to consider when shopping for this important item.

Best Toothbrushes for Kids

1. Fisher-Price Silicone Baby Soft Toothbrush

Are you looking for the best toothbrush for your baby? Why not try Fisher-price Silicone Baby Soft toothbrush? This is designed especially for young children who are still learning the art of brushing. Of course, it comes at a very affordable price. Therefore, you can easily afford it without stretching your budget.

Another reason why we recommend this product is the safety features it has implemented. As we always say, before you purchase anything, make sure the safety of your child is upheld. The fisher-price toothbrush has a “lock” which ensures that the baby doesn’t force the whole toothbrush into the mouth. It also comes with a small handle and in an elephant’s shape to make it easy to use and for fun.

2. Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

Hygiene is one thing that you should always uphold. It, however, intensifies when it comes to a mother of a small child. As a parent, always make sure your baby is clean from their external body parts to other areas such as the mouth. You can accomplish the latter by using the ever-amazing Dr. Brown’s toothbrush.

This infant-to-toddler toothbrush is the best training tool for the baby. First, the bristles are super soft to ensure that the child’s teeth and gums are safe. The body is also quite flexible but it won’t break easily. You can get this baby product at a very affordable price from Amazon.

3. Blue Chicco Toothbrush for Kids between 6 and 36 months

Third on the list is Blue Chicco Toothbrush designed for kids older than six but younger than 36 months. The small rounded head of this toothbrush ensures the baby puts it in their mouth without much struggle. What’s even amazing is the fact that it has soft bristles for the safety of the child. However, these bristles clean the baby’s mouth effectively.

Blue Chicco’s neck is angled to make sure all the parts in the mouth are reached. As such, you can be sure that your baby’s oral health is in safe hands provided the necessary guidelines are followed to the latter. In addition, the handle is ergonomic and small in size to fit into the small hands of your munchkin.

4. Maxbell Banana-like Yellow Toothbrush

If you are buying a baby toothbrush for the first time, then you might want to go with the Maxbell Banana-like Yellow toothbrush. This brand has to proven to be one of the best products to kick off your parenting journey. It has a banana-like shape (hence its name) and for that, your baby will have all the fun they need as they clean their teeth and gums.

With Maxbell toothbrush, there are many benefits that you and your baby will enjoy. For one, it is very easy to use and that makes it ideal for your child. The banana handles fit into your baby’s little hands quite perfectly. But the appearance is not the only thing to be excited about because its functionality is also top-notch, thanks to the soft bristles.

5. Mee Mee Baby Toothbrush

If you are an experienced parent, there is a high probability that you’ve heard about Mee Mee. it is one of the best manufacturers of baby products starting from toys to toothbrushes. Today we are looking at the amazing toothbrush designed especially for small mouths and delicate teeth of young kids. Once you buy this product, you can be sure that your baby’s oral health will be in good hands.

One of the things that make it one of the best is the design. It comes with a non-slip handle small enough to fit in those little hands without any hassle. The texture on the handle also enhances comfort and ensures that the child enjoys the process. It has a small head that easily fits into your child’s mouth.

6. Chicco Toothbrush

Chicco has never disappointed when it comes to baby products, and this toothbrush is another proof of that. The design is suitable for almost all ages between six and 36 months. This is also made possible by the fact that the toothbrush is fitted with soft bristles. As stated earlier, the type of bristles determines how safe your baby will be when cleaning their teeth – the softer the bristles, the better.

Other than its functionality, its external design makes it an ideal item for kids. First, it has a very small and comfortable handle for babies. The handle is fitted with amazing art that will entertain your kid as they do the cleaning. Remember that this product comes at a very affordable price; therefore, you won’t need to break your savings account just to buy this toothbrush.

7. A Pack of 4 Aquawhite Junior Toothbrushes

How about a blend of top-notch art and functionality? You’ll get all these from Aquawhite Junior Toothbrushes. This is another very popular brand among the young kids for their design. As you can see from the picture above, it has an image that portrays clean white teeth after cleaning. As such, it gives the babies the idea that brushing their gums and teeth makes them perfect and shining.

What about the toothbrush’s bristles? This is a crucial part when it comes to any toothbrush, especially that of your kids. Aquawhite features soft and small bristles that will clean those teeth without any risk of related injuries. Don’t worry about the price because this is one of the cheapest toothbrushes in the market. Therefore, purchase one today and see how much your kid will enjoy it.

8. Oral-B Soft-Bristle Toothbrush

You’ve probably one across Oral-B when looking for your toothbrush. Well, fortunately, the company also has a category of baby products and they are designed by various experts. In fact, it has all the ideas given by parents ingrained in one quality toothbrush. Therefore, you can be sure of a product that will accomplish exactly what you expect of them.

Among the main features include the cup-shaped bristles which ensure that all parts are gently cleaned. It is also worth noting that the bristles, like any other toothbrush for kids, are soft and effective in what they do. You can purchase it for your two-year kid and see them enjoy their new tool.

9. Colgate Toothbrush for Kids

If you are looking for the most reputable company in the world when it comes to oral health, then Colgate is your best bet. It has been in the market for several decades and it is still supplying some of the best products including this Colgate Toothbrush for Kids. It is designed for kids above two years of age and can be used with any Toothpaste that you fill is ideal for your needs.

The bristles are ultra-soft to enable gentle cleaning. It also comes with a rounded head that perfectly fits your baby’s mouth and around the small teeth. In addition, the handle is another feature that we admire mostly because of the comfort it offers your kid’s hands.

10. Peppa Pig Twin Toothbrush

Last but not least, we have the Peppa Pig Twin Toothbrush by Peppa Pig. As the name suggests, the design and art on this toothbrush are based on the physical appearance of a pig. We promise that your kid will enjoy this. But that’s not what makes this product one of the best in the market.

The bristles and its handle are perfectly designed for a young kid. What’s even better is the fact that the package comes with two toothbrushes hence making it more affordable. We would like to note that this is not a toy and should always be used under the supervision of an adult to avoid any injuries.

Buying Guide

Before we move on, remember that there are many different brands of toothbrushes in the market. Some manufacturers are reputable when it comes to baby products while others are still finding their feet in the market. Regardless of your choice, make sure that all the following factors are considered before purchasing any product.


Whether you are new to parenting or an experienced mother, you must already be aware that safety is the priority when dealing with baby products. Is your kid safe with this item? Are there any side effects?

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a toothbrush. Some may have removable parts which could be risky for your baby Also, make sure it is small enough to fit the kid’s mouth but also big enough to avoid choking.

Ease of use

Since it is a kid’s item, it goes without saying that it should be very easy to use. Some toothbrushes are quite complicated and may not be ideal for your child. Therefore, go for the simplest brand you can find in the market.

Also, make sure the size of the handle is small enough for your baby’s small hands. Before you realize, the kid will be at a stage where they want to do it themselves. Therefore, make sure you have an ideal toothbrush ready for that phase.


Since most children get their first teeth at around six months of age, it is important to look for a toothbrush with soft bristles. This type will provide your baby with painless brushing. As your kid grows, you might want to vary the type of bristles for effective cleaning.

Normally you’ll find the type of bristles indicated on the packaging of the toothbrush. There are three variants from which you can find what you want. The soft and medium bristles are suitable for babies and young children while adults use hard-bristled brushes.


The type of material is not such a significant factor since most toothbrushes use the same design requirements. Nonetheless, it is still worth noting that the plastic used to manufacture some of these products should be free of any chemicals.

Also, make sure the brush is designed with sturdy materials to avoid breakage. You wouldn’t want to go back to the shop the next day because your baby broke their new toothbrush. In addition, make sure there are no removable parts on the toothbrush.


Of course, the cost of any product should be kept in mind before making the final decision. Generally, toothbrushes are not expensive and should be affordable for almost any parent. The market is full of various brands with different quality levels. Usually, the quality dictates how much you are going to get your product.

Safety Tips

Look out for any removable parts

Does the toothbrush have any removable parts? Some brands include this either for effective functionality or to make it more appealing to the eye. Either way, make sure you are aware of this so that you can know how to handle it when brushing your kid’s teeth.

We, however, recommend that you stay away from such brands if you are planning to let the child clean their teeth. Accidents happen and your kid may swallow one of these parts, which could be quite harmful to their health.

Always clean the toothbrush after use

Hygiene is one of the most important things when it comes to caring for your baby. Always remember that your baby’s health is at risk if you don’t keep this in mind. One of the ways to make sure that this remains a priority is by cleaning all the baby products including the toothbrush.

Immediately after the brushing sessions, thoroughly rinse off all the toothpaste and food remains on the brush. Consequently, you’ll be getting rid of bacteria that would have otherwise found their way back to the mouth. As your child learns the art of brushing, let them also make it a habit to always clean their toothbrush immediately after use.

Replace the toothbrush after every three months

That first toothbrush you bought your baby will not be the last. As you use it, the bristles become weaker and may not clean the teeth effectively. In fact, some start shading the bristles when used for so long.

It can be quite risky for your baby because they might swallow those bristles. You can also be sure that the teeth will not be as clean as required and that may lead to oral infections.

Brush gently

When the initial teeth start growing, brush them very gently to avoid any injuries. In fact, it is recommended that you first use a wet cloth to wipe off any stains and food remains from the teeth. After a few weeks, you can then graduate to small and soft-bristled toothbrushes. Toothpaste should also come in a few weeks later.

Provide maximum supervision

Of course, it is the joy of every parent when their kids start learning to do things on their own. Well, inasmuch as you look forward to that, it is important to keep supervising your child until when you are certain that they can do it without any follow up.

This is to ensure that they do it the right way and spit out all the contents after brushing. You can also take this opportunity to teach the right amount of toothpaste they can always use.


1. When should I start cleaning the baby’s teeth?

You can start cleaning your baby’s teeth when they are six months old. This age is when the teeth begin to appear. At around 18 months, you can introduce them to a pie-sized toothpaste and graduate slowly as they grow. The cleaning should be done twice a day to ensure total hygiene.

2. What is a finger toothbrush?

This is a baby product designed in such a way that the mother can insert one of their fingers and use it to clean the baby’s gums and upcoming teeth. It is preferred by most parents because of how easy it is to use. Also, it gives one maximum control over what they want to do to the baby’s teeth or gums.

3. Why is it not advisable to use an adult’s toothbrush on a baby?

There are lots of huge differences between the baby’s and adult’s toothbrushes. For one, the bristles in an adult’s toothbrush are very hard and could injure your child’s gums. Brushes specially made for children have soft bristles and are small in size, making them ideal for the delicate dental formula.

4. When can my kid start brushing their teeth without assistance?

This question is subjective since it depends on how first your baby will learn this art. Usually, at around the age of three years, the child will have already learned the spit reflex. Once they are past this stage, you can start letting them try brushing the teeth by themselves but with maximum supervision. Do so until when you are certain that they can do it with very little or no supervision.

5. Is there an ideal material for a kid’s toothbrush?

There is no ideal material for a baby’s toothbrush but we recommend silicone over plastics. The latter is known for having BPA chemicals that could have a huge impact on the health of your baby. Silicone, on the other hand, has been approved by most dental experts and is free of any harmful chemicals. In addition, it is very sturdy yet safe for use by your child.


In conclusion, there are several brands of toothbrushes in the market. Of course, they all claim to give you and your kid the services required but not all of them fulfill that promise. In this article, we’ve looked at some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for such toothbrushes.

Among the things you should always consider is the bristles. The softer the bristles the safer it is to use on your baby’s delicate teeth. Also, don’t forget to go through our list of recommended brands in case you find it quite difficult to choose the best in the market. Happy shopping!

BARBIE is a fashion toy doll manufactured by the American company called Mattel, Inc. it was first launched in 1959. Barbie is a figurehead and most famous doll of the Mattel line of toys and accessories featuring many family members and special edition items. Barbie has been an integral component of the fashion model doll industry for over 50 years. It has become a best-selling and most profitable luxury fashion toy-line by selling over a billion Barbie dolls worldwide.

The Barbie dolls are liked by kids, especially young girls, because of its beautiful design and attractive color schemes. The accessories which come with a Barbie doll, including colorful bags, sparkling pretty dresses, fascinating jewelry items, gorgeous shoes, and its other friend figures, are every baby girl’s favorite. There is a significant impact of the Barbie doll on baby girls with its variety of accessories, idealized lifestyle, and charming beauty.

Young girls learn a lot of things from a Barbie doll. It helps them to improve their organizational skills, ability to learn how to adorn and develop their interest in dressing up, decorating their rooms with creativity and colorful ideas. Playing with Barbie doll provides endless fun and entertainment to all the baby girls. Barbie doll is an inspiration and a best friend of all the kids.


Best Barbie Dolls in India

1. Multicolor Barbie Doll Set

Barbie Mattel Inc. is one of the leading and most luxurious fashion dolls company. It is best known for its premium quality and attractive designs. The vivid and vibrant color schemes of the Barbie doll set makes it the best-selling product in the market. It is manufactured using high-quality plastic materials and synthetic fibers, which is non-toxic and damage-free. The multicolor Barbie doll set is a highly recommended and very popular product worldwide.

It features a beautiful Barbie doll with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pretty pink lips. The Barbie doll wears a multi-colored shirt and short denim skirt along with white-colored high heel sandals.  The product also includes 11 additional accessories to doll-up the Barbie doll using your creativity and imagination. These accessories are a mostly wide range of shoes consisting of dark blue high-heel sandals, black medium-heel boots, sky blue colored stilettos, red shoes. It also purple-colored long-strap handbag, baby pink clutch, golden necklace, perfume bottle, and sunglasses. The design and packaging of the multicolor Barbie doll set are very impressive.




2. Barbie Glitz Doll Set

The Barbie doll glitz set is a very popular and best-selling product around the world. This set features a very pretty Barbie doll with long blonde hair and charming beauty. This Barbie is dressed in a fashionable one-shoulder mid-length body fitted dress with a big dramatic ruffle attached on the side of its waist and paired with silver-colored high-heels with the detailing of precious finely-cut studs. The dress is black and white striped, which makes it a modern fashion statement and best-dressed Barbie doll.

This unique dress gives a fun, trendy, and fancy party that looks to the Barbie doll. The manufacturing of a Barbie doll is high-quality using elastomers, PBS, and plastic materials, which makes the doll flexible, ductile, and easily movable. It also has the ability to withstand biting or wear and tear. The fashionable designing and statement color patterns add to the beauty of the Barbie glitz doll set.




3. Barbie Doll Rainbow Sparkle Set

The Barbie boll rainbow sparkle set features a modern, stylish, and fashionable Barbie Doll with really long hair dyed with the colors of a rainbow. The Barbie doll dons a cool and fun party look, which includes a black colored T-shirt with rainbow-colored stripes, a short silver-colored fancy silver skirt, black high-heel sandals, and hot pink colored large earring loops. Her outfit is perfect for the happy-go-lucky party theme, and rainbow-inspired color patterns make it very appealing.

The additional accessories of this Barbie doll set consists of pink-colored hair comb with silver glitter-filled handle and a Barbie logo stamped on it, a hairbrush with beautiful detailing, various hairclips of different girly colors and a hairband. The statement rainbow-colored long hair of this Barbie doll can be styled in different ways using the given hair accessories to make her hair look unique and fashionable. The overall design and packaging are very colorful and creative, which makes it a highly recommended product in the market.




4. Barbie Doll With Pet Accessories

The Barbie doll set with pet accessories is perfect for the animal lovers, and this set features a beautiful Barbie doll with a pink headband and long length blonde hair. This Barbie doll is dressed in a chic sporty look according to the summer picnic theme. She wears a grey-colored sleeveless T-shirt with pink “love” and a claw print and a short length skirt with blue and white stripes paired with white-colored shoes. There are various interesting accessories with this Barbie doll set including a brown picnic basket, a pet dog and rabbit, pet feeding bowls, carrot, pet toys a green-colored hair comb.

The Barbie doll with pet accessories set is designed according to the idea of the classic summer holiday picnic. The concept of designing this theme is to tell that this Barbie doll is a very kind animal lover and takes them with her on a summer picnic to enjoy with them and feed them. This Barbie doll set is very entertaining, and the customized accessories are really cool and very meaningful to the theme. The fascinating designing and colorful packaging make it a best-selling and highly recommended product worldwide.




5. Barbie Travel Doll Set

The Barbie doll travel set is inspired by a cool and adventurous theme of traveling and exploring the world. This set features a pretty blonde Barbie doll donning a chic and sporty airport look. She is wearing a knee-length all denim dress with a red and white belt around her waist paired with white canvas shoes and sunglasses.

The travel accessories of this Barbie doll set includes various type of luggage like pink colored roller coaster suitcase, a bag back with cool and fun travel badges, and a pet bag with a dog. Other accessories consist of a neck pillow, headphones, sleep mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, camera, bottle, cell phone, and a travel book with stickers.

The creative designing and concept of this product will develop a sense of imagination, organizing, and decorating skills in young girls by using the given travel accessories to style the Barbie doll fashionably on her way to adventure the world.




6. Barbie Doll Fashion Accessories Set

The Barbie doll set with fashion accessories is based on the concept of dressing up fashionably for different occasions in a completely different way to develop a better understanding of fashion according to a given theme. This set includes a stylish and modern Barbie doll dressed-up head to toe fashionably. She wears a sleeveless light-blue colored mini summer dress with a sunflower print on it, blue-colored sunglasses paired with a bright yellow handbag and a matching yellow heels.

The additional accessories feature three dresses with different designing i.e., sleeveless hot pink-colored sparkling mid-length frock with black lining, tea pink-colored half-sleeved dress with an edgy cut, and a yellow polka dot with white background short dress. The collection of shoes consists of black, white, and light pink high heels. There are also three additional handbags and a camera. This entire collection can be mixed and matched according to Barbie’s party themes using creative thinking and imagination. The Barbie set with fashion accessories is very entertaining and stylish.




7. Barbie Doll Birthday Set

The Barbie doll birthday set is inspired by the theme of birthday party celebration. The set features a gorgeous Barbie doll in a stylish hairdo with dramatic curls and fringes. She is wearing a light pink-colored floral printed long party gown paired with a shining silver necklace decorated with pearl studs, rose-shaped beautiful earrings, and a pearl ring.

The dress is perfectly stitched and fits right to her body. The jewelry looks very regal and decent on her. The overall glamorous dress-up of this beautiful Barbie doll is very attractive. The details, design, and concept are very creative and fascinating according to the idea of a birthday party celebration, which makes it one of the most popular and demanding products in the market.




8. Barbie Ultimate Closet Set

The Barbie ultimate closet set features an entire collection of fashionable and stylish dresses, shoes, pieces of jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses decorated neatly in a wardrobe. The given wardrobe is very spacious, including lots of racks and a separate area for hanging the dressing on a rod with the help of given black-colored dress hangers. This set is designed in a very fun and creative way.

The wide variety of accessories can be used to dress-up the Barbie doll in a stylish way according to the theme of parties using creative thinking, fashion sense, and the ability mix and match. This will help to improve your baby girl’s creative skills and styling. The concept and design of this product are fascinating and unique. The colorful accessories are really attractive and add to the charming beauty of a Barbie doll.




9. The Royal Ball Princes Barbie Set

The Dreamtopia princess Barbie is all set to attend a royal ball party celebration. This set features a beautiful princess Barbie doll wearing a purple royal crown on her head. She is decorated in a unicorn-inspired long flowing gown with the color scheme of light pink, yellow, purple, blue, and silver detailing.

She is holding a shining magic stick with a star on it. This Barbie is dressed-up very beautifully and fashionably according to the theme of the royal ball. The entire look of the Barbie doll is regal and fascinating. The jewelry, magic stick, and a crown make her a royal princess of the castle. The design and color schemes of this product are very appealing. The packaging is also very impressive. It is also a highly recommended and best-seller product in the market.




10. Barbie Mermaid Doll and Playset

The Barbie Dreamatopia Chelsea mermaid doll is a unique and modern playset. It features a mermaid Barbie doll inspired by the sea mermaid theme. The set includes a pretty Barbie doll with pink dyed long hair. She is wearing a pastel spectrum colored mermaid swimsuit. She lives in a sea castle that has a long slide that directly opens into the shell-inspired pool. The front of the castle consists of a pink-colored swing.

Other accessories include a coffee table, a bathtub with detailing of shells, two teacups, two chairs, and a mermaid toy figure. Also, the Barbie doll has a secret comb hidden in the tail of her mermaid swimsuit, which is a very cool feature. This playset is very entertaining and fascinating. The theme of seawater mermaid is very interesting. The overall color schemes and design of this product make it a best-seller product.






When you are buying a Barbie doll, you must keep in mind that it is not appropriate for very little kids. The suitable age limit is mentioned on the package, and you should check that before buying. If your kid is younger than the given age limit, then you must avoid buying it. Because mostly underage children tend to put toys in their mouths when they are left unattended. The toy set might contain very tiny and pointy secondary accessories, which may lead to choking or any other serious medical problem. The Barbie doll is usually suitable for children of 5 years and older. Therefore, it is advised to be careful about the age of your kid before buying a Barbie doll.


One of the most important things to consider while buying a doll for your baby girl is to thoroughly search that what material has been used in the manufacturing of a doll. It is an essential point because some of the companies use materials that are cheaper in quality and may be responsible for toxicity, allergy, or easy damage. However, Barbie dolls are manufactured using high-quality elastomers, soft vinyl, and PBT, which provide flexibility and realistic figure to a Barbie doll. These materials improve durability and help the Barbie doll figure to withstand normal wear and tear. The hair of a Barbie doll is made up of soft and flexible synthetic fibers, which are attached very firmly, plus they can be dyed and transformed into different hairstyles very easily. There is no risk of damage or any kind of toxicity and is very suitable for your baby girl to play with it.


Most of the Barbie dolls come with a variety of secondary accessories, including handbags, dresses, pieces of jewelry, shoes, family members or friends figures, a dollhouse, and its toy furniture items, etc. Sometimes, they are designed according to a particular theme and contains different customized items with it. The package of a Barbie doll contains the list and all the details of accessories. When you are buying a Barbie doll for your kid, make sure that the product contains all the said accessories. You can also ask the shopkeeper to unpack and check the product thoroughly before adding it to your bill. If anything is missing, even a minor element, then avoid buying the product.

Entertainment Value

It should be noted that all the toys must provide their prime purpose of manufacture, which is fun and entertainment. It is useless to buy a toy that fails to serve this purpose and results in a total wastage of money. Barbie doll has great entertainment value, and there are various ways to enjoy while playing with a Barbie doll. Some of them include crafting home-made Barbie dresses, trying different hairstyles on Barbie doll, making a Barbie bed, decorating a dollhouse, and organizing tea party in the dollhouse for the Barbie doll and her friends/family member figures. These creative ideas will keep your baby girl entertained while playing with a Barbie doll.


A Barbie doll set is priced on the basis of several factors, including its age, rarity, release date, number of accessories provided, and condition. Vintage Barbie dolls are very expensive because they are made up of porcelain and very rare to find. This makes their market value very high. The Barbie dollhouse set is also high in price as compared to the individual Barbie set because of the increased number of accessories provided. Similarly, new models of Barbie doll, which are recently launched in the market, are pricier than the previously launched Barbie doll models. If you are looking for a Barbie doll at a reasonable price, you should select the simpler model of Barbie with limited accessories that are easily accessible. On the other hand, if you are all about glam and extravaganza, you should opt for the newly launched model or large-sized package with a variety of accessories and figures.

Warranty Policy

Look for the warranty policy. If, for any reason, you are not entirely happy with your purchase, you can always return or refund the product, but you should be fully aware of the warranty policy. It is printed in detail on your receipt, and it is advised to read the policy carefully. You can return your package with actual proof of purchase for direct exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase. Non-refundable items are explicitly stated. In case of misplacing the receipt, you can no longer return or exchange your package. Therefore, it is advised to keep the receipt in a safe place after buying anything for a record or future use.


1. Is there any age limit to play with a Barbie doll?

Yes, there is a certain age limit to lay with a Barbie doll, which is always mentioned on the package. Usually, it is suitable for children of 5 years and older. However, if your child is younger than the given age limit, it is advised not to buy the product. Because it contains various accessories or minor and sharp elements that might be dangerous for your child and could result in choking or any other medical problem in case of attempting to ingest.

2. Is Barbie doll worth the price?

Barbie doll is one of the most luxurious fashion dolls and best-selling brands in the market. The manufacturing of a Barbie doll is extremely high-quality. The creative designing, vibrant and vivid color patterns, gorgeous sparkling dresses, shoes, bags, and other accessories that come with a Barbie doll makes it worth the price. However, there’s a difference in the pricing of different models of Barbie doll depending upon the release date, accessories, rarity, and packaging.

3. There are different labels on the packaging of a Barbie doll. What do those labels indicate?

The labels on the bottom of the Barbie doll package represent the collectible dolls and their worldwide production. A pink label means it is produced in an unlimited quantity world-wide. The next upgraded version, which is a gold label, represents that only 25,000 dolls are produced worldwide under this label, and it is pricier than pink label dolls, plus it is also hard to find in the market. The most premium version is platinum level, which reveals that only 10,000 dolls are produced under this label around the globe, and it is the most expensive of all Barbie dolls. It is very rare to find, as well. All of these labeled dolls are collectible.

4. How can I identify if the Barbie doll is original or fake?

The classic logo of Barbie in cursive writing is the first way to identify that Barbie is original. Secondly, the eyes and facial features also help differentiate between an original and fake Barbie. The copyright stamp of Mattel, Inc., date of manufacture and place of production, is present only of original Barbie dolls.

5. My daughter likes to collect a lot of Barbie dolls. Are there any precautionary measures that I have to consider for their storage?

Avoid the exposure of direct sunlight because it can fade the dresses and texture of Barbie dolls. Avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures. Don’t let the dust to accumulate. Store in a warm and dark closed cabinet for long term use.


Barbie dolls are the most popular and best-selling fashion dolls around the world. Barbie dolls are every baby girl’s favorite and top-most choice. The charming beauty, glamorous dresses, sparkling accessories, and impressive packaging attracts the young girls. The concept and designing of the Barbie doll help the baby girls to develop a sense of organizing, friendliness, ability to decorate, creative ideas, and imaginative thinking.

The appealing color patterns add to the beauty of the Barbie doll. It is manufactured using high-quality elastomers, which make the Barbie doll flexible and movable. Young girls like to play with it, style it in different ways, and decorate it using their creativity and colorful ideas. It is said that Barbie dolls are every baby girl’s inspiration.

There’s absolutely no doubt that kids are growing up in a digital age. It is also true to say that by the time your baby gets to kindergarten, they’ll get used to all of the latest technology.  After all, nowadays it is required that we all know how to use our computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Today, kids are a lot more innovative. They have a better understanding of technology as they get exposed to lots of digital and technically sophisticated gadgets. The best thing about this is that there is a lot of educational wealth that they can earn in this digital sphere.

With the help of a laptop, your baby can learn the basics of language and grammar, problem-solving skills, Mathematics, among others. Seeing how much your little ones exposed to laptops and computers, it makes sense that you might be wondering when to get a new laptop for your child.

This guide aims at helping you get the best laptop for your baby and with a lot of ease. You’ll also get to know the things you need to look out for before purchasing one, as well as the benefits that your baby will reap from a laptop.


Best Laptop for Your Kid

1. Urban Creation 20 Activities English Laptop for Kids

First on the list is this laptop and it comes with a mouse pad and 20 activities as well as games to keep your kid occupied. This laptop is more of an educational toy and will teach your little one spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation, among others.

This laptop notebook not only inspires kids’ imagination but also promotes their intellectual development. With it, they can learn, play, and even recognize musical notes. You will most probably gradual educational progress in your kid after using the device.

It comes with an attached mouse and a keyboard that makes it look like a real laptop and is made of durable plastic. It features an LCD screen and comes with sound instructions as well. The laptop is also easy to use, safe to use and has excellent sound quality. It also comes at a very affordable price.

If looking for the best laptop to teach your kid necessary computing skills before they begin school life, this laptop might be your best bet.

2. TRYSTAR SP Enterprise Fun Laptop Notebook for Kids

This fun laptop notebook from Trystar comes with 30 fun activities and games to helps teach your kid the basic skills of computing. It has a functional mouse and looks exactly like real laptops. With it, your kid can learn subjects like English, Mathematics, and General knowledge.

The laptop comes with an inbuilt LCD screen, sound instructions, and a keypad. It will help your kid in sound recognition, alphabet recognition, spelling tests, and picture identification. It also encourages reading.

The laptop is battery operated, lightweight, and easy for your baby to carry around. It’s best for 2-year-olds.

3. Super Toy Educational Laptop for Kids

Third on the list is this laptop from Super Toy, which comes in a unique apple design to attract your baby’s attention. It is more of a talking laptop as it helps kids learn numbers from 1 to 10 as well as alphabets with voice.

It has a clear LED display that makes it easy for kids to learn words. With this laptop, your child can listen to melodies and songs at any time. It has a volume control that helps you to set the volume to the comfort of your kid as they listen to stories, music, and animal sounds.

The laptop is made from high-quality plastic material, thus sturdy. It is educational, keeps kids busy and entertained as well. It, however, requires 3AA batteries that you need to purchase for it to operate.

4. Revent ABC and 123 Kids Learning Educational Laptop

This laptop from Revent is designed for preschoolers aged between 3 to 8 and helps them to continue learning without any stress. It comes with a variety of activities that range from the basics, like writing and spelling.

It has a clear LED display and voice support that helps kids to hear correct pronunciations. The display has A-Z alphabets and 10 numeric keys. The laptop offers various modes of learning like the letter mode, word mode, press and listen, ask mode, singing as well as the quiz mode.

The laptop also comes with an auto power-saving system.

5. Adonai New Kids Learning and Multi Skill Laptop

Are you looking for a laptop with lots of activities for your kid? This laptop from Adonai might be what you need. It comes with 80 activities, all of which are quite engaging and educational. They not only help in improving your baby’s knowledge but also keep him entertained from time to time.

Made from ABS plastic, this laptop is not only break-resistant but also durable. It has a large LCD screen with a black and white display and has eye-catching animations that captivate kids’ interests. The laptop helps kids to learn numbers, mathematics, music, memory, and logic.

The laptop weighs 672g and thus quite easy to carry around. It comes with an instructions manual and is designed to help your child become familiar with a computer keyboard.

It is suitable for kids aged 5+ years.

6. mQFIT Sound Educational Laptop for Kids

Not only is this laptop from mQFIT compact in size but also easy for your kid to hold. It offers a fun way for your little one to learn basic math like counting, alphabets, and animal sounds as well. It is suitable for preschool kids and thus makes a perfect gift to them.

The laptop has perfect sound quality and suitable for audios only as it doesn’t have a screen. You can play 34 different sounds and keep your little one engaged for the longest time possible. It has sturdy buttons and also made from high-quality plastic for durability reasons.

The laptop has a lot of bright colors that attract kids’ attention. It comes with an on and off system and a volume control system as well.

7. Leapfrog 2 in 1 Laptop

Are you in search of a useful kids’ laptop that will give access to your kid only that which is necessary to their age? If so, try this laptop from Leapfrog. It is an award-winning device that will not only help your kid learn but also enable him to have some fun.

It is best suited for kids between the age of 2 to 5 years and has a screen that flips. You can, therefore, convert it from keyboard to tablet mode with ease. The laptop comes with 26 fun critter animations and is also easy to customize.

The laptop comes with five learning modes, which include numbers, ABC, games, music, as well as messages. It has a take-along handle that makes it one of the best learning device while on the go.

8. VOODANIA Deals Power Educational Laptop for Boys and Girls

Last on the list is this laptop by VOODANIA. It comes with an inbuilt LCD screen, a keypad, and instructions control. It comes with different stages of learning to help your little one learn numbers, alphabets, and music.

This laptop is a fun tool that combines learning and fun for kids and comes with 20 activities. It is designed with theme colors and comes with a mouse that looks like an omnitrix. The laptop helps in strengthening their comprehension, their ability to follow directions, specializing in tasks, and also improves their motor skills.

It is easy and safe to use and has perfect sound quality and best suited for kids aged between the age of 3 to 10 years.

Buying Guide

The following are some of the things you need to put into consideration before purchasing a laptop for your baby.


You need to put into consideration the age of your baby before you decide on the one to for. The first thing you need to know is that kids below the age of 2 years should never get exposed to digital screens. For kids aged 2 to 5, screen time should be limited to 1 or 2 hours a day.

Child health advocates also emphasize the need to monitor your kid on media use. At the age of 5 to 7, your baby can now use a laptop more independently. They are also capable of enjoying time-based games and activities.


Interests vary from different individuals, and that’s why you need to consider your child’s before getting them a laptop. Before paying for one, think of reasons why your kid needs one in the first place. Is it just because their friend owns one and you don’t want them to be left out? Is it to support his educational progress? For movies or fun gaming?

Ensure that you put your kid’s beneficial interests in the first place.


Consider your family’s budget and the much you are willing to spend on your baby’s laptop. Although the type to go for will mostly depend on your baby’s interests, go for the most affordable version.

However, if money isn’t a problem for you, go for one that suits your little one irrespective of the price. All you need to ensure is that your kid can handle the expensive device without breaking it.

Battery Life

Ensure that you get a laptop with the longest battery life. This is to ensure that it doesn’t fizzle out before they complete their tasks.

Size and durability

How durable is the material that makes the laptop? Ask yourself the question before you pay for the laptop. You also want to ensure that your baby can handle the physicality of the laptop you select for them.

Remember that not all kids are graceful, and that’s why a strong durability feature in a laptop is a core feature to put into consideration. Ensure that you get a long-lasting laptop.


Why do you need to get a laptop for your kid? If it’s their first laptop ever, the reason behind the purchase is quite simple: you want your kid to get some early computer experience. If your child is in elementary or middle school, you really have to think more about the purpose they might use it for.

Depending on what your kid would want to do, you’ll then have to consider various operating systems of the laptops and their capacities as well.

Fun colors and designs

When getting a laptop for a younger kid (2 to 5year olds), you’ll need to get one that is colorful enough. Younger kids tend to lose focus with ease and thus the need to get a device that will not only attract their attention but also keep them engaged. The more colors it has, the better.

You also need to consider laptops that come in appealing designs. For instance, you can get one that comes in an oval or apple design.

Easy to clean

Laptops also get dirty after use. You, therefore, need to get one that you can clean with ease. Look for one which is easy to wipe keyboard and, if possible, one with a smudge-resistant casing.


Always go for a lightweight laptop. The smaller and lighter it is, the better. You want a device that your little one can hold and carry around with ease. It is very easy for a kid to drop a laptop exposing it to permanent damage due to its heavyweight.

Some laptops are not only lightweight but also come with handles that make them easy for kids to hold and carry along.

Screen size

The screen size of the laptop to get for your child depends on the age of your baby. For example, you can’t get a 15 inch screened laptop for a 5-year-old kid. The chances are that your baby will break the screen or it’ll always have smudges which you’ll have to clean from time to time.

As your baby gets older and gets skilled enough to use a laptop on their own, you can get them one with a larger screen. A large screen makes it easy for them to read. It also helps them to enjoy watching movies.

Ease of use

The laptop you get for your baby should be one that they can use comfortably and with a lot of ease. It would make no sense for you to purchase a laptop that your little can only use with your help. What happens when you are not around? It should come with software that suits kid’s activities.

Its keyboard should come with buttons that are easy for little fingers to press and a mouse that is easy to use as well.


When going for a laptop, it’s always good to go for one that comes with a warranty. Remember that laptops can get damaged with ease, and just to be on the safe side, avoid going for those without warranties. With a warranty, you are sure to get a replacement should the laptop fail to work a few days or months after the purchase. The longer the warranty period, the better the quality of the laptop.

The Importance of Getting a Laptop for Your Baby

The following are some of the advantages of laptops to kids

Fine-tuning motor abilities

As your baby presses the keyboard buttons and tries to control the mouse, they develop their motor abilities. The motion enhances hand controlling, which later settles on when they get to sports like catching and tossing, among others.

Teach domino effect

Kids are always interested in controlling things. For instance, anything with levers and switches is impressive to them. Kids and laptops or computers are inseparable as well. They keep kids engaged as they’ll have a lot to do from listening to music, having fun with letters and colors as well as trying to spell some words.


Laptops introduce kids to schoolwork. With a laptop, they improve on language through different play activities aimed at specific aspects such as vowel sounds, the alphabet, pronunciation, spelling, word puzzles, among others.

They also learn numbers and mathematics through some laptop games that help develop a child’s ability to perform basic arithmetic operations. They include basic arithmetic and number puzzles.

Tips for introducing kids to laptops

According to Common Sense Media,53% of all 2 to 4year olds have used computers. If you are a guardian or a parent planning on introducing your kid to a laptop, listed below are a few tips to get you started.

Set firm ground rules

Depending on the age of your baby, you’ll need to explain that a laptop isn’t a toy. Your kid needs to understand that it’s a device that needs to be handled with a lot of care to avoid permanent damage. After that, you need to establish basic rules about when and how your child has access to the laptop.

You might consider designating a specific area of your home as a workspace.

Explain proper laptop care

This might be a little tricky. Exercising proper laptop care has proven to be challenging, even with adults. We’ve all eaten at our desks or even checked emails with coffee in hand. Tell and teach your baby to keep and drinks away from the laptop at all times.

You also need to explain to them that the mouse, keyboard, and other laptop accessories need to be taken care of and handled gently. Let them know that spilling food or drinks on a laptop or dropping it can lead to permanent damage.

Practice using the mouse or trackpad

Using a trackpad is a little difficult for younger kids as it typically requires fine motor skills and coordination. Instead, get a laptop that uses a mouse. Ensure that the mouse fits in your baby’s hand for effective use.

If your little one is physically unable to hold one, it’ll be difficult for them to navigate through the menus and perform basic tasks on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do kids need a laptop?

Yes. Kids should have their laptops as they are crucial to learning computer skills. With a laptop, your child will learn how to write and spell their names, basic mathematics, language, among other things. With a lot of practice, they learn to type really fast, helping them to complete easy tasks with ease while in school.

Getting a laptop for your kid will also prepare him for jobs and college life.

2. At what age should my baby start to use a laptop?

Most kids are ready to start using a laptop at the age of 2 or 3. At this stage of laptop use, they need to be supervised by a parent, teacher, guardian, or any other adult. Some kids are quite fussy and might break the device by throwing it around, thinking that it’s just another toy. 

3. When do I need to get another laptop for my kid?

The time to get another laptop for your kid will depend on the period they have stayed with the current one. It also depends on their age. For instance, the laptop you got for your baby at the age of 5 may not be quite useful when he reaches 10. At this age, you need to get him a regular laptop.

4. Why do I have to supervise my kid when using a laptop?

The first reason is that you don’t want them to spoil the laptop. Although you might have told your kids not to place drinks or food near the laptop, they might forget and thus the need to be on the lookout. You also don’t want them to spend too much time in front of the screen. Laptops can be addictive, especially those that come with big screens, making it easy for them to watch movies.


Whether it’s number games or learning the basics of grammar and language, your kid will benefit a lot from a laptop. It is high time you got them one and help them join the digital world as early as possible. You also don’t want to see your little one being the only one left out, right? Select the laptop of your choice from the ones listed above and watch your kid’s daily magical progress.

Hygiene is one of the most important things not only in kids but in any human being. Did you know that improper sanitation is the cause of most diseases in the world? According to UNICEF, about 11 million young lives are lost due to preventable causes. That’s not all; 300 million children are reported to suffer from hygiene-related illnesses every year.

Care starts from home and the little things like mouth hygiene can go a long way in ensuring that your kid lives a comfortable life. Of course, one of the main requirements of mouth hygiene is toothpaste. You can get this at any store around you, but is that brand legit? Many people suffer from tooth-related conditions not because they do not exercise hygiene but as a result of using counterfeit toothpaste.

Since this product comes in contact with your kid’s mouth, it is best to go for the safest ones in the market. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the most ideal toothpaste. We have also researched some of the best brands in India and we think you might be interested to check them out.


Top10 Best Toothpaste for Kids

1. Pediflor Apple Flavour Kids Toothpaste

If you are looking for the best toothpaste specially designed for children, then this could be your answer. Pediflor Apple Flavour toothpaste, as the name suggests, has a very attractive flavor that your boy or girl child will surely love. But that’s just the icing on the cake because what this product has in store for your family is quite amazing.

For one, it has 10% Xylitol which is known for its minimal calories. Well, that’s just an added benefit but its main purpose, in this case, is to improve the dental health of your baby. Reduce dental plaque and get rid of bacteria causing the dental cavity in your baby’s mouth. It is worth noting that this toothpaste also contains fluoride compounds that strengthen the enamel and prevent cavities. As such, make sure that the kid rinses their mouth thoroughly after brushing.

2. Hello Oral Care Flouride-Free Toothpaste

Let your children start their day with the freshness of Hello toothpaste. The packaging in itself is very attractive and will capture your attention with its green color. Well, whenever you see such packages, there is a big chance that the content is natural. Hello, Oral Care is created from a mixture of several natural products and artificial ones.

Like our first product, Hello also contains Xylitol (which is considered artificial but it is a naturally-occurring product) which is purposed to improve dental health. In addition, it has erythritol, silica blend, and aloe vera. We promise that all these ingredients are suitable for your baby’s health. Get yours today and make sure the future of your child is not filled with dental health complications.

3. Mamaearth Natural Orange-Flavoured Toothpaste

Mamaearth has been known for its variety of quality baby products. From skincare to dental health options, you can find just about anything you want from this world-renowned manufacturer. The Natural Orange-Flavoured Toothpaste is just one of the many fan-favorite Mamaeartha products currently in the market. Most Indian parents have used it at least once and their experience has been great so far.

So, what does this toothpaste contain? Well, for one, it comes with the fluoride mineral, which has been approved by dentists as playing an integral part in teeth decay prevention. It repairs the early stages of the tooth cavity, hence preventing future pains. The toothpaste also contains Xylitol, which is an important compound in all toothpaste. Finally, the orange flavor ensures that the children enjoy brushing their teeth.

4. Colgate Anticavity Kids Batman Toothpaste

Personally, this brand is what I commonly used as a kid. It was a renowned brand for its name and the quality of toothpaste it provides. Most Indian parents trust Colgate because of the reputation attached to it and its affordability. Among the factors that keep it on top of the table include its delicious flavor. Well, it goes without saying that babies love m delicious scents and tastes, which is exactly what you get with Colgate Anticavity Batman Toothpaste.

Is your child a vegetarian? This product by Colgate is ideal for them as it favors such people. One of the main ingredients in this toothpaste includes the fluoride mineral – a common addition in most brands. The colorful gel also has Xylitol, which plays a very important role in ensuring dental health in kids.

5. Chicco Strawberry Toothpaste

So far we have only looked at brands that contain fluoride mineral. However, that doesn’t mean those without this additive will not do the job. In fact, they give almost similar results to their counterparts and Chicco Strawberry toothpaste if proof of that. For one, this toothpaste is strawberry-flavored which is an added advantage to parents.

As earlier stated, Chicco toothpaste is fluoride-free, making it suitable for young children. Care must be taken when dealing with children under the age of three because they can swallow the contents after brushing their teeth. Well, lack of fluoride doesn’t mean they are safe to swallow it now but it just reduces the chances of health complications in case that happens.

6. Pigeon Children Toothpaste

Another product that might come in handy is Pigeon Children Toothpaste. It is designed to clean and strengthen the teeth of young kids without endangering them. This product is made with orange flavor that will keep your child wanting more cleaning sessions. The more the kid enjoys brushing their teeth, the more it becomes a habit and one that they might not abandon easily.

Another advantage of this product is the type of ingredients used in its manufacturing. A child below three years is prone to swallowing the toothpaste while cleaning their teeth. With other brands, that could be quite harmful to their health but that’s not the case with Pigeon. It contains glycerine and calcium phosphate which produce less foam that is generally harmless.

7. Mee Mee Flouride-Free Toothpaste

Looking for the best toothpaste for a baby under the age of three? Chances are, the kid has not yet sharpened their spit reflex and you want a toothpaste that will be harmless to their health. Well, Mee Mee toothpaste should be on top of your priority list in this case. In fact, we recommend this product not only because of its quality but also the manufacturer’s experience in this market.

One main feature of Mee Mee toothpaste is the lack of fluoride mineral. Well, this ingredient is important for strengthening the teeth but it can be harmful if swallowed. Considering the age of your kid, choosing a fluoride-free product can be a smart move. It contains a harmless combination of triple calcium phosphate and glycerine to strengthen your baby’s teeth.

8. Pepsodent Germ-check Toothpaste

You must have come across the Pepsodent brand when searching for a toothpaste for adults. There is also one for young kids and it is designed specifically for the delicate teeth. Why not try it out? We promise you will not regret your decision one bit. Among its main features is freshening one’s breath and getting rid of bacteria.

The Prodent kids’ toothpaste has a germ-check formula designed especially for your child. Apart from removing any food remains, it also cleans all the stains on the teeth. Once your kid brushes their teeth with this product, you can be sure that their dental health is in the right hands. What’s even more amazing is the fact that its ingredients remain active in your baby’s teeth for more than ten hours. As such, any bacteria that comes in contact with it during this period is killed.

9. Chicco Apple-banana Toothpaste

Another toothpaste worth noting is this product from Chicco. We’ve already looked at one amazing toothpaste from this manufacturer and this Apple-banana design is no different. It offers your child the ability to clean their teeth with little to no hassle. It is baby-friendly and can be used by a child younger than three years.

Of course, the main feature of this product is the lack of fluoride mineral. As such, even if your baby swallows the content, it won’t have any harmful impact on their health. It also has the Xylitol compound tasked with strengthening the teeth of your kid and improving their dental health.

10. DentoShine Gel Toothpaste

Finally, we have a toothpaste from DentoShine. The product is designed by experienced dentists with the aim of improving a child’s oral health while keeping them safe from any side effects associated with toothpaste. What’s amazing is the fact that you can choose from three flavors and still get the same functional benefits.

The three available variants include strawberry, bubble gum, and mango flavors. Each of them is packed in an 80g container. It contains a very low concentration of fluoride mineral, hence making it safe for children who have not yet mastered the art of spitting. It is, however, recommended for kids above the age of two years.

Buying Guide

When purchasing tubes of toothpaste for your kids, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the most important is the type of ingredients used and how safe they are for your child. In this article, we have compiled a list of the five most important factors to consider while shopping for these products. Make sure to read and implement all of them for the best results.


As stated earlier, it is very important to pay attention to the ingredients of the toothpaste. For one, fluoride is one of the most common ingredients in just about any brand of toothpaste. It is recommended that you select brands that include this compound as it is significant in strengthening children’s teeth.

Some of its work is to prevent cavities, reversing initial tooth decay stages, and limiting bacteria in the mouth. However, if swallowed, it can have a significant impact on the user’s health. That said, make sure you train your children to always spit out all the content after brushing their teeth. For kids below the age of three, a lot of precautions should be taken because, at this age, they are still learning their spit reflex.

Always go for the most natural toothpaste

It is a known fact that the environment contains a lot of healing agents. These compounds have been used in the world of medicine and the results have been amazing. What makes them a better option than artificial products is the fact that they rarely have any chemical-related side effects. As such, we recommend that you choose herbal toothpaste while shopping for baby products.


Age is a very significant factor since different ingredients have varying effects on an adult’s and child’s teeth. Since your kid’s teeth are still developing, they are very delicate and care must be taken even when cleaning. The fluoride content is one of the key differences between these toothpastes. The compound is great for strengthening the teeth but it is only recommended for children above the age of three.

In addition, some kinds of toothpaste may be more abrasive. Such products should not be used by young children as they may have adverse effects on the health of their teeth. Toothpaste for adults also contains strong flavors not suitable for your little munchkin.

Brand recognition

Checking the ingredients used in the manufacture of toothpaste is not enough unless you have prior experience with the brand. As such, to make things easier and safer for your kid, learn to use a trusted brand. Of course, some brands may claim to have better results and cost less but if there is a reputable brand that is a little more expensive, we would recommend the latter.

However, that’s not to say all upcoming brands are not worth the cost. Always confirm whether they have been approved by dentist authorities before purchasing them. Also, the effectiveness of all these products will ultimately depend on your brushing technique.


Before you decide on which product you want to buy, make sure you have enough funds at your disposal. Of course, this statement is a cliche but it is normal to find people falling into a financial crisis just because they didn’t plan themselves beforehand. If you are a first-time parent, it is worth noting that this is the time when your demands will rise. As such, you need to budget for everything very well to avoid any panic or frustrations.

Safety Tips

1. Teach your baby to rinse their mouth thoroughly

Well, it is one of the main lessons that your children should take in their learning phase. As basic as it may seem, rinsing once mouth after brushing ensures that the fluoride compound is removed from the child’s mouth. Swallowing this chemical may result in severe health conditions. Thorough rinsing also ensures that the user gets rid of bacteria and food remains that have been brushed off the teeth.

2. Stay away from abrasives

An abrasive substance, in case you are not aware, is capable of cleaning a hard surface by rubbing it thoroughly. Such products are useful for adult teeth since they are already strong and can sustain such friction. As for your child’s teeth, they can suffer severe impacts basically because they are still quite delicate. Therefore, never use this toothpaste to clean your munchkin’s teeth.

3. Do not use different brands at the same time

It is normal for us to taste various brands of toothpaste as we look for the best type. However, it is not recommended to use different brands at the same time when cleaning your baby’s teeth. For instance, one can decide to see how a mixture of brand A and brand B will work. These kinds of toothpaste may contain chemicals that will react if mixed together. Therefore, always use one brand at a time to avoid any complications.

4. Clean the teeth regularly

For effective operation, it is recommended that your child cleans their teeth at least twice per day. It is the same thing with older people and, therefore, should be treated with the same seriousness. Remember, skipping some brushing sessions gives bacteria ample time to grow and have their effect on your baby’s oral health.

5. Offer your assistance if possible

Of course, we are happy when children do things by themselves. However, it is important to help your children when brushing their teeth to make sure they do it properly. While at it, make sure to train their spitting reflex.

Let them do it on their own only when you are comfortable that they are ready to do so. Even after then, make sure to monitor them to ensure their safety when using these products.


How often should my kids brush their teeth?

According to professional dentists, both children and adults should brush their teeth at least twice a day. It is a general rule that everyone should teach their child from a young age. Therefore, make sure your munchkin cleans their mouth first thing in the morning and before bedtime. The former will get rid of any bacteria or germs that were developing due to one’s mouth inactivity. Evening oral cleanliness makes sure that all food particles are flushed out of the mouth before the kid goes to sleep.

What age is safe for my kid to start using toothpaste?

The safest age for using toothpaste may vary from one child to another. However, it is recommended that you start using these products when your baby hits three years of age. At this time, your kid will have started developing their spit reflex. But remember that you should use a very small amount of toothpaste for children between the age of three and six years.

Is regular toothpaste safe for kids?

No, regular kinds of toothpaste are not safe for children. One reason for this is the fact that these products are abrasive. As such, they can destroy the delicate teeth of your kid. Regular toothpaste is also designed with lots of flavors, which are not safe for young children.

Are there any homemade toothpaste solutions for kids?

Yes, there are several homemade solutions that you could use to clean your kid’s teeth. The ingredients, which include organic oils and baking powder, are readily available at your nearest store. This alternative toothpaste has no adverse impact on your baby’s teeth. In fact, since they are made from natural products, they have a lot of benefits.

Why should I consider the kid’s age when choosing a toothpaste?

It is important to consider the kid’s age when selecting a toothpaste because of two main things. One, to make sure that the ingredients are safe enough for their age. The presence of the fluoride compound means the toothpaste is not ideal for children below the age of three.

Inasmuch as this chemical improves the growth of teeth, it can be dangerous when swallowed. Above the age of three, you can use fluoride-filled toothpastes but make sure they are not abrasive. Abrasive toothpastes are only ideal for adults or children above the age of ten.


The market serves you with a lot of toothpaste brands each of them claiming to offer the best services for the growth and hygiene of your teeth. It is, therefore, important to look out not to be fooled by some fake brands circulating in the market. The buying guide we introduced to you earlier in this article should give you an idea of what to look out for when shopping.

Just to recap what we’ve already covered, the safety of your child should always be the top priority. Some of the things to keep in mind include the ingredients used in the manufacture of that toothpaste. You can as well choose one product from our list above and we promise you won’t regret the decision.

Are you looking for a toy for your child that won’t involve many risks but will be hours and hours of entertainment?  A scooter cycle might be the exact product you are looking for! Scooter cycles give all the enjoyment of more risky toys like skateboards or roller-skates but without even a fraction of the risk.  Instead of toys with wheels that might gather speed to the extent that your child loses control, the leg powered scooter cycle is easy to stop and oodles of fun to play with.

We have gone over the most reliable, popular, and sturdy scooter cycles available in the market and reviewed them to make your decision on what scooter cycle to buy just a little bit easier.  We hope that you can choose the perfect scooter cycle for your child so that he/she is kept entertained for years to come!


Best Scooter Cycles for Kids

1. LBLA 2-in-1 Scooter for Kids with Folding Seats

This interestingly designed scooter by LBLA is probably the unique product in the scooter cycle category.  The high-quality design that has gone into the product is visible from the contours of the product to its light blue pastel coloring.

The front two wheels of this three-wheeled scooter cycle have been spaced widely to allow for ample maneuverability while providing a stable ride.  The manufacturers recommend this product for children aged 2 to 5.

The wheels of the product have been produced to glow when the scooter is being ridden at a faster pace.  The lights are powered internally through a dynamo and don’t need an external power source.

The main feature of this product is its ability to convert into a tricycle.  The seat of this tricycle is actually part of the main front pole when it is in its scooter cycle mode.  Your child will still have to kick his legs to propel the machine forward while it is in its tricycle mode.

There are three adjustable height options for the scooter cycle mode so that the product can grow with your child.  The scooter cycle is steered by leaning the body in the direction that the rider wants to move by turning the handles and helps develop your child’s balance.

This scooter cycle cum tricycle is perfect for children that are just learning to balance and can be recommended for younger children.

2. Baybee SPEEDFORCE 3-Wheeled Folding Kick Kids Scooty Scooter

This high-quality scooter cycle by Baybee has been made to the highest standards and is beautifully styled in eye-catching fluorescent colors.  The two front wheels of the scooter cycle have been spaced far apart to provide as much stability as possible for the rider.

This allows this product to be used by children aged three all the way up to one’s aged 12.  The maximum weight of the rider, as recommended by the manufacturer, is 40kg. The scooter cycle has been produced to be steered by shifting the rider’s weight while slightly turning its handles.

Babyee has ensured that your child’s hands are cushioned from the bumps of rough terrain by providing soft non-slip handlebars.

The front pole of the scooter cycle is made from durable aluminum and can be adjusted to suit the height of the rider.  The scooter relies on a rear braking system with an aluminum brake, which allows the scooter to slow down when foot pressure is applied.

The high-quality wheels of the product have been designed to not scratch tiled floors even when used indoors.  The whole unit is foldable so that it can be easily stored out of the way. The scooter needs some slight assembly initially, as shown in the easy-to-follow manual.  This high-quality scooter can be recommended to any parent that is looking for a scooter that will last until his/her child reaches adolescence.

3. Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids

This cute little scooter cycle has been made to be attractive to young girls and has a lot of girly features to it.  Just like in the other high-quality scooter cycles for smaller kids, this one has the two front wheels spaced further apart for maximum stability.

The extra stability allows children from age 3 to start riding this pretty scooter cycle.  Manufacturers recommend this scooter for children up to the age of 14 and a weight of 75 kg.  The production of this scooter cycle has been done using materials that are free of phthalates and harmful chemicals.

They have also been constructed to EN, BIS, and IS 98 standards guaranteeing high quality.  The wheels of the scooter cycle light up with LED lights when reaching higher speeds. The lights of the product are powered through the use of a dynamo within the wheels.

The handles of this safe scooter cycle have been made to be slip-free, and the pole is made of durable aluminum.  The scooter cycle can grow with your child as the front pole has four adjustments that can be adjusted using a turning grip.

It also relies on a back brake that can be easily accessed due to its wide base.  The scooter’s pole can be folded down for easy storage. The handlebars have dazzling trailers to keep your child entertained while riding it.

The deck is made with a good grip for your child’s feet and has an entertaining print on it.  This pretty little scooter cycle can be recommended for any parent that’s looking for a durable, high-quality scooter cycle for his/her daughter.

4. R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids

This cute little scooter cycle by R for Rabbit has been made to appeal to little boys with its fluorescent blue themed print.  The front wheels of this product have been kept wide to give beginners the stability needed to learn how to ride a scooter.

The product can be steered by turning the handlebars as well as leaning to the side that the user wants to move towards.  Its extra stability allows children as young as three years to be able to ride it while it’s adjustable height makes it sufficient for ages of up to 14 years.

The scooter cycle has been constructed to be sufficient for users weighing up to 75 kg.  The production of this machine has been done to EN 71 specifications guaranteeing high quality.

The durable and pro-traction wheels have been manufactured to be used indoors as well and will not leave marks on tiles when used inside.  The lights of the scooter cycle light up using embedded LED lights that are powered by an internal dynamo system.

They light up more brightly when the scooter is moving faster.  The font pole is made of strong lightweight aluminum and has three height adjustments to suit the height and age of the child.  It can also be folded down for easy storage. The non-slip handles allow for a stable grip while cushioning your child’s hands from rough riding.

The extra-wide brakes at the back allow the scooter to be stopped at any time while being ridden.  This scooter cycle is a fantastic and durable machine that can be recommended for parents with adventurous children.

5. NHR Foldable 2-Wheeled Heavy Duty Scooter for Boys

This interesting scooter cycle by NHR has been modeled after adult scooter cycles and is suitable for older kids.  Both its wheels are made from high-quality PU (polyurethane) material to provide the best traction possible for your child.  The two-wheel system makes this scooter cycle ideal for children aged 10 to 12 years.

The steel-framed machine has been recommended for children below the weight of 45kg by the manufacturers.  The scooter comes with a matching water sipper and holder that will extend the range of your child’s adventures.  Another unique feature this little scooter has is its stand, which allows it to rest independently of walls or poles.

The nifty bell that is included makes this machine suitable for urban and suburban riding where people and animals are common.  The back brake has been positioned to allow quick and nuanced breaking to stop as well as help navigate the path.

The heavy-duty pole in front can be adjusted to 3 levels to suit the height and age of your child.  The footplate has been made from skid-resistant material to ensure stable riding. The handles made from mixed materials have been manufactured to maximize grip while providing some cushioning for the hands.

This unique product is perfect for parents looking to buy their pre-adolescent child a durable scooter cycle that will grow with the child.

6. Zest 4 Toyz Skate Scooter for Kids

This brightly colored scooter cycle by Zest 4 Toyz has been styled to attract adventurous children.  The single front wheel and dual back wheel design allow for stable riding even in uneven surfaces. Its self-balancing structure allows for even children as small as 2 to be introduced to scooter-riding.

The adjustable front pole allows the machine to grow with the child until he/she is eight years old.  The scooter cycle has a carrying capacity of 50 kg. The wheels have LED lights embedded in them that allow them to be lighted up when the scooter is traveling at higher speeds.  The lights are powered through an internal dynamo and don’t need any additional replenishable energy sources.

The deck of the scooter cycle has been designed to be close to the ground and accommodate both feet to provide extra balance.  The machine has been designed to be steered by leaning to the side the rider wants to go to with a small turn of the handles.

This promotes the development of balance in your child as well as hand-eye coordination.  The product can be safely folded and stored as its front pole folds down, and it weighs only about 3 kg.  The durable tyers have been manufactured to provide extra grip on rocky or uneven surfaces.

The braking system used is especially powerful since it engages both the rear wheels to create double the friction.  This interestingly designed scooter cycle can be recommended for parents looking for a durable and hardy product for their child at a mid-range price.

7. NIYAMAT Road Runner Scooter for Kids

This reasonably priced scooter cycle by Niyamat is highly rated by consumers and comes in a red color scheme.  It has a single front wheel and dual back wheel design that is great for riding on uneven surfaces that need extra balance.

The manufacturers recommend that this scooter cycle is used by children between the ages of 3 and 8.  The wheels of the scooter are made with high-quality PU (polyurethane) materials that are able to withstand the rigors of off-road riding.  Then handlebars of the product have been made using durable but soft materials in order to provide a good grip while cushioning your child’s hands.

The deck of the scooter cycle has been made to be extra wide to ensure that your child’s feet never lose grip.  The aircraft-grade aluminum bar in front is adjustable to three settings in order to allow this product to grow with your child.  The back brakes have been designed to provide the maximum friction possible with minimal effort as both back wheels are utilized in the system.

The bar in front shortens and folds so that this machine stores easily within the confines of a closet.  Its lightweight structure also makes it easy to carry for your child. This fantastic machine can be easily recommended for parents that are looking for a stable scooter cycle at a reasonable price for their child.

8. Dash Noddy 3-Wheeled Adjustable Height Kids Scooter

This attractively designed product by dash has all the frills to delight your child that is just starting to learn how to balance.  The overall design, including the bottom part of the footplate, and the wheels have all incorporated transparent materials to provide a flashy look.

The scooter has a single front wheel and dual back wheels that are spaced moderately wide.  The extra stability allows children of 4 to 9 years to use this product safely. The manufacturers recommend children of up to 45 kg to use this scooter cycle.  The metal frame construction makes it hardy and durable. Designed to be ridden in crowded areas, this scooter cycle has a handy bell to notify people of its presence.

The deck of the scooter cycle has been made with skid-resistant materials to ensure that your child keeps his/her footing.  The back brake system uses both back wheels for friction to provide fast and nuanced braking in order to help with steering.

The handlebars are made from foam grips that enhance grip while cushioning your child’s sensitive hands from hard riding.  The product can be folded easily for storage or transportation. The adjustable height of the front pole allows the product to grow with your child.  This affordable scooter cycle can be recommended for any parent that’s trying to gift his/her child an attractive scooter cycle that will last for years.

9. Abhsant 4 Height Adjustable & Foldable Kids Scooter

This unique scooter cycle by Abhsant has several features that make it one of the most stable rides in its category.  This is the only product that has four widely spaced wheels, two in the front and two in the back. This extra stability allows children of ages 3 to 12 to easily use this product and navigate simple paths.

As there are four wheels, the user has to rely more on the turn of the front wheels rather than the incline of the body to steer the scooter.  The EN certified manufacturing process ensures that you are getting the very highest quality of the product. The LED lights that are embedded in the wheels of the scooter cycle will glow brighter as your child rides faster on it.  The lights are powered through an internally fitted dynamo and don’t need additional energy sources.

The unique deck also allows both feet to be placed side-by-side instead of the more traditional one in front of the other.  The brakes are also quite unique in that they are placed on the front and work on both the front wheels. They still need to be activated with the pressure of the child’s foot.

The deck and handles of the product have been made with anti-slip materials to prevent crashes.  The machine can be quickly disassembled for storage or transport. The front aluminum pole’s height can be adjusted to allow the product to grow with the child.  This product has the best stability of all the products that were reviewed and can be recommended for parents that are looking for a scooter cycle to suit a beginner.

10. D Dayons Three Wheeled Metal Folding Skate Scooter

This budget scooter cycle by D Dayons is designed to be attractive to dainty little girls that aren’t going to put it through the wringer.  It has been manufactured with a single front wheel and closely spaced dual back wheels. This design allows enough stability for children of ages 2.5 to 10 to use this product safely.

The scooter cycle has been produced to EN 71 standards, ensuring high quality.  The manufacturers recommend the product to be used with children up to a weight of 45 kg.  The LED lighting on the wheels glows brightly as your child gathers speed on it. The lights have been powered through an internal dynamo and don’t need an additional power source.

The wheels are manufactured using PU (polyurethane), ensuring durability and enhanced grip.  The direction of the scooter cycle can be controlled by turning the steering wheel as well as inclining the body.  The wide deck allows your child to have ample grip on the scooter while riding it.

The handgrips are soft, allowing for prolonged use without bruising.  The product comes to you 100% assembled and can be folded into two to fit snugly into a closet.  The front steel pole can be adjusted to suit the height of your child. The unique braking system uses a lever on the handle just like in bicycles and doesn’t need foot pressure to function.  This product is great for budget-conscious parents that don’t want their child to miss out on any of the frills of an expensive scooter cycle.

Scooter Cycles for Kids – Buying Guide


Most scooter cycles in the market are three-wheeled.  Generally, the dual wheels are in the back for stability, while the single wheel in front allows for extra maneuverability.  Some of the more advanced scooters only have two wheels and are highly maneuverable though requiring more balance to use.

There are a few modern scooter cycles that have two wheels in front with a novel steering system that makes it both stable and maneuverable.


Usually, the brakes of a cycle scooter are present on the back where you place the foot on the brake for the scooter to stop.  Some scooters have bicycle-style brakes with a lever on the handle that can be pressed, but that is a rarer style of brakes.

For a quick stop, you have to use your foot to apply as much friction to the riding terrain as possible to stop the scooter cycle.


A key feature that is needed in a scooter cycle for kids is the ability for the main pole to be extended so that the scooter can grow with your child. It’s also important that the grips on the handles are present so that they don’t slip out of your child’s hands when the scooter cycle is ridden on rougher terrain.  Preferably the grips on the handles are made of rubber so that your child’s hands are cushioned.


Some of the lower-cost models for scooter cycles have load-bearing capacities that are just over 30kg, which means that if they are used on level terrain, they will do fine.

However, children are prone to put their equipment to rough testing, and the weight of your child will increase multiple times if the scooter is being jumped from higher ground to lower.  The sturdier scooter cycles accommodate these behaviors, and some high-quality ones have load-bearing capacities of over 100kg.


Just like in bicycles, some scooter cycles come with bells.  This is especially useful if your child plans on using his/her scooter cycle in populated areas with many pedestrians and animals such as dogs on the road/sidewalk.  And let’s be honest, a bell just adds so much more fun to the scooter cycle!

Water-Bottle Holder

Another feature that some scooter cycles have with bicycles is water-bottle holders.  Some scooters even come with their very own color-coded and styled water bottles that go with the scooter itself.

If your child has friends that are also scooter enthusiasts, this feature will serve them well as they go on adventures around the neighborhood.

Foot Grips

The foot grips that are on the scooter cycle should preferably be rubber so that the foot doesn’t slip off the scooter resulting in a crash.

While some of the lower cost scooters have grips that are made of plastic, this is a little dangerous because bumps on the road could dislodge your child’s foot from the scooter, unbalancing the scooter.  Generally, the softer the rubber, the better the grip, and this is a feature that a conscientious parent will not skimp out on.


Scooters take up space, and especially in the cramped living spaces of a modern home, it’s important that they can be folded and stored without consuming too much time.

Most scooter cycles can be folded up easily and stored vertically to save space in a closet.  Some scooters also allow you to reduce the height of the main handlebar pole so that the pole lowers down to the same length as the bottom part.  If you are especially space-starved, this option might be worth a look.

LED Lights

More adventurous manufacturers have started to add features such as LED lights that flash as the scooter moves.  These LED lights are powered through kinetic energy generated through the motion of the wheels.

Most scooters have these lights on the wheels of the machine, and they are bright enough to be visible even in daylight.  This is definitely a feature that most children will be pleased to have on their scooter cycles.


The cheaper scooter cycles have wheels that are plastic as they are cheaper to manufacture.  However, if you are looking for a machine that will give your child the maximum grip on the road, you should go for wheels that are rubber.

Rubber wheels are also useful when braking as plastic ones slip, and the friction needed to slow the scooter down needs additional foot pressure.


Kids’ scooter cycles are generally built to be suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years. The scooter you purchase for your child must be adjustable so that it grows with your child.

This means that you don’t have to make additional purchases to replace the scooter every few years.

Types of Scooter Cycles for Kids

Two-Wheel Scooter Cycles

These scooter cycles require the highest level of skill in the user.  The two-wheeled format requires the user to balance the scooter cycle at all times, similar to the balance required by a bicycle.  The advantage of these kinds of scooter cycles is that the friction produced on the ground is minimal since there are only two contact points.

Besides, since there are only two wheels, the scooter cycle is highly maneuverable, enabling the user to navigate between obstacles without needing to slow down much.

Three-Wheel Scooter Cycles

These are by far the most popular formats for kids’ scooter cycles.  The reason for this choice by manufacturers is that these formats give a little bit more stability to the scooter.  The scooter cycles with two wheels at either the front or the back allow for more balance.

However, this impedes maneuverability to a certain extent.  Pronounced curves in the path will require the user to tilt the machine to the point that it’s on two wheels.

Four-Wheel Scooter Cycles

These types of scooter cycles are by far the most stable of the lot.  They have four wheels, and at slower speeds, they are almost impossible to tip over.

They are perfect for children that are just learning to ride wheeled vehicles.  However, the risk with these scooter cycles is trying to swerve while going at higher speeds.  This problem is mitigated by buying your child a three-wheeled or two-wheeled scooter when they are ready to go a bit faster.

Multi-Purpose Scooter Cycles

Certain scooter cycles have unique designs that enable them to go from being ridden while standing to adjust to riding it while in a sitting position.  The seat and main pole are interlinked, and they can be assembled in two positions.

In one position, the seat is part of the pole, and the rider can ride the scooter cycle normally.  In the other position, the seat part folds down for the user to use it as a tricycle that is propelled by leg movement.

Scooter Cycles for Kids – Safety Tips

Safety Gear

It’s absolutely essential that your child wears all the safety gear available when riding a scooter cycle as leg propulsion and unwieldy steering causes them to get unbalanced often.

Your child should be wearing a helmet, elbow-guards, knee-guards, shoes with traction, and hopefully, even goggles.

Rear Wheel

Many scooter cycles rely on the pressure exerted on the back wheel to slow down or stop the scooter cycle.  It is important to check whether the traction grooves in the rear wheel are sufficient regularly to ensure that your child is able to stop the scooter cycle as needed.

This also affects whether the scooter cycle has enough traction when he/she is riding the scooter cycle.

Cracks and Stress Fractures

It’s important to check your scooter cycle’s bottom part for cracks and stress fractures to ensure that your child doesn’t have a mishap.

A crack or a stress fracture will result in the bottom half splitting at that point when extra pressure is exerted on it by your child the next time he/she rides the scooter.


As your child will inevitably fall off the scooter cycle at some point in his/her play-time and then proceed to hold the handles again, the handles will get dirty quickly.

Make sure that you regularly clean the scooter cycle so that the surfaces your child comes in contact with stay as clean as possible.


1. What is the best age to get your child a scooter cycle?

If you are looking at a four-wheeled scooter cycle, then you will be fine getting one for your child at 3 or 4 years of age.  However, if you are planning on getting your child a three-wheeled scooter cycle with closely spaced wheels on the side with the dual wheels, then you might postpone it another year or two.

Two-wheeled scooter cycles are suitable for children that are ready to ride bicycles without training wheels.  Of course, these recommended ages will all change if your child is especially prodigious at balance and motor skills.

2. Do the scooter cycles come assembled, or do they need to be assembled?

Generally, scooter cycles do not come with any need for assembly.  There are instructions that are provided with the scooter cycle that tells you how you can unfold and fold the scooter cycle, however.  Please read the instructions carefully so that you are able to unfold the scooter cycle and adjust the settings to suit the height and weight of your child before allowing your child to use it.

There might be some scooter cycles where you have to attach the bottle holder, bell, or other paraphernalia that are not part of the essential scooter cycle parts.  Handle levers for the braking system might also need some adjustment before use.

3. What type of scooter cycles is the safest?

The safety of the scooter cycle depends on the user’s style of riding.  If your child only rides it on paths that have no obstacles at slow speeds, then the four-wheeled scooter cycle will be the safest bet.

If your child rides his/her scooter cycle at variable speeds on uneven terrain that have obstacles, then a four-wheeled scooter cycle won’t provide enough maneuverability, and a three-wheeled scooter cycle will be the best choice for safety.

4. Do the LED lights on scooter cycles need batteries?

No, none of the scooter cycle models that were evaluated by us required the use of a battery for its LED lights to work.  The electricity for the lights is generated by harnessing the power of the rotation of the wheels through a dynamo or an alternator.

This electricity is not stored anywhere on the scooter cycle, which means that the lights only work as the scooter cycle is moving.  LED lights provide a great additional feature for scooter cycles and create a great pull factor for children who need a bit of extra motivation to engage in physical activity.

5. How much do scooter cycles weigh?

There is a wide range of weights for scooter cycles depending on the style that you go for.  However, kids’ scooter cycles are generally between the weights of 2 kg and 8 kg, allowing them to be carried around by children when the terrain isn’t suitable for them to be ridden.

Carbon-fiber casing and high-quality plastic and aluminum parts allow for scooter cycles to be sturdy enough to carry up to 100kg loads while not weighing a lot themselves.


Scooter cycles can provide your children with great means of developing large motor skills and balance.  They are also much safer in certain ways than bicycles, which can result in crashes that do semi-permanent damage to children.

While scooter cycles might result in a few scrapes or bruises, the speeds at which they are ridden make them very safe. Choosing the right scooter cycle for your child’s personality is also key to making sure that your child remains as safe as possible while enjoying his/her new toy.

The buying guide that we have amalgamated has been done so to ensure that you are aware of the key points to look for when you are purchasing a scooter cycle for your child.  Make sure that you browse through the safety tips and the FAQ section to ensure that your new purchase, as well as your child, are kept as safe as possible. We wish you luck and hope that your child enjoys years of fun with his/her new scooter cycle!

Are you worried that your child can’t make a phone call or send a message to you because he/she doesn’t have a smartphone?  The solution might be as simple as a smartwatch that can use a SIM card. There are a whole host of reasons why you might want your child to have a smartwatch, including counting his/her steps if your child’s a little overweight, or to track his/her whereabouts using a GPS tracker.

You might just want your child to give a smartwatch as a gift so that he/she can connect to his/her smartphone for easier access. We have gone through the most popular, technologically advanced and practical smartwatches and reviewed them so that your decision-making process on selecting the perfect smartwatch for your child is just a little bit easier.

We hope that you can select a smartwatch that will delight your child and give him/her a constant supply of excitement.

Smartwatches for Kids

1. SeTracker Smart Watch for Kids

This gorgeous smartwatch by SeTracker has all the frills and features you’d expect from a high-end device with a hefty price tag.  You are able to insert a micro SIM card directly into this smartwatch, enabling it to operate independently of any smartphone.

The operating system used by this smartwatch is Android, allowing you to use all the applications available on this platform suitable for its technical specifications.  It has a GPS tracker that allows your child’s position to be tracked at all times.

Dual-mode positioning with LBS provides an additional safety net for your child. Its SOS function allows for three pre-recorded numbers to be called as soon as the SOS button is pressed by your child.

It also has a touch screen and a front camera for video recording.  You can also make two-way voice calls from anywhere there’s a signal using this amazing device.  This smartwatch is perfect for kids going out on adventures, as it also has a torch.

Several math games have been preinstalled to help your child develop his/her calculating skills.  This smartwatch is also able to pair with both Android and iOS devices, making it truly versatile. There is also an alarm clock function with multiple alarm settings to help keep your child to his/her schedule.

This product can be recommended for any parent that is looking to keep his/her child safe and connected even as he/she goes exploring adventures.




2. HNESS Unisex Bluetooth 4g Smart Watch

This classily designed product by HNESS has incredibly fast connection speeds and superior processing speeds.  You can insert a micro SIM card directly into the smartwatch to get blistering fast connection speeds of up to 4G.

The high-quality display has been produced to enable quick touch and clear image representation. It also has a lot of features available in a sports watch, such as a pedometer that tracks your movement and a sedentary reminder.

It also monitors your sleep and records the quality of your sleep so that you have proper data to improve your health and circadian rhythm. The Android 5.1 operating system runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, which gives you enough juice even for the heaviest applications.

The device has been manufactured to be compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and all Android tablets.  It connects to other smart devices using Bluetooth 3.0L though it can access the internet using its SIM card if necessary.  It also has a calculator function to help with quick calculations.

A TF/microSD card of up to 32GB can be used for further storage needs.  The smartwatch fully supports Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter to keep up with your social media needs. It has a screen that is 1.54” diagonally-wide and a battery of capacity 280 mAh.

It also has a calendar, alarm, and tape recorder functions to keep your child better organized throughout the day. This is the perfect smartwatch for a parent that is looking to provide the best technology available to his/her child to keep him/her educated, motivated, and connected.




3. KEMIPRO DZ09 Black Bluetooth Smart Watch

This fully functional smartwatch that comes with a traditional digital watch design by KEMIPRO is competitively priced.  It supports the very best in independent connectivity through the use of a 4G enabled micro SIM card. This means that this device does not have to rely on smartphones or other smart devices for internet connectivity or for making phone calls/sending SMSs.

It supports many social media platforms such as Facebook, QQ, WeChat, Whatsapp, and Twitter. It has a quick access page for accessing news and keeping up to date on other information. It also serves as a fitness band by keeping track of your travel distance through a pedometer and using a sedentary reminder.  It is able to monitor your sleep schedule and keep track of your sleep quality.

This versatile smartwatch is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones and Android tablets.  It has a long-lasting battery of 230 mAh that is enough to keep this device juiced throughout the day. There is also an option of using a microSD card for further storage.

There is a voice record function for recording voice messages or sending voice-to-text text messages to your friends. Its multi-language functionality allows for the display to be in several languages.  It comes with a superior MTK 6261 chipset and a 1.56” diagonally-wide touchscreen display with 240 x 240-pixel resolution.

The smartwatch has an in-built speaker system of 8 amps and 0.7 watts. It also has a G-sensor that will monitor acceleration.  This smartwatch is a fantastically priced product with almost every single function imaginable and can be recommended for purchase without any reservation.




4. 10WeRun M9 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This beautifully modeled smartwatch by 10WeRun combines both a modern-looking interface screen and a traditional watch design.  The smartwatch is able to connect to the internet and make/receive phone calls and SMS messages independently of any other smart device.  It does this by using a micro SIM card with 4G connectivity inserted directly into the device.

It has a speech-to-text function that allows you to dictate messages directly onto the device that can then be sent to friends and family.  It has been built to connect to smart devices using Bluetooth and will function without the use of a SIM card when it is paired. It will also notify the user of messages received and calls received by the smart device when paired.

This fantastic device is also able to play MP3 music using its in-built speakers directly from the device or through a paired device.  The front-end camera is able to capture images that can then be stored directly onto a TP/microSD card. It has a 2.5D Radian Capacitive LCD touchscreen that is 1.54” wide diagonally.

The 380 mAh battery is substantially bigger than the sub-300 mAh batteries available in its competitors. This smartwatch is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones and with Android tablets.

It also has the timer and alarm clock functions of any other watch. The smartwatch is also programmed to function as a health aid with its sleep monitor functionality. This is a very well-rounded product that can be recommended to any parent that is looking to provide their child with an affordable smartwatch.




5. ZXEGA DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This budget smartwatch by Brightway Tech has almost all the frills you would expect from in an expensive smartwatch.  It has a classy analog time display as a starting screen, which adds to the look of the watch. You are also able to insert a micro SIM directly onto the device to receive high bandwidth 2G internet connectivity.

You are also able to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages directly onto the watch when using a micro SIM card. When not using a SIM card, it can pair with any Android (over Android 4.3) and iOS (over iPhone 5) smartphones or Android (over Android 4.3) tablets to get internet connectivity.  It will also show and notify you of any calls and messages received by the paired smart device.

The high-resolution 2-megapixel camera is sharp enough to take great selfies and amazing snapshots of your surroundings.  These images can be seamlessly uploaded to social media using a Bluetooth paired device or directly from the smartwatch itself.  These images can then be stored in a TP/microSD card on the device.

This smartwatch also has a G-sensor that allows the acceleration you are experiencing to be monitored.  A calculator app with large buttons is available for any quick calculations. The in-built speakers allow you to listen to music directly from the device or from any device it is paired with.

The smartwatch relies on a heavy-duty MTK6261D processor chip, which enables it to run any application you may desire. This smartwatch is probably one of the best value-for-money devices you can buy in this category and can be recommended for budget-conscious parents looking for a lot of bang for the buck.




Smartwatches for Kids – Buying Guide

Time Display

Most smartwatch manufacturers go for the digital time display that we have all gotten accustomed to while others go for a more futuristic look with an analog system using simulated arms or dials.  Make sure you select a time display model that fits with your child’s style so that he/she gains as much enjoyment as possible when using your gift to him/her.


The most popular interface styles used by smartwatches are ones that have icons that radiate outwards from a central focal point and ones that have a couple of large icons for just the main functions on the screen.  Other interfaces focus on steps taken, calories used, and other health-related displays. Some of the higher-end models are more minimalist and has a central button to go into the apps page of the interface while only displaying the battery usage and time as default.


Just like on a smartphone, the central input method for a smartwatch is its touchscreen.  The durability of the watch will depend mostly on the durability of the touchscreen and its ability to remain a valid input system for the watch.  Scratches and cracks might result in faulty data input, which reduces the functionality of your smartwatch. Try to go for a smartwatch that focuses explicitly on high-quality touchscreens to ensure that your child can enjoy the use of his/her smartwatch for a prolonged period.


There are two levels of resistance for a smartwatch, quite like other electronic devices, waterproof smartwatches, and water-resistant smartwatches.  Water-resistant smartwatches can withstand moisture at very low-pressure levels for specific periods. Waterproof smartwatches can be submerged in water and kept there for as long as recommended as the limit by the manufacturer.  Water-resistance is a must for any smartwatch you are considering buying as children get sweaty, and this moisture has to be withstood by the smartwatch.


The wristband that goes around your child’s wrist holds the smartwatch in its place as your child continues his/her daily activities.  Almost all manufacturers have gone for a plastic/rubber mixture for its wristbands as children sweat a lot. Wristbands have to be able to be appropriately cleaned for them to be viable for use with children.  The wristband must have enough range in its settings to grow with the child. Try to go for a smartwatch with a wristband that will securely fit the smartwatch onto your child as he/she engages in strenuous physical activity.

Smartphone Connectivity

Smartwatches serve as an accessible connector-piece to the bulkier but more functional smartphones.  They usually pair with smartphones using Bluetooth. Although WiFi is also an option, it is much more draining on the smartphone’s battery (due to the use of a hotspot).  Generally, smartwatches allow you to pick up and make calls that use your smartphone’s SIM card. Make sure that the smartwatch you are getting can be paired with the type of OS your smartphone uses.  Generally, watches that pair with Android will have certain restrictions when pairing with Apple and vice versa.

Voice Commands

Some of the more advance smartwatches allow you to use voice commands to activate specific features of the watch.  This feature is important as interfacing using the screen might be a little harder as the screen of a smartwatch is relatively small.

It’s especially important if you are driving and you want to make a phone call or even to send a message to a specific person. Your child might not be at the age to drive yet, but he/she can benefit from this while riding a bike or even while going on a hike with friends.


Smartwatches can have functional usage hours that are comparable to smartphones though they have much less actually battery power storage.  While smartphones have batteries that go up to about 3000 mAh, the batteries of smartwatches max out at about 500 mAh. Try to get a smartwatch with a battery that allows for full functionality throughout the day, including several hours of voice communication.


Some of the multi-function smartwatches actually have cameras embedded in them for quick picture-taking and even has limited video capability.  Generally, the cameras employed by smartwatches go up to about 2 MP (megapixel), while smartphones have cameras that go above 10 MP. Two megapixel cameras are still nothing to be scoffed at and can result in high-quality pictures that can capture selfies between friends that can then be easily uploaded to social media.

GSM Micro SIM Support

Many smartwatches now can have a micro SIM with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) inserted directly into the device.  This means that your smartwatch will be able to make and receive phone calls directly from your watch without needing any other device for this functionality.  This would be a great life-saving feature for your child and can be a safety net for emergencies.


Most smartwatches don’t have the screen output capacity to use more data than is transferrable using 2G.  However, some of the higher quality models have connectivity up to 4G, which allows for gigabits of data to be transferred within seconds.  This is mostly important only if your phone has a high-quality camera to capture such large amounts of data. Try to get a model that at least has 3G connectivity so that internet usage and video playback are seamless for your child.

Memory and Storage

Some smartwatches can use microSD cards (aka TF cards) to store gigabytes of data for future retrieval.  This is mostly used for picture and video capture from cameras. It is good if the smartwatch can interface with microSD cards with up to 32GB, as that is a mid-range amount for videos and other bulky media.  However, even an 8GB microSD card is sufficient for most needs.


The variety of applications that you can install on a smartwatch is dependent on the operating system that it uses.  If it is Android-based, then it can install all the apps that are suitable for its technical specifications available on the Android platform.  If the device you buy for your child is an Apple smartwatch, then its compatibility will be with the Apple applications developed for electronic devices.  Most simple applications like organizers and video recorders will be installed onto your smartwatch. Applications like games that require higher hardware specifications will not be functional.

Fitness Tracker

A popular function of smartwatches is to provide the wearer with a fitness band in addition to its other functions.  These watches have a display that shows you the main metrics of your child’s health as it’s worn. All of them generally have a heart-rate monitor and a step counter, while there can be additional features like a calorie counter, an activity tracker, a blood pressure monitor, and a sleep tracker.  This functionality is great if you have a child that is health-conscious or if you want a high tech method of motivating your child to do more activities that are beneficial health-wise.

Types of Smartwatches for Kids

Sports Smartwatches

These are fantastic for athletes and people that are trying to get fitter.  This type of smartwatch generally monitors important aspects of the body, such as blood pressure and heartbeat.  It can also provide tracking for important daily activities such as steps walked, calories burnt, sleep time, etc.

All of this data can generally be transferred onto a program on your smartphone through Bluetooth, which then proceeds to analyze the data and give you valuable insight.  Of course, these smartwatches have the regular functionality of a watch as well.

Classic Smartwatches

These generally function as extensions of your smartphone and have a whole host of additional features.  They will show you the notifications that you get on your smartphone and even allow you to make and receive calls from the smartwatch while connected to a smartphone.

They can also have the functionality of a sports smartwatch where your body’s functions are tracked and monitored. The advantage is that there are a whole host of fitness applications to choose from on these smartwatches.  You also get to choose from the almost limitless pool of Android and iOS applications available for smartwatches depending on what the operating system of your smartwatch is.

However, since the screens are generally larger in these watches and due to the extended functionality, the battery life generally suffers, and they need to be plugged in almost every night.

Smartwatches with GSM SIM

These smartwatches are almost able to replace the use of a smartphone for a duration of time during the day.  The reason for that is that these smartwatches allow you to insert SIM cards directly into the smartwatches. This allows you to have the ability to make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch.

It also allows for you to be able to get the internet directly onto the smartwatch, which means that you are able to use all of your applications available in the smartwatch independently of a smartphone. These smartwatches can also have fitness aid functionality, just like sports or classic smartwatches.

The only disadvantage of this type of smartwatch is that the battery life is going to be limited due to the large screen and voice communication functionality.

However, this type of smartwatch has the ultimate functionality of any smartwatch and functions almost as a smartphone does, though with limitations due to reduced specifications and smaller screens.

Smartwatches for Kids – Safety Tips

Blood Flow

Make sure that your child wears the smartwatch on his/her wrist in a manner that allows unrestricted blood flow through his/her veins.  When physical exertion is made, muscle fibers and blood vessels expand. If your child’s wristband is on too tight, the flow of blood in veins that are near the skin will be restricted, resulting in restricted oxygen-supply to the hand.

Scheduled Use

There is a tendency for the skin that has been covered up by a watch to be slightly altered due to the restricted air-supply to the surface as well as the constant moisture on it.  Make sure that your child does not wear the smartwatch during the night and that the wrist is free for periods of time during the day so that the skin can repair itself.


To ensure that your child’s smartwatch has enough juice to last the day, make sure that it is put to charge when your child is at home.  You don’t want to be in a position where your child needs to make a phone call but is unable to do so due to the smartwatch’s battery running out.


As smartwatches are expensive pieces of equipment, it’s important that your child knows how to take care of the product.  Take the time to teach your child that the touchscreen is scratch and crack sensitive and that he/she should not be engaged in activities that could damage the phone while wearing it, including submersing it in water unless it is waterproof.

MicroSD Card

Generally, the microSD card can pop out of pressure is applied to the microSD card slot from the side.  Make sure your child understands that the watch isn’t to be touched around the screen unless he/she is using a specific function on the sides of the watch.  This will prevent the card from popping out and getting lost unintentionally.


As the smartwatch is worn on the wrist, it can accumulate a shocking amount of dirt and organisms after just a few days of wear.  It is important to make sure that the smartwatch is cleaned often to ensure that your child’s health is not affected. Make sure only limited amounts of liquid touch the smartwatch while it is being cleaned and that the smartwatch is water-resistant.


1. Will a smartwatch with SIM functionality work without a SIM card?

Yes, generally, the smartwatch will be able to be used without restriction.  The only restrictions will be that you will not be able to make and receive calls/text messages or use the internet independently of a smartphone.  You will have to pair your smartwatch with a smartphone using Bluetooth or WiFi to be able to use any application in it that needs the internet to function.

Functionality such as fitness tracking, watch functions, and notes that don’t need the internet to function will not be affected in any way.

2. How do you charge a smartwatch battery?

Generally, smartwatches come with their own chargers.  However, in general, smartwatches are charged using the same technology used to charge your smartphones.  In the event of an emergency, you may use a standard smartphone charger to charge your smartwatch, but differences in voltages might reduce the life of your smartwatch’s battery and/or cause damage to the electronics of the phone.

It is recommended that you only use the charger that has been designed to charge your smartwatch.

3. What is the quality of connectivity in a smartwatch with 4G?

While some smartwatches come with 4G functionality, the equipment used in these smartwatches generally cannot deliver the full potential of 4G connectivity.  However, this is not generally an issue for smartwatches as they will rarely even use the bandwidth used by 3G, which is actually enough even for HD streaming.

This quality of streaming is not necessary for a smartwatch as its screen size is very small. Anything above 2.5G is more than sufficient for a smartwatch.

4. Do smartwatches have a calculator option?

Generally, all smartwatches except for basic smartwatches and sports smartwatches have this functionality.  Even some sports smartwatches have a calculator app for quick basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

It’s important to understand that the space given for numbers and functions on a calculator is very limited and that the user should not depend on a smartwatch for his/her regular calculating needs.

5. Do any smartwatches come with flashlights?

While most smartwatches don’t have the flashlight capability, there are a few that do.  The ones that have flashlights generally also have cameras in them. However, as smartwatches generally have small batteries downwards of 500 mAh, it is recommended that you only use the flashlight function as an emergency.

The application for flashlight functionality can be downloaded on Android operating systems while it is already embedded into the iOS operating system.


The world of smartwatches is one where more and more functions are added daily to the already extensive arsenal of applications, sensors, and monitors available in today’s smartwatch.  It’s important to sit down and try to figure out what functionality is essential for your smartwatch as, while it may have most of the functions you use on a daily basis, its battery life will not accommodate its incessant use.

You might also want to restrict some features like extensive internet browsing on a smartwatch so that your child isn’t compelled to cheat in school or go to websites that he/she isn’t supposed to.

We hope that you go through our extensive buying guide to ensure that you are aware of the main points to evaluate before you make a smartwatch purchase for your child.  Our safety tips and FAQ section will help you get an overview of how best to take care of your new electronic purchase. We wish you luck and hope that your child benefits immensely from the wide array of helpful applications and monitors a smartwatch affords its user.

Are you looking to buy an activity table for your little one? If you notice your kid loves to draw or play around with things, you can grow their creative imagination with the help of an activity table. Babies are still very young to read books and play with complicated toys, but with activity tables, they can keep themselves busy while at the same time having fun.

There are a lot of activity tables in the market today, and it can be a bit confusing when deciding which one to buy. Activity tables for babies usually comprise of several tots that are aimed at developing their creative and thinking ability. We have compiled some of the best activity tables you can buy for your toddler in this guide.


Top Activity Tables For Babies

1. Techhark Multi-Functional Activity Table

This Techhark multifunctional activity table comes with a lot of features. Your little one will be able to find a lot of toys to play with. The buttons are colorful, and there are lots of switches, dial, wheels, keys, and many things on the table that will keep your baby very busy for a long time. This activity table is for babies between 1 to 3 years old. It has an on and off switch. The design is very colorful and vibrant. It will catch your baby’s attention.

The Techhark activity table is also very strong and will last long. It is made with quality materials and is safe for your baby. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. This activity table comes with a lot of toys that will engage your baby’s imagination and creativity. It comes with a train, piano, and lots of music that will help develop their senses.  It will help them develop by improving them mentally and physically. They can also learn to stand firmly and walk better while at the same time enjoy having fun playing.

2. Toyshine Kids Creative Clay Dough Activity Play Table

Toyshine activity table is one gift you should buy for your baby. It comes with over 30 play accessories that will aid their creative ability. With the Toyshine activity table, you will be allowing your little one to explore their imagination and experiment with things.

You can watch your baby use their hands and their eyes as they work to create different models. The dough will give them hours of fun, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them busy. Your little one will also enjoy drawing and painting as well.

The clay dough can be molded to any form of shape, and you will be surprised at what your little one can create with this toy. The Toyshine activity table is made with environmentally friendly Mylar flour color clay, and it is nontoxic. It is also flexible and won’t make any mess around.

3. Baybee Infunbebe Learning Multi Games Activity Table

The Baybee activity table is for your six months old baby who is just in their early stage of learning. Your baby can enjoy beating the drum and watching the bright lights that show. The legs of this activity table can be detached and reassembled.

The toy also comes with seven vibrant colors, and the toys on the table easily light up and play classic melodies.  This toy is perfect for babies between 6months to 12 months old. You can also tie the activity table to their bed so your baby can play with it. The table is very light, and your little one will be able to carry it.

It also comes with colorful cartoon animals and an interactive ball run table. The baby toy can be used by your kid while sitting on the floor, and they can stand up to play when you attach the legs of the table.

4. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Activity

The Leapfrog activity table introduces your little one to colors, shapes, and numbers. The toy has a lot of songs that babies can listen to. It also has a piano and a drum. The songs included are top-rated children’s tunes like Old MacDonald” and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The Leapfrog activity table is recommended for babies between the ages of 6 months to 3 years.  There is so much your little one can do on this activity table. When they beat the drums, the table lights up to the rhythm.

The activity table allows them to use their hands and their eyes in a coordinated manner. They will quickly become familiar with colors and shapes on the table. The activity table also improves their motor skills and teaches your baby how to express themselves as well as their creativity. They can also learn to walk and move around with the help of the activity table.

5. Toys Bhoomi 29 Pieces Multi-Functional Kitchenware Table Activity

Children love to explore and have an exciting imagination. With the right tools, they will be able to grow their creative ability. This is why toys like the Toys Bhoomi activity table help. This activity table gives your little one an adventure into the world of restaurants.

It is common to find little children play with toy kettles and feeding their little toys. You can also have them play the cooking games on this toy. Toys Bhoomi comes with 29 pieces of kitchenware accessories that your baby can play with. All the toys are made with safe plastic and are quality.

Your baby can do a role play by serving food and tea. They can organize a tea party with a kitchen tea table set. The Toys Bhoomi activity table comes with a cutlery set for four people. It has played, spoons, knives, forks, drinks, a bowl, and other kitchenware. You can watch your kid start a Christmas party or birthday party with this toy. It will develop their motor skills, and they will learn how to interact more.

6. GoAppuGo Musical Learning Kids Activity Table

GoAppuGo Musical Learning Activity Table is a fun toy for little children. It is recommended for babies between 1 to 3 years old. This activity table comes with up to 10 different activities to keep your little one engaged for long hours. It has a piano which comes in various modes and makes lots of interesting sounds.

It also has fascinating lights to amuse your little one. The activity table comes with a steering wheel, which is accompanied by a horn to mimic a vehicle. It also has games that involve sorting out colorful shapes. The flipbook with pages is another interesting feature you will find in this toy.

There is also a feature that allows your baby to activates storytelling. They can move the frog with beads over a labyrinth and ride their car around the table following the rhythm of the monkey’s melody. This activity table is very interesting and will help your little one quickly learn how to interact. They will also learn to develop great motor skills.

7. Janvitha Multi-Functional Activity Table with Train

This multifunctional activity table comes with a toy train and music that will be pleasant to listen to. The Janvitha toy is perfect for little babies between the ages of 1 to 3 years old.

There are so many things your baby will be able to do on this activity table. Apart from the moving train, it also comes with a piano and other exciting toys.

This toy is for both boys and girls. It will help develop your little one by teaching them how to interact and to express themselves better. It also helps them develop good motor skills as they engage in the many activities of the toy. One of the major benefits of this activity table is that your baby can play with it along with their friend.

8. Hapsters 6 in 1 Fun Convertible Learning Activity Play Game Musical Table

Hapsters 6 in 1 activity table is a high-quality learning toy for your baby. It comes with enough features that will keep your baby engaged. The Hapsters activity table is designed with holes that look like a flower where your little one will need to lift a figure that comes in the shape of the holes and push it inside it. With this simple step, your baby will be learning how to identify shapes, colors, and also learn to solve puzzles. When your baby puts the right shape in the flower hole, immediately, the flower lights up and makes a sound.

The figures to be sorted and the pedestals on the table are numbered one to five. Also, on the surface of the table, there are other objects that your baby can move back and forth. When they do this, the rotary gears will make an interesting sound. The pyramid of 5 bright molds is another game your little one will find interesting because when they throw balls inside the pyramid, they can watch it till. The Hapsters activity table uses batteries, and it does not contain any harmful substance that will affect your baby.

Guide To Buying Lift the Flap Books For Kids


Some activity tables are designed for kids older than your baby, and if you buy them, you may end up not using it. Before you buy any activity table for your baby, you should start with a floor toy, and it would be preferable to get a 2 in 1 activity table to save money. With a 2 in 1 activity center, you can choose to remove the legs of the table or install the legs to make it a stand up activity table.


Another important thing to look out for inactivity tables is the number of features on the table. Activity tables come with a lot of toys like pianos, Bella, trains, whistles, etc. The tables are very colorful, and there is usually a lot going on at the surface to keep your baby engaged. The more the toys, the better it is so far your baby understands how to play with the toys.

If the activity table has many toys to amuse and engage your baby, it would improve their motor skills, their imagination, and improve their senses.


When buying any baby toy, quality is a must because your little one will not always be gentle with their toys. You can don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive activity table before you can find a quality one. Many quality brands offer quality activity tables at budget-friendly prices. You can find the best one that fits your budget through reviews like the one provided in this article.

You should not get carried away with the beautiful design by sacrificing quality because there are a lot of counterfeit products in the market today. If the activity table is not a quality one and your baby puts their weight one it, it might end up causing injury.

Types of Activity Tables For Kids

There are different types of activity tables, and we will discuss each one in detail.


This particular type of activity table is in the form of a contraption that allows your kid to sit down while playing. The exersaucer has a platform right below the seat, which so that your kid can either sit down or bounce around. On the tray of this activity table, you will find toys scattered all around it in a perfect circle.

Baby Standing Activity Table

This activity table does not come with a seat. Your kid will be standing beside it to play with the toys on it. Most times, the standing activity table comes with buttons and switches to make movement easy.

The benefit of this toy is that it helps your toddler to learn how to stand and walk. They will be able to find support holding the table, and with the motivation of being around the table, they gradually improve their first steps.

Baby Activity Centers

The activity centers offer a variety of things for toddlers. They can sit, stand, bounce, and play around with the activity center. It usually comes with so many detachable toys that they can play with on the table. The purpose of the activity center is to improve your baby’s motor skills and also their creativity.

Benefits of Activity Tables

If you buy the right type of activity table for your baby, it can be rewarding. The toy helps your little one develop quickly and improve them as they grow. The activity table gives your baby more than one way to play.

Motor Skills

Activity tables will help your kid develop exceptional motor abilities. They will quickly learn how to walk well and stay balanced while standing. It is also known to help improve their cognitive functions as well as improving speech.

Your little one will learn quickly how to move things around, and they will learn how to stay focused. Activity tables allow your kids to work with their hands. They will be able to move their muscles freely and other parts of their body.

Cognitive Skills

They will be able to explore their creative ability and solve problems. Your kid will easily learn to identify shapes, colors, letters, and even numbers. They will be able to develop a good IQ even at such an early age.

Having an activity table at home for your kid is a convenient way to train them to use their thinking capabilities as they grow. Toy manufacturers continue to include exciting features to help growing children. The activity tables are recommended for use at a very early age, preferably when your child is up to nine months old, and they can continue to use it as they grow older.

Instead of limiting your kid to one toy, it is more fun having them play with the many toys included in the activity table.


Activity tables will keep your little one distracted, so you can get around to complete your tasks for the day. Kids can get bored when they keep playing with a particular tot for a long time, especially if the toy just has one or two features. The activity tables give your kids a variety of options so they can be engaged for a long time.

Activity tables can be very engaging for both parents and the baby. It will strengthen the bond between parents and their kids. You will find a lot of toys on the 360-degree table which your little one can keep playing with. They will be so engrossed in what they have in front of them; they won’t have time to disturb.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are activity tables good for babies?

When we are involved in so many activities, it improves our mind and that that is why it is important to give your little one an opportunity to learn even at an early age. Activity tables give your baby a fun learning experience. It develops them both mentally and physically. They will be able to learn a lot before they are enrolled at school. It is usually recommended for parents to start their kids with activity tables as a pre-preparatory step in their learning process. Children will learn more when they are fully engaged and working with their hands. The colors and sound opens up their imagination and teaches them to identify things easily.

2. When can my baby use the activity table?

Activity tables are usually made for kids around six months old to 3 years old. When you buy activity tables, you need to consider the age factor. There are different types for different age groups. If you buy a toy meant for an older kid, your toddler may not be able to handle the difficulty level. It is usually advisable to check reviews like this, to know which activity table is perfect for your baby. It is better to start the learning process early with your little baby with activity tables. It will improve their walking and standing position, especially when they lean on the activity table.

3. Do infants need toys and activity tables?

Babies need toys and also activity tables. This is because, at this age, they are just beginning to learn. The activity table will help develop their visual and auditory senses. It would help them identify numbers, colors, shapes, and so much more.

4. What is the best activity table for babies?

We have compiled the top brands you will find today in the market. These activity tables have been used by most parents and are recommended for babies. They are quality and are safe for kids. The top on our list is the Techhark Multifunctional Activity Table, which offers your baby a fun experience while they learn.


Activity tables are one of the best toys you can get your little one today. They are in their growing process, and these toys will be able to improve their ability to interact and their speech. It is good that you allow your baby to explore their imagination and use their hands to create things. You can get any of the activity tables mentioned in this review that falls within your child’s age group. You don’t need to spend so much money to buy the best activity table for your baby. You should use cheaper products that are made with high-quality materials. The most important thing is that your kid has a lot of fun and learns from all the activities.

If you have a toddler, you can buy any of the top activity tables listed in this review today.

Baby blankets are essentials for every baby. It keeps the baby warm and gives it comfort. You will find out that a lot of new parents have a specialized attachment to their baby’s first blanket. If you are about to welcome your newborn baby, then you should get a baby blanket that is worth remembering.  If you want to preserve the memory of your baby’s coverage, you can get a baby blanket with their name embroidered on it.

Blankets are made with different types of materials, quality, and sizes. You must look at its dimensions before making any purchase. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know before you go ahead to buy your baby’s first blanket.


Best Baby Blankets Review

1. REHTRAD Baby Blanket

The Rehtrad baby blanket comes in a very beautiful design and also very simple. It is a quilt that babies love. This baby blanket comes in a breathable and warm material. It can be used as a quilt for a stroller and also as an air conditioner.

The Rehtrad baby blanket can be machine washed and will dry quickly. It can be used indoors and even outdoors in your car. The baby blanket is made from cotton material and has a filling made out of microfiber. The pineapple head baby blanket comes in a standard size of 59 by 43.3 inches.

The material is gentle on babies skin and does not cause any irritation. The baby blanket is fade resistant and odor-free.

It is hypoallergenic and will cause your baby heat. The baby blanket is made with a durable material that does not shrink even after washing. The stitches are strong, and the blanket won’t fall apart.

2. Mom’s Home Organic Cotton Baby Muslin 6 Layer Blanket

This baby blanket is designed in 6 layers and is very soft. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or toxic substances. It is gentle and mild on babies. The baby blanket can be washed and even gets softer after every wash. This blanket can be used under AC temperature and during very mild cold weather.

The blanket is suitable for babies between the age of 0 to 3 years old. The material is soft and breathable. It is made from premium organic cotton muslin material. The blanket can be used on babies with extra sensitive skin as it is completely safe.

The Moms Home Organic baby blanket is durable and will last a long time. It is very easy to maintain and will be worth buying.

3. Rose Baby & Toddler Imported Mink Single Layer Blanket

The Rose Baby blanket is very cozy and will keep your baby warm during cold nights. The blanket comes in a standard size that is adequate to wrap your baby comfortably. It is effortless to care for this blanket as it can be machine washed and hand washed.

The lightweight fabric can keep your baby warm without causing overheating. It can also be used as a swaddle wrapper to carry your baby. The Rose baby blanket is great for babies between the ages of 0 to 5 years old.

The material is very soft and is made from breathable material. The fabric is excellent for babies with soft skin. It can also be used to shade your baby under the hot sun. This baby blanket will make a perfect gift for new mothers.

4. LuvLap Muslin Cotton Baby Blanket

The LuvLap baby blanket is made with a 100% muslin cotton material. It is ultra-soft and is six layers thick. The baby blanket has four layers of muslin tucked inside the two layers of woven cotton fabric.

It is very light and helps keep your baby warm. The fabric is breathable and won’t cause overheating. LuvLap baby blankets will give your baby a sound sleep at night.

The blanket has a multipurpose function. It can be used as a blanket, a swaddle wrapper, a quilt, and a nursing cover for travel. It can even be used as a baby burp cloth. The material dries quickly after wash and does not shrink.

It even gets softer after washing, giving your baby that cozy feeling. The LuvLap baby blanket is very light and is great for use in India.

5. Cottington Lane Baby Swaddle Blanket

Cottington Lane baby blankets come in a very beautiful and attractive design. The stylish design adds a perfect touch to your baby’s crib. The blanket is made with pure natural 100% cotton muslin material. It is easy for your baby to breathe in this blanket even when they put the blanket over their head.

The blanket is warm and cozy. It will guarantee that your baby has a good night’s rest. The fabric is very soft and does not overheat. It can be used to keep your baby warm during the cold winter and also during the summer months. The fabric is gentle on babies skin and does not cause any irritation.

The blanket measures 47 inches by 47 inches. It can be used to wrap your baby around with ease. The cotton blanket can be used to protect your baby from the hot sun, or against the wind and insects when spending time outside. It can also serve as a sheet for your baby’s crib and as a car seat liner. The Cottington baby blanket is suitable for newborn babies up until they are nine months old. It is soft and body-friendly for baby’s with very sensitive skin.

6. Baby Bucket AC Double Layer Velvet Fleece Newborn Printed Baby Blanket

The Baby Bucket Fleece Baby blanket is a very soft fabric blanket. It can even be used as a bedsheet for your baby’s room. This baby blanket keeps your baby feeling warm and cozy all through the night. It allows them to sleep well without any risk of suffocation.

The baby blanket is very easy to wash and fold easily after drying. It comes in very solid and attractive colors. The prints are very cute and fascinating for babies.

The baby blanket is made out of coral fleece material that is breathable and super soft. It comes in a measurement of 40.15 inches by 29.92 inches. The baby blanket can be used for babies between the ages of 0 to 3 years old.

Guide To Buying Baby BlanketsTypes and Uses of Baby Blankets

Find a Breathable Blanket

When buying baby blankets, you need to look for one with a comfortable material that they can breathe easily in even when it ends up over their head. You should avoid any material that can cause suffocation and put your baby’s safety at risk.

Skin-friendly Blanket

Babies have very sensitive skin, and some fabrics may cause severe reactions. You must find a baby blanket that is made with skin-friendly material so they can have a good night’s sleep.


The weight of the blanket is another major factor to consider for your baby. Blankets come in different types and sizes for babies. If you would be doing some traveling, you may have to consider getting a very light and travel-friendly blanket for your baby. The weight of the blanket should not be something that will press down on your baby when they sleep in it.

Warm Fabric

The major reason why parents bother with baby blankets is to keep their baby’s warm during winter. The blanket should be built for their comfort and provide enough warmth for them.

The fact that the blanket should generally keep your baby warm does not mean that you have to get a very thick material. It can end up making them too hot and uncomfortable.

Most of the best baby blankets today are usually made from cotton. You may also find other blankets made from wool and acrylic material. It would be best to choose the one that will be comfortable.

Accurate Measurement

It can be a tough job finding the right type of blanket for your baby. Most blankets come with standard measurements for babies. To be on a safe side, it would be best to get the blanket with a measurement of 40 inches by 60 inches. You can use this size of the blanket not only as a bed cover but also as a floor mat and even for other things for your baby.

Safety Of Babies

Babies need special care and attention, especially during the first few months. They usually tend to sleep most of the time, and that is why they need safe material even while they enjoy their sleep.

Safety is a top priority for every parent to consider when buying anything for your baby, and next to it would be to ensure they are comfortable.

You should ensure that your baby’s blanket is safe to use and is made from a good breathable material that is non-toxic to their sensitive skin.

Types and Uses of Baby Blankets

Swaddling Blankets

This type of baby blanket is used for swaddling your baby. It keeps them a bit restricted, giving them a feeling like they’re still in the womb and makes them feel safe. The swaddling blankets are usually made with very thin material making your baby look really small and cute. Thus a wrap-around blanket keeps your baby relaxed, calm, and comfortable.

Receiving Blankets

This type of baby blanket is the most useful of all the other types. It is very light in weight and can serve many purposes. The baby blanket can be used to place your baby down on the floor; it can also be used as a swaddle blanket. The receiving blanket keeps your baby warm, and at the same time, you can use the thin material to wipe off their drool.

Baby Afghans

This baby blanket is made from regular yarn material. It is very warm but does not make your baby feel too hot. This type of blanket is preferably, especially during cold weather, to keep your baby secure.

Security Blankets

This type of baby blanket is very soft and is the softest of the ones mentioned so far. It also gives enough warmth like the baby quilts. One benefit of getting this type of baby blanket is that it is easy to wash and is very affordable. You can get a  security blanket for your baby because they are comfortable and very soft. These blankets are usually made with soft plush or fleece material. They are so soothing that it takes for babies, and they usually tend to hold on to these types of blankets much longer.

Crib Blanket

The crib blankets come in different types and can be bought as a set with crib beddings. These baby blankets are safe and very comfortable. The baby crib blankets like the baby quilts are made from the same adult quilts and are usually very thick. It provides more warmth for your baby, especially during extreme weather conditions. Most baby quilts are usually handmade.

When buying crib blankets, it is essential to consider the safety and comfort first before looking at the design or style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Blankets Safe For Babies? 

Many babies are at risk of suffocation when they sleep mostly because of parents using the wrong type of blankets. Pediatricians usually recommend that parents get baby blankets to protect them from suffocation. It is also important that they buy the right size of blankets for babies to keep them safe when they sleep. A large-sized blanket will cause a serious problem and will be putting your baby at risk. It is also recommended that parents get a lightweight blanket for babies.

2. What Size Should a Baby Blanket Be?

Size is important when buying baby blankets because they may end up being useless if it is not the right size for your baby.

The best way to avoid the problem of size is to simply go for the standard blanket size for babies, which is usually around 40 inches by 60 inches. You can use this size of blanket for babies until they are up to 6 years old.

3. When Can Your Baby Sleep with a Blanket? 

Pediatricians recommend parents to only use blankets for babies not less than 12 months old. They usually recommend this age because it would be a risk to have a younger child use baby blankets. They could be at risk of suffocation, but as they grow older, babies can comfortably use a blanket without any issues.

4. How many baby blankets do I need?

There is no particular manual that tells how many baby blankets parents should buy for their babies. When it comes to the number, it all depends on your preference. How much will you be willing to invest in blankets for your baby. Another factor you may need to consider is your climate and how often you wash your baby’s blankets.

You will need to get a decent amount, so you have extra anytime you need to quickly change the blanket. You can decide to get up to 8 or 10 baby blankets for your baby. You can have a combination of thick and light blankets for your baby.

The thick baby blankets will provide warmth during cold winter weather and can be used during the day as well when your baby is not sleeping while the light blankets will be more preferably during normal weather and even during summer months.

5. What material should one consider when buying Baby Blankets?

Baby blankets are usually made from cotton material. Other fabrics are used for making blankets like wool and acrylic. You should, however, get only fabrics that are comfortable to breathe in. You should not get a blanket that is very thick because it can cause overheating and will be uncomfortable for your baby.

Another thing you should know is that babies and toddlers usually have fabric preferences. If you notice your baby dislikes the feel of a particular fabric, it would be difficult to get them to sleep comfortably in it.

Children prefer soft fabrics, and that is why most parents usually prefer cotton. Cotton is very soft, and natural cotton does not cause any irritation on babies’ skin.


Your baby’s safety should be your topmost priority when finding the right baby blanket. When buying baby blankets, you should ensure that the fabrics are easy to breathe in so you won’t be putting their safety at risk.

Children can get a good sleep when they are comfortably tucked in a cozy baby blanket. Now that you know the best products to look out for when buying baby blankets, you won’t have any problem getting the right blanket for your child. You can now watch your little one sleep comfortably with the warm blanket even during cold winter nights.

Most blankets are usually very durable and can be used for many years, and children will be attached to their blankets so far it can cover them at night. That is why you must get the right baby blanket for them.

Pregnancy is the most challenging stage in a woman’s life; it is full of fear, anxiety, excitement, and pleasure.  Stages of pregnancy and mother to be are the most memorable moment for a woman. The excitement is at a peak when a woman will get to know that she is pregnant and going to be a mother soon.  The incredible part of the journey of the mother is to go through the pregnancy test. Different methods can test pregnancy. If you want the best pregnancy test to get the result in a few minutes, pregnancy strip is a good option for you.

Women feel very happy and excited with the feeling of having a child in their life.  This excitement begins with the first step, which is to get pregnant. If you feel other symptoms of changes in your physical condition different than the skipping of menstruation, you must need the pregnancy test.  Before taking an appointment from the doctor for a complete medical check-up, you can use a pregnancy kit to make sure that you are expecting a baby. You can keep the pregnancy kit handy to use it whenever required. Many other ways are in our reach to test pregnancy like blood tests and scanning, but for early detection, the kit works best for everyone. They are simple to use, and you can keep them at home as it doesn’t cost much to burden your


Top Pregnancy Test Kits

1. i-can One Step Pregnancy Test Device

I-Can One Step pregnancy test device is available with a pregnancy detection strip. Set consists of one test device in a disposable dropper.  You should perform this test on the 6th day of having unprotected sex. Now wait for results, it’s better to wait for some more days for the detection of HCG hormone development. You must need to collect urine in a container to perform the test. Better to take first-time morning urine in a dry container, take the dropper to collect urine drops in it, drop them on the small aperture in the kit.

After this, you have to wait for a few minutes around 3-5 to see results.  Dark pink or purple color means that it is a positive result; the light pink band shows negative results. If the color band on both sides doesn’t appear, it means you need to repeat the test. You can trust this product to get to know about your pregnancy. This kit can give you super-fast results as it can work just after the 6th day of sex. It has a higher sensitivity level for pregnancy hormone known as HCG.




2. Dr. Trust Neclife Getnews Advance One Step Pregnancy Testing Kit

Dr. Trust Neclife Get news Advance, One Step pregnancy testing kit, is made of using international quality standards. It can work in just 3 minutes to give you accurate reading with higher reliability. It can detect pregnancy hormones even on very stages to boost your excitement for being a mother. The pack has one test device and a pouch. It has a discreet packaging to maintain your privacy. This advance pregnancy kit is the best choice to test at home.




3. Inito Fertility Monitor with 10 Test Strips for Planning Pregnancy

Intio Fertility Monitor test kit is with 10 strips for fertility checking. This pregnancy planning device is quite helpful for couples struggling to be parents. It can work with almost all kind of android devices. It can be supported through the customized clip adaptor to work with your device.  This device works with the help of the app downloaded in Android devices. It can make the record to give you a reminder went to test yourself. You have to use the device connected with your Android mobile, and the result will be shown in the app.

The results will tell you the hormone level in the body as it varies for the whole month.  You can get accurate results about the hormonal level of your body so you can make efforts to get pregnant. This device is tested and design by a highly professional skilled team of doctors in Delhi. The option of a reminder is very supportive of a desperate woman concerned about her fertility. A fertility monitor can help you to make plans to increase your chances of fertility.




4. Neclife Getnews One Step Urine HCG Pregnancy Test

Necilife Getnews, Urine pregnancy test, is a single step kit to get quick results.  This pregnancy strip can work given two to three drops of urine on the cassette.  This type of strip can confirm your pregnancy in just one goes.  Getnews kit contains a detection test device and disposable dropper. Collect urine in a clean container and take a few drops in the dropper. Hold the strip and put your urine on the hole to know the results. After this, you have to wait for 5 minutes for the changing of color which will appear on the strip.

Sometimes it takes a few more minutes as time may vary due to HCG levels concentration in urine. Results may get false after 10 minutes. Double pink lines show clear signs of pregnancy, while a single pink line refers to negative results. If no line appears, you should perform the test again. This kit is just for one-time use. This detection slip can help you to plan better for the coming days.




Buyers Guide

How does the kit work?

These pregnancy strips are very easy to use at home.  If the strip confirms pregnancy, then you have to go to the doctor for the medical check-up. It’s vital to know that during pregnancy, a hormone called Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is produced.  It circulates in the blood and also present in the human urine. The pregnancy test kit can detect the presence of HCG in your urine. It is a qualitative type of test, and pregnancy strips almost work in the same way.

Most of the strips can detect HCG during the fourth to five-week of pregnancy. It is simple if you have a regular period cycle with no specified illness; this test will be positive after a few days of missing periods. You need to read and follow the instruction given on the kit box. Almost all pregnancy strips work through the measuring of HCG level in urine to confirm pregnancy. They can show results a bit differently than we should read the instructions carefully. The positive result usually appears with two bold lines, and one line means its negative.

Be sure to wait before testing

Whether you are expecting to be pregnant or not, the common factor is that you want the results as soon as possible.  The pregnancy test kit works with the detection of the HCG hormone in the urine.  The placenta secretes it after its implementation in the uterine wall.  This implementation takes 6 to 12 days after the fertilization process, so the presence of HCG would be possible in the urine after 10 days. To see accurate results, it’s better to wait for a few days. Most of the pregnancy self-test is very sensitive to the presence of HGC.  It all depends on the brand you are using for the test. Some strips can give you quick results and others.

Some pregnancy kits required a 50ml detection level of pregnancy between 10 to 12 days of past evolution.  While some other required 100 ml level for the deduction after 12 to 14 days of evolution. So don’t be hasty to get results better to wait for 2 weeks to get reliable results from your kit.

Examine the price of kits

These pregnancy kits are easily affordable for everyone.  Many brands are available in the market to provide you with accurate results.  They don’t have a huge difference in prices so that you can choose the best product according to your selection.  An expensive brand can indeed give you perfect results as they have evolved over a length of time with a great experience.

Kits must test for HCG levels

Pregnancy kits are used to determine HCG levels in urine to determine about the pregnancy. If you purchased a kit that doesn’t indicate the HCG hormone testing, it might not be a quality product to give you accurate results. It’s important to know sometimes a false result of kit is not due to false strip; rather, it may be due to some other medical condition.  Due to menopause and specific changes in hormonal levels of the body can give misleading results. In this situation, better to consult doctors, this is not the condition to deal with at home.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always seek medical advice from professionals to know the condition of your body. Remember that these kits are just to give you ease for testing. They cannot be replaced by any medical treatment in case of emergency consult a medical professional.

Determine the kit you need

You must need a kit that can give you accurate results with less effort.  Pregnancy stripes are an economical choice and easy to use for pregnancy detection.  There are kits available for online purchase; it gives you a choice to make a comparison of prices and quality.  While making a purchase doesn’t forget to consider that you are going to throw this trip after use.

It is not a reusable item, so it doesn’t require a costly one.  Make sure then the strip you are going to use is wider enough to show the results clearly. The strip is very easy to use generally and rarely causes confusing situations. For home pregnancy testing, this is the most convenient way.


1. Is the home pregnancy test reliable?

Yes, a home test for pregnancy is reliable to get accurate results. It’s better to wait for a few days to go, after the last date of periods. Remember that the pregnancy hormone takes a few days to develop in the body that’s why it is advised to perform the test after two weeks of last month’s maturation date.

2. Can other drugs affect the results of the test?

Most of the drugs don’t affect the pregnancy results, while some hormonal replacement therapy HRT drugs can manipulate the results. In this case, go to your doctor for proper assessment doesn’t depend on the result of the kit.

3. Is the morning testing is the best option?

Yes, it the fastest way to get an accurate reading for pregnancy as HCG is highly active in urine serum when you wake up in the morning. Well, during any time of day, you can perform a pregnancy test, and it’s reliable as well.  If you are in sudden need of testing yourself, it is not mandatory to wait for the morning.

4. Is it possible to get false results with the kit?

Yes, it is, in case some illness of infection is affecting your body already, it can result in a false reading. The other situation is that you test in an early phase of fertilization, and HCG is in the initial stages. It will make things chaotic for the user. Might be you are going to be pregnant while signs are not clear yet. Better to wait for the proper time for testing.

5. Does the HCG level matter with a pregnancy test?

This test is about the indication of HCG level in the urine, so the hormone needs to reach a certain level for appearance in the test.  HCG keeps on increasing throughout the whole phase of pregnancy. They need time for appearance in a check to verify the pregnancy.

6. Are the results easy to interrupt?

Pregnancy test kids are available to facilitate you for testing pregnancy at home.  A large number of women prefer to test for pregnancy at home.  There are two simple methods to perform the test with this kit.  First is midstream, you have to drop the urine on the strip, and it will give you the result.  While in the second one you collect the urine in a container and then dip the strip into it. The latter one is the most used method by the woman as it will not have any confusion. In midstream sometimes you are not sure about the quantity of urine sufficient enough to get accurate results. It’s better to go to the instructions given on the pack before using it.


We have several products in the market available to test pregnancy. The above-mentioned kits are mostly recommended even by health professionals as easy to use with no side effects. All the time, you can’t rush to a doctor for getting to know whether you are pregnant or not, it gives you ease for self-testing in a simple way. No complications, not time taking, without the fear of needle pinching, just take out of the pack and use it. Pregnancy is a bit of a personal matter of a couple, so this kit helps you keep your privacy.

Nobody gets to know that when you performed the pregnancy test last time. It is to be used externally, so no concerns about the safety of health. Always ensure you, read the instructions before using any product; it will help you get perfect results. Pregnancy kits are the best options for initial testing at home. We are here to help our readers. If you have any questions related to this article, contact us, we will assist you in a better way.

It can be complex shopping for car booster seats. Most parents would want to go for the best to ensure that their kids are comfortable in the car.  Apart from comfort, it is also important to ensure that they are safe. There are so many types of car booster seats available in the market. Some come with latches others don’t, some are even made from inflatable material while many others come as cushions.

You will find a lot of designs out there in the market and sometimes end up being confused. We have decided to make your shopping easier by providing you with a detailed guide to finding the right car booster seats for your child.

Top Car Booster Seats For Kids

1. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat

Mee Mee car booster seat is a well-designed car seat that offers your little one the best protection during every ride. Mee Mee is known to make quality baby products that meet up to international standards for over 10 years.

The car booster seat by Mee Mee has a canopy design that offers your baby protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The car booster seat is very easy to carry around. You can even lift it from the car to take your little one anywhere around the house.

The seat has a thick cushion and it also has head support so your child can lay down comfortably in it. The car seat is a three in one package that can serve as a baby rocker, a carrycot, and a car booster seat. The seat cover is removable and is machine washable. It has an ergonomic design that allows you to firmly place the seat in your car and securely hold it in place using your car seat belt. It is very easy to carry and is perfect for travel. The Mee Mee car seat can be adjusted to keep your babysitting down or sleep comfortably in a reclined position.

2. Joie Tilt Car Seat

This comfortable car booster seats are specially designed for kids between the ages of 0-4 years old. Even though most car booster seats readily accommodate 4-year-olds, this particular seat can be used for your newborn baby.

It comes with full-body support and can be reclined to give your kid maximum comfort. Its design comes in a cocoon shape and its material can easily be washed.

The car booster seat is thickly padded and comes with a removable headrest that allows you to conveniently set the seat against your car’s headrest. It comes with four recline positions and has easy to read control settings that are color-marked. This car booster seat is designed with dual kickoffs that allow you to install your car’s 3point belt. It has a height-adjustable shoulder harness

3. LuvLap Premier Car Seat

The LuvLap car booster seat for kids comes in a fantastic design. It keeps your kid safe in the car and reduces any risk of injuries even when you stop the car suddenly. The car booster seat is comfortable and comes in an ergonomic design. It has been tested to ensure that it offers maximum protection for your kid. The car seat booster comes with a 5 point harness that will keep your baby protected around the shoulders, waist and hips. The headrest of this car seat is easily adjustable and you can increase its height to keep your child properly seated.

It is designed with very thick and soft padding for extra comfort on the headrest and the seat.

The Luvlap car seat booster can be used as both a car seat for little babies and a car seat booster for when your baby grows older. It is recommended for kids between the ages of 15 months to 12 years old. The seat cover can be removed and washed.

4. Britax Kidfix SL Car Seat

The Britax Kidfix car booster seat can be adjusted to make your kid comfortable. It has an ergonomic headrest and its backrest is shaped like V. It can accommodate your kid even as they grow older. The seat is designed with integrated soft-latch connectors that easily allows you to attach the car booster seat to the connecting points inside your car. When it is installed, you can comfortably strap your child until it is snug enough.

The car booster seat can conveniently be installed with the 3 point belt of your car and if even has an appointment option that allows you to transfer the seat to any of your cars even if the car does not have an anchorage point.

The seat is very easy to install and offers full-body comfort for your child. The seat cover is removable and can be machine washed.

5. LuvLap Cozy Car seat

The LuvLap Cozy Car booster seat is another safe seat for your kid that we also recommend. The car seat has especially been recommended by Indian mothers. The car booster seat comes in three adjustable reclining positions to gives your child a comfortable ride in your car. It also comes with 5 point harness protection that will secure your baby around their shoulders, waist, and hips. The car booster seat is a very thick design with very good padding around the head and seat. Its cushion seat is very wide and will protect your kid even when the car stops suddenly.

The car seat is recommended for a newborn baby and also for little infants up to the age of 7 years. The car booster seat can be adjusted to a rear-facing position to comfortably seat a two-year-old. While its front-facing position can comfortably sit children that are two years old to 7 years

6. Little Pumpkin Infant Car

This Little Pumpkin car booster seat also serves as a carrycot for babies. It comes with a comfortable 3 point belt to protect your little one. The four in one car seat can be used as a feeding chair, car booster seat, rocker, and baby carrycot. It is an excellent first car seat for your baby. It is recommended for use for little babies up until they are 15 months old. The car seat can be adjusted to different comfortable positions for your infant. The design comes with a canopy cover to protect your kid from the harsh rags of the sun. It also has a machine-washable chair cover that can be easily detached from the seat when you want to clean it.

The height of the handle can be adjusted in four positions and it keeps your baby safe while you drive your car. The seat is very light and can easily be moved around from the car to the house.

7. R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Grand Convertible Baby Car Seat

The R for Rabbit car booster seat is great for your growing child. It can be used for your 15 months old baby until they are up to 12 years. The forward-facing car booster seat come with all the safety requirements needed to protect your child on every ride. The car booster seat has been crashed tested to ensure that it meets all safety standards. The convertible car booster seat comes in three adjustable positions and can be adjusted as your kid grows older.

It also comes with an adjustable backrest and headrest to make your child comfortable. The 5 points adjustable harness allows you to tuck in and bring your baby out of the seat conveniently. The design of this car booster seat comes with a side impact protection with its padded wings that provide adequate comfort while they ride with you. The seat protects the baby’s head, hips, and legs. It also keeps them in a proper sitting position. The padded seat also has a removable cushion cover that is machine washable.

8. TRUMOM (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

Trumom Baby car booster seat for kids is one of the safest and most comfortable seats you can find in the market today. It is designed to sit a newborn and even as they grow up till they are 7 years old. The car booster seat is best for long road trips. It has a 5 point harness protection that reduces any risk of injury for your kid. If comes with a very soft and thick padded seat that protects your baby even when the car stops suddenly.

The Trumom car seat is a three in one convertible car seat that can easily be adjusted from a front-adjust, side adjusts and seat adjust reclining positions. The car booster seat can be adjusted to ensure that the car seat belt fits perfectly and holds your baby securely in the car. The headrest of this car seat can be adjusted to match your kid’s height so that the seat belt goes around them the right way.

This car seat booster can be used in any type of car. You will need to follow the instructions to install it without any hassle. In case the car seat gets dirty, you can easily remove the seat cover to wash in the machine.

9. Graco Junior Lyon Maxi Car Seat

The Graco Junior car booster seat comes with a high backrest. The car seat is a front-facing chair that comes with very comfortable armrests. The height of the chair can be adjusted to suit your little one and make them comfortable in the car. The armrests of the can also be adjusted as they grow. The car booster seat comes with two retractable cup holders where you can place your child’s drink in should they need to have a drink while you ride.

The car seat offers them maximum protection during every ride. It will hold your kid securely in the car using your car seat belts and will protect them around their shoulders and waist. The seat cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine when it gets dirty. The padding of the Graco Junior car booster seat is very thick and will protect your baby while at the same time keep them comfortable in the car.

10. U-Grow Car Safety Seat

U-Grow car booster seat will keep your kid safe and in a great position so you don’t have to worry about your little one when driving. The car seat belts can be fastened along with this car booster seat to hold them securely in the car. The seat comes with a 5 point harness designed with wide straps that will keep your little one snug and comfortable.

Another amazing feature of this car seat booster is its unique padding. The seat has a wide padded cushion that is designed with the safety harness to protect your child from toppling over even when the car halts all of a sudden.

The seat cover is made of polyester fabric and is removable. The fabric can be clean easily and does not crease or shrink. It is also easy to maintain and does not keep in stains. It also dries quickly after washing. The chair fabric comes in different colors and patterns. The U-Grow car booster seat is suitable for kids that are between the ages of 1 year to 3 years old.

Guide To Buying Lift the Flap Books For Kids


When buying car booster seats, you should consider how much your child weighs and also their height. This is the only way you can know exactly what seat to buy that will be safe. If the car booster seat you buy doesn’t match their weight and height, it may not be safe to have them sit on it.


Another thing to look out for when buying car booster seats is if it has a feature that allows you easily adjust it to make your child comfortable. You should check the harness of the seat and look for how many positions it can be placed in and also the seat buckle. It should have as many positions to make your kid sit in it comfortably.


There are car booster seats that allow you to convert a high back booster seat to a backless booster. This type is usually preferred by most parents because it saves them a lot especially since they won’t need to buy another car booster seat as their kid grows older. The convertible car booster seats, however, cost a lot more.


One important thing you should keep in mind when buying car booster seats is the safety of your kid when taking them on a ride. If you want information about the safety of the booster seats, you need to read it’s safety certificates. The safety certificates show that the car booster seats have gone through numerous tests to ensure that they meet up to standards. These tests are to figure out if the child will be at any risk if there is a car accident.


Car booster seats are usually designed to meet age specifications but most importantly, they are determined by the weight and height of your kid as earlier mentioned. It would be best to get a design that can easily fit your kid and this can be done only when you buy the design that matches their age group.

Comfort is key when buying car booster seats. You should get one that comes with very amazing features and will be able to hold them securely in your car. If the car booster seats are the right fit, it won’t be difficult to strap them to the car with the car belts.

Quality Materials

Car booster seats are usually built with different types of materials. You will find some made with cushion material and some others from durable plastic. When you buy the design made with cushion, your child will be more comfortable on the seat. The plastic-type will, however, be much easier to clean by simply using a damp cloth. Plastic is also cheaper than the cushion material. When you buy car booster seats made with a cushion, it  would be best to get one that has a thick padding and has a removable chair cover so you can wash the fabric.

The best thing about cushion seats is that they are much comfier during long trips. There is also an option of comfortable car booster seats like the inflatable ones.

Additional Accessories

When buying a car booster seat for your kid, you should consider if your child would need additional accessories like storage compartments for their drinks and snacks especially when traveling by road. It is not important if the car seat has this feature or not but some kids may prefer to have a car booster seat with these accessories.

Benefits of Car Booster Seats

Parents always have to put their kids’ safety first especially when they have a child sitting at the back of the car. It is important that your kid is seated and securely tucked in with the seat belt to avoid accidents when driving.

Why should you need to buy car booster seats? Apart from the fact that the law requires parents to get one for their kids, it is not the only reason. There are so many benefits you can get when you buy a car booster seat for your kid.

Types Of Car Booster Seats

High Back Booster Seat

The high back booster seats are designed for kids that are between the ages of 4 to 7 years. They are usually considered safe because of its extra padding, its harness, and headrest which can be adjusted. The high back booster seats will keep your kids comfortable tucked in and usually have straps that hold them firmly just like your car seat belts.

Backless Booster Seats

These types of car booster seats usually come with a seat design that secures your kids in your car with the help of your car seat belts. The straps of your car belt are placed across their shoulder and lap. The backless booster seats don’t come with a harness and are well suited for kids between 8 years to 12 years old. When your child sits on the backless booster seats, their head will be positioned on your car’s headrest so the car straps can easily get around them.

How To Install Car Booster Seats

Check for fitting

You need to know which car booster seat can fit perfectly in your car. The car booster seat should be able to fit well around the hips. It should hug close so that when you stop the car suddenly or if a crash occurs, your child will be protected from sustaining injuries.

Also, you should ensure that the shoulder belt is right in the middle of your child’s shoulder when they are sitting on the car booster seat. The reason for this is to make sure they are comfortable in your car. It would hold your kid firmly and prevent them from slipping out of the seat belt when you stop the car suddenly. It is much better to try testing the car booster seat before buying it. You should check to see if the seat can be returned if it is not the right fit for your child.

Read Manual

If it fits your child and car, you can now install it. Before you begin, ensure to check your vehicle manual section that tells you how to install the car booster seats. You should also read the car booster seat manual along with your seat belt guide.

Install Seat At The Back

Usually, the car booster seat is placed at the back seat of your car. This position is considered safe because it keeps your kids far from the reach of the car’s airbags in front.

If your car booster seat has a backrest, you have to make sure that there are no spaces around it and that it is attached firmly to the back seat. If the seat does not fit properly, you can remove your car’s headrest to make room for the headrest of the car booster seat.

If you purchased a car booster seat without a backrest, you should make sure that you place the seat properly so that it is high enough so your kid’s head rests on your car’s headrest.

Buckle Up

When you place your child on the seat, check that they are comfortable and that your child’s head is resting on the seat’s headrest. Have your child sit up straight and lean against the backrest of the car booster seat. Then check to see that the seat belt is able to go around your child without being loose.

The seat belt should fit properly on your child’s hips and in the middle of the shoulder. Also, check that both the shoulder and lap belts are not loose after they have been fastened.

Here are some of the benefits


When you visit a supermarket and need to quickly get some items for your house, it can be quite difficult to carry your child on one hand and your groceries on the other. You can leave your kid behind in the car for a while and quickly get what you want if you have them safely tucked in the car booster seat.


The importance of having a car booster seat is to keep your kid safe while you drive your car. The car booster seats are preferably for kids from four years and above. It allows them to easily get strapped to the seat using the car seat belts. It reduces their risk of injury in case of accidents.


Car seat belts are very affordable and you won’t have to break a bank to afford a good one. Your kids safety in the car is guaranteed and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do kids outgrow car booster seats?

If your child can no longer sit comfortably in the car booster seat, you may need to buy another seat that can hold them securely in the car. Your child should be at least up to 35 inches tall and weigh up to 40 pounds to be able to sit comfortably in a car booster seat.

2. How long can my child sit in a car booster seat?

You should ensure that you buy a comfortable seat for your kid. If you will be taking them along with you on a long trip. Your child can only be allowed to seat on the normal car seat only when their knees can bend at the edge of the car seat. Also, they can seat without a car booster seat, if they can so mean against the car seat comfortably and have the straps hold them the car.

3. What are my car seat choices?

There are many options for car booster seats. The rear-facing car seats are for kids below 2 years old. When buying rear-facing car seats, there are three types. The rear-facing seat only, the rear-facing 3 in 1 car seat and the rear-facing convertible seats.

Children older than 2 years old can use the forward-facing car seat with a harness. There is the 3 in 1 and combination forward-facing seat for these kids.

There are many choices, but while there are hundreds of options, they fall into three main types.

Car booster seats come as high back, booster seats, combination car seats without the harness and backless car booster seats. These seats can comfortably sit your kid up till they are 12 years before they can be able to use adult seat belts properly.


Now that you know what to look for when buying car booster seats, you will have no problem deciding on what to buy for your child. The car booster seats are very easy to install and the major benefit of buying one is that your child remains safe even when there is a crash.