Top Pregnancy Test Kits in India

Pregnancy is the most challenging stage in a woman’s life; it is full of fear, anxiety, excitement, and pleasure.  Stages of pregnancy and mother to be are the most memorable moment for a woman. The excitement is at a peak when a woman will get to know that she is pregnant and going to be a mother soon.  The incredible part of the journey of the mother is to go through the pregnancy test. Different methods can test pregnancy. If you want the best pregnancy test to get the result in a few minutes, pregnancy strip is a good option for you.

Women feel very happy and excited with the feeling of having a child in their life.  This excitement begins with the first step, which is to get pregnant. If you feel other symptoms of changes in your physical condition different than the skipping of menstruation, you must need the pregnancy test.  Before taking an appointment from the doctor for a complete medical check-up, you can use a pregnancy kit to make sure that you are expecting a baby. You can keep the pregnancy kit handy to use it whenever required. Many other ways are in our reach to test pregnancy like blood tests and scanning, but for early detection, the kit works best for everyone. They are simple to use, and you can keep them at home as it doesn’t cost much to burden your.

1. i-can One Step Pregnancy Test Device

I-Can One Step pregnancy test device is available with a pregnancy detection strip. Set consists of one test device in a disposable dropper.  You should perform this test on the 6th day of having unprotected sex. Now wait for results, it’s better to wait for some more days for the detection of HCG hormone development. You must need to collect urine in a container to perform the test. Better to take first-time morning urine in a dry container, take the dropper to collect urine drops in it, drop them on the small aperture in the kit.

After this, you have to wait for a few minutes around 3-5 to see results.  Dark pink or purple color means that it is a positive result; the light pink band shows negative results. If the color band on both sides doesn’t appear, it means you need to repeat the test. You can trust this product to get to know about your pregnancy. This kit can give you super-fast results as it can work just after the 6th day of sex. It has a higher sensitivity level for pregnancy hormone known as HCG.




2. Dr. Trust Neclife Getnews Advance One Step Pregnancy Testing Kit

Dr. Trust Neclife Get news Advance, One Step pregnancy testing kit, is made of using international quality standards. It can work in just 3 minutes to give you accurate reading with higher reliability. It can detect pregnancy hormones even on very stages to boost your excitement for being a mother. The pack has one test device and a pouch. It has a discreet packaging to maintain your privacy. This advance pregnancy kit is the best choice to test at home.




3. Inito Fertility Monitor with 10 Test Strips for Planning Pregnancy

Intio Fertility Monitor test kit is with 10 strips for fertility checking. This pregnancy planning device is quite helpful for couples struggling to be parents. It can work with almost all kind of android devices. It can be supported through the customized clip adaptor to work with your device.  This device works with the help of the app downloaded in Android devices. It can make the record to give you a reminder went to test yourself. You have to use the device connected with your Android mobile, and the result will be shown in the app.

The results will tell you the hormone level in the body as it varies for the whole month.  You can get accurate results about the hormonal level of your body so you can make efforts to get pregnant. This device is tested and design by a highly professional skilled team of doctors in Delhi. The option of a reminder is very supportive of a desperate woman concerned about her fertility. A fertility monitor can help you to make plans to increase your chances of fertility.




4. Neclife Getnews One Step Urine HCG Pregnancy Test

Necilife Getnews, Urine pregnancy test, is a single step kit to get quick results.  This pregnancy strip can work given two to three drops of urine on the cassette.  This type of strip can confirm your pregnancy in just one goes.  Getnews kit contains a detection test device and disposable dropper. Collect urine in a clean container and take a few drops in the dropper. Hold the strip and put your urine on the hole to know the results. After this, you have to wait for 5 minutes for the changing of color which will appear on the strip.

Sometimes it takes a few more minutes as time may vary due to HCG levels concentration in urine. Results may get false after 10 minutes. Double pink lines show clear signs of pregnancy, while a single pink line refers to negative results. If no line appears, you should perform the test again. This kit is just for one-time use. This detection slip can help you to plan better for the coming days.




Buyers Guide

How does the kit work?

These pregnancy strips are very easy to use at home.  If the strip confirms pregnancy, then you have to go to the doctor for the medical check-up. It’s vital to know that during pregnancy, a hormone called Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is produced.  It circulates in the blood and also present in the human urine. The pregnancy test kit can detect the presence of HCG in your urine. It is a qualitative type of test, and pregnancy strips almost work in the same way.

Most of the strips can detect HCG during the fourth to five-week of pregnancy. It is simple if you have a regular period cycle with no specified illness; this test will be positive after a few days of missing periods. You need to read and follow the instruction given on the kit box. Almost all pregnancy strips work through the measuring of HCG level in urine to confirm pregnancy. They can show results a bit differently than we should read the instructions carefully. The positive result usually appears with two bold lines, and one line means its negative.

Be sure to wait before testing

Whether you are expecting to be pregnant or not, the common factor is that you want the results as soon as possible.  The pregnancy test kit works with the detection of the HCG hormone in the urine.  The placenta secretes it after its implementation in the uterine wall.  This implementation takes 6 to 12 days after the fertilization process, so the presence of HCG would be possible in the urine after 10 days. To see accurate results, it’s better to wait for a few days. Most of the pregnancy self-test is very sensitive to the presence of HGC.  It all depends on the brand you are using for the test. Some strips can give you quick results and others.

Some pregnancy kits required a 50ml detection level of pregnancy between 10 to 12 days of past evolution.  While some other required 100 ml level for the deduction after 12 to 14 days of evolution. So don’t be hasty to get results better to wait for 2 weeks to get reliable results from your kit.

Examine the price of kits

These pregnancy kits are easily affordable for everyone.  Many brands are available in the market to provide you with accurate results.  They don’t have a huge difference in prices so that you can choose the best product according to your selection.  An expensive brand can indeed give you perfect results as they have evolved over a length of time with a great experience.

Kits must test for HCG levels

Pregnancy kits are used to determine HCG levels in urine to determine about the pregnancy. If you purchased a kit that doesn’t indicate the HCG hormone testing, it might not be a quality product to give you accurate results. It’s important to know sometimes a false result of kit is not due to false strip; rather, it may be due to some other medical condition.  Due to menopause and specific changes in hormonal levels of the body can give misleading results. In this situation, better to consult doctors, this is not the condition to deal with at home.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always seek medical advice from professionals to know the condition of your body. Remember that these kits are just to give you ease for testing. They cannot be replaced by any medical treatment in case of emergency consult a medical professional.

Determine the kit you need

You must need a kit that can give you accurate results with less effort.  Pregnancy stripes are an economical choice and easy to use for pregnancy detection.  There are kits available for online purchase; it gives you a choice to make a comparison of prices and quality.  While making a purchase doesn’t forget to consider that you are going to throw this trip after use.

It is not a reusable item, so it doesn’t require a costly one.  Make sure then the strip you are going to use is wider enough to show the results clearly. The strip is very easy to use generally and rarely causes confusing situations. For home pregnancy testing, this is the most convenient way.


1. Is the home pregnancy test reliable?

Yes, a home test for pregnancy is reliable to get accurate results. It’s better to wait for a few days to go, after the last date of periods. Remember that the pregnancy hormone takes a few days to develop in the body that’s why it is advised to perform the test after two weeks of last month’s maturation date.

2. Can other drugs affect the results of the test?

Most of the drugs don’t affect the pregnancy results, while some hormonal replacement therapy HRT drugs can manipulate the results. In this case, go to your doctor for proper assessment doesn’t depend on the result of the kit.

3. Is the morning testing is the best option?

Yes, it the fastest way to get an accurate reading for pregnancy as HCG is highly active in urine serum when you wake up in the morning. Well, during any time of day, you can perform a pregnancy test, and it’s reliable as well.  If you are in sudden need of testing yourself, it is not mandatory to wait for the morning.

4. Is it possible to get false results with the kit?

Yes, it is, in case some illness of infection is affecting your body already, it can result in a false reading. The other situation is that you test in an early phase of fertilization, and HCG is in the initial stages. It will make things chaotic for the user. Might be you are going to be pregnant while signs are not clear yet. Better to wait for the proper time for testing.

5. Does the HCG level matter with a pregnancy test?

This test is about the indication of HCG level in the urine, so the hormone needs to reach a certain level for appearance in the test.  HCG keeps on increasing throughout the whole phase of pregnancy. They need time for appearance in a check to verify the pregnancy.

6. Are the results easy to interrupt?

Pregnancy test kids are available to facilitate you for testing pregnancy at home.  A large number of women prefer to test for pregnancy at home.  There are two simple methods to perform the test with this kit.  First is midstream, you have to drop the urine on the strip, and it will give you the result.  While in the second one you collect the urine in a container and then dip the strip into it. The latter one is the most used method by the woman as it will not have any confusion. In midstream sometimes you are not sure about the quantity of urine sufficient enough to get accurate results. It’s better to go to the instructions given on the pack before using it.


We have several products in the market available to test pregnancy. The above-mentioned kits are mostly recommended even by health professionals as easy to use with no side effects. All the time, you can’t rush to a doctor for getting to know whether you are pregnant or not, it gives you ease for self-testing in a simple way. No complications, not time taking, without the fear of needle pinching, just take out of the pack and use it. Pregnancy is a bit of a personal matter of a couple, so this kit helps you keep your privacy.

Nobody gets to know that when you performed the pregnancy test last time. It is to be used externally, so no concerns about the safety of health. Always ensure you, read the instructions before using any product; it will help you get perfect results. Pregnancy kits are the best options for initial testing at home. We are here to help our readers. If you have any questions related to this article, contact us, we will assist you in a better way.