Dealing with Naughty Children

A naughty child is the one who knows the difference between right and wrong but lacks the maturity to exert self- control. They are quite apologetic when they get caught however, you will find them often doing the same exact thing you scolded for just an hour ago. Parents have to be very patient with naughty children. Initially you should try a sympathetic approach, speaking to them frequently. If this fails, then punishment becomes necessary. Corporal punishment is an option. Restricting or withdrawing privileges is much more effective.

If your child has thrown a tantrum in a supermarket, got into a fight with their sibling and kicked them, thrown all your clothes down from the cupboard, don’t worry because you’re not the only one facing this. All children are naughty from time to time and it is just their way of learning things they can and can’t get away with. Parents need to teach them what is right and wrong. You need to let them know what is acceptable and what is not.

You need to check your child’s behaviour. It can be due to something which is bothering them either at home, at school or with friends. Or it might just be because your child is not feeling your giving too much of attention.

Some children start showing bad behaviour when a new baby brother or sister joins the family. It is just a way of dealing with jealousy. He or she will start feeling neglected as the baby will be spending maximum amount of time with you. What you can do is make the child feel he or she is equally important to your family and he or she has someone to play with. Involve the child in taking care of the baby like helping in changing diapers, helping with feeding the baby when it grows up, making him talk with the baby so that he doesn’t feel left out.

Here are some tips to deal with bad behaviour:
Stay calm: When your child is misbehaving try not to shout or lose your temper. Yes it is very difficult to stay calm but understand that you are also emulating the same kind of behaviour that of your child. Your child is looking for reactions so don’t give them one.

Create a routine: Try to make a home time-table about having bath, getting up in the morning, and dinner timings.

Bad behaviour will not zap out one fine day. It needs constant care and work from the parents side. Read about good people to your child and show them how they did well in life with their good behaviour. Motivating them is the key to changing their behaviour pattern.