Preparing for a Fancy Dress Competition

Most of the fancy dress competitions held at school are done for the sake of fun. The key idea is to create enthusiasm. A fancy dress competition for toddlers is the first opportunity for the parents to learn about the nature of competitions for kids. Preparing the child for a competition is a sensitive and deep subject.

There are many rules to be followed before participating. Parents and teachers should communicate well regarding the competition and it rules and regulations. Competitions make a child improve and also learn their skills. Our duty as a parent is to prepare the child with rehearsals and build up on his or her confidence. A child’s comfort level with the dress is more important than winning the competition.

Being innovative is the key to winning a fancy dress competition. The most common ideas are the bunnies and characters from the fairy tales, or even cartoon characters. But to think of something really different would be to think of a totally new character that could make a difference to the present world situation. For example, Mr. or Miss Clean surrounding who is dressed up in garbage that he or she has collected by supposedly cleaning the world.

The most important point is to rehearse and not push the child about winning. This will make him or her nervous. You need to make sure the lines are perfect and dialogues are perfectly rehearsed. Make sure the dress or gear you have prepared fits your child perfectly so that there are no unnecessary accidents on the stage. Please look into the comfort factor when you choose the clothes, gears or props.

Older kids would be more enthusiastic but toddlers would be slightly cranky since it might be their first time with make up, the uncomfortable outfits. But you can click a few pictures and make them ease their apprehensions. Theme based fancy dress competitions are ideas like animals, sports, ecology and tradition of India.

Ideas such as making them dress up as an animal, fruits, vegetables are very basic ideas. You can also think of dressing them up like a superhero, as kids are into superhero movies and they would willingly participate. Harry Potter is another favourite with kids. If your child is older, then you can take up serious issues like global warming, cleanliness, a common man’s problems, topics like these can be addressed through a fancy dress competition. But make sure you are well prepared with the lines, because these kinds of issues will require lot of research and strong evidence and points to make.

Kids feel disappointed when they lose out in the competition. It is our duty to praise their participation spirit. Explain them that winning is positive but participation is more important. You can take them out for a small treat to cheer them up. A parent’s praise and encouragement is more important than winning any competition to the child.