Preparing for an Art Competition

Schools and other institutions organise a number of competitions for kids. An art competition is always one of the most enjoyable one since it allows free flow of creativity and imagination. Although a child is free to draw and paint on the spot a little training can go a long way and help your child make good use of the given time with ease of thinking. Here are some interesting ways that can help your child do his best at an art competition.

Watch and Draw
Take some pictures and teach your child to draw looking at the picture. Let him or her check the details of drawing lines and making circles and other shapes. See how they can come closest to the picture in front of them. A good practice daily can help a lot and it can become an enjoyable family activity too and you can spend some quality time with your kids.

Using Colours
The use of colours is very important in any work of art. Let your child use colours in the figures they have drawn and let them choose colours on their own. Help them choose colours if they are confused. Show them how to use various strokes to create different effects. You can use a mix of pencil colours, wax crayons, sketch pens and glitter pens.

You can also try a hand at using poster colours and use them freely on paper. If you want to be more experimental use a canvas and have fun with your child. Get some basic painting brushes in different sizes and get to paint with poster colour s and try some canvas oil paint too. The strokes of colours can be very enjoyable. Before you do this check out works of artists and see how they have painted. Read up a bit about painting on the web and you can get some basic idea on or you can paint well. Let your child experiment with colours and you can supervise them. For al you know you may end up inspiring your child to be an artist.

How to think of a theme
So what do you want to paint? So you are all ready to start drawing and colouring but do not know what to do then you can think of a variety of things. Look around you. Do you want to draw garden or a house? Do you want to draw a situation? You can even ask your child to draw important places like a post office, a market place or an aquarium. You can even begin with simple things like a flower or a bug. You can move on to animals and trees. As your child gets comfortable with these you can progress to drawing human figures.

You can use special books to find how you can draw different things by using basic shapes and how you can use pencils. It can be really helpful. Once your child is ready with this you can move on to themes. Let your child think of a place he likes, like a cricket pitch, zoo or a beach. Let him try out drawing things he likes to do like cycling, fishing or playing football. Start looking at these things and you will have a theme.

Doing all these activities will make your child comfortable with drawing and colouring. Appreciate every effort and point out mistakes politely. Encourage to improve and do better. Reward them for a exercise well done. Tell him or her that the competition is only to see if they can draw. Whether they lose or win you will love them the same. Let them know that each of their work of art is precious to you and save it in a file.