Best Post-Pregnancy Belts for Postpartum Slimming and Tummy Reduction

Post-pregnancy shape recovery is always a challenge for women of all age groups. However, the best post-pregnancy belts for postpartum slimming and tummy reduction help a great deal get back the shape with ease.

Following the usage instructions and consistency in using the post-pregnancy belts aids in reducing the tummy and the pelvis shape much faster than usual.

These post-pregnancy belts are comfortable, and elastic, providing long-lasting results and are effective in compressing the abdominal muscles and getting them back to shape.

The article below will take you to top 8 post-pregnancy belts along with the buying guide to help you support your buying decision. Also get to learn the benefits of post-pregnancy belts.

You will also come across a section on FAQs to resolve all the queries you might have for the post-pregnancy belts.

1. Tynor Tummy Trimmer Abdominal Belt

Tynor Tummy Trimmer and the abdominal belt are designed for both men and women for compression and to provide support to the abdomen. This is a medium-sized tummy trimming belt for a 34 to 40 inches waistline.

This is a compression belt meant both for men and women. It basically supports the abdomen and compresses the abdominal muscles to make them firm. It is made of nylon material that prevents the rolling of the belt over the tummy.

The various areas of application where this belt could be used apart from the basic functionality of tummy trimming include post-operative care, for postpartum tummy reduction, umbilical and ventral hernia, and other bind surgical incisions.

This tummy trimming belt is highly adjustable as it has broad hooks and loop tape with which you can easily adjust the size of the belt suit and fit your tummy well.

The dimension of this tummy trimming belt when packed is 18.5 X 12 X 3.5 cm and it just weighs 247 grams. It is convenient to use, comfortable, durable, effective, easily cleanable, and portable as well.

The shape and design of this tummy trimming belt are highly discreet when worn within regular garments. So, it can comfortably be worn when you are out at work as well.

2. Longlife Postpartum Tummy Reduction Belt

Longlife postpartum abdominal belt intends to reduce the tummy size after delivery. This abdominal belt is available in XXL size which is meant for a 42 to 46 inches waistline.

This abdominal tummy trimming belt from Longlife is made of polyester. It is blue in colour and has a broad hook and loop panel for adjusting the size of the belt to fit your waistline.

The compression belt helps in the compression of the abdominal muscles and provides balanced support to the abdomen.

This compression belt, when used consistently, helps in reducing the size of the tummy.

This tummy trimming or postpartum pregnancy belt is made of polyester, rubber, cotton, plastic, and polyamide which makes it more aesthetically appealing and comfortable too.

The non-toxic materials used help your skin in breathing comfortably.

The tummy trimming belt is easily adjustable in shape with the help of the broad hook and loop tape panel. This makes it more versatile and suitable for usage for any type of tummy reduction condition.

3. Importikaah Postpartum 3-in-1 post-pregnancy Slimming Belt

Importikaah Postpartum 3-in-1 post-pregnancy Slimming Belt is a premium belt for new moms to recover their body shape soon after delivery.

This high-quality post pregnancy slimming belt helps in gaining your earlier shape much faster than usual.

This 3-in-1 griddle wrap provides optimum comfort and helps you regain your confidence back by helping you in regaining your sha almost instantly as soon as you deliver.

This 3-in-1 girdle post pregnancy slimming belt incorporates Belly belt, Waist belt, and Pelvic belt, helping you in restoring your shape in all possible ways. This will also help your uterus in shrinking back to the original shape faster.

This belt is meant for Medium Waist (24-30 inches) and is available in Beige colour. The dimensions are 28 X 20 X 4 cm when packed and weigh just 250 grams.

This product comes with an additional special gift which is a reusable and portable silicone female urinating pee funnel that makes postnatal recovery easier by allowing the new mom to urinate standing.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for ensuring customer satisfaction and a risk-free purchase.

4. Nucarture Post Maternity Pregnancy Belts after C Section

Nucarture Post Maternity Pregnancy Belts after C Section is a special post pregnancy belt specifically designed for new moms for getting back their original shape.

This is simply a postpartum slimming waist belt that will help you in recovering your tummy and body back to the original form in a shorter time.

This product is made of polyester material. Available in beige colour, it comes with a high-quality Velcro that helps in tucking the belly easily. It weighs .3 kg and the waistline size is 34 to 44 inches (80 – 110 cm).

It is very comfortable to wear as it has a fine texture. The elasticity of this postpartum slimming belt is also high to increase the efficiency of the belt. It is a highly elastic, durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly product.

The material used in the build of this belt makes it easily breathable helping your skin to breathe without any discomfort.

It is highly beneficial for mothers who have had a C Section and normal delivery to recover their body shape.

This belt can be used even after one year of C Section. It is quite thin and effective and is almost invisible under your regular clothing for a discreet look. Usage for a minimum of 8 hrs yields great results.

5. Luvlap Postpartum Tummy Shaper Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt

Luvlap Postpartum Tummy Shaper is a Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt useful for new mothers who wish to regain their original shape in a shorter period.

It is available in XXL size (extra-large). The product dimension when packed is 12 X 1.5 X 24 cm and it weighs 300 grams. This makes it comfortable for the new moms to wear it with no issues.

This postpartum corset belt is available in beige colour and is made of Chinlon fabric. This is a high-quality material that prevents lint formation and avoids bobbling.

This makes the maintenance and cleaning of the product easy and trouble-free. This corset belt for post pregnancy usage is lightweight and easily breathable.

This makes the product easy and comfortable to use. The belt is easily stretchable and comes with an extra tension belt to adjust to support depending on your requirement.

This belt can discreetly be worn under the usual garments.

6. Wonder Care Abdominal Postpartum Belt

Wonder Care Abdominal Postpartum or post-delivery belt is a multipurpose abdominal belt that has many benefits and uses. It is an adjustable fat-burning tummy or abdominal belt available in XL size.

The size of this belt is meant for a 40 to 44 inches waistline. It is made up of nylon material and is mainly used for compressing the abdominal muscles and reducing belly fat.

It greatly helps in slimming of the waistline and in the postpartum recovery of the body shape.

This abdominal tummy trimmer has a broad and wide hook ad tape panel that helps the user easily adjust the size of the belt.

It is highly effective in reducing and recovering the body/tummy shape after delivery and in general abdominal fat reduction.

It, in fact, increases the pace at which the belly fat starts trimming. This abdominal shaper has two buckles along with the broad hook and loop that provide extra support and compression to the abdomen.

This belt can comfortably and easily be used for postpartum body shape recovery as well, even after a C section. Perfect for post-operative care as it is both comfortable and lightweight to use.

7. GMS Rehabilitation Multipurpose Tummy Trimmer Belt

GMS Rehabilitation abdominal tummy trimmer belt is perfect for regular tummy trimming, burning of fat, and also for post pregnancy body shaping. This tummy trimming belt is available in a medium size suitable for waistline size from 32 to 36 inches.

This tummy trimming compression belt totally compresses the abdominal muscles and supports the abdomen at the same time. This definitely helps in increasing the pace of burning belly fat.

This abdominal belt or body shaper can also be used for postpartum body reduction and for post-operative care. Patients with an umbilical and ventral hernia can also use this abdominal compression belt.

The dimension of this belt is 26.7 X 21.2 X 2.4 cm when packed. The weight of this product is just 150 grams that makes it easily cleanable and portable.

The ergonomic design gives it a completely discreet look that can be worn within any usual dress that you wear.

The porous ad elastic webbing ensures maximum compression of the abdominal muscles making it even more effective. This feature also helps the skin breathe well and makes it comfortable for the user.

The hook and loop arrangement in the belt helps you in easily adjusting the size of the belt according to your need.

8. Royalcare Pregnancy Belts for Postpartum Belly Reduction

Royalcare Pregnancy Belts are used for0 postpartum belly/ tummy reduction with ease. It is widely used by new moms post-pregnancy as a maternity belt for reducing the tummy size and to get the pelvis back in shape.

It is available in large size and grey colour. The product is light in weight that makes it easy to use and comfortable to wear.

This pregnancy belt uses a porous webbing material that improves ventilation and is easily breathable. These simple features make the product very comfortable to use without any irritation or itching.

This postpartum belt not only supports the abdomen but also compresses the abdominal muscles to firm it up and help in getting back the original shape.

It is suitable to use after surgery, normal delivery, and also after C sections.

Highly recommended for post-surgery back support and any type of abdominal support that might be required.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a simple buying guide that lists a few factors and points that you shouldn’t be overlooked when purchasing your postpartum pregnancy belt.

Type of the Belt

Make quick research to understand the type of post-pregnancy belt that you are picking. Many generic abdomen reduction belts in the market may not be suitable if you need to recover your post-pregnancy body structure.

Picking the most specific post-pregnancy belt that will help restore the tummy and pelvis shape will be most helpful.

Material Used

Check for the material used to make the post-pregnancy belt that you shortlist to purchase as it needs to be soft, comfortable, anti-bobbling, and effective. Reading the product overview will help in picking the best post-pregnancy belt.

Extra Support for Abdomen, Tummy, and Pelvis Areas

It would be wise to go with a post-pregnancy belt that will provide you with the support that is required to recover your body shape on multiple levels.

There are post-pregnancy belts that assure to reduce only the tummy. However, a few others assure compression of both the abdominal muscles and work on the pelvis structuring as well. So, pick the one that assures the most.

Check for Added Advantage

Post-pregnancy belts are available with multiple offers. Some of them are clubbed with additional products, discounts and a few others are available with return options.

Check for the best post-pregnancy belt that makes the best offer and go for it.

The Durability of the Post-Pregnancy Belt

As the post-pregnancy belt you purchase will be daily worn, it is important to ensure that your purchase is durable. Understanding the quality of the product, the material used, and brand review will help in buying the right post-pregnancy belt for yourself.

Weight and Thickness of the Post-Pregnancy Belt

As post-pregnancy belts are supposed to be used for long hours, check whether the belt you select is light enough and discreet enough to be comfortably worn within the usual regular clothes.

Wearing a lightweight post-pregnancy or postpartum belt will make this daily routine more manageable.

Ensuring that the thickness is not too high will help you understand how comfortable or breathable the product is. You also need to ensure that it is not peeping out of your dress, making contours of your tummy shape.

Importance of Post-Pregnancy Belts

Using a post-pregnancy belt is a must if you look forward to recovering your original shape back post-pregnancy. These postpartum pregnancy belts provide extra support to the abdomen and help in firming up the abdominal muscles.

Post-pregnancy belts help in fast-tracking the process of recovering your original shape with less effort.

As a new mom, you will be able to continue taking care of your new-born with no worry of spending extra special and dedicated time for your exercises.

Postpartum or post-pregnancy belts are a must-have for new moms to regain their confidence and shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the post-pregnancy be durable as it needs to be used daily?

Yes, post-pregnancy belts are highly durable when you pick a belt of good quality. Yes, it lasts long even though you use it daily.

Will post pregnancy belts make you feel suffocated?

No, post-pregnancy belts do not suffocate the user. It might be initially extra stiff, but the extra support to the abdominal muscles’ abdomen and compression is vital to reduce the tummy size.

I’m a lactating mother. Will my baby be affected if I use this belt?

No, usage of a postpartum belt doesn’t affect the baby in any way.

Is the post pregnancy belt exchangeable?

Please read the product description carefully to understand the exchanging policy of individual brands.

Will my reduced tummy shape be maintained even if I stop using the belt?

Yes, with continuous care and exercise, you will be able to retain the shape recovered.

Can you use this belt now after 1 year of pregnancy? Will I get the same results?

Please read the product description carefully to understand the assurance given by individual brands as the results might vary from one body type to another.


Getting back to the original shape post-pregnancy is not a child’s play. It takes great effort and persistence to arrive at the desired goal.

However, it is certainly possible to speed up the pace in which it can be done with the support of the postpartum belts listed above.

These belts give the new mothers extra abdominal support that they need and help get the tummy and the pelvis area back to shape much faster.

If you intend to give your body a better shape, this is the right time to order the best post-pregnancy belts from the ones listed above. We recommend you to go for Tynor Tummy Trimmer Abdominal Belt, Longlife Postpartum Tummy Reduction Belt, and Importikaah Postpartum 3-in-1 Post-Pregnancy Slimming Belt.