Top 6 Maternity Belts to Ease Discomfort During Pregnancy

Maternity belts are great for stabilizing, improving your lower back and your balance. It also helps stabilize your pelvis and more evenly distribute your baby’s weight over your lower back and abdomen.

A maternity belt can reduce pressure on your muscles, joints, ligaments, and back. It keeps your posture in shape and supports pregnant women at each pregnancy stage. This maternity belt makes it easier to exercise.

At their later stages of pregnancy, women can wear the belt for activities such as walking or running, and more. It also helps pregnant women avoid injury while doing exercise.

To help you make the right purchase, we have reviewed the best maternity belts in India along with the buying guide. You also get to explore a few FAQs to resolve all the queries and doubts you might have about maternity belts.

1. Jern Tocolytic Fetus Waist Support Belt

This maternity belt covers the abdominal area effectively and delivers the best comfort you can find. It is made of polyester-cotton material and has a dimension that’s suitable for your waist.

Ideal for pregnant women, this maternity belt helps pregnant women prevent abdominal muscle.

It also prevents miscarriage in pregnant and premature delivery. This waist support is great for exercise and maternity support.

2. Grasshopr – Breathable Waist Support Belt

This maternity belt is fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy. It comes with built-in support that prevents the belt from rolling by keeping it in place.

This support belt is constructed of a multilayered laminate of cotton and nylon.

It has four elastic side panels that add adequate ventilation and compression. Its lift attachment provides the lift without unnecessary pressure.

3. IMPORTIKAAH Pregnancy Belly Support Band

This maternity belt is a must-have for every mother before it is a perfect choice for dealing with a wide variety of ore and postnatal problems. It comes with effective lower back support and it is made of superior quality.

The maternity belt has highly durable fabrics and it also comes with highly stretchable cotton.

It has a hook and loop closure that makes it easy to put on. The maternity is washable and can withstand pressures.

It delivers optimal comfort and is 100% skin-friendly. The belt keeps you comfortable whenever it is worn and it is easy to hide underneath your clothes.

This maternity belt offers optimal belly support and reduces bladder pressure and lower back pain.

4. Zcare Pharma Pregnancy Support Waist

This maternity belt is great for both mother and baby. It allows proper blood circulation and applies pressure evenly on all body parts. It effectively reduces bladder pressure and lower back pain.

The maternity belt enhances and provides enough body support.

It stabilizes SI joints and abdominal muscles. The belt is efficient and can be given as a gift for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and more special occasions.

5. Get Fit Advanced Maternity Support

This maternity belt comes with high texture and high elasticity that makes it comfortable to wear. It helps in postpartum support and it is eco-friendly.

This maternity belt helps to slim shape women and it is also essential for postpartum recovery.

It is effective in getting your body back to shape in a short time. This maternity belt provides enough pregnancy support and helps the muscle following surgery and pregnancy.

It also helps to support core abdominal muscles, reduce swelling, and speed up shrinkage of the uterus to its original size.

6. Orthtex Pregnancy Support Waist

This maternity belt delivers multiple benefits such as postpartum support, allowing you to get back in shape and providing less loose fatty tissue quickly. It is very comfortable to wear, and it is eco-friendly to use.

This maternity belt causes no discomfort when addressing a wide variety of pre and post-natal issues. It is easy to utilize and maintain.

Buyer’s Guide

So, let us take a look at the factors to consider before choosing the best maternity belt.


This is important to consider first the fabric used in the maternity belt. Typically, maternity belts are made of soft and elastic materials like cotton, spandex, elastane, or lycra.

Make sure you carefully choose the fabric you like and it is stretchable to deliver the comfort you need.

Also, check if it doesn’t irritate your skin. It should also be absorbent so that sweat and moisture will not make your skin itchy.


Make sure you know what size you should buy. Maternity belts are stretchable, so make sure the belt should not be too tight for you.

They come in several sizes and are available depending on your body type.

You can purchase the size you want and check sizes for different countries as they vary. For instance, the US and UK come in different sizes, as well as European countries.

Also, take note if they are small, medium, and large in length. So, be sure to buy or order the right size for you.


Ensure you know the maternity belt price and check if it is something you can afford. Commonly, it doesn’t cost much. There are sales and discounts around, so check out several stores too.

Online shopping can also be a great choice where a variety of choices are also offered. However, if you are short on a budget, try purchasing what you can buy.


Maternity belts also come in different colours.

You can purchase a few and pair them with your favourite wardrobe to create a unique look to your style and interior design.

A maternity belt can make you appear stylish and fantastic during your pregnancy days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are maternity belts good for a twin’s pregnancy?

This maternity belt is great to support prenatal pregnancy. It keeps your body in shape and makes you comfortable whenever it is utilized. These belts are good for a twin’s pregnancy. They can be put on to support the twin pregnancy and also ensure there is no discomfort.

Do all maternity belts come in the same size?

Maternity belts do not come in the same size. They come with great material and shape that is great to use.

Can maternity belts be worn at night?

The maternity belt shouldn’t be worn at night. It ensures that there is a good circulation of blood to the baby and unrestricted growth to the baby.

Can I wear a maternity belt while travelling?

The maternity belt is made of durable design and material. These materials are great to use. It ensures you stay comfortable while travelling.


The maternity belt is an excellent thing to use during pregnancy. It improves your pregnancy posture efficiently and makes you walk comfortably whenever it is utilized.

This helps to stabilize your pelvis and improve your balance whenever it is put on. If you are looking to purchase one, we recommend you to go for Jern Tocolytic Fetus Waist Support BeltGrasshopr – Breathable Waist Support Belt, and IMPORTIKAAH Pregnancy Belly Support Band.