Raising Children

Articles on Raising good kids – Author Annie Zaidi.

Respect your elders – What do we mean when we say new generations have lost respect? How to show respect and why – because respect is another way of showing love. What actions are interpreted as disrespectful?

Good manners – What are good manners and explanation of why they’ve important. List of simple, basic courtesies.

Family Values -What are values and how each person’s values are different and how one acquired such values through society.

Teaching kids Indian Values  -What classifies as universally accepted values, which are the traditional Indian values and how they are different from foreign values and how they can be misunderstood.

spiritual disciplines – Defining Spirituality and differentiating it from religion as well as linking the two. How spirituality has always been a part of the Indian tradition and what happens when it is ignored in favour of crass consumerist values.

raising children words of wisdom – Good Upbringing – Who is a well brought up person or what people mean when they talk about a good upbringing. What is the responsibility of parents and how much of it can be left to ayahs, teachers and other family members

Character education for Kids


parenting teenagers & Culture policing

Parenting skills for Moral kids

Prayers for Children

Short stories

Vaccinations for children

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