Fusion Cooking Recipe

Fusion Cooking is the selecting locally available ingredients for cooking & adjust it to their ethnic taste.
That’s what We have tried to do with these recipes.

Couscous with fresh Vegetable Recipe
Brussel Sprouts – Stuffed Recipe
Puff Pastry with Potato Filling Recipe
Stir Fried Veges With Cashew Nuts Recipe
Ratatouille Recipe
Lentils with Raddish Leaves Recipe
Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
Baguette Recipe
Zucchini & Mushroom Stir-fry Recipe
Vegetable Hot- Pot Recipe
Wilted Beet Greens Bruschetta Recipe
Roasted Rosemary Potatoes Recipe
Pumpkin Stew Recipe
Zucchini Fried Recipe
Eggplant Timbales Recipe
White Bean Chili Recipe
Bulgar-Vege pilaf Recipe
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Indian Vegetarian Recipes by L. Batra. – vegetarian cooking , Easy Vegetarian meals from India.

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