Sample Wedding Programs

A Wedding Program not only serves a practical purpose of providing your guests with a basic order and perfect details of the time and location of the various events to unfold at the wedding ceremony, but also provides you, your family and your close friends with a lovely souvenir and keepsake of one of the most important events of your life. A wedding program comes in handy for most of the guests especially in the case of Indian weddings, which are basically elaborate in nature and incorporate several small events, which span the duration of a few days at length.  Though the task of preparing a Wedding Program seems fairly simple and seems to consist largely of listing the events in order of their expected occurrence, there is much more intricacy that goes into preparing a good wedding program.

There are so many possible styles and ways of writing wedding invitations,  the same set of events that it can become increasingly confusing to choose the right pattern and set of words. And that is precisely where a Sample Wedding Program would just help by providing a basic guideline into which personal individual events can be incorporated.

A sample-wedding program can usually be broken down into three basic sections:

The Introduction part

The Event Order part

The Acknowledgement part.

The basic details for wedding invitations that will be incorporated in this broad guideline are entirely subjective to personal preferences. The basic purpose of the Wedding Program is not only to let the guests know what to expect, but also to acknowledge those people who are playing an important and integral part of the special occasion of the marriage.

There are some commonly used phrases and patterns followed in creating a typical Indian Wedding Program. Care should be taken to sift through a few sample wedding programs before finalizing any given pattern or template for the final printing. Ideally the final program should be printed at the last minute to allow for last minute and unanticipated changes like venue or time changes to be included in the text. However, it would be advisable to have a rough draft typed up a few weeks prior to the wedding to allow for proofing and other styling related changes.

In this case then one only needs to scrutinize the changes to be incorporated rather than the whole program. But of course the printing schedule with the printer must be pre-negotiated to ensure timely delivery of this very critical piece of the wedding preparations.  Though a proper wedding program sample would be an ideal reference, listed below are some of the details that can be used as a checklist when the final wedding invitation is ready to be printed:

Wedding Date

Order of the Events

Thank You For Attending

Names/relationship of Bridal Party

Place of Ceremony

Introduction of Family

Appropriate Poem

Name of the Ceremony Priest.

Directions to Reception

Note to Guests

Well, keeping the above guidelines in mind, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make an initial wedding program. Then refining the wedding program will have to follow through reference to numerous samples of wedding programs to ensure that no relevant details have been missed out. Well, this piece of document is well worth all the effort, after it is one of the longest lasting fond memories of the event apart from the wedding photographs of course. – author Sakina K. copyright