Sexual Harassment, Abuse, Rape, Pornography In India.

As in other countries throughout the world, rape is common in India. Rape is a social disease. Hardly a day passes without a case of rape being reported in Indian newspapers and media. Women belonging to low castes and tribal women are more at risk. What is sad about rape in India is the lack of seriousness with which the crime is often treated. Statistics from 2000 showed that, on average, a woman is raped every hour in India.

Women’s groups attest that the strict and conservative attitudes about sex and family privacy contribute to the ineffectiveness of India’s rape laws. Victims are often reluctant to report rape. In an open court, victims must prove that the rapist sexually penetrated them in order to get a conviction. This can be especially damaging. After proving that she has been raped, a victim is often ostracized by her family and community. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that rape laws are inadequate and definitions so narrow that prosecution is made difficult.

 Rape is a Crime

If you are raped, do not bathe,  shower, or change clothes. This is important to preserve any evidence of the rape. Go to a friend, well known social worker, or to a place where you know someone can help you. Report the rape to the authorities. Seek counseling; this can help you deal with the issues you might face after the attack.

What is Pornography?
Pornography is a systematic practice of exploitation and subordination based on sex that differentially harms and disadvantages women through dehumanization.  Pornography diminishes the worth and civil status of women and damage mutual respect between the sexes.

Can Pornography Cause Violence Against Women?

If you have ever viewed pornographic material, it is clear that not only does pornography cause violence against women, but the material itself is violence against women, the women in the pornographic material.

Pornography also sends out the message to men that women enjoy being beaten, abused, and raped.  It is unfortunate, but over the last few years, the violence portrayed in pornographic material has increased greatly.

The material also tries to send the message that women secretly enjoy the abuse.  Many studies have proven that Pornography can lead to violence.

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