Aladdin and the magic lamp

Long long time ago there lived an impoverished boy named Aladdin. He found it difficult to meet ends as he lived it utter poverty. Until one day an old man walked up to him and said he was his uncle. As Aladdin had lost his father and did really have an uncle he had never seen, his mother welcomed this old man home. The next day, the uncle gave Aladdin good clothes to wear and a tour of the city gardens. Impressed with the makeover of her son, the mother readily agreed to Aladdin working for the uncle.

But this old man was no uncle, infact he was a wicked magician who wanted to use the services of the boy. So he took him along with him though cities and gardens, until they reached a mountain. The magician lit a fire and mumbled some words which Aladdin did not understand and with a swish of the powder the ground beneath them opened. 

Aladdin was afraid with the happenings but the magician assured him that nothing would happen to him but he would have to listen to every word he said. The magician told Aladdin to alight through the tunnel, he would then come to a forked path with three ways, and he should take the right and lead on until he came to fresh gardens. Right in the centre of it would be a lamp that is glowing. Put off the light, remove the oil from it and bring the lamp back. But do not touch anything else said the magician and led the boy down.

Oblivious of the essence of the lamp, Aladdin scampered through the way and found the lamp. On his way back, he pocketed some fruits that were shiny like he had never seen before. When he reached the opening, the magician was glad and reached out his hand to take the lamp. Pull me out first, said Aladdin but the magician refused. So Aladdin too refused to give the lamp before being out in the open. So the angry old man closed the ground above him.

Sobbing away, Aladdin’s hand rubbed the lamp by mistake and out came a genie. You are my master and I will do anything you command, it said. Take me home said Aladdin and before he knew it, he was with his mother. Instantaneously he related the entire story to look at his mother’s widened pupils. She summoned the genie to bring forth those shiny fruits and food. And the two feasted for the first time in their life. Life went well for a few years as their every wish came true.

Then one day he saw Jasmine, the daughter of the king and fell in love with her. His mother made proud presentations to the king with rich gifts and fanfare. Looking at the magnanimous gifts the king readied to give his daughter in marriage. Aladdin wished for a palace and the same was granted for the newly married couple. 

The news of the grand palace spread far & wide and soon the evil magician got to know of it. So one day he went with a cart full of new lamps shouting new for old. As Jasmine did not know the value of the old lamp she exchanged it for a new one. And soon the magician transposed the palace and the princess to Africa. Hearing this Aladdin set out to rescue his love. With the help of the flying carpet and his beloved monkey pet he found the lamp and summoned the genie to redo the act.

He then punished the magician by adding poison to his drink that led to the death of the old wicked man. Thereafter Aladdin his mother and Jasmine lived happily ever after.