Long long time ago, far far away, there lived a beautiful maiden who was soft and loving, just the way her parents had raised her. When she would sit near the banks of the river, all the birds and the bees would hover around her, whispering sweet nothings. They just loved her like everyone in the village for being a princess she was humble and ever loving.

But tragedy struck and Cinderella lost her mother. This made Cinderella withdraw from the world and was completely reserved. Looking at the plight of his daughter, the father thought it best to get married again as a mother plays a vital role in every child’s development.

The second marriage took place, but the step-mother never replaced the real mother, in fact it only got worse. After the two step-sisters entered the scene, Cinderella was reduced to a slave – and was made to do all the washing, cleaning and cooking. Her days never ended and the wicked siblings only made it worse. They gave her their old torn clothes to wear and never allowed her out of the house. Poor Cinderella would cry every day to herself. Nevertheless, the days passed into months and months into years and Cinderella blossomed into a beautiful girl. This made her step-sisters very jealous.

One day the king of the land had a ball for his son to find the love of his life. And so the soldiers came to every home that had spinster girls and read out the invitation. The step-sisters rejoiced and got to thinking about the ball and what would they wear to appease the prince. At the back was Cinderella who heard the invitation and yearned to be at the party. But how?

On the day of the ball, the sisters looked their prime and the mother tucked her waist to where she could not breathe and left her slave daughter to do the cleaning. As Cinderella sat in the kitchen crying there was a burst of light and in it appeared a lady dressed in white. Who are you, she cried. Your fairy godmother said the lady. And why are you here. To dress you up for the ball. But how, said Cinderella I have only old rags to dress in. Well that’s why I’m here said the godmother and with a swish of her wand she dressed Cinderella and made her hair.

Wow, said Cinderella but how am I to go to ball. And with another swish the melon in the garden turned into a carriage and the white mouse that ran around in to two mighty horses. Cinderella hurriedly climbed into the carriage but before she could go the Godmother said, you have time till the clock strikes 12 and with that she vanished.

The prince stood amazed when he saw Cinderella entering the ball. He was stunned by her beauty, making every lady turn green. He asked for her hand and danced away. Even the step-sisters failed to recognize her as she had groomed herself like they had never seen before. But the clock struck 12 and before Cinderella could say a word she ran away from the prince and immediately turned into her old ragged self.

The prince was devastated and ran behind her, only to find her glass slipper and nothing else. The very next day he made his soldiers take the slipper and go around the kingdom to find the foot that fits in it. And they searched in vain until they fell upon the step sister’s house. The girls tried to force their leg in but it did not fit. As they were about to go one of them spotted Cinderella and asked her to try.

The sisters said it was no use as it would never have been her. But the soldiers insisted and so Cinderella stepped forward and it was a perfect fit. The prince had found the love of his life and they lived happily ever after..