Moral Stories

Moral Stories are believed to be meant for children. The reason being cited is that a child’s soul is clear and pure and the lessons imparted by these stories stay with him for the rest of his life.

But at the same time, moral stories are equally relevant for adults also who need occasional reminder of some of the life’s important lessons. These tales reassure us of the goodness of the human beings and inspire us in every sphere of life.

Moral stories are great source of inspiration and motivation. Sometimes, moral fables make us go back to our roots and help us in discovering some of the missing elements of life.

Moral ideas present the greatness of the humanity and are passed from generation to generation. By reading more of moral stories, one can drastically improve his life and learn more about moral values.

Top moral stories for kids

1. Never Give Up

This story is about a farmer and his mule. The effectiveness of the story lies in the way it focuses upon adversity and how attitude determines the course of seemingly lost cause. There was this farmer in a tiny village.

He owned an old mule that used to carry grains and other farming related stuff for the farmer. During one of those days, the mule fell into a well. The well ran deep and despite trying hard many a times, mule couldn’t get himself out the well. He started to lose hope. His consistent shrieks drew attention of the farmer who came rushing to the well.

Farmer looked around and tried to come up with a rescue plan but eventually, he also lost the hope. He decided that the old mule was not worth the trouble of saving. So, he called his neighbours and asked for their help in hauling dirt to bury the old mule.

The mule got hysterical. Soon enough, the farmer and the neighbours started to shovel and fill well with the dirt. When the first bout of dirt hit mule’s back, suddenly his fast losing spirit came up with an idea. He thought every time a shovel load of dirt will land on his back, he will just shake it off and step up a bit higher. The idea filled him with a new lease of life and hope.

Old mule kept doing the same blow after blow. He would just shake the dirt off and step up a notch higher. He kept reminding himself of possibility of a brand new life. He controlled his nerves and kept stepping up. After some time, the exhausted mule managed to step over the wall of that well. He was completely tired and fatigued yet his spirit triumphed. The dirt that was meant to bury him actually helped him in remaining alive.

The story is a clear example of how our attitude towards seemingly impossible adversities determines the final outcome. Life is like this only. If we respond positively to the stream of problems faced by us and refuse to surrender, we are likely to emerge victorious.

2. Important things of Life

There was this philosophy professor in a prestigious university who loved to teach students about important theories of the subject. Once, while his lecture was about to begin, he just closed the book and instead stood before his class with some items on the table in front of him.  Students were curious but the professor without looking at them silently picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar. Thereafter, he started to fill it with small rocks. Once the jar appeared full, professor proceeded to ask his students ‘whether the jar was full?’

Entire class unanimously agreed that jar was indeed full. Next, the professor picked up some pebbles and began pouring them into the jar. The moment pouring was complete, he shook the jar lightly. As a result of that, all the pebbles rolled into the open areas between the rocks and settled comfortably.

Professor again asked the students if the jar is full. Same response from the class like before and they all agreed that the jar was full. Professor smiled a bit and this time he picked up a box of sand. He poured the box into the jar and sand filled the entire remaining spaces. Professor repeated his question to the class, if the jar was full? Yes again, was the unanimous response of the students.

Professor now turned towards the class and said, this jar represents your life. The entire things I poured into the jar symbolise some important lessons. The rocks are the most important things, i.e., family, your partner, health and your children. Even if everything else in your life goes away but the rocks remains there, your life would still be full because the most important things are still present in your life.

Pebbles represent other significant things like car, house and job etc. And the sand is the small stuff or everything else.

So the lesson to be learnt here is, you all have to be very selective about what to fill in the jar first and in what order. If your time and energy is spent on small stuff then there is no room for the pebbles or the rocks or in other words, most important things of your life. Always pay attention to things that are most important to you and never take things for granted.

So take care of rocks first and rest everything will fall into place.

3. Paid in full with one glass of milk

There was a poor boy named Howard Kelly who was going through some real bad times. He wanted to study but had no monetary support so to make the ends meet he started to sell goods from door to door. This way he could pay his school fee. But selling is a hard job. One fine day, he found he had just one thin dime left and he was hungry as well.

He wondered for a while and then decided to ask for the meal at the next house. When he knocked at the door, a pretty lady came out and Kelly felt nervous. Instead of asking for the food he just asked for a drink of water.

Lady could feel pangs of hunger on boy’s face so she brought him a large glass of milk. Boy was astonished and yet he could not resist his hunger. He drank the milk slowly and asked lady, ‘how much do I owe you?‘ Lady replied, ‘You don’t owe me anything. I have been taught never to accept pay for an act of kindness’. Boy was extremely touched and thanked her from the bottom of his heart. This incident left a profound effect on boy’s psyche. His faith in God and man further increased.

Many years passed after that small incident. The young lady became critically ill and local doctors were clueless about her illness. She was sent to the big city where specialists were called upon to diagnose and treat her problem. The mystery surrounding the illness forced doctors to call Dr. Howard Kelly. When Mr. Kelly first heard about the town she came from, he instantly remember the entire incident and rushed his way to check the patient.

Howard Kelly immediately recognised her and started doing everything in her capacity to save young woman’s life. After giving special attention to the case for quite some time, the lady started getting better. When it came to the matter of bill payment, Dr. Kelly requested hospital authorities to pass the final bill to him.

After carefully examining the bill details, he scribbled something on the edge of the paper and passed the bill to patient’s room. She was scared to have a look at the bill knowing it would take her rest of the life to pay for the expensive treatment. But when she finally opened the bill, she saw something written on the side of the bill,

‘Paid in full with one glass of milk’
Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly.