Correspondence MBA

MBA in itself is an attractive career option. Correspondence MBA means pursuing your MBA in a distance learning mode. Correspondence MBAs have become very popular mainly because of the immense competition in a full time MBA program. MBA in a correspondence mode can help you continue with your current job at the same time pursue your education. Today, correspondence MBA from foreign universities can also be easily pursued. Students now believe that rather than investing two full years for pursuing your MBA, it is smart to do a correspondence MBA from a foreign university while you can continue with your job.

Some of the colleges who offer correspondence MBA programs are IGNOU (New Delhi), Symbiosis Distance learning (Pune) and NMIMS (Mumbai). These institutes offer correspondence MBA courses with various specializations.

The duration of the course is one or two years. However, most of these courses offer flexibility and the course can be extended to four years or so.

Distance education is set to grow because of the advantages that this medium offers.
You can learn at your own speed, study online, and solve doubts and queries through live chat or mails, hardly any paper work involved, give exams at your convenience and much more. Correspondence MBA has helped working students to a great extent. Distance learning mode is not as expensive and can be affordable by all. While the scope of scholarship seems a distant though, there are many companies who are ready to finance correspondence MBA for their employees. You can also fund your own MBA by continuing with your job.

Though correspondence MBA does not require students to do their compulsory internship, there is extensive project work that a student is expected to complete. These projects are evaluated and viva for the project is conducted online on which a student is graded. In short, correspondence MBA can serve the need of many students who cannot afford to pursue their full time MBA.

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