Middle School Study Skills

A child in middle school is old enough to start setting goals, which have to be achieved. Every academic year should commence with one because such goals help to clearly define what it is they exactly want in order to succeed.

These initial goals are going to decide their long-term goals. While setting goals the student must remember his limitations, hence they must be realistic in their approach. An unattainable target will only serve to put them off.

The student having identified his priorities must work hard to see that they remain that way. A considerable amount of sacrifice is necessary on the part of the student, for it is not easy to ignore the numerous temptations that come their way.

Fixed times for study in a relatively quiet place will go a long way in achieving those short-term goals. Have specified targets everyday and see that those are achieved. Allot time to review whatever has been learnt. Reinforcing constantly the principles that have been learnt ensures that the subject matter goes into the long-term memory. The three R’s Read, Review and Recollect must be followed diligently.

Concentration is another area that children constantly have to work on. In spite of all the good intentions that they have, the mind tends to wander. To forcibly bring it back and take off from where they left is often a Herculean task. While reading, students can underline or highlight important parts.

This reinforces what they have read and also helps them to be aware of what they are doing. Making notes in the margin, writing down points to be clarified, and summarizing what has been learnt augments study. While taking down notes in the classroom, the focus should be only on the salient points. While studying the same chapter, additional points can be noted down under the same heading. This will ensure that the chapter is properly covered.

Math has been the bane of many a student. They fail to realize however, that with constant practice, they can easily assimilate the principles, which initially posed a problem. Whether it is is learning dates, or drawing maps, paraphrasing poetry or memorizing formulas, try and use associative techniques to help you remember.

Preparing for tests and exams should not be an overnight affair. Constant learning and revision will increase your familiarity with the subject and tackling the test will be child’s play. Learn to manage time effectively by doing the easy questions first and the difficult ones later. Allot time for revision to correct any silly mistakes that have occurred.

Active participation in extra curricular activities has been known to augment middle school study skills. Doing something different everyday makes studying more pleasant and the students feel good about themselves. Nothing can be healthier than this.

Middle school study skills are the bridge between infancy and adulthood, a very important bridge, which needs to be strong to weather any storm.

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