Table Manners for Children

Table Manners for Children

These suggestions below are good manners to practice at home:

Wash your hands before sitting down.

Leave toys, books, and pets behind.

When you sit down, place the napkin in your lap.

Sit up straight and don’t slouch.

Ask politely for dishes to be passed. Never reach across the table.

Wait until everyone is seated and served before starting to eat. If grace is said, wait to eat until it is completed. Don’t giggle during grace.

Keep your elbows off table.

Never chew with your mouth open.

Never talk with a mouth full of food.

Use utensils quietly without banging them on the table or plate. You should place your knife softly on the edge of the plate when not in use.

Slice butter from the butter dish and place it on your butter plate or other plate. The butter knife should stay with the butter dish.

Never wave or throw utensils.

Keep your knife out of your mouth.

Never play with your food.

Never grab food from other people’s plates.

Ask politely for seconds if you want them.

Ask to be excused from the table.

Clear your plate from the table and take it into the kitchen.

Remember, good manners are important and make meals more enjoyable. You will be proud if you learn these rules at home. Then when you go out to eat, they will be habit.

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