Isn’t it amazing to see your baby grow and learn new things as he or she grows? At around age 3, your baby’s vastly improved creativity and language skills leave you awe-struck.

The ideal toys for 3-year-olds are designed to boost language and communication skills in them, such as pronouncing names and speaking 3-4 words sentences with clarity.  

These toys improve movement and physical skills, like climbing, running, pedaling, etc. They promote thinking and mental skills, such as recognizing and playing with shapes, colors, numbers, puzzles, etc.

Some of these toys help babies improve social and emotional skills, including imitating adults and friends, ready for potty training, and showing various feelings.

We have reviewed the Top 10 toys for 3-year-old babies and compiled a Buyer’s guide and FAQs for assisting you in purchasing a toy that would create unforgettable childhood memories.

1. Einstein Box for 3-Year-Old Baby

Einstein Box for a 3-year-old baby is crafted for stimulating logic and reasoning skills in babies. It teaches good behavioral habits, promotes smart thinking skills, and develops an interest in babies’ books.   

This box contains two books and three activities meant for boosting thinking skills and promoting socio-economic skills among 3-year old babies. It develops a love for reading in babies.

It features two premium books, including “Tiggy House,” which is a wipe-clean book that teaches about doing things by self, and “Ria grows a plant,” which is a sticker book about the growth of plants.

It provides three entertaining activities, such as “Big house puzzle,” My plant,” and “Fork painting set.”

The “Big house puzzle” is a set of 18 high-quality puzzle pieces that boost babies’ logic and reasoning skills. It includes number writing and logic activities.

The “My Plant” teaches about how to grow plants through an activity kit. It teaches about plant science and measurement. It comprises real photos and scientific facts. It provides super entertainment with 50 plus stickers.

The fork painting set features a palette, colors, stencils, forks, and workbooks that will inspire Picasso in your babies. It is a non-toxic toy that is prepared from child-safe materials.

This Einstein box for 3-year old babies is an excellent educational kit that provides wide-ranging learning and developmental activities for babies. It boosts logic building, creativity, and artistic skills in babies.

2. Frank Vegetables Puzzle For 3-Year-Old Kids

Frank Vegetables Puzzle for a 3-year-old baby is a set of three puzzles designed to teach your babies about three different vegetables in a creative manner.

This toy puzzle uses a “play and learns” technique for engaging your babies in an entertaining activity, promotes motor-skills and hand-eye coordination.

The puzzle pieces are cut out in the shape of vegetables that need to be fixed in their respective frames. The frame highlights the bold outlines that direct the babies for solving each puzzle successfully.

Every puzzle frame measures approx 12.5 x 12.5 cm. This compact puzzle is easily portable for anywhere playing. 

This puzzle set enhances concentration, visual skills, logical thinking, and patience level in babies while keeping them entertained.

This vegetable puzzle set is suitable for introducing the concept of vegetables in 3-year-old babies. It is a set of simple and colorful puzzle pieces that are convenient for babies to play.

3. R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids

R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for 3-year-old babies features pioneering design and provides intelligent turning for safe and entertaining rides.

It highlights an attractive design with fluorescent colors. It is an easy-to-learn runner scooter for babies who can start riding without learning how to balance. 

Its scientific and safe design allows the babies to control the turning and maintain balance comfortably by physical inclination.

It is a safety certified scooter that conforms to En 71 Safety certification standards for ensuring safe riding for babies. It can easily withstand the weight up to 75 kgs. It’s robust and strong built allows even parents to ride it.

It features high-quality and sturdy PU wheels that provide a smooth ride and make it suitable for indoor riding. It has two big front wheels and a small rear LED wheel that glows brightly, even in the daylight. The faster the ride, the better the wheels’ glow.

It comes with ABEC 7 bearings that ensure a faster and smoother riding experience. It has a wide and sturdy deck that provides ample space for your babies to stand and ride comfortably. 

This runner scooter does not require any kickstand, and it is suitable for babies with all skills.

This runner scooter does not require any training, and your baby can simply hop on to begin scooting. Its compact design is easy to fold and store. Its stylish design has an extra-wide brake and non-slip handlebar for enhanced safety for kids.

4. Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Fun With Words Puzzle

Fun with words is an ideal educational kit by Creative Educational Aids Pvt Ltd, designed to promote language skills in babies by encouraging letter recognition, improving spelling, and letter sounds.

It comprises a 24 pages activity book, an activity guide, and 30 word-building puzzles.

These are three-piece self-correcting puzzles that encourage babies to build 3-letter words using pictures of objects related to a child’s nearby surroundings.

It promotes letter recognition, vocabulary building, and spelling learning in babies when they sort and assemble the correct pieces for completing the picture.

The activity book and suggestions in the activity guide enable the babies to learn many new words and practice their correct spelling. Thus, it enhances observation, visual-discrimination skills, and concentration in babies.

It provides a wide range of activities for developing language skills in babies such as spelling words that match with the pictures, recognizing letters of the alphabet, recognizing letter sounds, and joining letters for making words.

5. Prime Deals Rechargeable Racing Car

The rechargeable racing car by Prime deals is a stylish and attractive Audi car operated by remote control.

It highlights sporty and classic looks along with best in class paint quality that is loved by the babies. It features working headlights and rear lights for providing a more realistic feel.

It comes with convenient and smooth controls that make it easy for the babies to operate. It features high-quality, robust, and durable ABS plastics for withstanding rough handling by kids.

It is powered by 3 x 1.2V rechargeable NiCAD batteries. It comes with a charger for recharging the batteries. 

This car features detailed design, including interior rims, exterior rims, and a spring suspension system for preventing shock. It provides accuracy and stability during driving.

It can be moved in all directions, including left, right, forward, and backward, with great ease using a remote control. When a baby drives this car using a remote control, he/she exercises good coordination between hand, eye, and brain. 

It improves the child’s responsiveness and teaches him to exercise control and maintain balance. Playing with this car improves the spatial imagination skills in babies.

This car features grooved and tough tires that are prepared from high-quality PVC material. These tires are designed for providing a good grip on the surface for smoother rides. 

The presence of rubber tires allows the babies to drive on uneven road surfaces with perfect ease and superb grip. 

It has a fully-functional powerful radio control system with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote device for controlling the car from a distance.

It is an ideal toy that promotes driving skills and sharpens the presence of mind in babies while keeping them engaged for hours of fun-filled moments.

6. Frank – 10203 in Water Puzzle

Frank’s water puzzle is a set of 3 puzzles that are designed to teach your babies about the different animals that live underwater and near water.

This puzzle set is designed on the principle of “play and learn technique” that provide fun-filled activities for babies while enhancing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

It includes three puzzle pieces, including 4, 5, and 6 pieces, which introduce Frog, Tortoise, and Fish to your babies.

The puzzle pieces are cut out in animal shapes that can be fixed in their respective frames. The frame highlights bold outlines for directing babies to complete the puzzle successfully. 

Each puzzle piece is compact and measures 12.5 x 12.5 cms. It is a portable game that can be easily carried anywhere for keeping your babies engaged in creative, fun-filled moments.

This water puzzle set is a great toy for improving logical thinking, visual skills, fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination in babies. It is prepared from high-quality materials and printed using non-toxic inks.

7. Sartham, Building Block Toy for Kids

Sartham building block toys are multi-colored blocks for kids that feature 20 pieces. It is a made in India product designed to broaden your baby imagination, develop logical skills, and use intelligence in creative ways.

It is a set of safe building blocks that feature smooth texture, no sharp edges, and non-toxic plastics.

It comes with an activity guide book for assisting the kids in assembling different structures. It boosts self-esteem and confidence in kids when they build the models successfully.

The blocks are assembled using the lock-system fixing technique that teaches your baby the art of building creative houses of varying shapes and sizes.

The concept of building blocks teaches your baby about geometry and mathematics. It enhances problem-solving skills from a young age. 

Focusing on these games helps develop cognitive skills such as planning, prioritization, exploration, and calculation.

These theme-based building blocks provide valuable learning experiences through a multi-sensory and interactive approach for participating in an entertaining series of pretend and play games.

It allows the kids to explore their imagination. It is an educational toy that develops various babies’ skills, such as visual and spatial perception, fine-motor skills, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination.

8. FunBlast Unbreakable Pull Back Vehicles

The unbreakable pull back vehicles by Funblast are a set of 7 vehicle toys that comprise forward-backward and pull-push functions.

These toys feature appealing bright colors and superior sturdy design. They are safe as they are prepared from non-toxic and unbreakable materials. They have smooth finishing without any sharp edges. 

These toys feature extra grip and high-quality tires for smooth crawling with friction power wheel movement backed by a push and go function. The crawling toys encourage movement and physical activity in babies.

These toys are prepared from ABS plastic material for enhanced durability and safety for babies. It is an ideal gift for your babies that captures their attention with funny shapes and bright colors.

The shapes of the push-pull car are inspired by real-life vehicles. These toys are also suitable for imaginative play. These are small-sized vehicle toys that can be easy to store and carry anywhere.

The vehicle toys are unbreakable and feature exceptionally cute designs that assist your babies in color & shape recognition. It encourages motor skills, objects recognition, hand & eye coordination, creativity & imagination in babies.

9. Vibgyor Vibes Wood Jigsaw Puzzles for Children

The jigsaw puzzles by Vibgyor are a set of 6 wooden jigsaw puzzles that comprise 9 pieces each. It provides entertaining play to engage your baby for long hours.

The babies need to arrange the 9 cubes accurately for completing the picture. The set comprises 6 colorful pictures for your child to solve. 

The wooden pieces feature bright colors and attractive graphics that attract babies and provide learning with entertainment.

It features small-sized cubes that are easy to hold and arrange for your babies. These wooden pieces are designed for complete interlocking.

The cute and colorful pieces are safe for babies as they have smooth edges. The background image helps the babies in completing the puzzle successfully.

Playing with these puzzles develops fine motor skills in babies as they need to pick up the cubes, grasp them, sort them, and fit them into correct positions. 

It helps the babies to think and develop strategies for completing the puzzle. It encourages problem-solving and reasoning skills in babies. It also encourages cooperative play and develops social skills when played in a group.

The babies learn to recognize colors, shapes, and animals. The babies love to play with these stimulating and brain-boosting puzzles.

10. Toykraft: Mickey Mouse & Friends – Sand Art Kit

The Mickey Mouse & Friends kit by Toykraft is an entertaining art and craft kit for babies. Playing with this kit helps the babies in developing social, physical, and intellectual skills.

This kit allows the babies to create three sand pictures of hugely popular Disney characters, including Mickey, Donald & Goofy, with colored sand on the pre-gummed templates included in this art and craft kit. 

It enables the babies to match the sand’s colors on the given design for finishing the pictures. It gives a sense of accomplishment to kids when they show their craftwork to their family and friends.

The package comprises three pre-gummed templates of Mickey, Donald & Goofy. It includes finely mesh sand in assorted colors and a spatula to firmly fix the sand on the gummed regions.

The sand art & craft activity helps develop fine motor skills, concentration, patience, and creativity in babies.

It is an ideal gift idea for both boys and girls. The completed picture looks amazing, and even it can be framed and displayed.

This sand art kit brings forth the creative abilities and channelizes babies’ energy levels in constructive ways.

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a perfect toy for your 3-year old baby requires you to consider many factors. Read our elaborative buyer’s guide that would help you to steer through the effortless and pleasurable buying journey.


What are the best toys for 3-year-olds?

The best toys for 3-year-old babies are as follows.

How do I keep my 3-year-old entertained?

The best way to keep your 3-year-old entertained is to engage him/her in interesting and engaging playing activities. 

Some of the common everyday activities of a 3-year-old include playing with puzzles, playing dough games with dry spaghetti, reading out the stories from books, playing with doctor’s sets, visiting parks, and looking at family albums, etc.   

What games do 3-year-olds play?

The games for 3-year-olds are designed to promote logic & reasoning skills, language & communication skills, movement & physical skills, and social & emotional skills. 

Some of the common board games played by 3-year-olds include Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Don’t Break the Ice, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Elefun, The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel, Cootie, HiHo, etc. 

How do I get my three years old to clean up toys?

You can turn a cleaning activity into an interesting game so that your baby gets enthusiastic about pursuing it willingly. 

Set up a challenge between you and the baby and see who can finish the cleaning first or try singing a song while cleaning to make it look like a joyful activity. 


At three years of age, your baby begins to show impressive progress in playing activities, building up stories, learning new words quickly, and building relationships. 

A proper toy would help him embrace the changes and acquire skills in sync with the age-associated developmental milestones.

Our choice for the top toys for 3-year-old babies includes Einstein Box for 3-year-old Baby, Frank Vegetables Puzzle For 3-year-old Kids, and R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids.

As your baby completes one year, he/she gets more excited to explore the world around. Those twinkling eyes speak volumes of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new skills and try hands at everything that comes across.

Your babies need such toys that stimulate their sensory and fine motor skills development at this tender age. These toys should help your cutie-pies to reach the age-associated milestones comfortably.

You would be spoiled for choices with so many toys of various brands vying for your attention.

Breathe easy, as we have researched and recommended Top 10 toys for 1-year-old baby along with Buyer’s guide and FAQs; so that you make the perfect buying decision.

1. Pikipo Stuffed Soft Ball with Rattle Sound

Pikipo is a popular Indian Toys brand that was established in 2018. It provides superiorly crafted toys for entertainment and sensory development in little wonders.

The stuffed softball by Pikipo features a rattling sound that instantly grabs the attention of your cutie-pies. It comes stuffed with a soft plush filling that makes it an ideal cuddling and hugging companion.

Whenever your child shakes the ball, the rattle inside the ball creates rattling sounds for your baby’s entertainment. These rattling sounds stimulate and develop the auditory development in your kids while keeping him/her entertained.

This ball measures 20 cm in diameter and weighs 320 grams. It is recommended for babies aged six months and above.

It features charming, bright colors that enhance gross motor skills and stimulate visual development in babies. It introduces your child to various colors.

This safe and non-toxic ball is certified by NABL authorized lab. It is a machine washable ball that provides for easy cleaning for your babies.

It is designed to be a safe toy for your babies as it does not contain any sharp or uneven edges. Moreover, it does not pose any choking hazard. It is a lightweight and plush toy suitable for your little one to touch, hold, and play.

2. Einstein Box For 1-Year-Old Baby

The Einstein Box for a one-year-old is designed for awakening the genius in every child. It offers exceptional learning opportunities through its beautiful books and fun activities. It assists in stimulating thinking skills and teaches good habits in babies.

The box set comprises five awesome educational toys and books, including puzzles, art & craft game, memory game, and books for animals and family members.

The puzzle is a set of 8 pieces that helps your babies to learn about animals. The art & craft game is a shape foam game that is designed for developing motor skills. 

The books are tear-resistant and teach your babies about different animals and loving families. 

It serves as an ideal gift for a 1-year-old baby girl and boy. It features an attractive design and offers hours of screen-free entertainment. It is a safe game that is designed by parents.

The memory game and puzzle pieces are prepared from high-quality extra-thick cardboard that features a wipe-clean surface and rounded edges. The books comprise thick laminated pages, and the colors used in the painting are child-safe and non-toxic.

All the box activities are meant for developing logic, creativity, language skills, brain development, and good manners. 

The memory game includes animal masks that boost imaginative skills and serve as an ideal game for role plays and storytelling activities.

3. Little’s Junior Ring

The Little junior’s ring toy is designed for naturally developing the concepts of shapes, sizes, and colors in babies. It helps the babies in identifying different colors and sizes while playing the fun-filled stacking-in-order game.

As your child uses his/her fingers to arrange the multi-colored disc, he/she develops his/her finger skills. It is an informative play tool that keeps the babies hooked on to it with its attractive designs and vibrant colors.

It comprises six multi-colored plastic rings that are easy to hold and stack. This stacking game is suitable for both girls and boys of 6 months and above. 

It is a safe toy made from non-toxic materials and does not include any sharp sides or edges.

This game stimulates motor skills and reasoning skills in babies. It leads to all-round development and assists in polishing finger skills in babies.

It is a perfect toy for 1-year babies for boosting imagination, creativity, and brain development while having a fun-filled play.

4. Kiddale Educational Musical Telephone Toy

The Kiddale projection learning book is an excellent mushroom double-sided learning book for babies that allow them to learn, play, and listen to music. 

It comes packed with numerous functions, including a lullaby, stories with animals, sounds, shapes, and colors. It promotes brain development in babies for efficient learning and reading.

It comes with a crib mounting facility that allows you to fix the book to the crib and put on the music and projection for a soothing sleeping bedtime routine. This learning book features many interesting stories, including shapes, sounds, colors, and animals.

It features dual HD projections in turn. It offers a cute animal slideshow on the ceiling or walls with its mushroom type projector.

It features a back strap that allows you to hang the book on a chair, pram or any other suitable place that seems comfortable for your baby to play.

It provides various options for your child to operate the book, such as page flip, mode switch, lullaby, projector, strap, and play button.

It is a safe toy that is prepared from BPA-free and non-toxic ABS plastic. It has been tested in conformity to the European and American standards of safety.

This projection learning book provides numerous developmental benefits for babies, such as reading concepts, fine motor skills, language skills, and academics sensory curiosity.

5. FunBlast Dancing Robot with Music

The Funblast electro dancing robot is an exceptionally attractive dancing toy for babies that provide great entertainment with its dance moves, 3 D flashing lights, and music.

This musical dancing robot produces an awesome flashing lightning effect and performs 360 degrees rotation. It lifts its legs and hands in the air while dancing and keeps your babies engaged for hours. 

It promotes listening skills, social interaction, communication skills, motor skills, and observation skills in kids. It also improves physical movements in babies, such as clapping and dancing.

It stimulates the technical interest in your little geniuses towards light, sound, and action. The kids love to play with this interacting toy. It is an excellent gift idea for babies for various occasions such as birthdays, New year, Christmas, Diwali, etc. 

The height of this robot measures 6 inches, and 3 AA batteries power it. It comes with a convenient ON/OFF switch behind the head. It features rotating lights on the head and flash lamps on the face. It turns both its arms.

It is a sturdy, durable, and safe toy as it is made from non-toxic ABS plastics. The cute and stylish dancing robot promotes brain development in infants, triggers visual stimulation, and develops perfect hand-eye coordination. 

It also develops an interest in babies towards dancing as they imitate robots’ movements and dance along with it.

6. Fisher-Price Baby Activity

Fisher-Price is a reputed toy brand that provides a wide range of products for babies and children. The baby activity preschool infant chain from Fisher-Price is a high-quality and multi-colored toy ideal for both girls and boys. 

This infant chain toy helps in teaching basic counting to your babies through fun-filled activities. It develops effective hand-eye coordination among babies and teaches them to identify and learn about different colors.

It is designed to promote the babies’ grasping abilities and motor skills as they attach the links to form a chain. 

In addition to forming chains with links, it allows your child to use his/her creativity to form different patterns with pieces such as rings and other shapes.

It is a lightweight toy that can be conveniently packed and carried for anywhere and anytime fun-filled playing. 

It is a safe toy that is recommended for babies of 6 months and above. It is prepared from high quality and non-toxic plastic. It does not feature any sharp edges.

The multi-color chain activity keeps your babies engaged and entertained for hours. It promotes learning through discovery as babies identify shapes. It stimulates visual development with bright colors and exciting shapes.

7. Spanking Flash Drum

Spanking Flash drum is an excellent toy for kids that stimulates curiosity through its bright lights and variety of sounds. It enhances intelligence development and promotes hand-eye coordination in babies.

It is a safe toy that is prepared from ABS plastics. It features a round design that protects your babies’ hands. It is recommended for babies of 6 months and above.

It is a multi-functional baby toy that is packed with early educational content. It comes with five colors of lights, three gameplay modes, nine dulcet songs, and nine different drum sounds for providing a variety of entertaining options for babies.

It is an ideal musical toy for babies as it boosts imagination, creativity, and intelligence. It stimulates thinking and enhances reaction ability in babies. It promotes a sense of rhythm and provides superb entertainment value.

3 AA batteries power it. Your babies can tap this music drum to listen numbers from 1 to 5 and colors from blue, orange, red, yellow, and green. It also produces various interesting sound effects on tapping the drum.

It helps your child to develop an interest in music. The interactive drum keeps the babies engaged with 3D lights and sounds. 

It offers a wide range of developmental benefits such as musical skills, co-ordination skills, audio-stimulation, and visual stimulation.

Buyer’s Guide


The toys designed for babies should stimulate sensory and gross motor skills in them. It should be ergonomically designed so that your baby can easily grasp and hold it for engaging in hours of fun-filled moments.

A perfectly designed toy ensures your child’s safety. It should not have any pointed ends or sharp corners. It should feature a lightweight design for comfortable lifting by the kids.   


The size of a toy should be appropriate for the babies. It should be big enough so that your baby won’t accidentally swallow it.  

Your baby should be able to lift and hold it in his hands comfortably. It should provide easy handling during play to capture the baby’s attention and maintain interest for long periods.

Appealing looks  

The toys for your babies should display appealing looks in multi-color design and attention-grabbing graphics. Babies get easily charmed by the toy’s aesthetics. If you get impressed by a toy’s appearance, your babies would surely love it.

The toys for babies are designed to evoke visual stimulation in them. The bright colored toys keep your babies interested for hours. They promote visual development related to the optic nerve in babies. 

The contrasting toys in light and dark or black and white capture your babies’ attention better and keep them delighted.

Entertainment Quotient      

Your babies love toys that have excellent entertainment quotients. The babies get entertained by the toys’ various attributes, including shapes, sound, movement, and colors. 

Babies at such a tender age are quite sensitive to sounds. You should pick a toy that produces interesting sounds for grabbing their attention. It stimulates auditory development and introduces them to the musical world. 

Ensure that a toy is not too loud or high on colors to turn off your child’s interest. Babies get easily engaged in creative play and productive activities with entertaining toys. You should select a toy that delivers great entertainment value for your babies.

Some toys with great entertainment quotient for babies of such age include rattles, jingles, and toys with musical rhythms or melodious songs.


Before you pick a toy for your child, check the label to ensure it is age-appropriate for your child. It is an important factor to consider as the toys are crafted with different features as per the babies’ age.

Ideally, you should look for a toy that serves your child for a few years through his/her growing stage. Your babies develop bonding with these toys over time, and they can extract maximum benefits out of it.

Motor skills development 

During the earlier years of your babies’ growth, there is rapid and progressive gross and fine motor skills development. 

You should pick a toy that helps your child develop motor skills such as sitting in a comfortable position, standing by holding on to furniture, cruising along, or walking forward. 

Moreover, a toy for babies should also promote fine motor skills related to hand and finger development. Your baby should learn to grasp things using his thumb and fingers, put toys in the box and take them out, imitate scribing, etc.

You should prefer toys with levers and pulleys, musical shakers, blocks, etc. These toys fine-tune your babies’ motor skills and promote balance, coordination, and grasping activities.

Language Skills

You may promote language skills in your babies even when they are in earlier stages of their development. 

You should look out for toys that help your babies produce sounds that mimic speech, make exclamatory gestures, say common words like “mama” or “papa,” try to repeat words you say, etc.

The ideal toys for promoting language skills include graphical or musical toys that introduce words to your babies.

Learning and Thinking Tool

The babies learn a lot of things when they are occupied with the toys. They learn to identify the shape, color, sounds, and numbers while playing with the toys engagingly. 

You should pick a toy that helps your baby learn to identify the different patterns and things through immersive learning activities. 

An ideal toy acts as an excellent learning and thinking tool for your little wonder of joy. It helps your baby copy gestures, explore things by throwing or shaking them, looking for hidden objects, etc.

As imitation plays a major part at this age, these toys introduce your babies to songs using gestures and fun-filled games.


You should ensure to purchase a toy with enhanced durability so that it serves your baby for at least a few years during his/her growing period.

As babies use the toys roughly, throw them around, or bang them against wall or floor; while playing with them, these toys need to be durable enough to withstand such abuse or wear and tear. 

Ensure that the toys for your babies are prepared from good quality material that possesses good durability.


You should ensure that the toys of your babies provide the utmost safety for them. They should be prepared from premium quality materials and feature robust safety designs. An ideal baby toy is prepared from safe, BPA-free, and non-toxic materials. 

While picking a toy, ensure that it does not contain any pointed edges, loose components, cheap colors, low-grade plastics, or dangerous chemicals that may pose health risks for your baby. 

Ensure to go through the safety instructions included with the toy to confirm it does not have any health hazards. Also, check if the toy is safe enough for your baby to play alone or requires adult supervision.

Easy to clean and use

Maintaining perfect hygiene and cleanliness around your babies is a must for ensuring their perfect health. As babies of such age lick the toys and try to bite them, you must ensure that they always play with clean toys.

You must give a thought about easy and quick cleaning of toys before purchasing them. Go for easy to clean and dry toys to make them available for use again by your babies. If you don’t have much time to wash the toys yourself, you may select machine washable toys.

A baby loves playing with those toys that are convenient to hold and lift. If a toy is too complicated or heavy for him to comfortably play with it, he may lose interest soon. 

Choose a toy for your baby that is easy to use so that he/she can extract maximum benefits out of it.


What is a good gift for a 1-year-old?

The best gift toys for 1-year-old babies are as follows:

How do I keep my 1-year-old entertained?

You can give toys to your 1-year-old baby suitable for his /her age and provide good educational and entertainment values.

How many words should a 1-year-old say?

By the time your baby had his first birthday, he/she may start speaking a few words. The baby may speak one to three simple and incomplete words. 

The babies between 10-14 months start imitating easy names or words like “ma-ma” or “da-da.” They may not say it clearly; however, you will know what they want to convey.

How do you ensure a toy I buy is safe?

You need to consider various factors to ensure the safety of toys for your babies. Always check if a particular toy is age-appropriate for your child. 

Ensure that the toy does not have any sharp, pointed edges or corners as it may harm your babies’ soft and sensitive skin.

Check the label to see that the toy is made from BPA-free and non-toxic materials. Avoid toys made from cheap plastics, artificial paints, or colors.


Investing in proper educational and entertaining toys promotes all-round growth and development in your babies while keeping them entertained.

The good toys serve your babies for years and allow them to extract the maximum advantages out of them. With the right kinds of toys, you can put your baby on track for fun-filled learning.

We recommend Pikipo Stuffed Soft Ball with Rattle Sound, Einstein Box For 1-Year-Old Baby, and Little’s Junior Ring as the best toys for your 1-year-old sweethearts.

Your baby had his/her 2nd birthday. Now it’s time to present him an age-appropriate toy that optimally fulfills his educational and entertainment needs. 

At this juncture, your child needs a toy that promotes his movement, such as walking with smoother heel-to-toe movement, kicking a ball, standing on tiptoes, etc. 

An ideal toy for a 2-year-old helps him coordinate his palm, fingers, and wrist movements for scribing or building structure with blocks. 

It should help him speak longer sentences together for effective language skills and imitate others for better social/emotional skills. It should promote learning and thinking skills, such as sorting shapes, sizes, colors, and numbers. 

Go through our Top 10 toys for 2-year-old babies along with Buyer’s guide and FAQs for buying a toy that would become your baby’s best buddy.

1. Einstein Box for 2-Year-Old Baby

The Einstein Box for a 2-year-old baby is designed for all-round improvement in babies, including teaching good habits, improving thinking skills, and developing interest in books.

This box comes with two books and three activities that promote socio-economic skills and develops a love for reading among 2-year-old babies.

It features two high-quality books, including “Tiggy goes to the doctor,” which is a wipe-clean book that teaches about healthy eating habits and “Sid’s holiday,” a sticker book teaches about vehicles.

It provides three engaging and interesting activities such as Vehicle puzzle, Farm match, and finger painting.

The vehicle puzzle is a set of high-quality puzzle pieces that boost the cognitive thinking skills in babies. The Farm match is an excellent memory and correspondence game. 

The finger painting set comes with a palette, colors, brush, and workbook for enhancing creativity and drawing skills. It is a safe toy for babies as it is prepared from non-toxic materials and uses child-safe colors.

This Einstein box for 2-year old babies encourages good behavior or habit in kids. It stimulates creative thinking, logic building, and imagination skills in babies.

2. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher-Price baby’s first blocks feature 12 colorful blocks that provide interesting and engaging activities for babies such as sorting, dropping, and stacking. It comes with a colorful bucket and blocks that provide hours of fun-filled playing activities.

It promotes great hand-eye coordination and motor skills in babies as they stuff the bucket with blocks and empty it to be refilled again.

It comes with a shape-sorting lid that allows the babies to sort, match, and stack five different block shapes. It has a spacious bucket that can easily accommodate all the 12 blocks. This bucket can be easily carried around using a carry handle.  

It enhances the problem-solving and critical thinking skills in babies as they exercise their brains to discover the right block to fit into the right shape. It improves the hand and finger dexterity as babies grasp and hold the shapes for stacking.

3. Funskool Giggles Stacking Drums

The funskool giggles stacking drums are designed for developing the creativity and coordination amongst the babies. It allows your babies to engage in multiple interesting activities and learn while playing with them.

It comes with a set of 8 colorful drums of different sizes. It helps the babies in identifying the colors and building their color association skills. 

It features the animal shapes based on the stacking drum set that helps the babies learn about different animals. 

This stacking drum set is prepared from high-quality plastic that provides enhanced durability for withstanding babies’ rough usage. It is also safe for the babies as it does not contain any sharp edges and is prepared from high-grade child-safe plastic.

This drum set is ideal for babies to develop their creativity, observation skills, and acquire multiple skills while having fun. It is a lightweight drum set that is easy to carry around.

The stacking drum set improves the hand-eye coordination and motor skills in the babies as they need to stack the drums in the correct order as per their sizes. Apart from motor skills development, it also offers long periods of mental engagement and fun.

4. LuvLap Starlight Baby Ride

Luvlap 18325 starlight is a battery operated ride on car for babies. It is certified as per the safety standards of European Standard EN 71. It measures 56 x 29.4 x 29 cm and weighs 3.51 kilograms.

It features an ergonomically designed rotatable car steering and a horn, three musical tunes, and lights for entertaining your baby and keeping him engaged in active play.

It comes with a spacious seat and a safety backrest that ensures your baby does not fall off while speeding on this car. It provides a comfortable seating position during driving.

It features a parent push handle that allows parents to control the car for those babies who need support while driving.

It features a spacious under-seat storage space that can be used by the babies to keep their small toys and other stuff. It features a windshield and safety guard for added safety.

It comprises four big and wide wheels for enhanced safety and comfort for the child. It is suitable for babies of 12 to 36 months and weighing up to 25 kgs.

This ride on car is designed for promoting the gross motor skills in babies while having great fun.

5. LEGO 10913 Brick Box

Lego 10913 Brick Box is an impressive colorful assortment of Lego Duplo bricks that provide amazing developmental benefits and boost babies’ immense creativity.

It is a versatile play-set for babies, and it is designed to trigger various imaginative and inspirational ideas in babies while they play with it. It opens up the world of endless possibilities for them to explore their creativity. 

It comprises 65 colorful bricks, Duplo people figures, and common pieces for stimulating babies’ thinking abilities. It does not require any batteries.

It provides endless imaginative play with various bricks and pieces for creating various objects such as flowers, roofs, windows, cars with wheels, bread, etc. It is a great toy for teaching numbers to your babies with its 1-2-3 number-learning bricks.

Lego Brick Box is a superb toy that provides numerous developmental benefits such as fine motor skills, visual-spatial awareness, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

6. Galaxy Hi-Tech® Activity Cube

Galaxy Hi-tech activity cube is a 6 in 1 educational activity toy that comprises interactive games for babies on all sides such as the telephone side with different keys, shape sorting side, key side with mirror, shape sorting side, abacus side, and lock. 

All the six sides of this cube toy provide different fun learning activities for keeping babies engaged in hours of learning and fun-filled playing activities.

It encourages your babies to identify colors, numbers, shapes, and cell phones. It also promotes problem- solving skills and fine motor skills.

It features attractive colors and designs that instantly grab the attention of babies to engage them in various activities. It is a lightweight, compact, portable, and handy learning cube convenient to carry and operate by babies.

It is a great gift idea for babies. It comes packed in a pretty box. It helps in developing good bonding between parents and babies. 

It is a safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic cube that is 3rd party tested in the US and conforms to CPSIA standards. It is free from harmful materials such as BPA, latex, phthalates, formamide, and lead. 

It provides great entertainment and learning for kids with a wide range of activities such as turning the key to open the box, moving beads around, role-playing with the phone, sorting ten different shapes through the holes, and playing the musical piano.

7. Orapple Puzzle Toys Safari Cube Puzzle for Kids

Orapple Safari cube puzzle toys for babies are safety certified with EN71 and BIS 1493. The colors and chemical composition are examined and tested for ensuring the utmost safety for kids.

This puzzle toy is based on the Montessori technique that encourages collaborative play, self-directed activity, and hand-on learning in babies.

It allows the babies to develop puzzle-solving ability by arranging six different wooden cube picture puzzle pieces. 

It features a Safari cube puzzle that helps the babies to recognize different animals on the cube, including lion, elephant, tiger, giraffe, rabbit, and turtle.

It boosts the logical skills in babies as they arrange pieces to complete the puzzle.

It provides multiple skills development, including hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, logical skills, shape & color recognition skills, motor skills development, and cognitive skills development.

8. ButterflyFields Magnetic Shapes Toys Puzzles for Kids 2 Years

The magnetic shapes toy puzzles by ButterflyFields are educational, innovative, and meaningful toys for babies that provide endless playing possibilities with geometric shapes.

It features exercise sheets for arranging geometric shapes that are kept on a magnetic board.

These magnetic shape puzzles are prepared from soft foam with embedded magnets and eye-catching colorful stickers.

These colorful pieces are lightweight and feature soft edges so that they stay safe for your young ones. These pieces inspire your baby to think creatively and develop a scientific approach.

It is an ideal birthday gift for babies that effectively engage your child for hours and reduce their screen time.

It comprises 23 geometric magnetic shapes, including five trapeziums, 1 star, two squares, two circles, two ovals, two rectangles, two semi-circles, and seven triangles. 

The magnetic shape puzzles stimulate the babies’ creativity and imagination to explore and learn. It promotes soft skills, boosts self-confidence, and develops an understanding of constructive mechanisms in babies.

9. Orapple Wooden 3 in 1 Stacking Tower Toy for Baby

Orapple wooden stacking tower toy is designed for multiple skills development in babies. It is a 3 in 1 stacking toy that helps the babies in number recognition, color recognition, and block building activities.

It is a safety certified product that conforms to EN71 and BIS 1493 standards. The materials used in the manufacturing of these toys are examined and tested for providing high levels of safety for kids.

This stacking toy is based on the Montessori technique that includes self-directed activity, collaborative play, and hands-on learning.

This toy helps babies in developing problem-solving skills as they arrange different shapes in a proper sequence on one another.

It comes with a shape sorter that features colorful rings for teaching your child about colors and helps in recognizing them. 

It helps develop cognitive skills in babies as they sense different physical objects of varying shapes and sizes by touching them while playing.

It provides multiple skills development, including problem-solving skills, logical skills, shape & color recognition skills, and cognitive skills development.

Buyer’s Guide

You need to consider a lot of factors before you buy a perfect toy for your 2-year old babies. Go through our comprehensive buyer’s guide that would enrich your knowledge and assist you in hassle-free buying.


What are the best toys for 2-year-olds?

The best toys for 2-year-old babies are as follows:

What skills should a 2-year old have?

A 2-year old baby should have the following cognitive, movement, language, and social skills.

  • Ability to finds the missing objects 
  • Effective sorting of shapes and ability to recognize and identify colors
  • Pronounce longer and completes sentences 
  • Imitate adults, older children, or other babies
  • Begin to enact and play easy make-believe games
  • Play block-building games and build towers with four or more blocks
  • Walk properly without staggering; move up and down the stairs with support
  • Ability to throw the ball overhand; stand on tiptoes
  • Follow simple directions and repeat words heard during the conversation

Is TV bad for a 2-year-old?

You should avoid TV for a 2-year-old as it may cause lasting harmful consequences on various attributes of children’s development, such as short-term memory, language development, and reading skills. 

Watching TV may also lead to sleep-related problems and attention deficit in babies.


As a parent, you would be excited as ever to give the best toys possible to your babies. However, you need to choose a toy that helps him/her to achieve the prescribed developmental milestones.

It is important to select a proper toy because a too-complex or too-simple toy would make your babies lose interest in them.

Our choice for the top toys for 2-year-old babies includes Einstein Box for 2-Year-Old Baby, Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks, and Funskool Giggles Stacking Drums.

Riding a fun ride-on car generates immense joyous feelings that stay with the kids for a long time. This car gives wings to your kid’s imagination to soar high and playfully enact various adventurous stories. 

Playing with these cars develops cognitive and psychomotor skills in the child. These cars are the ultimate gifts for your kids to enjoy endless fun-filled moments.

This article provides necessary information about ride-on cars through reviews of the Top 9 best ride-on cars, Buyer’s guide, and FAQs to help you choose the best ride-on car for your kids.

1. LuvLap Sunny Baby Ride On Car for Kid

LuvLap sunny baby ride-on car is an exceptionally looking car toy certified as per European Standard En 71. Its beautiful crafted design catches the kids’ attention instantly and promises fun-filled entertaining rides.

It is recommended for the kids up to 12 to 36 months of age and weighing up to 27 kgs. The dimensions of the car measure 51.82 x 24.89 x 19.05 cm and weighs 2.15 Kilograms. It is made of durable and safe plastic materials.

Riding this car helps your kids to develop cognitive and gross motor skills. Its pleasing rotatable steering design comprises music and horn buttons that enable the kids to listen to 3 different music types and press funny horns during the rides.  

This car comes with a spacious seat that allows your kid to sit comfortably and rest his/her back safely on the backrest. The backrest also serves as a parent push handle for training the kids to ride in the beginning. 

This car features two wide rear wheels and two wide front wheels for enhanced safety, comfort, and enjoyable riding experience. It features a durable safety guard and windshield for effective protection against untoward collisions. It engages the kids in active playing for hours.

2. R for Rabbit Iya Iya Scratch Car Ride

This is a trendy ride-on car by R for Rabbit that features impressive twister magic swing and scratch-free design. This appealing car comes in four multi-color variants, including orange-blue, blue-red, pink-blue, and red-blue for your kid to choose from.

It is built with a safety-first approach that conforms to the En 71 safety certifications. It is prepared from BPA-free plastics for enhanced protection and safe rides. It is recommended for kids of age group 3 years and above.

The dimensions of this car measure 76.4 x 30.8 x 28.6 cm and 4.47 Kilograms

It features PU wheels for smoother performance. Its swing and twister design make it ideal for indoor riding as well. Due to its high-quality PU wheels, it does not leave any marks on the floors.

The presence of ABEC 7 bearings ensures faster, as well as ultra smoother rides. It is prepared from high-quality plastics that provide superb strength to withstand the weight of adults as well. It provides an impressive load-bearing capacity of up to 125 kgs.

It is an easy and simple swing car that can be conveniently used by young kids for riding. All you need to do is simply twist, wiggle, and get ready to enjoy a fun-filled ride.

3. LuvLap Ranger Jeep Car Ride-On for Kids

LuvLap ranger jeep ride-on car is a green-colored jeep that is certified as per European Standard En 71. It is recommended for the kids up to 12 to 36 months of age and hold weight up to 25 kgs.

The dimensions of the jeep car measure 67.1 x 30.5 x 40.6 cm and 3 Kilograms. 

It is prepared from durable and safe plastic materials. Riding this jeep assists in developing gross motor and cognitive skills. 

It comes with a rotatable steering design that comprises music and horn buttons with blinking lights. It enables the kids to listen to 3 different types of music and press the horn during the fun-filled rides.  

This car comes with a spacious seat that allows comfortable seating for your kids. It features a sturdy backrest for enhanced safety. It can be used as a parent push handle for helping the kids to learn to ride. 

It features a spacious utility storage box under the seat that provides ample space for the kids to keep their toys.

This car has four wide and powerful wheels, including two rear wheels and two front wheels. It is designed for improved safety and comfortable riding experience. The wheels have alloy like wheel caps that add to its appealing design.

It features a durable safety guard and windshield that ensures good protection against any accidental collisions. Its unique and robust design makes it ideal for young kids to engage in the jungle safaris and forest ranger acts. It engages the kids in active playing and entertaining rides for hours.

4. Eco Panda Magic Car/ Swing Car Rider

The Eco Panda swing car from Toyzone features a robust and safe design. The dimensions of the car measure 73 x 37 x 40.5 cm and 3 Kilograms. It features ABEC 7 bearings that make it durable and sturdy for providing smoother rides. 

It is built with a safety-first approach that uses BPA-free plastics in its manufacturing for enhanced safety. It is recommended for kids above the age of 3 years. It has a load-bearing capacity of 70 kilograms.

Its rotatable steering handle provides 360-degrees rotation for swift and safe turn around the corners. The steering features music and light functions for fun-filled rides.

It comes with a front basket for storing small toys and other items. Its front wheels don’t touch the ground except when turning, and its broad back wheels are meant for providing superb grip on the surface for stable rides.

It does not require any electricity, pedaling, or gears for riding. You can set it into motion by simply rotating the steering left and right. It provides ample space and footrest for one rider to enjoy safe and comfortable rides.

5. Baybee Kids Ride On Push Car Toy for Babies

Baybee ride-on push car toys are designed for kids of 1-4 years of age. It features appealing looks in attractive yellow colors that capture small kid’s undivided attention.

The dimensions of the push car measure 10 x 8 x 5 cm and 3 Kilograms. It helps develop gross motor skills in kids and provides a maximum load-carrying capacity up to 40 kgs. The seat offers adequate cushioning effect for comfortable seating. 

This push car is EN 71 certified that conforms to the stringent safety European standards for toddlers and babies. Its non-skid wheels are designed for better grip on the surface.

It has strong wheels and lightweight design that makes it a portable push car for easy carrying. It features a durable virgin PVC plastic body, parental push handle, and strong back support for stable and comfortable rides.

It comes with a protective safety bar for enhanced protection. The presence of surrounded guardrails and sturdy backrest offers added protection. The footrest allows the kids to rest their feet conveniently during rides.

This push car provides a 3 in 1 design, including a sliding function, swing function, and push function. It comes with easy steering and Sportster style for smooth and safe rides. The storage bin under the seat is useful for storing small toys and other items.

6. GetBest GetBolles Z4 Electric Ride on Car for Kids

Z4 electric ride-on car by Get best is an En71 and Bis certified car that conforms to 

European and Indian standards. It provides enhanced protection with a 3 point safety belt. It has a spacious seat that allows the kids to sit comfortably.

This white colored car is designed for kids in the age group of 1.5 to 5 years. It is designed to withstand loads up to 40 kgs. It features stylish, elegant, and charismatic looks. 

Its dimensions measure 100 x 51.99 x 40.01 cm and 10 Kilograms. It is convenient to ride by the kids. It can be easily driven manually using acceleration pedals for moving forward. 

It is powered by a 12V battery and a double motor that allows continuous ride for 45 minutes to 1 hour while simultaneously playing music. It has a working LED and flashing lights that resemble a real car.  

It comes loaded with various robust features, including a realistic dashboard including rearview mirrors and music system. This music system is compatible with Aux, SD card, and pen drive.

Z4 electric ride-on car features sporty, cool, and charismatic looks. It also features a swing option for convenient driving around. Parents can control the car for toddlers who can’t drive the car by using remote Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Toy House Majestic Z4 SUV

Z4 SUV ride-on swing function car by Toyhouse is a safe and robust car that conforms to EN 71 European and BIS Indian certifications. Its dimensions measure 108 x 70 x 47 cm and 13 Kilograms.

It features an eye-catching and elegant red colored design that makes an instant impression on the kids. It is suitable for kids in the age group of 2-6 years. It can withstand the maximum weight carrying load up to 30 Kgs.

It comes with a 2.4GHz remote control mechanism that allows the parents to operate the car on behalf of the toddlers. The kids can easily drive it under adult supervision.

It features a rechargeable double battery that provides long-lasting backup for uninterrupted rides. It has a double motor for enhanced performance. It features shock absorbers and a seat belt for safe driving for kids.

This car comes loaded with several features that give the feel of the realistic car, such as LED headlights, hi-fi dashboard, rear lights, advanced slow start function, and advanced digital power display.

It provides an electronic car sound effect and features Aux input and USB port for playing music. It has stylish openable doors, an ergonomic handle under the bonnet, and 3-speed controllers as per child’s driving skills.

Z4 SUV ride-on car comes with an independent swing function that rocks the car back and forth for providing superb entertainment for kids. Its anti-skid tires provide superb grip on the surface. It is designed for both outdoor and indoor riding.

8. Baybee Mercedes Benz Baby Toy Car

Mercedes Benz baby toy car by Baybee is an exceptionally elegant and trendy ride-on car that comprises two powerful motors on its both rear wheels. Its direction can be easily adjusted by freely rotating the front wheels. 

It features a high-quality and streamlined body engineered for enjoyable and safe rides. It is easy to drive on flat surfaces, including a park, playground, indoor floor, etc.

Its powerful motor provides a safe speed in the range of 3-8 km/hrs. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. After a full charge, the battery provides a running time of 1-2 hours.

 It has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 30 Kgs. It is recommended for the kids between 2 and 5 years of age. It features a stylish side door with a lock and 2 point harness safety belt for improved safety.

It features attractive LED headlights with a superb display. It supports music playing with AUX/USB/TF cards through ports on the car. The kids can also control the volume. The dimensions of the car measure 11.99 x 10.01 x 8 cm and 997.9 grams.

It comes with remote control with a stop button that allows the parents to control their kids’ car to avoid any accidents.

It is an easy to ride car that allows the kids to move the car forward, backward, left, and right using a handle. It features wear resistance, anti-slip for a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

9. Samaaya Non-Battery Operated Ride On Car

Non-battery operated car by Samaaya is a sleek toy car designed for children aged three years and above.

The dimensions of the car measure 22.86 x 22.86 x 7.62 cm and 957 grams. It offers a comfortable ride without any pedals, batteries, or gears. All your kid needs to do is twist, wiggle, and go.

It comes in three attractive colors, including blue, red, and pink. It has a patented safety seat that provides comfortable seating and enhanced protection for toddlers.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor riding. You can use it anywhere where there is a flat and smooth surface. The rotatable steering wheel allows easy turning on the corners. 

It serves as a great toy for keeping the kids engaged in playful fun for hours. It comes with a footrest that allows your kids to conveniently rest his/her feet during riding. 

It is prepared from high-quality, rugged plastics, and it is free from harmful phthalates. It is a washable and easy-to-clean car.

It helps in keeping kids active and develops their gross motor skills. It is extremely easy to ride for your toddler as it provides smooth and simplistic rides.

Buyer’s Guide

Battery and weight carrying capacity 

The battery of a ride-on car is correlated with its weight carrying capacity. A car with a larger battery capacity can carry a kid with higher weight and attain a higher maximum speed.

The car batteries of toy cars generally come in 6 Volt, 12 Volts, and 24 Volts capacity. Choose a ride-on car for kids with sufficient battery capacity to comfortably carry your kid and allow him to ride with safe and appropriate speed.

Ideally, a toy car should strike an optimal balance between battery capacity, child’s weight, and speed.


The ride-on cars are usually designed to look aesthetically appealing for the kids. They come in a wide range of coolest and trendy designs. The power wheels are crafted to look similar to the real world popular cars.

Choose a ride-on car that instantly creates an impression with its looks and capture your child’s attention effortlessly.

Protective Features

The ride-on car comes packed with various safety features for ensuring the kid’s safety during rides. Ensure that the toy-car seat belts are prepared from high-quality material for a comfortable and safe fit.

The ride-on car’s body and its power wheels should be prepared from non-toxic and durable materials for withstanding any unexpected accidents and collisions. 

You may also check if the tires and suspension quality are good enough for long-lasting and smooth rides.


The speed of the toy cars varies in the range from 2 to 5 mph. Some advanced cars may even provide speed up to 10 mph. For attaining higher speed during rides, you need batteries with a larger capacity. 

Choose a ride-on car with larger battery capacity for getting more speed and higher weight carrying ability.

Remote Control

Some battery-powered ride-on cars for kids feature remote control. The parents can use this to control the speed of the car to ensure the optimal safety of their kids.

You may choose a ride-on car with remote control for enhanced protection during rides.

Additional Features

A ride-on car for kids may come with various additional features, including attractive flashlights, melodic music for honking, cushioned seats, and trendy graphics on its body.

Choose a car that provides a maximum number of additional features within your available budget for added convenience and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ride-on cars?

The ride-on cars are electric or manual toy cars designed for kids in the age group from 1-6 years and even older. It comes in a wide range of colors and graphics, and designs. 

It is meant for entertainment and educational purposes that involve teaching driving skills and road rules to your kids. Moreover, the ride on cars serves to improve cognitive and psycho-motor skills among the kids.

What is the best ride-on car?

Many brands offer high-quality ride-on cars for kids. The best ride-on cars in India are as follows:

 How fast does a 12v ride go?

A ride-on car with 12v batteries can attain a high speed of 4 mph. The larger the batteries’ capacity, the higher the speed a car can achieve. In addition to that, some ride-on cars are designed to run faster than others.

What is faster, 6v, or 12v?

The ride-on cars are powered with batteries. The higher the number of batteries volts, the faster the car. 

Thus, a car with 12V batteries is faster and more powerful than a car with a 6V battery. You should choose a car with a higher voltage battery as it will provide faster speed and withstand the rough terrains with great convenience and comfort.


Ride-on cars are a great way to introduce your kids to the art of driving. They can learn to accelerate, steer, and apply brakes while having fun. 

They get familiarized with the car components such as steering wheel, headlights, brakes, etc. 

Don’t think twice about choosing the best ride-on car for your kids as our impartial reviews and buyer’s guide make it surprisingly easier for you.

No matter how much healthier diet you plan for your kids, your kids won’t get the nutrition they need if the foods consumed by them don’t get digested properly. The probiotics & prebiotics are your kid’s digestive companion for a healthy digestive system.

 The probiotics and prebiotics contain colonies of good bacteria and yeasts that compete against harmful bacteria for food and space in the human digestive tract. 

They reduce bad bacteria and improve digestive ailments, such as irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.

They restore the optimal population of good bacteria that were depleted with anti-biotics intake. In addition to being an effective remedy of digestive issues, probiotics and prebiotics also prevent allergic reactions and enhance oral health.

This article helps you pick the best probiotics and prebiotics for your little champs through its top 10 product reviews, Buyer’s guide, and FAQs. 

1. Shrey’s Biofibe probiotics powder with prebiotics

Shrey’s Biofibe probiotics powder with prebiotics is a scientifically proven formulation that keeps the healthy gut environment and enhances digestive functioning. 

It contains six natural probiotic strains along with two prebiotics. The prebiotic strains enhance beneficial bacteria’s growth, while probiotic strains compete with harmful bacteria and kill them. 

It restores the proper intestinal balance and boosts one’s immunity. It is an effective combination for relief from irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, infectious or antibiotic-associated diarrhea, etc. 

This probiotic supplement improves intestinal micro-flora by replenishing healthy bacteria. It strengthens bone density by increasing calcium absorption.

Each serving provides 1.5 billion CFUs probiotics. It comes in powdered form in sachets. It contains ten servings or sachets per pack, and every sachet contains 1.5-gram powder. 

It is suitable for both kids and adults. It has a delectable orange flavor that kids enjoy.

2. Cipla ActivKids Unobiotics Junior Probiotics for Kids 10 Sachet Pack

Cipla Activkids Unobiotics is an effective and potent probiotic for kids prepared from high-quality and pure lactobacillus that supports digestive and immunity health.

This probiotic supports healthy living by restoring the natural balance of gut flora and improving overall wellness. This premium quality probiotic detoxifies the body and boosts the immunity.

It is an exceptional quality oral unobiotics that replenish healthy gut bacteria for restoring intestinal health and improving irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

The lactobacillus strain survives the stomach acid and reaches large quantities in the intestine to promote intestinal and digestive health.  

This probiotics supplement brings Lactobacillus rhamnsous GG in MICROBAC technology that offers 5 times more probiotic activity equivalent to 30 billion uncoated traditional probiotics.

It comes in powdered form in sachets. Each pack contains 10 sachets. The recommended dosage is 1-2 sachets daily or as directed by doctors. This sachet can be directly consumed into the mouth or by mixing it with 20 ml of water.

This premium probiotics supplement does not need any refrigeration and is available in the sachet form, making it easy to carry anywhere.

3. Carbamide Forte Multivitamin Gummies for Kids & Adults with Superfoods

Carbamide Forte Multivitamin Gummies are a perfect blend of 20 vitamins, minerals, prebiotics(fructooligosaccharides), and superfoods that provide excellent nourishment and healthy development in kids.


It features 90 delicious vegetarian gummies per container. The recommended dosage is two gummy daily for kids aged 4-9 years. 

It is also suitable for adults as a daily dose of vitamins and nutrients.

These gummies are packed with 20 high-potency nutrients and vitamins such as Vit K2-MK7, Vit D2, and beta carotene (Vit A). Each serving of gummy provides 100% RDA of vitamins along with minerals, super-foods, and prebiotics. 

These gummies contain super-foods such as Withania Somnifera (ashwagandha), Alfalfa, and Echinacea.

These gummies boost the immune system, promote digestive health, make bones stronger & healthy, and improve brain health among kids and improve overall wellness. 


These gummies come in delicious flavors that are loved by kids. These are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan gummies. It keeps kids active all day long.

4. BILLIONCHEERS probiotic drink for kids

Billioncheers probiotic drink is specially designed for kids. It is meant for promoting intestinal and digestive health. It helps in maintaining the optimal functioning of intestines by replenishing the good bacteria in the gut.

It comes in powdered form. The recommended dosage is 1-2 servings daily or as directed by doctors. It is suitable for kids aged 5 years and above.

Each serving provides 10 billion CFUs probiotics for replenishing gut bacteria in kids. This is an instant mix powder that provides 30 servings in a 90 grams pack.

It is a potent probiotic that reduces digestive issues such as stomach bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. It is suitable for consumption during and after antibiotics intake as it maintains the healthy gut flora. 

It comprises the optimal balance of bacteria strains, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium lactis. It also features smart prebiotic for enhanced immunity.

It comes in delicious mango flavor, and it is a great probiotics supplement to consume with and after antibiotics.

5. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic

Renew ultimate life flora is an effective probiotic for kids that help alleviate occasional digestive upsets and improve the children’s immunity and general wellness. It was the #1 probiotic brand as per the consumer satisfaction survey in 2018.

It is prepared from 3 billion live cultures using 6 specially selected probiotic strains that match the child’s gut microflora’s natural diversity. It supports digestive balance and improves symptoms of occasional gastrointestinal disturbances in kids.

It is a high-quality probiotic supplement that is prepared in the USA by using superior quality global ingredients. Thus, it guarantees the potency, purity, and quality throughout its shelf life.

It is a safe probiotic supplement for kids as it is free from gluten, dairy, and soy. 

It features 30 chewable tablets of probiotics per container. The recommended dosage is 1 chewable tablet daily for kids aged 2 years and above.

It provides 3 billion CFUs per serving that is ideally suited for kids for maintaining their recommended daily intake.

It comes with a tasty berry flavor that pleases children. It does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

6. SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins Kid’s Probiotic and Pre-biotic Gummies

Smartypants Vitamins and probiotics gummies are formulated for boosting the immunity and digestive system in kids. It features an encapsulated design that enables the probiotics to survive stomach acid with up to 95% survivability rate.

It provides a potent immunity formula for kids as it is packed with prebiotics (beta-glucan) that support the growth of healthy probiotic bacteria and strengthen the immunity. 

The probiotics bacteria (B. coagulans and B. subtilis) in these gummies provide balanced micro-flora in the gut for supporting normal digestion. 

This probiotic gummy supplement is free from food allergens, including milk, wheat, fish, soy, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, and tree nut allergens. 

 It is a safe probiotic supplement for kids as it is free from GMOs, artificial flavors, synthetic colors, gluten, preservatives, etc.

It features 60 probiotics gummy supplements per container. The recommended dosage is 2 gummies daily for kids aged 3 years and above. It can be consumed with or without food daily as a dietary supplement. 

It provides 4 billion CFUs per serving that is ideally suited for kids for maintaining a healthy digestive system and strong immunity levels.

It comes with a tasty strawberry crème flavor that is loved by kids. It’s a vegan gummy supplement.

7. OLLY Kids Multi-Vitamin and Probiotic Gummy Supplements

Olly kids supplement is a perfect blend of multi-vitamins and probiotics that provides a boost of probiotics to your kids. It increases the bio-availability of nutrients, supplies vital nutrition, and improves the children’s health.

It comes packed with a potent dose of good bacteria that assists in supporting healthy gut bacteria and a robust immune system. 

It comes packed with the goodness of Vitamin A, B, C D, and Zinc for boosting overall wellness. 

Its certified other ingredients include sugar cane, glucose syrup, water, gelatin, and natural flavors. The coloring of the gummies is done using purple carrot juice, tartaric acid, citric acid, and lactic acid.

It has a naturally tasty flavor that contains fruit punch and berry blast. It is safe probiotics to consume as it is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial flavors or colors.

It features 70 multi-vitamin and probiotic gummy supplements per container. The recommended dosage is 1 gummy for 2-3 years old kids and two gummies daily for kids aged 4 years and above.

It is an easily chewable gummy probiotic supplement that does not require food or water for consumption. It has an appealing berry taste that is liked by children.

8. Nordic Naturals, Probiotic Gummies Kids

Nordic flora probiotics gummies by Nordic naturals is a non-GMO verified probiotic that comes with third-party tested purity and ultimate freshness.

It contains research-supported strains that are safe, pure, and effective for the kids. It supports digestive and intestinal health along with boosting immunity in the kids.

This probiotics supplement comes with prebiotics that supports the growth of good probiotics bacteria and strengthens the children’s immunity.

It’s stable, and potent probiotics provide 1.5 billion CFUs with Bacillus Coagulans. 

It features 60 probiotics gummy supplements per container. The recommended dosage is 1 gummy daily for kids aged 2-4 years and 2 gummies daily for the kids aged 4 years and above.

It is a vegan probiotic gummy that does not require any refrigeration. It’s a dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free probiotics supplement that delivers great taste. 

 It is a safe probiotics supplement that does not contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, milk derivatives, and sweeteners.

Its tasty flavor comprises merry berry punch. It is comfortably absorbed in the body. It uses only fruit and vegetable juices for adding colors to gummies.

9. Garden of Life, Dr. Formulated Probiotics, Organic Kids

Dr. formulated probiotics by the Garden of life is an organic supplement that combines the goodness of probiotics and vitamins.

 It is a third party certified probiotic supplement that is USDA organic certified, non-GMO verified, and NSF certified for purity, potency, and freshness.

It features Vitamins C & D that promotes immune system health. It contains strains of lactobacillus, acidophilus, and bifidobacterium.

It is prepared from 14 specially selected probiotic strains that are similar to the natural diversity of the child’s gut microflora. It supports digestive health and improves immunity in kids.

It provides 5 billion guaranteed CFUs per serving that fulfills the recommended daily intake of probiotics for maintaining optimal digestive health in the kids.

It is free from gluten, dairy, and soy. It features 30 yummy chewable tablets of probiotics per container. The recommended dosage is 1 chewable tablet daily for kids aged 4 years and above.

It provides delicious organic watermelon flavor that is loved by the kids. It does not contain any added sugars. It does not require any refrigeration.

10. Earth’s Pearl Probiotic and Prebiotic for Women, Men, and Kids

Earth’s pearl probiotics and prebiotics is designed for advanced digestive and gut health in women, men, and kids.

It features 60 time-released pearls per container, and its recommended dosage is one pearl daily. Each pearl offers 4 billion CFUs of good bacteria.

It is a 100% natural and safe product that is free from GMO, lactose, gluten, sugar, eggs, corn, soy, peanuts, and wheat. 

It is a multi-strain probiotic supplement that increases the good bacterial profile and population in the digestive tract, including the stomach and gut region. It features four power probiotics strains that are well documented and most researched.

It features an innovative time-release patented technology called as Biotract. It comes in the form of pearls that deliver up to 15 times more good bacteria in the intestinal tract and thereby exert 15 times more potency than regular capsules.

These easy-to-swallow pearls provide a huge quantity of correct beneficial bacteria strains that help in keeping a healthy gut and alleviate gas pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, IBS, and other bowel discomforts.

It supports and boosts the digestive system, which results in enhanced bioavailability of nutrients from healthy foods and supplements consumed. It comes with fructooligosaccharide (FOS) prebiotic that act as a food source for the probiotics.

These probiotic supplements result in the growth and settlement of billions of good live bacteria in the gut lining and provide a comfortable relief in various digestive ailments. It comes in pearl form that is easy to swallow for kids.

Buyer’s Guide

Types of Kids Probiotics

The probiotics for kids come in various forms depending on the ease of consumption as per kids’ age and preference.


These probiotics come in powder tablets that are easy to chew. They contain less artificial ingredients and added sugar. They are suitable for kids 2 years and above.


These probiotics come in the form of candy or gummy snacks. They are added with sugar and artificial flavors to make them tasty probiotics for kids.

These gummy probiotics are suitable for kids three years and above.

Easy-to-swallow pearls

These probiotics are designed for swallowing purposes instead of chewing. These small pear-like probiotic supplements are more effective when swallowed as a whole, and they are easier for the kids to swallow.

These pearls probiotics are suitable for kids four years and above.


These probiotics come in the form of flavored sticks or cubes. They easily melt or dissolve inside the kid’s mouth. They are suitable for kids 3 years and above.


The liquid probiotics are consumed with a spoon or along with water. They are suitable for kids of the age group 2-3 years.


These probiotics are found naturally in commonly available food items such as

Yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, pickles, etc. When your child eats such food items that are enriched in probiotics, he gets these probiotic supplements.


The different sources of probiotics have different probiotic strains and ingredients. Some probiotics for kids contain common allergens such as dairy or gluten, while some other probiotics contain sugar and artificial colors.

You should research about the ingredients of the probiotics to ensure their safety before giving them to your kids. 

The ideal probiotic supplements are sugar-free and without any allergens to provide a dosage of only healthy bacteria and yeasts to your child.

Number of CFUs   

The quantity of probiotics is measured in terms of colony-forming units (CFUs). It refers to the number of active living bacteria present in each serving of probiotics.

A good probiotic should ideally have at least 1 billion CFUs per serving.

Most of the probiotics for kids comprise 1 billion to 10 billion CFU’s per serving. As per the American family physician, kids should consume 5 to 10 billion CFUs daily for keeping a healthy digestive system and strong immunity levels.

The gummy probiotics usually provide 3 -5 billion CFUs however;, not all the food options provide the same benefits for your kids.

You should check the quantity of CFUs provided by the specific probiotics for your kids so that they can reach the recommended daily intake.


The recommended dosage of probiotics for kids may vary from one kid to another as per the health conditions. You should consult with a doctor to find out the exact dosage of probiotics that are suitable for your child. 

The dosage recommended for adults is usually high and may not be beneficial for kids. You may also find the dosage directions on the probiotics product’s label.

Ensure that your child receives the proper dosage of probiotics for maximum health benefits.


The probiotics come in various types as per the age of the kids. The smaller kids prefer chewable probiotics while larger kids find gummy probiotics comfortable to consume.

Most of the probiotics brands specify the recommended age group of kids on the product label. Check the label to find out if a particular probiotics product is matching to your child’s age.

Doctor’s Recommendations 

If your child has certain medical conditions, you should consult with a pediatrician and discuss various factors related to your child’s health, such as your child’s diet, immunity levels, digestive health, and sensitivity to allergic reactions.

Depending on your child’s health, the pediatrician would be able to suggest the best probiotics that optimally meet your kid’s requirement. 

Expiry Date and Shelf Life

While purchasing the best probiotics for your kids, you should check the expiration date and shelf life of the product. Purchase the probiotics product with a larger shelf life and a long expiration period.

Ensure that there is sufficient time left for the consumption of the product before it reaches its expiry.


You should always purchase the probiotics of reputed brands as they offer reliable products backed by the years of research and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best probiotic for a child?

The best probiotics and prebiotics for kids are as follows:

Should kids take probiotics?

In general, probiotics are safe for kids. However, you must consult with your doctor before giving probiotics to your child. Your doctor may be able to suggest the best probiotics for your kids, depending on their health condition. 

How can probiotics help my child?

Probiotics are a combination of good bacteria and yeasts population. It improves the digestive system by fighting off harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

It assists in relieving various digestive ailments such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), acute constipation, acid reflux, and colic pain in infants and children. 

Moreover, probiotics also assist in preventing secondary infections and diarrhea. They also prevent allergic reactions, skin irritations, and eczema in some kids.

What is the best natural probiotic?

The probiotics are naturally found in some commonly available super healthy food items such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, miso, kombucha, cheese, and pickles.


A healthy digestive system is essential for obtaining the required nourishment from the food we eat. The blend of probiotics and prebiotics works wonders for boosting the digestive system among kids and adults. 

They are immensely useful for keeping a healthy gut lining. Reading our buyer’s guide and reviews of the best probiotics and prebiotics will empower you with the required knowledge for making a wise and well-informed buying decision.

When it comes to your baby’s bath time, there is no limit to the number of things that can go right on wrong. Depending on your baby and the kind of products you have prepared to give your baby comfort, bath time can quickly become the best time of the day or the worst.

In order to ensure that you and your baby always have wonderful experiences during bath time, you have to ensure that you have soothing items like a good sponge, hairbrush and bath toy.

Ordinarily, babies have very good imaginations and they can always make do with the littlest item but making an effort to improve how much fun they are having is never a bad thing. Remember, a happy baby is a happy parent.

However, buying a bath toy is not something you can just do. There are certain things you have to know. For example, what type of bath toy you want to buy. Whether it’s a ball or a rubber duckie.

This article talks about the numerous intricacies of getting a bath toy for your baby from the types of bath toys that are available on the market to the benefits these bath toys will have on your babies.


Best Baby Bath Toys in India

1. Ramakada

This product gives a new definition to animal bath toys with its 14 pieces set meant to titillate your baby in the bath tub.

Instead of buying just one bath toy, your baby gets to have 14 different animal bath toys of different species to play with.

When it comes to safety, the animals are made of very soft rubber which does not contain any toxic material whatsoever. The animals also come in different colours and are all designed in such a way that they squeak when they are squeezed.

These animals can also be easily picked up by your baby and easily dried after bath time because of the materials used to make them.

2. Wishkey

This 14 pieces set animal bath toy is another good example of animal bath toys. It is created with vinyl for durability and it comes in a variety of vibrant colours to catch your baby’s attention. The animals each have an inbuilt whistle which cannot be easily removed no matter how much your baby squeezes the animals. Whenever the animals are squeezed, they produce whistling sounds and squirt water through the mouth.

Out of the 14 pieces of animals contained in this product, 9 of them are water creatures and the remaining 5 are fun animals your babies can relate with.

This means that you can use the bath toys to teach your babies about animals and to also recognize them.

3. Creative Kids

Teach your babies about colours with this vibrant animal bath toy for babies. Each of the animals in this bath toy set comes in basic everyday colour that can be easily learnt by your babies.

The animals are also made of soft non toxic and BPA free rubber that does not sink or get soaked in water. They are also small enough to be held by your babies but not too small to be swallowed. They don’t take up much space in the tub and they don’t contain any small pieces that can break off and be swallowed by your baby.

4. Tinny Time

If you are looking for a safe and durable toy for your baby, then look no further than this 12 pieces set animal bath toy with its BPA free rubber material. Not only is this bath toy BPA free, it is also phthalate, nitrosamine and toxic free. What this means is that even if your baby decides to chew on the animals, nothing is going to happen healthwise.

Furthermore, the animal toys squirt water when they are squeezed and this can serve as a way of distracting your baby from the discomfort of the running water or temperature during bath time.

5. Ubbi

If you are looking for bath toys for older babies, then this colourful bath toy is the right choice for you. Created with BPA and phthalate free plastic, the Ubbi bath toy set is the one of the safest toy sets you will ever find online. What more? Its pieces can be easily removed and interchanged to create a more colourful effect.

The design of the toys support pouring, mixing and matching in the bathtub. They can also be easily washed in the dishwasher or dried immediately after use to prevent mold or any other harmful bacteria from growing on them

6. Funblast

Experience the joy of bath time with your baby with this innovative doll bath toy set for your baby to simulate bath time. This bath toy comes with one bathtub, a small baby doll and five animal bath toys for your baby to interact with. While you are bathing your baby, he/she can also mimic you by bathing the baby doll.

Each of the toys in this set is made of non toxic rubber and the pieces are not too small to be swallowed by your baby.

How to Choose the Best Baby Bath Toys


When it comes to buying the best bath toy for your baby, you can decide to buy any type as long as your baby likes it. You don’t have to think too hard or too long, you can randomly pick anyone whether it’s a ball toy, a squeaky toy, or an alphabet toy, it doesn’t matter. What matters however is that whatever type of bath toy you are buying has to go in line with a specific purpose you have in mind for your bath time with your baby.

Since you will be bathing your baby a lot and the bath toys are going to be staying with your baby for a very long time, you may want to pick a bath toy that will help your baby grow.

Each type of bath toy has a specific benefit for your baby’s growth. For instance, a ball toy will help with the development of your baby’s hand to eye coordination, the alphabet toys will help your baby develop some cognitive skills and the squeaky toys will create some sort of sound stimulation which your baby will enjoy while also helping with the development of your baby’s motion skills.


This is an important feature to look out for in a bath toy. If a bath toy is not safe for your baby, then there is no point in considering it as a viable option to begin with.

The sole purpose of a bath toy is to be played with by your baby during bath time. During this time, your baby will most likely put the bath toy inside his mouth and the only way you can protect your baby’s health when this happens is to have endured beforehand that your baby’s bath toy is both BPA and phthalate free.

BPA and phthalate are both chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic. These chemicals are very dangerous to anyone who ingests them and in some cases, they can cause liver damage.


You have to ensure that the bath toy you are buying is baby safe. This means that it has to be made of durable and non toxic materials. It must not contain BPA, phthalate or PVC which is a chemical for softening plastic. It must not also contain tiny pieces that can be swallowed by your baby.

The material used in creating your baby’s bath toy will determine whether or not the bath toy is safe to use by your baby. If the material is not durable, prone to breakage or toxic, the bath toy may end up causing more harm than good.

Easy to Dry

A bath toy as the name presupposes is a toy that is used during bath time. This means that it will spend most of its lifetime in the bath tub with your baby during bath time. Because of this, you have to ensure that whatever toy you are buying for your baby is easy to dry.

If the toy you buy for your baby is not easy to dry, there is the chance that mold and other bacteria that grow in damp areas may start to grow on it. To prevent such an occurrence, the best thing to do is to ensure that whatever bath toy you eventually choose to buy will be made of a material that does not retain water or can be dried easily.

Age Requirement

Bath toys come in different types and sizes. In order to ensure the safety of your babies, most bath toys come with the minimum age requirement of the person that can use it.

If the bath toy is not meant for your baby’s age bracket, then it is possible that it will be difficult to use. For example, if your baby is younger than the age requirement of the bath toy, then the toy may be difficult to hold and play with while if your baby is older, the bath toy may be small enough to be swallowed.

Motor Skills

When you are buying a bath toy for your baby, you have to take into consideration how that bath toy may help your baby develop some motor skills.

Fine motor skills and gross motor skills are the two types of motor skills a bath toy can enhance and help develop in a baby.

Fine motor skills have to do with the development of your baby’s hand to eye coordination. Bath toys are capable of making your baby use his or her hands and fingers while playing in the bath tub and this movement is the best way for your baby to develop fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills has to do with the development of your baby’s muscles. When your baby picks up or drops a toy, the muscles of the arms are flexed and he or she can learn to crawl or walk faster.


Babies are generally drawn to bright colours. Babies are less likely to play with toys that have very dull colours. By buying brightly coloured bath toys for your baby, you are ensuring that your baby will be very attracted to it.

Also, colour serves as a means of identification and buying toys with different colours for your baby may serve as a mode of teaching your baby to identify different colours.

Types of Baby Bath Toys

In the world today, there are a lot of platforms where you can easily buy your baby a bath toy. All you have to know is which type of bath toy you want to buy and you will be presented with alot of products to choose from. This section of the article talks about the types of bath toys you can buy for your babies and how those toys can make their bath time better.

Ball Toys

These bath tub toys are usually weightless and can be made of plastic, silicone or any other material that is waterproof. It floats in the bathtub and your baby can play with. Some bathtub balls are made to light up in the water while some have plastic surprise in them that rattles whenever your baby shakes it. You can always play with your baby in the bath or allow the baby to play alone.

Ball toys are really fun. They serve as something to play with for your baby and they can also help your baby develop some hand eye coordination by playing with it.

Rubber Duckies

Rubber duckies are the most popular of all bath toys. Not only are they perfect for babies, they can also be used by adults.

They come in vibrant yellow colours and are always made of soft nontoxic rubber. They are weightless, do not sink in water and are designed to make a tiny squeak whenever your baby squeezes it.

They come in different sizes but they are not small enough to be swallowed by a baby. They also don’t have any part that can serve as a potential choking hazard for your baby.

When it comes to bath toys, a rubber ducky is the one you can’t go wrong with.

Squeeze Toys

Squeeze toys are bath toys which are designed to make a squeak sound whenever they are squeezed. They can be in any form like ducks, fish, pandas, and frogs etc. They are usually made of lightweight rubber and are designed to float around in the bathtub. They can be easily held by your baby and squeezed during bath time.

Babies find the sound made by squeeze toys both fascinating and distracting. With one or two squeeze toys in the bathtub, your babies will totally forget that they are uncomfortable or don’t want to take their baths.

Floating letters

Who says learning has to take place at a particular time or place? With this bath toy, your baby can easily teach your baby to identify the alphabets and numbers from a very small age. You can even teach your baby to spell short words by randomly putting together the floating words next to him in the bathtub.

Floating letters are made from foam which is one of the reasons why they are able to float and they come in very vibrant and child-friendly colors that are guaranteed to distract your babies even if they can’t read yet.

Boat toys

This type of bath toy is created with beautiful vibrant colours to look like a boat. It is made with plastic which floats in the bathtub. During bath time, your baby can play with the boat by moving it around or scooping water onto the deck. This way, your baby can develop a good hand, eye coordination which will really be beneficial to him in the future.

Benefits of Buying a Bath Toy

At this point in the article, you are probably asking yourself, why does my baby need a bath toy to begin with? Below are a number of reasons why your baby needs a bath toy.

Fun time in the bath

Bath time can be monotonous when all you are doing is scrubbing down your baby with a sponge. With the help of a bath toy, a little bit of fun can be introduced to your baby’s bath time.

Your baby can play with the toys alone or with you and be fascinated with the fact that the toys can’t be sunk.


Bath time can be a challenge for you if your baby is not very comfortable with water. Babies are usually fascinated with the colourful and unsinkable nature of bath toys. With them around, you can focus on cleaning your baby up with no stress. Bath toys come in different shapes and sizes to distract your baby during bath time.


Not only do bath toys serve as a way of distracting your baby during bath time, they also serve as a way of enabling your babies to learn some basic stuff. For instance, an alphabet bath toy is capable of helping your baby learn the alphabets from a very young age.

Ample Bonding Time

With these toys, you can play along with your baby during baths and create a traditional time for bonding that will last for a long time even after your baby is older. You can interact and teach new things that will serve as a knowledge bank for your baby during these times.


1. When can my baby start using a bath toy?

Around four months when your baby can sit alone without support. Your baby can also start using bath toys earlier but ensure that the bath toy you are buying is suitable for your baby’s age.

2. Does my baby need a bath toy?

Yes, your baby needs a bath toy. With a bath toy, bath time with your baby becomes more of fun and interaction than just a boring process. Who knows? Your baby may even become fond of bath times.

3. What type of bath toy is best for my baby?

The best bath toy for your baby is the one that your baby likes the most. In order to be sure of which type of bath toy your baby prefers, you may buy more than one bath toy at a time. If you are not certain and don’t want to go through the stress, you can buy a rubber ducky for your baby. You can’t go wrong with a rubber ducky.

4. Must I bath my baby in a bath tub?

No. You don’t need to bath your baby in a bath tub unless the baby is around 4 months old and can sit alone without support. Without this, you can always bath your baby with a sponge on your laps.

5. What should my baby’s bath toy be made of?

Materials that are free from BPA, phthalate, and PVC. Also, your baby’s toy shouldn’t contain any sharp object that may prove harmful to your baby whatsoever.


The best time to interact with your baby is during bath time. With the use of bath toys, every moment with your baby will be nothing but fun. Your baby may even start looking forward to it. Select the perfect one from our list mentioned in the article.

How do you comfort a crying baby? Being a new mother can be difficult. You have to juggle taking care of a baby with your everyday life, and it’s even worse when the baby is always crying. What more? Half the time, you don’t even know what the baby is crying about. Perhaps, that is why most pediatricians often recommend the use of pacifiers to soothe and comfort babies whenever you are busy with something else. Now, the question is, what are pacifiers?

Pacifiers also referred to as binkies or dummies, are nipple shaped objects made with silicone, rubber, or plastic for a baby to suck on while playing. These pacifiers usually consist of three main parts, the teat, the handle, and the mouth guard.

The teat is the part the baby sucks on, and it is important that the material used for it is nontoxic since it will be going in the baby’s mouth. The handle must be ergonomic and easy to hold by the kid, and the mouth guard must be big enough not to be swallowed by the baby. Coupled together, these parts are the simple things you can use to enjoy your baby’s comfort and your own peace of mind.

In this of the article, all the things you need to know to get the best pacifiers for your babies will be discussed along with some specially handpicked pacifiers to help in your purchase.


7 Best Baby Pacifiers in India

1. Mee Mee

This pacifier is specifically created to mimic a mother’s nipple without causing any confusion for the baby. It is created with a very soft silicone material that is BPA free and non-toxic to the baby. It does not have any taste and odor so it is not going to be a source of irritation to your babies.

When it comes to cleaning, you can wash this pacifier by boiling it in hot water and sterilizing it afterward so it is extremely safe for your babies. This pacifier also comes with a cover to protect it from any harmful organism growing on it.

Not only that, but this pacifier can also be used at any time, between feeding or at night when your baby is about to fall asleep.

Mee Mee pacifiers come in both conventional and orthodontic form, all you have to do is select one that suits your baby the most.


2. Fisher-Price

This two-pieces pacifier is carefully made from food grade non-toxic BPA free silicone to soothe and pacify your babies when they are feeling cranky. The silicone is extremely nipple like and soft to touch so it doesn’t harm your baby’s soft gums. It is also not sweet so it doesn’t contain any artificial chemical.

Its handle is ergonomic so it can be easily held by a baby’s hand and the mouth guard is specifically created to aid your baby’s sucking.

When it comes to safety, this pacifier takes it up a notch by putting air holes in the mouth guard and the handle to prevent your baby from suffocating while using the mouth guard.


3. Chicco

Finally, an orthodontic pacifier that’s perfect for your baby.

This pacifier is a one-piece pacifier made entirely from food-grade, BPA free silicone. It is not sweet and cannot be used to feed your baby or administer medications but it can be used to pacify your baby. It can also be used to soothe your baby to sleep.

This pacifier is made from a single material, so your babies don’t stand a risk of choking on tiny pieces. It is also impossible for germs to grow on the pacifier because of saliva build up in the spaces between the parts of the pacifier.


4. Bee Baby

Babies like beautiful things and this particular pacifier is one of the most beautiful pacifiers on this list. It comes with a funny image in front to stimulate your baby’s imagination.

Apart from creativity, this pacifier also has amazing features. It has a cover to prevent dust or germs from gathering or growing on the teat. The handle is ergonomic which makes the pacifier easy to use by your baby and the pacifier can be used at any time to comfort your baby, whether you are inside the house or at a gathering.


5. U-Grow

Not only is this product a pacifier to calm your baby when cranky, this product is also designed to help your babies easily transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding in no time.

It is made from soft BPA free silicone in a nipple shape so your baby can have something to suck on between feeding times. It is specifically with your baby’s comfort and dental health in mind so it is not likely to cause nipple confusion or misaligned teeth later in the future.

When it comes to washing, you can easily wash this pacifier by hand and sterilize it in a steam sterilizer.

This pacifier is created for babies between the age of 0-6 months so it may be inappropriate for older babies.


6. Philips Avent

This is another beautiful pacifier with cool features for babies between 6-18 months. It comes in a lot of beautiful colors for both boys and girls. It is made with soft silicone and the nipple is created to fit perfectly into your baby’s mouths like a mother’s nipple. It can be used for pacifying, or it can be used as something for your baby to play with between feeding times.

The handle is ergonomic and will fit perfectly into your baby’s hand while mouthguard comes with air holes to avoid suffocation and ensure that your baby’s skin remains dry through soothing.

In order to have the best experience ever, this pacifier comes with two pieces.


7. Okayji

You’ve read about novelty pacifiers and how much babies love them under the types of pacifiers section but till now, there hasn’t been a perfect example of it.

Okayji has a whole novelty pacifier line for spicing up your baby’s soothers so it is not the same monotonous design every single time and this particular product is one of the best of Okayji’s novelty pacifiers.

Although this pacifier is extremely fun to use, its functions don’t end here. This pacifier is made of food-grade silicone material with no BPA or phthalate so it is extremely safe for use by your baby.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Baby Pacifier

When it comes to buying a good and durable pacifier for your baby that won’t cause gastrogenics or teeth misalignment, knowing the different types of pacifiers is not enough. There are other things you need to know as well.


When it comes to buying pacifiers, you should always go for pacifiers with lesser parts. Why? They are easier to clean and are less likely to make your baby choke on small pieces. Also, they don’t have as much spaces as pacifiers with many parts where saliva can build up and grow bacteria. Thus, a pacifier with lesser parts is better healthwise and in terms of safety.

Flavoured Pacifiers

Ever heard of those pacifiers that come in strawberry or vanilla flavor? Avoid them. Not only are they bad for your babies, but those flavours are also created from artificial chemicals and will not last. So, to avoid the likelihood of your babies ingesting chemicals, you should always avoid flavoured pacifiers.

Age Range

Generally, pacifiers are designed for different ages and sizes of babies. This means that the kind of pacifier you will buy for a 6-month-old will be different from the kind you will buy for a one-year-old. So you have to carefully decide whether or not the pacifier you are buying will be too small or too big for your baby’s mouth. Smaller pacifiers may lead to choking.

Note, that since pacifiers are created to look like nipples, you may have to wean your babies from them when they are around 2 years old to prevent misalignment when they start growing teeth.


The purpose of a pacifier is that it is comfortable for your baby so you have to carefully choose which type you think will be most comfortable. If your baby likes standard round pacifiers, then you should go for standard round pacifiers and if your baby is more comfortable with orthodontic ones, then you should go for orthodontic ones.

You should also pay attention to the handle of the pacifier you want to buy and whether it will be convenient to hold by your baby.

Buying an uncomfortable pacifier for your baby may result in your baby will trump the whole purpose of buying a pacifier to begin with. It may even result in less use.


The size of pacifiers generally depends on the age bracket it’s meant for. For example, it is impossible for a 3 months old to use a pacifier that’s meant for an 18 months old. Therefore, to buy a pacifier that’s the correct size for your baby, you have to pay attention to the age recommendation of that pacifier.

Age recommendation of pacifiers depends on the brand. Some brands create pacifiers for all ages while some other brands have more specific pacifiers. If you buy a pacifier that’s too big or too small for your baby, your baby may reject it or it may constitute a choking hazard.


Most pacifiers come in either of two standard shapes, round tipped or orthodontic. The round tipped pacifier is usually referred to as the standard, conventional or traditional pacifier while the flat bottomed pacifier is usually referred to as the orthodontic pacifier. While the standard one is fun and soothing, the orthodontic pacifier ensures that your baby does not have any orthodontic issues in the future. Both of these shapes are good for your baby, what matters the most is which shape your baby finds most comfortable.


When it comes to buying pacifiers, no pacifier is one-size-fits-all. The color, size, shape, and type matter equally. This means that if you have two babies, the taste of the older one may differ from that of the younger ones.

So, in order to get the type of pacifier that’s perfect for both babies, you may have to experiment with at least two different types of pacifiers to ensure that your baby likes a type better than others.

There is a whole section of this article that deals with the different types of pacifiers that are available on the market.


When you are buying a pacifier for your baby, carefully consider the type of material used to make the pacifier. Most pacifiers are made from plastic, silicone or latex. This means that while the body of the pacifier is usually plastic, the nipple is usually made of silicone or latex. Only in rare cases will you see pacifiers whose nipples are made of hard plastic.

So, if you want to buy a pacifier that’s made of plastic, you have to make sure the plastic is both BPA and phthalate-free. If you want to buy a pacifier that has a latex nipple, you have to consider whether your baby is allergic to latex or not.

Silicone is the best material when it comes to pacifiers. It is usually food-grade, BPA free and fun to chew by your babies.


Durability matters a lot when it comes to buying pacifiers. You have to make sure that the pacifier you are buying is made from a material that does not tear easily.

If the pacifier has a handle that can easily break, it may become inconvenient for your baby to continue using the pacifier and the jagged end may also injure your baby during play.

If the nipple tears easily, it may constitute small parts that may be swallowed by your baby. To avoid this, buying a durable material is always the right choice as it ensures your baby can use the pacifier for a long time.

If a pacifier comes with a warranty, then it is likely to be more durable than a pacifier with no warranty.


Since a pacifier is going to spend a lot of time in your baby’s mouth, not cleaning it may result in it breeding harmful bacteria. To avoid this, buying a pacifier that can be easily washed is one of the best things you can ever do for your baby.

If you don’t think it will be easy for you to hand wash your baby’s pacifier, you can always buy a pacifier that can be boiled or thrown on the dishwasher.

After washing your baby’s pacifier, you can also sterilize it to make it safer for your baby.

Despite the washing, note, that a single pacifier is not meant to be used for a long time. So, you should ensure that you change your baby’s pacifier periodically.

Types of Pacifiers

Like they say, with great comfort comes great difficulty. Although the end result of a pacifier is to give you and your baby comfort, the process of getting a good pacifier is a very difficult one. There are just too many things that can go wrong. For example, you may unknowingly buy a pacifier that is toxic to the health of your baby or buy one that can not be easily cleaned.


Unlike conventional pacifiers, orthodontic pacifiers are designed to resemble a real nipple in every way. The tip of the teat is created to be flat for tongue thrust, and because of the shape of the pacifier, your babies are less likely to grow misaligned teeth when they grow up.

The orthodontic name of the pacifier implies that it will ensure that your babies have as little orthodontic issues as possible when they grow up. It has also been discovered through research that babies who use orthodontic pacifiers have fewer cases of overbite or open bite.


Conventional pacifiers are also referred to as traditional pacifiers. As opposed to orthodontic pacifiers, conventional pacifiers are pacifiers with designs that have been around for a long time. They usually have three parts, the handle, the mouth guard and the teat. The handle is always designed in such a way that it can be easily held by the tiny hands of a baby, the mouth guard is designed to prevent the baby from swallowing the pacifier or getting injured by it while the teat is well rounded instead of flattened at the bottom to enable the baby to suck very well.

Glow in the Dark

This is an additional feature to the normal pacifier design which enables it to be suitable for use at night. A part of the pacifier is designed to glow in the dark so that you can easily find it if your baby drops it at night. Also, looking for the pacifier unsuccessfully in dark corners will be a thing of the past since you can now see the glowing.

Since the glow of this pacifier is very soft, it is also capable of lulling your baby to sleep.


This kind of pacifier is perfect for your baby if you have started introducing purees or semi solids into the diet. Before that, it is not advisable. This kind of pacifier, also referred to as a food nibbler comes with a perforated hollow test for the puree of fruit to seep into your baby’s mouth. The advantage of this kind of pacifier is that your baby gets fed and comforted at the same time.


This kind of pacifier is created to be unique and funny. They are designed to act as a form of accessory for your kids when you are going out to a party or they are playing with their age mates. Some novelty pacifiers may have a moustache, gritting teeth or vampire fangs design. They can also be conventional or orthodontic and they serve the purpose of soothing and comforting the baby as well as any other pacifier.

One Piece

One-piece pacifiers are created from a uniform material such as silicone, latex or plastic. They don’t have parts that can be removed so they are the best for keeping your babies safe from any form of choking risk.

These pacifiers like all pacifiers come in different colors and sizes. They can also be conventional or orthodontic. Note, however, that for this type of pacifier, a silicone or latex material is always the best choice as they are less susceptible to breakage than plastic.


This refers to pacifiers whose nipples are made of silicone. This kind of pacifier is usually transparent and easy to clean. It is also durable, dishwasher safe and soft on your baby’s gum. It is see-through, so you can always tell when it is dirty and you can use it for your baby for a long time as it can not be easily spoiled.

Note that no matter how long the lifespan of a pacifier is, you should make it a habit to change your baby’s pacifier every once in a while.


Although this type of pacifier isn’t always very easy to use, it is one of the most innovative pacifiers ever. They are usually designed in such a way that the ring part of the pacifier or handle is attached to a stuffed animal like an elephant, frog, bear and so on. With this pacifier, your baby not only finds comfort but also fun.


Latex pacifiers share some features with silicone pacifiers. They are durable and soft on the gum. They can be easily washed though they are not dishwasher safe and they come in a yellow color which becomes brown with use.

They don’t break as easily as plastic pacifiers and they can be used for a long time before you change them as a result of their durability.


1. Can my baby’s pacifier cause dental problems?

Most people believe that using pacifiers can cause dental problems but there is no particular probe for it. Although it is possible for pacifiers to cause misalignment or crossbite if your baby uses it for a long time. This means that whether your baby still likes the pacifier or not, the baby should be weaned from it when the baby is around 2 years old.

2. When should my baby start using a pacifier?

If you are breastfeeding your baby, the general recommendation is that you should introduce pacifiers after one or two months of breastfeeding.

3. Does using a pacifier have any disadvantages?

Although it has not really been officially established, prolonged use of pacifiers have been said to cause gastroenteritis, overbite and misalignment. So, you should ensure that your babies only use their pacifier for a short while.

4. Do babies like pacifiers?

Yes, babies like pacifiers. They love the colours and the fact that it looks like a real nipple that they can suck.

5. How can I keep my baby’s pacifier clean?

You can keep your baby’s pacifier clean by boiling it if it is made of a material that supports boiling or by tossing it in the dishwasher if it’s dishwasher safe. You can also wash it by hand and sterilize it to keep it safe for your baby.


Although baby pacifiers are important things a baby must-have in order to ensure the mother’s peace of mind, it has its own disadvantages too. To prevent your baby from suffering from any of these disadvantages, you should always remember that a pacifier is never a real substitute for breastfeeding. Once it has served its purpose for a while, you should get rid of it.

Every mother wants the very best for her precious baby. Mothers around the world spend a lot of time deciding how to best bath, feed, cloth, and do other things for their babies. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to best prepare your baby’s food.

The question of how to best prepare your little one’s food arises at the point of weaning when you leave the safety and nourishment of breastfeeding to introduce her to the world of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and so on.  At this point, the best thing you can find in the world is food steamer.

Steaming is a much better method for preparing your child’s food than boiling as it keeps the nutrients, flavor, and texture of the food while doing all these in an enclosed and hygienic environment. During the process of boiling food, the taste and, more importantly, the nutrients of the food are lost in the water through leaching, leaving your child with a meal lacking in its goodness and richness.

There’s no such problem with food steamers; the food is separated from water in the process of food steaming. Food steamers work by boiling water into steam and then using the steam for cooking the food till it’s ready for your baby’s consumption. Leaving the taste, nutrients, and crispness of the food intact. Also, with steamers, fat and oil are unnecessary for cooking, making it a more healthy method.


7 Best Baby Food Steamers in India

1. Luvlap

This is a 2-in-1 device that combines the functions of both a steamer and a blender. This double functionality of this cooking device makes it suitable for all kinds of baby food preparations. It can be used to efficiently process fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and so on. It is also perfect for making different types of nutritious and tasty purees for your baby’s delight. It mainly contains a top lid, a blending jar, a steaming basket, and the main unit.

As an electrical device, it is very easy to use. There are clear markings and indicators where necessary for better measurements and notifications. It’s steaming jar and basket are also transparent so that you can easily monitor your cooking without opening the lid. It is a safe product, as it is made of bpa free plastic material.

2. Kiddale

This device was designed to make the preparation of your baby’s food as simple and fast as possible. Raw food items like vegetables, fish, fruits, etc can be processed into baby food in just fifteen minutes. It makes perfect purees for your little one.

The entire operation of the device can be done from a single knob, you can easily switch from steaming to mixing by a simple turn of the knob. This saves you the energy and time you expend chilling and blending your baby’s food.

It comes with an additional feature to regulate the quantity of water in the tank. To ensure that there’s enough water at all times, the temperature of the device rises when the water level low, switching off the device. It is made to high safety standards, every compartment meant to carry food is made of food-grade materials.

3. Phillips Avent

What makes this device really amazing is its compactness. Unlike other food processors that offer both steaming and blending features, this device has a simple design that lets it take up just a little space. A single compartment is used for both steaming and blending.

After steaming your desired food items, all you’ve to do is to flip it over and press a switch for it to start blending. This leaves you with very few parts to clean, it’s that easy and hygienic.

It is very easy to fill with water. It also offers high steaming and blending performance to give you very fine purees and properly cooked food. You can choose the thickness and texture of blending according to your baby’s needs. It is made of bpa materials.

4. Legit

This is a powerful device with a high level of functionality. It offers much more value than your regular steamer/blender. Now you can easily defrost, reheat, blend or steam food items with just a single press of a button in less than 25 minutes. This is a very smart food processor that comes with preset cooking timers for different categories of food. All you’ll have to do is to put in your food items, select whatever category they fall in and relax till the timer notifies you that the food is ready.

The specially designed blade and control button make chopping of fruits, vegetables, and nuts very easy and fast, leaving you with delicious and nutritious purees. Its one-handed controls and wide opening water reservoir make it even easier to use. It is incredibly compact and portable considering it’s functions.

The parts of this device are both dishwashers safe and BPA free. In addition to all these wonderful features, the package comes with a measuring cup, cooking basket, mixing cover, spatula extra, blade seal and nutrition feeder.

5. Beaba

This device is a multifunctional food maker that will enable you steam, blend, reheat and defrost your baby’s food. It gives you your wants and needs in a single device. It has an efficient steaming system that allows your food items to retain their nutrients, tastes and fine textures.

The food maker has a timer that shuts it down once the food is cooked. This device has a manual cyclone effect blade that allows proper and controlled mixing depending on your baby’s taste be it smooth, pureed or chunked. It is suitable for making a large amount of food. It is easily washable and made of food-grade materials.

6. Cuisinart

A simple, compact yet powerful baby food maker, this product is guaranteed to be a good buy for any parent looking to make her baby’s food from the comfort of her home. It can function as a food steamer, food chopper or a bottle warmer.

All of these features are offered by a single bowl. The size of this bowl means that there’ll be leftovers that will require storage. It comes with a steam blade and bowl seal that both ensure proper and even distribution of steam for a well-cooked result. The bowl seal also prevents spilling. Its powerful motor also ensures better steaming alongside more efficient steaming. It is a user-friendly device as it comes with dial control and LED indicators.

7. Baby Brezza

This baby food maker steps out of the tradition of plastic bowls in it’s unique, sturdy and large glass bowl. Steaming, blending and mixing can be comfortably done in this 4 cup capacity glass bowl without worrying about spilling or transferring. Operation is started by the press of a single button, first, the food items are steamed then the blending starts immediately after. All in ten minutes.

This particular baby food maker is popular for its wonderful purees. It is safe to use for your baby as glass doesn’t pose chemical threats like plastic.

It is easy to use and clean. The glass bowl is dishwasher safe while it’s steam tank can be opened completely at the point of washing. Also, it’s water tank is removable, easy to clean and easy to fill. The device has 3 cook settings; steam and blend, blend only and steam only.

What to Look Out For in a Baby Food Steamer

Now that you have an idea of just what a food steamer is, the next step for us is to work you through the things you should take notes of before placing an order for your baby food steamer. A good food steamer must have the features below if you’re to get the best user experience.


The maker of a product tells you how much you can trust such a product. How long a particular brand has been in the market, how well its products do in the market, how many awards has this brand won in recent years are good pointers to the quality of a product.

The longer a brand has been in the market, the more you can trust it’s products and also, it’s longevity means you can easily access information such as reviews on it easily.

Another good reason for buying from a reputable brand is the fulfillment of the warranty, many customers online have zero luck in returning unsatisfactory purchases. It’ll be safer to buy from a company with the ability to backup it’s a warranty.


The design of your baby’s food steamer should be classy and modern, it should be something your friends and family should drool over. Your beautiful baby deserves the most beautiful things in life. The design becomes even more important if you’re getting it as a gift for someone, to show you have the best intentions.

A baby food steamer should also be designed in a way that makes it more secure for storage and handling. The quality of the lid and handle are important.

Product Capacity

How much room a food steamer has on the inside is as important as how well it looks on the outside. The proper food steamer must be spacious enough to hold food while leaving room for the steam to circulate evenly, to ensure that no part of the food is left uncooked while also avoiding spills.

Also, it should have a number of different compartments to let you steam your different types of foods separately and at the same time.


A baby food steamer can only be as good as the materials it is made of. The materials used in making a steamer tell just what to expect from it as different materials have different properties.

For example, an aluminum or stainless steel food steamer is more durable but its lack of transparency means you won’t be able to monitor your cooking without opening the steamer at intervals leading to heat loss or possible contamination. A glass material will let you monitor you cooking better but is more breakable. The plastic steamers combine visibility and durability and are mostly found in electric steamers.

Bamboo steamers are the older steamers but are just as efficient. The microwave steamers come in microwave-safe materials like glass, ceramic, plastic etc. For your baby’s health it is important that the steamer’s materials are eco friendly and bpa free to avoid various health risks.

Extra Features

The extra features available in some baby food steamers – especially electric steamers- gives you more control over your cooking while reducing the stress you go through. With the best baby food steamers, all you’ll have to do is rinse your baby’s food, put it into the desired compartment, fill the water container with enough water, set a timer and then walk up to another task or take a nap! It’s that simple and easy.

Some food steamers will even switch to a “warm mode” once the set time is complete, this is to ensure your baby’s meal is ready to go the minute you walk in. Other added features may include a display and a water control system to alert you when the reservoir is low on water or switch off when the water is depleted.

Ease of Use

Baby food steamer should be user friendly. We’ll advise that you go for a product whose controls are easy to grasp, so you don’t get even more stressed. A product with a digital display is preferable over the one that uses dials as the steam generated will eventually make the dial fade, making reading difficult.

To offer more usability, some products offer separate controls for each compartment, giving you more control. Some food steamers also come with touchpads to make controls even smarter.


The dimensions of a food steamer shouldn’t be overlooked as it tells just how much you can do with it. Before deciding on what size of food steamer to get, an important question you should ask yourself is how much cooking do you wish to use it for. The bigger the size of a steamer, the less time you’ll have to spend cooking as you can steam more food at the same time.

You should note that a large food steamer will be less portable than a more compact one. So, if you travel a lot, you might want to look at a smaller sized steamer.


Cleaning good food steamer should be simple and straightforward. To ensure that your steamer is free of dirt and disease-causing germs, you should be able to clean the food and water compartments after use. A baby food steamer can either be hand washed or dishwasher washed. For a steamer to be dishwasher washable it has to be dishwasher safe.

Benefits of Baby Food Steamers

There are a lot of considerable values to be gained from leaving behind the inadequate boiling system for the food steamer. As a caring mom, baby food steamers will provide you with the much needed control over your child’s diet, so you wouldn’t have to worry so much about what goes into your baby’s mouth.


Baby food steamers provide an alternative way for making the most delicious and healthy purees for your little one. You won’t have to completely mash the fruits and vegetables as in a blender or juicer. Instead, all you’ve to do is steam the fruits and vegetables until a smooth cream is created. This is a great benefit since you’ll have the full choice of choosing the freshest fruits and vegetables for your baby’s consumption.

Food Maintenance

The use of a baby food steamer enables you to manage and maintain food supplies better. Food steaming is also much more economical than buying already finished foods. With food steamers, you’ll have full control of the economics of feeding your baby. You can store up food supplies till they’re needed or you can grow them yourself which is even better.

Nutrient preservation

Another benefit of using a baby food steamer is that it preserves all the important vitamins and minerals that need to be present in your baby’s meals to ensure proper growth and a strong immune system. In boiling food, important nutrients like vitamin B1, vitamin C, and mineral salts are lost as a result of leaching. There’s no chance of leaching with food steamers as only steam is used in preparing meals.

Healthy Food Preparation at Home

Homemade foods are healthier and safer for your baby than commercial baby foods. Commercial baby foods contain sweeteners and preservatives that are of little or no nutritional and may even pose health risks for your baby. What’s more? You can supervise the entire process of making your baby’s food all by yourself. You get to create a healthy diet for your baby as you decide what should and what shouldn’t be in her meals.

Also, you get to pick the freshest and best quality ingredients for food making. The best baby food steamers are designed to enable you to prepare meals in an enclosed, hygienic manner. With the use of timers, you won’t have to periodically open your cooking, limiting exposure to contaminants.

Faster Food Preparation

If you’re someone who usually has a lot to do, baby food steamers can help you free up some of the time you spend in the kitchen daily. A good baby food steamer will have your baby’s food ready in about fifteen minutes.

The different compartments found in a food steamer are there to help you do much more in less time. The multiple compartments let you simultaneously cook food items that can’t be ideally cooked together due to their different textures, flavors and so on.

For example, a food steamer with triple tiers will allow you to steam rice in one, fruits in the other and meat in the final one, all at the same time. Steamers even have separate timers for each compartment.

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade foods are the widely recommended foods for your baby. If done well, homemade foods are more nutritious, tastier, fresher and safer than commercial baby foods.

Baby food steamers let your baby enjoy the very best of your cooking, strengthening the bond between mother and child. You’ll finally be able to feed your baby without worrying about what’s in the food as the entire preparation has been carefully by you. You know exactly what’s in your baby’s and in what quantity.


1.  Can I clean my steamer in the dishwasher?

Whether or not you can clean your food steamer in a dishwasher depends on if it is made of dishwasher safe materials.

2. How do I clean my steamer?

First, you should empty the steamer. Then, you soak it for a short while to soften hardened remnants. After soaking, you can now wash and then finally leave it to dry.

3. What steamer is the best for baby food?

Phillips Avents Combined Steamer and Blender. A product of a household name, Philips, it gives you all you can ask from a baby food steamer in a portable device. It also has a 2-year warranty you can trust.

4. How much water do you need to steam baby food?

As little as possible so the food items don’t lose their nutrients.

5. Does a steamer/blender work as well as a sterilizer/steamer?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a food maker. A blender will completely crush your baby’s food into liquid while a sterilizer will get rid of all microorganisms present in your baby’s food. Some products actually combine both features to serve you better.


Baby food steamers are changing the lives of both nursing mothers and babies worldwide. You’ll have no regrets joining this train. We have listed you with Top Baby steamers that you can choose from the list.

Every parent wants their kids to have the best childhood as they learn the most important skills. One of the things that kids teach themselves in the early stages is walking. Of course, you can support your baby as they make their first steps. However, sometimes you might not have enough time to do so, and that’s where baby walkers come in.

Baby learning walkers are very useful for any parent that needs a peaceful moment with the munchkin. As they develop one or two skills to use in the future, babies have a great feeling. They enjoy moving around holding these tools which help strengthen the body muscles.

You should, however, keep in mind that several brands have filled the market at the moment. As such, it is quite difficult to get the best baby learning walker unless someone guides you. Well, fortunately, we have prepared this article to help you get an ideal product. We have also listed ten baby learning walkers that we feel will serve you fine.

Best Barbie Dolls in India

1. Goyal’s My First Step Baby Activity Walker

Let your baby enjoy his first steps with Goyal’s baby activity walker. It is designed to not only help your baby learn how to walk but also to provide entertainment. It comes with a detachable center that enhances the learning process. It gives you the ability to change your baby’s toys and other features. As such, your baby will have all the necessary resources to add more skills to his set. Activities include turning gears, flipping doors, and spinning panels.

Apart from these features, Goyal’s My First Step Baby Activity Walker is also fitted with the necessary safety features. For one, it has textured wheels to increase their friction for better control. The handle is comfortable and fits perfectly in the small hands of your little angel.

2. BAYBEE Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

BayBee is a renowned manufacturer when it comes to baby products. As such, we decided to look for a quality product from this company and we came across the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. It is, with no doubt, one of the best Baybee toy products. Of course, safety is prioritized in any baby toy and this learning walker meets all the standards.

What puts among the best in the market is the fact that it is a smart baby walker. It comes with a removable toy touchpad with a touch-sensitive screen. In addition, your baby will be entertained by the music and auditory features. Upgrade your parenting methods with this futuristic product.

3. Chicco Baby Step Activity Walker

Do you have a five months baby or older starting to make their first steps? Well, this is one of those phases that every baby enjoys and nothing makes them happier than making progress. You can make it time to remember by buying them one of the best activity walkers from Chicco. If you are a fan of this company, the. we’ve got you covered.

Chicco Baby Step Activity Walker gives your baby an opportunity to exercise their limb muscles and learn how to balance their body. It does all this with top safety precautions put in place to make sure that the child completes this stage successfully. It also has a music feature meant to keep your baby entertained.

4. Mee Mee Adjustable Handle Baby Walker

You are not sure about your baby’s height? Don’t worry, there is always a solution waiting for you. In case you are planning to buy a baby walker for your kid, then you should go for one with adjustable heights. During our research, we came across Mee Mee Adjustable Handle Baby Walker which has that exact feature. Well, it is probably one of the best due to the fact that it addresses the needs of most parents with perfection.

The durability of this baby walker is unquestionable since it is designed from durable materials that are also safe for the child and the people around. Its sturdy design gives it enough stability and that, in turn, supports the child as they learn to make their first steps. The manufacturer adhered to all safety regulations, which makes it safe for the children.

5. Fisher-Price Baby Learning Walker

Let your baby laugh as they learn to walk using the Fisher-price baby walker. It comes with a whole set of plateful and melodious songs curated for your munchkin. The best thing is that this walker is not only designed for walking but also learning other new skills. As such, when you purchase this you’ll be killing two birds with one stone ban waiting for the results.

An example of the activities that your baby is going to learn include alphabets and counting numbers. There are also other hands-on activities like flipping pages, rollers, and spinners in which your baby can engage.

6. Luvlap Sunshine Musical Baby Walker

Next in line is Luvlap Sunshine Musical Baby Walker. As the name suggests, it has all the entertainment features packed for your kid to enjoy. Music is one thing that most kids find enjoyable and Luvlap has compiled a number of melodious sounds to keep your baby entertained. Safety is the most important factor when it comes to baby walkers and you can be sure that Luvlap has got you covered in that area.

One of the features employed by the company to ensure that babies are safe on this walker is the press-down vacuum stopper. With this mechanism, you can stop the stopper from moving. The three-level height adjustment is also an important factor that keeps this walker on top of the list. As such, you can be sure that your baby will be able to use this tool regardless of their height. In addition to this, there is a detachable toy tray that allows you to change the type of toys you’d like your kid to use.

7. Toyboy Baby Learning Walker

If you are looking for a baby walker that has a strong and steady design, then Toyboy Baby Learning Walker is your best bet. This type of construction ensures that your baby receives all the support they need as they make their first steps. Like most learning walkers on this list, Toyboy also has a music feature that will keep your baby entertained throughout their learning phase.

It also comes with a number of engaging activities to help develop new skills. Some of these activities include sliding beads, turning gears, flipping doors, and spinning panels. For those who are always on the move, this would be the ideal walker since it folds to the maximum. As such, it won’t take up too much space in your car. It is designed for children between the age of nine and eighteen months.

8. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

There is no better way to encourage your baby’s first steps than showing them support. This way, they enjoy the ride and may even learn faster. However, since parents are always busy, it would be prudent to get a helper, and that is where Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker comes in. This product is not only for improving the kid’s walking skills but for keeping them entertained.

The 3-in-1 comes with a set of 70 songs. Yes, that’s right, a playlist that your kid can play for several hours without getting bored. There are also several sounds that your kid could have fun with while engaging in other activities. In total, the walker has three play modes which include words, music, and jungle animal sounds.

9. ODELEE Musical Baby Activity Walker

ODELEE Baby Activity Walker is probably one of the best musical walkers currently in the market. With a wide range of songs coupled up with an amazing lighting system, you can be sure that your baby will have all the fun they need.

But it’s not only about music and entertainment – there’s more! The main purpose of this product is to ensure that your baby makes his or her first steps without any hassle. Get one today and enjoy all the benefits at an affordable price.

10. GoodLuck Baybee Round Baby Walker

Finally, we have an amazing baby walker from GoodLuck Baybee. It is a round-shaped walker with smooth ages and a wide base for maximum support. The wheels are evenly distributed across the base to allow for an easy ride. It is also worth noting that the sturdy and durable plastics used in ita construction are chemical-free and harmless to your child’s health.

Buying Guide

As you shop for a new baby walker, there are a few things to remember before making our final decision. Of course, you could settle for a similar brand as your neighbor, but will it be ideal? Make sure to ask yourself this question because it may be the determining feature of your child’s health and safety.

It is natural for one to consider the price first before anything else. Well, inasmuch as this is a factor, we recommend prioritizing the toy’s functionality. Here is a list of some features that will guide you towards the best and most affordable baby learning walker in the market.


When it comes to baby products, safety is one thing that should never be taken for granted. One way to make sure that your baby is safe on this toy is by considering their age bracket. Younger children (the exact age is subjective) should not use wheeled walkers. Although wheels may seem like an enhancement, they won’t do any favor for a baby who is still learning to control themselves.

Other things to keep in mind are any rough surfaces around the edges of the walker to prevent any injuries. Also, make sure that your baby’s feet are safe as they move in these baby learning walkers.


Do you love moving around with your baby? Why not purchase a walker that is easy to carry around and fits in your car’s trunk? The portability of a baby walker is not only dependent on its overall size but also on the folding mechanism.

Some walkers are not foldable or cannot fold to the maximum making them unsuitable for travelers. Others, however, can be folded and easily fit into a small space in your trunk. Depending on how you want to use this product, make sure to keep these factors in mind.

Broad base

We’ve already talked about safety and one thing that enhances that is the size of the base. Always look for baby walkers with as broad bases as possible. Such products increase the stability of the toy, which in turn ensures that the baby doesn’t fall off when walking. It is also important since it will prevent you, baby, from walking into narrow and dangerous streets within the house.

Entertainment features

A baby walker is not a replacement for your parenting services but it can do a great job when you are busy. To make sure that the baby gets the best out of this product, make sure to look for those walkers with additional features. The main additions to consider are entertainment features like music and other toys. Let your baby enjoy their time to the fullest.


As usual, this is one of the main factors when it comes to baby products. The quality of these products may determine their prices but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, cheaper ones may prove worthy provided you consider all the points above.

Note that not all expensive items are high-quality. Some claim to give you what you are looking for only to end up with disappointments. Therefore, inasmuch as it is one of the main factors, do not use the price as your main determinant.

Safety Tips

Look out for uncomfortable and rough edges

As we always state, the safety of your child should be your priority. The first thing to do before letting your baby enjoy that new baby walker is to confirm that it is safe for them. Some toys come with rough edges due to improper finishes or scratches. If you are not careful, these could end up being a source of injuries to the child.

Therefore, you can simply run your hands around it just to feel how comfortable the edges are. If anything doesn’t feel normal, make sure to address it immediately. It can be as simple as brushing the surface to as serious as returning the product to your retailer. Never hesitate to take action as your child’s well-being could be on the line.

Ensure that the floor is not slippery

Another important factor to keep in mind is the floor. Is it slippery or unsafe for your baby? If the answer is yes, then don’t take any chances because it could prove costly. We do not recommend using baby walkers on a tiled floor or rather surfaces which are too slippery.

Apart from the state of the floor, also make sure to get rid of any barriers on the floor. You’ll want the surface to be as clear as possible in that the baby can walk from one end to the other without hitting a barrier. You can as well prepare one room specifically for this purpose or let your baby use the walker outside the house.

Always keep an eye on your child

It might seem like a cliche but keeping an eye on your child should be on top of your to-do list. As the kid starts to make their first steps, there are high chances that they could mess and injure themselves. As such, you need to be around so as to help them out in case this happens.

Block all stairways

As your baby moves their new walkers, they might be tempted to walk down the staircase like everyone else. Well, the repercussions of this move can be very costly and your baby might end up with critical injuries. Luckily, there is a way of avoiding this scenario without inconveniencing others.

You can set up a staircase gate which will prevent your child from moving down that road. But also remember not to use spring-fitted ones because they could injure the baby.

Avoid dangerous areas

As a parent, it is your duty to decide which places are unsafe for your baby. You should make sure that such areas are avoided especially when using a walker. Some of the places to keep in mind include boreholes, rivers, swimming pools, and even the kitchen. if you are planning to go swimming, let someone else take care of your baby rather than taking him or her with you.


1. When can my baby start using a walker?

The exact time when you can allow your baby to use a walker may vary. Usually, when a child hits between four and 16 months, they are in a perfect position to balance themselves. However, it is not the same for everyone as some will start early while others may have delayed growth. The main thing to consider in this case is the baby’s ability to balance their neck and whether their legs can support them when they stand.

2. How safe are baby walkers?

The safety of baby walkers continues to be a controversial subject in the world of baby products. Well, according to my experience, I would recommend it to any parent. How safe these toys will be is all dependent on how you handle them as a parent. If you follow all the necessary precautions and instructions, then you might not have a problem. In addition, most manufacturers have noted complaints from their customers and are making improvements every day.

3. Is it necessary for my baby to learn walking using a baby walker?

No, it is not necessary to use a baby walker to help your baby learn their first steps. The traditional way of accomplishing this task is by supporting your child. However, this is time-consuming and might be an inconvenience to your daily work. As such, baby walkers were designed to solve this problem and help you free up more time.

4. Can walkers be used on normal roads?

Well, this question is subjective as it depends on the brand and the quality of its wheels. Some can work well on such roads while others could struggle to move on such terrains. However, inasmuch as some walkers can work on tarmac roads, we recommend that you put the safety of your child first. Allowing them to walk in such places could be catastrophic.

5. How much should I invest in a baby walker?

Baby walkers come in different brands, sizes, and qualities. There is no standard price for these items but you can approximate the cost based on the quality. They may cost from a few hundreds to thousands but most of them are quite affordable. Therefore, do not expect to spend a fortune on one baby walker.


Baby walkers will always be one of the most important baby products you can buy as a parent. One advantage of this toy is that it accelerates the learning process of your baby. Within a few weeks, they’ll be able to walk without having to balance themselves.

Another benefit is the fact that you as a parent or guardian will have more free time since you child will be occupied with their new baby walker. If you decide to purchase one, make sure you follow the guidelines we’ve provided above. You can as well choose your best item from our list of the best baby learning walkers.

As kids, we were taught about hygiene, and one of the main topics revolved around tooth safety. It is now time to reciprocate whatever you learned for the wellbeing of your kid. You can clean every bit of your child’s body but as long as the teeth and tongue are not being cleaned, they are at risk of being sick. That’s the reason why we recommend that you buy them a toothbrush as early as possible.

The market boasts of hundreds of brands that are either genuine or fake. You might be wondering why it is important to check a toothbrush’s brand when they are all plastics. Well, that’s understandable but the fact that these products are made from certain plastic materials is something worth focusing on.

Some manufacturers are only concerned about money and as such, they do not put much attention to the type of chemicals in these products. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best brands of toothbrushes and their advantages. We will also give you a list of some factors to consider when shopping for this important item.

Best Toothbrushes for Kids

1. Fisher-Price Silicone Baby Soft Toothbrush

Are you looking for the best toothbrush for your baby? Why not try Fisher-price Silicone Baby Soft toothbrush? This is designed especially for young children who are still learning the art of brushing. Of course, it comes at a very affordable price. Therefore, you can easily afford it without stretching your budget.

Another reason why we recommend this product is the safety features it has implemented. As we always say, before you purchase anything, make sure the safety of your child is upheld. The fisher-price toothbrush has a “lock” which ensures that the baby doesn’t force the whole toothbrush into the mouth. It also comes with a small handle and in an elephant’s shape to make it easy to use and for fun.

2. Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

Hygiene is one thing that you should always uphold. It, however, intensifies when it comes to a mother of a small child. As a parent, always make sure your baby is clean from their external body parts to other areas such as the mouth. You can accomplish the latter by using the ever-amazing Dr. Brown’s toothbrush.

This infant-to-toddler toothbrush is the best training tool for the baby. First, the bristles are super soft to ensure that the child’s teeth and gums are safe. The body is also quite flexible but it won’t break easily. You can get this baby product at a very affordable price from Amazon.

3. Blue Chicco Toothbrush for Kids between 6 and 36 months

Third on the list is Blue Chicco Toothbrush designed for kids older than six but younger than 36 months. The small rounded head of this toothbrush ensures the baby puts it in their mouth without much struggle. What’s even amazing is the fact that it has soft bristles for the safety of the child. However, these bristles clean the baby’s mouth effectively.

Blue Chicco’s neck is angled to make sure all the parts in the mouth are reached. As such, you can be sure that your baby’s oral health is in safe hands provided the necessary guidelines are followed to the latter. In addition, the handle is ergonomic and small in size to fit into the small hands of your munchkin.

4. Maxbell Banana-like Yellow Toothbrush

If you are buying a baby toothbrush for the first time, then you might want to go with the Maxbell Banana-like Yellow toothbrush. This brand has to proven to be one of the best products to kick off your parenting journey. It has a banana-like shape (hence its name) and for that, your baby will have all the fun they need as they clean their teeth and gums.

With Maxbell toothbrush, there are many benefits that you and your baby will enjoy. For one, it is very easy to use and that makes it ideal for your child. The banana handles fit into your baby’s little hands quite perfectly. But the appearance is not the only thing to be excited about because its functionality is also top-notch, thanks to the soft bristles.

5. Mee Mee Baby Toothbrush

If you are an experienced parent, there is a high probability that you’ve heard about Mee Mee. it is one of the best manufacturers of baby products starting from toys to toothbrushes. Today we are looking at the amazing toothbrush designed especially for small mouths and delicate teeth of young kids. Once you buy this product, you can be sure that your baby’s oral health will be in good hands.

One of the things that make it one of the best is the design. It comes with a non-slip handle small enough to fit in those little hands without any hassle. The texture on the handle also enhances comfort and ensures that the child enjoys the process. It has a small head that easily fits into your child’s mouth.

6. Chicco Toothbrush

Chicco has never disappointed when it comes to baby products, and this toothbrush is another proof of that. The design is suitable for almost all ages between six and 36 months. This is also made possible by the fact that the toothbrush is fitted with soft bristles. As stated earlier, the type of bristles determines how safe your baby will be when cleaning their teeth – the softer the bristles, the better.

Other than its functionality, its external design makes it an ideal item for kids. First, it has a very small and comfortable handle for babies. The handle is fitted with amazing art that will entertain your kid as they do the cleaning. Remember that this product comes at a very affordable price; therefore, you won’t need to break your savings account just to buy this toothbrush.

7. A Pack of 4 Aquawhite Junior Toothbrushes

How about a blend of top-notch art and functionality? You’ll get all these from Aquawhite Junior Toothbrushes. This is another very popular brand among the young kids for their design. As you can see from the picture above, it has an image that portrays clean white teeth after cleaning. As such, it gives the babies the idea that brushing their gums and teeth makes them perfect and shining.

What about the toothbrush’s bristles? This is a crucial part when it comes to any toothbrush, especially that of your kids. Aquawhite features soft and small bristles that will clean those teeth without any risk of related injuries. Don’t worry about the price because this is one of the cheapest toothbrushes in the market. Therefore, purchase one today and see how much your kid will enjoy it.

8. Oral-B Soft-Bristle Toothbrush

You’ve probably one across Oral-B when looking for your toothbrush. Well, fortunately, the company also has a category of baby products and they are designed by various experts. In fact, it has all the ideas given by parents ingrained in one quality toothbrush. Therefore, you can be sure of a product that will accomplish exactly what you expect of them.

Among the main features include the cup-shaped bristles which ensure that all parts are gently cleaned. It is also worth noting that the bristles, like any other toothbrush for kids, are soft and effective in what they do. You can purchase it for your two-year kid and see them enjoy their new tool.

9. Colgate Toothbrush for Kids

If you are looking for the most reputable company in the world when it comes to oral health, then Colgate is your best bet. It has been in the market for several decades and it is still supplying some of the best products including this Colgate Toothbrush for Kids. It is designed for kids above two years of age and can be used with any Toothpaste that you fill is ideal for your needs.

The bristles are ultra-soft to enable gentle cleaning. It also comes with a rounded head that perfectly fits your baby’s mouth and around the small teeth. In addition, the handle is another feature that we admire mostly because of the comfort it offers your kid’s hands.

10. Peppa Pig Twin Toothbrush

Last but not least, we have the Peppa Pig Twin Toothbrush by Peppa Pig. As the name suggests, the design and art on this toothbrush are based on the physical appearance of a pig. We promise that your kid will enjoy this. But that’s not what makes this product one of the best in the market.

The bristles and its handle are perfectly designed for a young kid. What’s even better is the fact that the package comes with two toothbrushes hence making it more affordable. We would like to note that this is not a toy and should always be used under the supervision of an adult to avoid any injuries.

Buying Guide

Before we move on, remember that there are many different brands of toothbrushes in the market. Some manufacturers are reputable when it comes to baby products while others are still finding their feet in the market. Regardless of your choice, make sure that all the following factors are considered before purchasing any product.


Whether you are new to parenting or an experienced mother, you must already be aware that safety is the priority when dealing with baby products. Is your kid safe with this item? Are there any side effects?

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a toothbrush. Some may have removable parts which could be risky for your baby Also, make sure it is small enough to fit the kid’s mouth but also big enough to avoid choking.

Ease of use

Since it is a kid’s item, it goes without saying that it should be very easy to use. Some toothbrushes are quite complicated and may not be ideal for your child. Therefore, go for the simplest brand you can find in the market.

Also, make sure the size of the handle is small enough for your baby’s small hands. Before you realize, the kid will be at a stage where they want to do it themselves. Therefore, make sure you have an ideal toothbrush ready for that phase.


Since most children get their first teeth at around six months of age, it is important to look for a toothbrush with soft bristles. This type will provide your baby with painless brushing. As your kid grows, you might want to vary the type of bristles for effective cleaning.

Normally you’ll find the type of bristles indicated on the packaging of the toothbrush. There are three variants from which you can find what you want. The soft and medium bristles are suitable for babies and young children while adults use hard-bristled brushes.


The type of material is not such a significant factor since most toothbrushes use the same design requirements. Nonetheless, it is still worth noting that the plastic used to manufacture some of these products should be free of any chemicals.

Also, make sure the brush is designed with sturdy materials to avoid breakage. You wouldn’t want to go back to the shop the next day because your baby broke their new toothbrush. In addition, make sure there are no removable parts on the toothbrush.


Of course, the cost of any product should be kept in mind before making the final decision. Generally, toothbrushes are not expensive and should be affordable for almost any parent. The market is full of various brands with different quality levels. Usually, the quality dictates how much you are going to get your product.

Safety Tips

Look out for any removable parts

Does the toothbrush have any removable parts? Some brands include this either for effective functionality or to make it more appealing to the eye. Either way, make sure you are aware of this so that you can know how to handle it when brushing your kid’s teeth.

We, however, recommend that you stay away from such brands if you are planning to let the child clean their teeth. Accidents happen and your kid may swallow one of these parts, which could be quite harmful to their health.

Always clean the toothbrush after use

Hygiene is one of the most important things when it comes to caring for your baby. Always remember that your baby’s health is at risk if you don’t keep this in mind. One of the ways to make sure that this remains a priority is by cleaning all the baby products including the toothbrush.

Immediately after the brushing sessions, thoroughly rinse off all the toothpaste and food remains on the brush. Consequently, you’ll be getting rid of bacteria that would have otherwise found their way back to the mouth. As your child learns the art of brushing, let them also make it a habit to always clean their toothbrush immediately after use.

Replace the toothbrush after every three months

That first toothbrush you bought your baby will not be the last. As you use it, the bristles become weaker and may not clean the teeth effectively. In fact, some start shading the bristles when used for so long.

It can be quite risky for your baby because they might swallow those bristles. You can also be sure that the teeth will not be as clean as required and that may lead to oral infections.

Brush gently

When the initial teeth start growing, brush them very gently to avoid any injuries. In fact, it is recommended that you first use a wet cloth to wipe off any stains and food remains from the teeth. After a few weeks, you can then graduate to small and soft-bristled toothbrushes. Toothpaste should also come in a few weeks later.

Provide maximum supervision

Of course, it is the joy of every parent when their kids start learning to do things on their own. Well, inasmuch as you look forward to that, it is important to keep supervising your child until when you are certain that they can do it without any follow up.

This is to ensure that they do it the right way and spit out all the contents after brushing. You can also take this opportunity to teach the right amount of toothpaste they can always use.


1. When should I start cleaning the baby’s teeth?

You can start cleaning your baby’s teeth when they are six months old. This age is when the teeth begin to appear. At around 18 months, you can introduce them to a pie-sized toothpaste and graduate slowly as they grow. The cleaning should be done twice a day to ensure total hygiene.

2. What is a finger toothbrush?

This is a baby product designed in such a way that the mother can insert one of their fingers and use it to clean the baby’s gums and upcoming teeth. It is preferred by most parents because of how easy it is to use. Also, it gives one maximum control over what they want to do to the baby’s teeth or gums.

3. Why is it not advisable to use an adult’s toothbrush on a baby?

There are lots of huge differences between the baby’s and adult’s toothbrushes. For one, the bristles in an adult’s toothbrush are very hard and could injure your child’s gums. Brushes specially made for children have soft bristles and are small in size, making them ideal for the delicate dental formula.

4. When can my kid start brushing their teeth without assistance?

This question is subjective since it depends on how first your baby will learn this art. Usually, at around the age of three years, the child will have already learned the spit reflex. Once they are past this stage, you can start letting them try brushing the teeth by themselves but with maximum supervision. Do so until when you are certain that they can do it with very little or no supervision.

5. Is there an ideal material for a kid’s toothbrush?

There is no ideal material for a baby’s toothbrush but we recommend silicone over plastics. The latter is known for having BPA chemicals that could have a huge impact on the health of your baby. Silicone, on the other hand, has been approved by most dental experts and is free of any harmful chemicals. In addition, it is very sturdy yet safe for use by your child.


In conclusion, there are several brands of toothbrushes in the market. Of course, they all claim to give you and your kid the services required but not all of them fulfill that promise. In this article, we’ve looked at some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for such toothbrushes.

Among the things you should always consider is the bristles. The softer the bristles the safer it is to use on your baby’s delicate teeth. Also, don’t forget to go through our list of recommended brands in case you find it quite difficult to choose the best in the market. Happy shopping!