How to start play school in India – what is the procedure ?

Educational business is about passion and a constant desire to learn something new. While there are so many opportunities in the field of education, opening a play school in India comes with a few challenges.

If you are desirous of opening a playschool, make sure you do your homework well. The first things are about legal requirements to open a play school in India. Also, do check with your financial consultant to understand taxation and other litigations with respect to Indian tax. This is the prima facie work needed before you start the process of how to go about a preschool.

Space is very important. It is highly imperative to check the neighborhood well. There would be existing competition or new ones will crop up with time, hence it is good to find out what is being offered around your area. It is not really wise to begin with marketing as a solid framework is essential. If you have your own space it is wonderful. Or else, seek a rental premises and workout a cost. The ambience also includes furniture, structure, safety and also the major elements like play area, toys, gym equipment meant for kids. This is an investment but has high value and helps you create a good image. Playschools are about sensitivity, in the sense; it deals and contributes to the future and personality of a child. Hence, the groundwork has to be perfect. Promises must be kept when you enroll students.

If you are thinking of starting a preschool from home, you must have a very formal approach. Home must not mean any casual procedures. Right from the register, receipt books to the enrty-exit log book, everything must be formal. It is vital to have all plans and additional staff to maintain security. While recruiting helpers, a prior check up on their background and if need be police approval would be good.

This creates a very good impression as well as works well in giving you the peace of mind by having reliable staff. All kinds of basic furniture must be appealing as well as safe for the toddlers. Any after class activity that you wish to do in such a home run preschool must have a similar formal tone.

The preschool business in India is a very viable project. If you want to know more on lesson plans, curriculum for the classes, field trip planning as well as special events, you may call us.

Quality and ethics must the backbone for anything you do in the playschool. Recruiting qualified staff who love teaching kids is of foremost importance. We also conduct training for teachers which will be useful for new recruits in your school. Playschool is a fabulous business opportunity which when done with quality in mind will yield best and long term results.

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Parenting article by Kamakshi Gupte.