Teenage Problems

As problems evolve, solutions have to be found. Sometimes there are self improvement programs and other times we need the help of a counselor especially if the problem is chronic or relates to our life style. Teenage problems are several. Just like the child learns to walk steadily or speak a full sentence, teenage also has those pauses which can have an effect on self image. As we grow we develop tendencies in the form of likes and dislikes. This can be minimal in terms of teen health or teenage relationship problems but solutions are applicable every where.

Teenage depression is also temporary but dangerous symptoms can be like withdrawal from routine interests, lack of enthusiasm in hobbies and also seclusion. A parent must constantly assure the teen that things will get better and spending time with them is surely a great reassurance. Hormonal problems get aggravated in teen girls who face the problem of irregular periods and related teenage health problems. These also have side effects on their morale and self esteem and hence it is essential to boost the same.

The glory of youth is seen in small achievements and love sure touches the heart during the teenage. Teenage love problems especially in case of one sided love or unrequited love can have a teenager think of negative happenings. Counseling help is surely available but an environment conducive of helping the teen cope up with the situation is a better alternative. Teenagers constantly require to assured about their looks or certain skills which they are desperate to acquire. Most things are a passing phase and involving themselves in an art class or a healthy social circle solves most of the love problems.

In case a teen has suddenly started a robust attitude then it is his or her internal need to be assertive. Let them blow their top but convey to them with lot of conviction that you are a parent. Be a friend and yet guide them so that they know to respect you. Copying is another teen problem and they love to emulate a celebrity or use their mothers mascara. As a phase this can be allowed with moderation but explain to have their feet firmly on the ground.

A conflict within home that involves separation of parents can be a huge blow to the growing child. This can be internal in terms of unable to help the parents in the situation and at the same time face the values that are set up by the society. Parents here must explain to the child and make time individually so that the teenager is not left out. Being a family can actually help the teenager fight his own battles that rage in their minds.

Guidance for the teenager who has a serious problem can be done with counseling but the prima facie remedy is giving them a serious ear. They need your approval to wear the denim jacket or use burgundy color for their hair. Also draw their interest to major priorities like academics or career which can surely be their turning point in life. Author Parenting expert, Kamakshi Gupte