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Prayers and Religious Upbringing for Children

India is a country which has always had a rich tradition as far as religion and spirituality goes. In fact as it is the home to so many different faiths, there have been so many saints and sages who have propagated their individual spirits. It is vital then that there is a positive spiritual and religious factor in the lives of children. If they have a religious upbringing while still young, it is going to be very easy for them tohave good values and principles to support them and it will also help them to take a lot of hard decisions.


When we look back at our cultural heritage, we find that even the children of kings were educated in ashrams. They lived in the forest and sought guidance from the sages who taught them various arts. Children grew up with religion and spirituality steeped in them. This however is not possible today, but what can be done is we can allow children to grow along the path of prayer and religion without compromising anything.


This helps to strengthen bonds and  helps the child to deal with situations like failure or the loss of a beloved one. This is because prayer is a process which allows the child to be open and seek refuge in times of crisis.
When the child is young and open minded, it is best to impress upon it the power of prayer. When the child learns the real of meaning of prayer it learns to communicate in the language of the heart and that helps it immensely in the days to come.


A religious upbringing is good for the child for it guards to a certain extent against the imbibing of vices & imbibes good sanskars . It helps to keep temptation at bay and offers a springboard which cushions against the rude shocks of life.

Regular Prayers and a religious upbringing together contribute towards a good mental lifestyle. ~ Data 2007.  :: Authored by M. Swami.


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