Teaching your child honesty

Honesty is the virtue of being honest. And what is bring honest? Not being false; being truthful; bring frank and sincere. And honesty is one of the ingredients of a good human being. It is true that not anyone as a matter of fact can be hundred percent honest through their lifetime. There are times when harmless white lies need to be spoken to protect oneself and others. But harmful dishonesty could cause a lot of trouble.

Let us see firstly, why does one need to tell a lie at all. A person usually lies due to fear. The fear of telling the truth as that could get them into trouble. For instance, a child breaks a glass and his mother is very strict. When asked who broke it, the child would deny having broken it because he fears being shouted at or beaten. But, if the mother is understanding and not hot-tempered, the same child would fearlessly admit to his mistake.

The habit of lying begins with such small incidents and progresses into the more serious lies spoken. The more the child fears his parents, the more the lies he would continue to speak at every stage, only because he fears admitting what he has done wrong. And like each drop makes the ocean, each mistake amounts to the larger mistakes, till there maybe no turning back.

To be able to inculcate in your child the virtue of honesty in the first place you have to be more patient and understanding with your child. After all it is only human to err. If your child has made a certain mistake for the first or second time then patiently explain to them the wrong of it. However, if it is done the third time then strictly put across your viewpoint. In this way your child will consider you their best friend and confide in you no matter what it maybe. Remember respect and honesty from them does not come out of enforcing your authority as a parent, but your patience and understanding as a parent.

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