Teaching Your Child Important Virtues And Values

The present world seems to be degenerating. Children a losing their innocence earlier than it was in previous generations. They are aware of all that is happening around them. Topics like sex, drugs, etc. that were a hush hush till years ago, is openly spoken about amongst twelve year olds. Crime amongst the youngsters seems commonplace. Why is all this happening?

The answer is simple. Today, parents have no time. After giving birth they feel that their responsibility begins and ends with earning money and paying the fees, buying essentials for their children. It is it actually the parents fault because they also have a pertinent question. How do we survive if we both don’t work? But, at the same time, do not forget that money cannot buy values and virtues that need to be inculcated in children.

Apart from values and virtues such as love, generosity, selflessness, respecting elders, trust and honesty, there are a number of other qualities that need to be taught to them. These include tolerance, acceptance, patience, politeness, sharing, awareness, etc. Also a child must be aware of their cultural background and heritage. Moral Science and Scripture study should be a part of their upbringing. They must learn to understand and speak their own mother tongue before any other language.

Apart from learning their own cultural background they must also be taught about other cultures which will bring about within them religious tolerance and acceptance. Even food habits are what begin at home. They must be taught to respect each morsel given to them, as after al your hard work has gone into feeding them. They must respect the value of money.

As a parents you are responsible for molding a citizen of tomorrow. So even respect towards society and one’s country is taught at home and not else where. A child’s life begins at home and ends at home each day, and so what he becomes depends on what his parents make him.

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