Wind Chimes

Making wind chimes is fun & easy. A Wind chime is an excellent addition to any decor & elevate us with natural musical effects.
What you need to make your own wind chime :
colored string
coat hanger
things to hang on your wind chime like: old silverware, nuts and bolts, soda cans, old CDs, and anything else you can find that you think would make a neat sweet sound and is small. Be creative !
how to make wind chimes : Instructions ..
To begin with, arrange your objects on the table and think which ones you want to hang on your wind chime. First plan the design.
For example, you could make a wind chime using silverware, rings, nuts and bolts, a cookie cutter, a potato peeler, old CD and a few soda cans. (Make sure the soda cans are rinsed well before using them.)
You can even paint your soda cans so they really stand out.
When the cans are dry, tie a piece of string to the tab on top of each can. Now tie a piece of string onto the other objects you want to hang on your wind chime. Make the strings different lengths.
Arrange your items on the hanger. The heavier items should be towards the middle so it’s balanced.
Now hang your wind chime outside to see how it sounds. Make any changes that you think might work better.

Experiment until your wind chime sounds just the way you want & sounds natural.

sent by S Khatri . 2001.