Women of Rural India

Women; the word sounds so powerful. Since eternity, women have played a role more important than men and that is no exaggeration. The world would not have been the same lovely adorable and liveable place without wonderful contribution so selflessly made by women. It has been said that, you teach a female and you build up a nation and truth can’t be closer than that. Women have always carried the burden of being a wife, mother, sister all on their own and we need not to explain how magnificently they have carried this position.

Men and women complement each other. If men were supposed to handle outside stuff then women were more responsible for internal affairs. The only difference in this notion is, today women are equally competent behind the veils and outside world. They are more confident and one can find them in every possible sphere of human’s life. No male bastion is untouched by females and that’s a wonderful sign of strides made by women.
Urban women in India always had more advantages and opportunities than women residing in rural places. Better education, better economic resources, and more availability of required things for urban women and yet rural women have made rapid improvements despite lacking in basic facilities. No, we have yet to attain the state of complete women empowerment but signs of gradual improvement are definitely there. India in last few decades has remained more of a male-dominated society.

Women used to command acute power and importance in our ancient culture. The proof of this fact can be found in all the scriptures and even our mythological stories. We worship Goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and many others. That shows how Indian civilization had revered the female form.
Things have not remained the same in last few decades or even centuries. The social fabric has acquired completely new dimensions. The women are considered less powerful and important than men yet situation is not entirely bleak. Thanks to the efforts of government, NGOs, social welfare organizations and many such institutions, there has been a drastic improvement. Many private corporate bodies have also taken a keen interest in improving the economic status of women and the results are extremely encouraging. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had once said, “You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women”. How true! We completely subscribe to this belief and steps are on its way to further improve the condition of rural women in India.

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