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 Sexual Harassment in India, abuse, rape, pornography.

Dowry in India  Sati in India Abortion in India, Infanticide, Foeticide, Son preference. Prostitution in India
 Domestic Violence in India NGOs in India  Human rights in India Cyberstalking cerebral palsyWomen’s Health in India

Articles on site : Dowry System in India | Status of widow | Gender violence | Indian women and nutrition | Eve teasing | Girls education | Sexual harassment | Molestation | Early marriage |Maternal mortality | Female foeticide | Sati | Divorce


India’s women’s health sites, Links :


Health and of Indian  Women – About women’s health and education in India.

Census.gov – Women’s Health and Education in India Profiled in New Reports from the Census Bureau

Womens Health in India- An Overview of Women’s Health, Improving Women’s Health in India

Reproductive Health A Snapshot of Women’s Reproductive Health in India..

Patients’ rights in India.

Tribal Health Status of Tribal Women in India.

Rediffs guide to womens health

Indian Sari – Contains instructions and pictures on how to wear/drape a saree.

Women-health – Obstacles to Improved Women’s Health in India.

South Asian Health– South Asian health issues, covers India. Reports, Surveys, Stats Heart disease  Reproductive health and family planning Pregnancy, labour and delivery

Medivision –health issues like PMS, Pregnancy, Menopause, Cervical problems and more.

Womens issue Links.

India womens health UN.  Agenda Item Women’s Health, Statement by Mrs. Kiran Agarwal, Secretary, Department of Women & Child Development

The National Commission For Women  A must visit site. Organisation for helping and  protecting women in India. Help for dowry issues, female foeticide, child marriage, sexual harassment, and legal advice.

Indian women’s health – propelled by an eminent panel of experts to improve the wellbeing and lives of women by gathering, creating and sharing awareness, thoughts, learning, information, insights and inspiration, all dedicated to improve your wellbeing and quality of life.


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