Human Rights for Women in India

Woman, the very creation of God that makes living beautiful is often at the receiving end of trauma. Not necessarily do criminals live around rural thatched roofs only. They are found in sky rises and posh suites too. In 2009 rape cases have reached 2,497, domestic violence has crossed the 10,000 mark. In short women are still treated as a lesser person. But of course the government is doing all its best to improvise the situation. Around 2.8 million social workers have been employed by the government to reach into villages and homes across the country, to make women aware of their rights.

Much to their surprise women are not even aware that they have any rights in a man’s world. While some are treated as slaves in their adulthood, most don’t even enjoy a childhood. To this purpose the National Commission for Women is set up and located at 4, Deen Dayal, Upadhayaya Marg, New Delhi 110 002, phone: 11 23237166. It is the apex organisation for protecting women. Besides this there are Commissions set up in each state of the country to protect and uplift women.

These organizations implicit that there should be equality of rights for women as given to men. Article 14 of the Constitution in India says that no person will be denied equality before the law. Article 42 states that women should be provided just and human work atmosphere and maternity relief. Sati laws have been abolished, child marriages are legally punishable. The girl now has to be of 18 years when she is married and her consent has to be taken. Using force is punishable. To her relief eve teasing too is considered a crime. It can be reported and offenders will be put behind bars immediately.

Women’s Rights Movement in India : There are many committed organizations and non-governmental organisations (Ngos) in India working for the advancement of women’s rights in addition to government appointed agencies. The Indian government has a National Commission for Women, which is dedicated to the welfare of Indian women.

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