Eve Teasing

Eve teasing is an extensive social evil in India that has taken away the right of women to live a dignified life. The issue has become persistent making women the victims irrespective of their age, caste, creed, and facial features. Be it anywhere at a beach, restaurant, on the roadside, or at any educational institutions, eve-teasing is noticed everywhere.

Men today are least bothered about the respect and dignity that women hold. The worst aspect is that even educated men and youth don’t think about desisting themselves from this uncouth behavior and attitude. No one thinks that the kind of harassment is directly hampering the social, emotional, as well as moral sentiments of a woman that may even lead to suicide. Is it so difficult to respect a woman? A woman who is being harassed at public places is definitely someone’s sister, someone’s daughter, or even someone’s mother. If you are the brother or father of a girl then think twice before performing this uncivilized act. And if you don’t have a sister or daughter, think about the great lady who gave birth to you. At a place where you harass any woman, your own daughter or sister or mother can be the victim at the same place at some point of time. Isn’t it your duty to think about their safety in the society?

Apart from this there is something that is really difficult to understand. What one gets by doing eve-teasing? Do anyone feel good with that or earn some worldly pleasure? No there is no greater joy one receives but it’s only a shame. When the same is done with tourists coming from across the world then the entire nation is put to shame. According to our Hindu Laws guests are highly respected but do any of the eve-teasing activities show respect or concern? All this has created a really bad image of the country amongst tourists.

Glorification in movies is one of the major causes of eve-teasing in the country. Acts like hooting, ogling, loud commenting, and whistling have become the most common ways of eve-teasing. It is just a crude and cruel way of acquiring female attention and it’s not something to feel proud of. Many girls are silently killed because of this issue. Who is then held responsible for this? According to the law it is a victimless crime but what if this crime takes the life of a women? Though no right of woman is snatched but definitely the right to feel free and safe in their own motherland is robbed from them.

Not only girls of the society but even parents feel unsafe and insecure sending their daughters out to colleges and for higher studies. This unwelcome masculine behavior has caused many parents to forcefully give an end to their daughter’s education. Many parents because of the fear of eve-teasing don’t allow their girls to go for parties, outings, and other such outdoor activities. They are forcefully asked to stay within the four walls and enjoy life in a restricted area of the house.

Researches have indicated that the need of sex, fun, and love are not the only factors affecting the increasing rate of eve-teasing. It’s just that men have their own beliefs and through generations a mindset is created that they are stronger and more powerful than women both physically and emotionally. But that’s just a myth; the truth is that women are physically and emotionally stronger than men.
Whatever the cause the reason be, there should definitely be an end to this social issue. The simple answer to this solution is education. It’s very important to educate people on this issue and create awareness amongst people so that women of our society can live a hassle-free and joyful life without having any kind of psychological mark on their hearts and minds.